“You’re indeed not dead!”

The Nine Nether Wood with a pile of broken branches and vines looked miserable.

However, for him to be able to persist for so long under the siege of many experts of the Mu family, it could be seen how powerful he was.

He saw Mu Chunyang, who had his heart dug out earlier, standing here perfectly fine. He immediately understood who had ruined his plan.

He utterly disregarded the attacks of the surrounding experts that landed on his body and pounced towards Jiang Li with all his might.


Jiang Li, who was standing behind Chunyang, flashed to the front and raised his palms to face it.

Between his hands, the destructive force formed by the combination of spiritual qi and the power of chaos surged towards the other party.

Neither party had the time to use any fancy spell techniques.

In a flash, they could only collide with each other with the purest body and spiritual qi.

The quality of Jiang Li’s purple-red destructive energy was far above ordinary spiritual qi. His body also contained the power of a hundred beasts and the Son of the Dragon.

In a head-on battle, he had an enormous advantage in all aspects.

Previously, he had used his body to lock onto the Armored Troll equivalent to the Soul Formation realm. No matter how the other party struggled, he still did not break free.

It could be seen that under the enhancement of the hundreds of buffs on his body, Jiang Li already had the ability to resist Soul Formation cultivators.

However, the Armored Troll’s ability was relatively simple. The Armored Troll’s ability was coincidentally suppressed by the deep sea environment, so it was easier to deal with it.

If it was a human Soul Formation cultivator, just their ability to flicker and jump over short distances could not be limited by such simple physical methods.

On the other hand, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard was far from what ordinary Soul Formation cultivators could compare to.

He could keep his life in the hands of at least 30 Soul Formation cultivators and the head of the Mu family, Mu Zeshu, who was stronger than them. Moreover, he could escape for fifteen minutes.

This was already quite ridiculous.

If it was before, when the other Demonic Tree Heart was still around, this fellow would only be stronger.

It was no wonder that the lineup of the Great Mountain Alliance that had destroyed the Hundred Tempering Mountain earlier was still so strained against this demon tree at his peak. They were completely suppressed.

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The foundation of the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth, the Nine Nether Wood, was extremely rich. The total spiritual qi in his body was at least a hundred times that of those of the same level. At the same time, he could even forcefully suppress ten or even twenty Soul Formation cultivators.

In the battle of the Mother River earlier, if it was not for Jiang Li’s Ghost Lantern Cold Flame lighting up the tree heart, the one who would have lost would have probably been the newly established Great Mountain Alliance.

Now, after a few months, Jiang Li, the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, was still at a disadvantage when he fought him again.

The energy shockwaves from the collision of the two sides revealed purple-red and green-black.

After a short moment of stalemate, the torrent flowed towards Jiang Li.

Jiang Li could only rely on his higher-level energy and physical strength to barely nail himself on the spot.

The dual-colored torrent flowed past him. Mu Chunyang, who was hiding behind, only endured a little shock wave before being thrown far away. His body was already tattered and useless.

Jiang Li forcefully endured it, but his feet were also pulled up inch by inch from the ground. After persisting for a few breaths of time, his entire body was still sent flying backwards.

Without using the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame, he was already at a disadvantage.

However, the Nine Nether Wood in the opposite graveyard was not much better.

Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Asura power had an extremely strong corrosion and destruction effect. When his palms collided, the two wooden hands of the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had already lost their vitality and became two pieces of dead wood.

“This aura, this aura!”

“I’ll eat you! Let me eat you!”

“After eating you, I’ll definitely become the strongest Nine Nether spiritual root!”

After striking the palm, looking at the two hands that had already turned into two pieces of dead wood, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard was not shocked but delighted.

Although he did not know why, his body’s instincts told him that this person in front of him was simply perfect for him.

Even absorbing a hundred immortal peaches might not be as beneficial as eating Jiang Li.

In fact, it was precisely because of this that the energy system in Jiang Li’s body had already surpassed the energy of the two worlds after he fused with them.

One of the energies was the Nine Nether spiritual qi. If he ate Jiang Li completely, he might be able to convert all the energy in his body into the Nine Nether Asura qi.

He had just been targeted by the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard when several pressure descended on him.

“You’re not a disciple of the Mu family. Speak! Who are you! Why have you appeared in my Mu family’s Peach Blossom Forest?”

The enemy of an enemy might not be a friend. However, an unfamiliar cultivator of this level had suddenly appeared on his territory.

No one would be so magnanimous as to treat him as a friend.

Looking at Mu Chunyang who was standing beside Jiang Li earlier, it was obvious that this person was brought in by his son.

Mu Zeshu had already made up his mind. After this matter, he would definitely tidy up the family and eliminate all these hidden dangers that might threaten the family.

“I’m just a lone cultivator of an uninhabited mountain. There’s no need for Family Head Mu to take it to heart. I’m a friend of the Sixth Young Master. It’s not convenient for the Mu family to trouble you today, so I’ll take my leave.”

Jiang Li stood up from the ground. The clothes on his body had already become a pile of rags from the collision earlier.

Fortunately, to ordinary cultivators, the Nine Nether spiritual qi that was sufficient to blow away lives would not cause any additional harm to Jiang Li.

In the collision just now, he only had a slight scratch on his palms and bones.

However, this slight injury was completely healed without waiting for Jiang Li to check.

He wanted to continue fleeing, but he discovered that the way out was already firmly blocked by a few Mu cultivators.

Looking at the spiritual light emitted from the artifacts in their hands, it was obvious that their attitude was firm. Once Jiang Li made any abnormal movements, the other party would definitely attack swiftly.

Jiang Li could only stop in his tracks, indicating that he was on their side and was not in danger.

“Since you’re a friend, don’t be in a hurry to leave. It’s best to stay in the Mu family for a few days. Let us be hosts.”

His tone was polite, but his tone was not. If he really stayed, he would be at their mercy.


Mu Zeshu waved his hand, and the surrounding peach trees moved one after another, forming a Nine Palace Array that surrounded Jiang Li and the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard.

Peach blossom petals scattered in the wind, looking beautiful beyond imagination. However, the risk was definitely terrifying.

Jiang Li watched as a breeze blew past, sweeping up a flower petal that collided with a rock that was over the height of a person.

The stone was cut into pieces on the spot, as if it was made of flour.

Although he spoke politely, he did not show any mercy when attacking.

More than 30 top-notch Mu family cultivators stood separately at the important points of the array formation.

Spiritual qi spewed out one after another, controlling the increasing number of flower petals to strangle the two people in the array.

There were too many sharp and dangerous peach blossom petals. It was impossible to dodge when surrounded.

Moreover, there was a lunatic beside Jiang Li. Those greedy eyes stared fixedly at him, causing Jiang Li to not dare act rashly.

Amidst a series of crisp metallic sounds, hundreds of peach blossom petals collided with his body.

These petals were very similar to the Five Elements Sword Tide in the Shu Mountain Sword Cave back then.

However, the difference in power was more than a thousand times?


White scars appeared on the places where Jiang Li’s body was struck. On some of the white scars, there were even some fine blood beads.

If the number of blood scars that collided with Jiang Li’s body exceeded a certain number, they would surpass the upper limit of Jiang Li’s Overlord Body Art’s defense. Then, deep bone-deep scars would appear on his body.

This sort of pain caused Jiang Li’s mood to become unsightly. After all, it was an array formation controlled by so many top-notch cultivators. No matter how strong his defense and recovery ability was, he would be forced to the limit.

On the other hand, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard opposite Jiang Li was slightly easier than him.

A layer of colorless light suddenly spread out from the wooden old Daoist. All the peach blossom petals that approached would turn in the opposite direction.

This was the reverse domain that he had used to escape back then. He had relied on this ability to last for so long under the hands of so many Mu family cultivators.

Right now, the Mu family planned to trap them. In any case, it seemed that they had a feud with Jiang Li, so they could use him to exhaust the power of the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard.

This kind of domain-type ability was powerful, but its expenditure was the same. As long as the light disappeared, this guy would definitely not be able to escape.

The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had his own thoughts.

He decided to eat Jiang Li first. As long as he ate him, the power of his Nine Nether spiritual qi would more than double. At that time, not to mention destroying the Mu family, it would not be a problem for him to escape from here.

Jiang Li’s feet suddenly tightened.

More than ten Nine Nether roots grew out from the ground and wrapped tightly around Jiang Li’s feet.

Jiang Li was slightly speechless. In the past, he had always used such methods, but now, it was actually used on him.

“Don’t resist. Let me eat you! Become the strongest spiritual root with me!”

After restraining Jiang Li’s movements, the other party’s main body had already arrived before him.

From the wooden face, it could be seen that he was determined to win.

Under the influence of the reversed domain, all human actions would be reversed.

He punched forward, but the result might be that his arm was twisted backward. The more he tried to correct himself, the worse the distortion would be until all his limbs were broken.

This was not a rule that could be adapted with just a slight adjustment. In front of such a domain, the best solution for ordinary cultivators was to stay where they were and not move at all.

However, that would only cause him to be beaten to death by the enemy.

Without a tree heart, the power of the Nine Nether Wood’s inverted domain was reduced. However, it was not a problem to affect the enemy within a close range.

The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had already abandoned the two hands that had become dead wood.

Another new arm grew out. The palm was like a withered branch as it grabbed towards Jiang Li’s chest.

However, this claw that was about to hit was dodged by Jiang Li with a twist of his body. The withered branch claw landed on the ground, and even the ground was corroded until it dried up and cracked, turning into dust on the ground.

Under the other party’s shocked gaze, Jiang Li’s righteous fist landed accurately on his face.

With a bang, the wooden face was smashed into countless pieces.

Jiang Li’s punch was extremely heavy. Originally, the other party should have been sent flying, but in the reversed domain, the rules of flying back became tightly stuck to Jiang Li’s fist.

This caused the damage of his punch to almost double.

Before the other party could react, Jiang Li took advantage of the situation and smashed three more heavy fists onto his wood, causing wood shavings to fly everywhere.

It was not until the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard reacted that it jumped back to distance itself.

This person could actually resist the reversed domain?

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword appeared on Jiang Li’s finger. He raised his hand and drew a sword rainbow, cutting off all the vines beneath his feet.

After forming the Golden Core with the Nine Nether Dao Scripture, although Jiang Li had yet to comprehend the reversed domain, the habits of the Nine Nether Wood had gradually fused into his body’s instincts.

It was as if Jiang Li had lived on the Back Yin Mountain for more than a hundred years. The reversed domain could no longer trouble him.

The sword light waved again and cut off all the tree roots under his feet.

However, in the next second, he was lashed out by a whip.

Alright, even without the control of the inverted domain, Jiang Li was not his match.

He crashed into a large pile of flower petals.

Dense flower petals cut Jiang Li’s body, and the number was several times more than before.

The accumulated attack damage directly broke through Jiang Li’s defense limit.

A large pool of blood flowed out from the flower petals.

When Jiang Li came out again, there was no longer any intact flesh on his body.

After avoiding a peach blossom tornado that chased after him, Jiang Li was struck by another vine whip. After binding his ankle, he instantly smashed into the peach blossom pile on the other side.

If this continued, he would die here.

However, right when the higher-ups of the Mu family controlled these thousands of petals and intended to kill Jiang Li,

The peach blossom forest suddenly shook, and all the pink petals floating in the air stopped.

Jiang Li lay on the flower petal pile and stabbed an order flag into the ground.

In the next moment, the Mu family’s Peach Forest Array changed owners.

Jiang Li, who was already covered in blood, formed hand seals, and the surrounding flower petals that were originally pursuing him turned around on the spot and surged towards the higher-ups of the Mu family.

The higher-ups of the Mu family did not expect that such a thing would actually happen and were caught unprepared by their array formation.

These peach blossoms could block the Mu family for about 30 breaths of time. It was enough!

It seemed that it was no longer possible to escape in a normal way.

Jiang Li no longer hesitated. He summoned a large number of peach blossoms and spun around his body, completely covering his figure.

If he did this, it was possible that the cultivators of the Myriad Slaughter Sect would know the news and follow the clues to find him. Perhaps there would be more trouble.

Moreover, although this could resolve an emergency, this retreat path itself was very dangerous.

However, he had no other choice but to expose his identity now.

In 30 breaths of time, Jiang Li opened the Yin Burial Coffin and took out the Karma Cleansing Lotus. After locating the spatial crack in front of him, he put away everything and plunged into the crack.

As soon as the flag was pulled out, all the array formations returned to normal.

After the peach blossoms scattered, only a narrow passageway appeared in front of him.