The Thousand Hands Asura Wood statue that rose from the ground was not much different from the huge tree floating in the air.

The materials of both sides were made of the Nine Nether Wood. The cultivation of the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard was higher and its foundation was deeper, whereas the quality of Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Asura qi was higher than the other party.

From the first collision, every breath, dozens or hundreds of wooden hands would shoot out and collide with the other party’s roots and branches.

Amidst the explosion, dust and debris flew everywhere, and circles of air waves wreaked havoc on the vast plain. Even the hard and bloody plain could not help but tremble under such a battle.

Jiang Li used True Several Thousand Hands this time without relying on the power of the statue clone or absorbing energy from the Blood Fighting Arena.

This was because the statue clone was not in his coffin at all, so it was naturally unable to transmit power to him.

Since he used the Asura World as his escape route, he naturally planned a way to return.

If there was no support on the other side, he could only return through the spatial crack of the Blood Fighting Arena. On the other side, he would only be surrounded by the cultivation world of the Rock Mountain Range. He was not prepared to face the Sect Master of the Myriad Slaughter Sect.

The statue clone that could be used as a sacrificial statue to directly communicate with the altar and open the crack was the best person to receive them.

Therefore, this clone with the Karma Cleansing Lotus’s ability to fight Soul Formation cultivators had to stay in the safe area of the Eastern Region in case of emergencies.

He could only try his best to absorb energy from the air and ground to increase the power of this move.

Because he was in the Asura World, he directly used the complete Asura Demon Idol instead of half of the Buddha statue. This was more convenient to draw strength from the environment.

Amidst the continuous explosions, the thousand hands on the back of the Asura Wood Statue were already empty in just ten breaths of time. Jiang Li continuously instilled spiritual qi into it, and after growing new wooden hands, he continued to slap them out.

After three consecutive rounds, the five Golden Cores that Jiang Li had fused with felt quite a bit of pressure. If he continued, it might affect the speed of the fusion of the five cores. Only then did Jiang Li stop.

The wood shavings and dust dispersed, and there were no more wooden hands behind the Asura Idol of Jiang Li’s.

As for the inverted giant tree, it was as if it had been ravaged by a hurricane. The branches were broken, and a large amount of the thick tree bark fell off, revealing the core of the deity statue tree. There were already not many green-black leaves left hanging on the tree.

After the collision, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard finally could not withstand it. After such a huge loss in the collision, it finally suffered a considerable loss.

Just as the two sides were temporarily confronting each other, two spears that were several times thicker and longer than telephone poles shot over from the distance, drawing a long trajectory in the air. Their targets were the two Nine Nether branches that were in a predestined battle.

After the Thousand Hands behind him finished attacking, the two even larger palms in front of the Asura Wood Statue were still there. It raised its hand to block. After the spear pierced through the left palm, it was stabbed into the ground in front of the Asura Wood Statue.

The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard opposite was the same. A thick root urgently grew out and blocked the sneak attack.

“I am Amity! Who is fighting in my territory!”

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“Submit or die!”

A monster half human and half lion ran from afar at an extremely fast speed. Every time the beast’s palm landed on the ground, the ground would tremble.

The hands on the upper half of his human body each held a similar energy spear. Clearly, the sneak attack earlier was his doing.

This was an Asura from the nearby area. He was disturbed by the battle between the two and ran over, wanting to teach these two unreasonable people a lesson.

However, what greeted him was a joint attack from both sides.

The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard used a seed machine gun that carried the seed of the Nine Nether spiritual qi. After it shot into the body of the lion-faced Amity, it did not absorb its nutrients, but released the dense Liquor Ghost Artifact.

As soon as the two opposing energies mixed together, they directly became the most terrifying bomb.

The interior exploded, and the flesh of the lion-faced Amity vanished in pieces.

Although this person had just arrived in the Asura World, he had already deeply understood the intense reaction between the two energies.

However, he did not know how Jiang Li could fuse these two completely different and even opposite energies.

On the top of Jiang Li’s Asura Idol, he held a Nine Nether Wood Sword that had just condensed. After taking a few steps closer, he swung it and instantly caused the other party’s head to fall to the ground.

Jiang Li had actually noticed the sound of running on all four legs before the other party threw the spear.

He thought that it was a powerful Asura Lord. In the beginning, he planned to abandon the graveyard’s Nine Nether Wood and quickly escape.

In the end, he discovered that the power of the two spears was limited. As expected, it was only a rather powerful Asura.

What territory? He was not very capable, but his tone was quite proud.

Under the combined attack of both sides, he did not resist for long before being killed on the spot.

After dealing with the enemy that had suddenly appeared, Jiang Li patted the Asura Demon Idol beneath his feet, and the Nine Nether clone entered through his arm.

The Nine Nether clone continued to control the Asura Idol. He held the huge wooden sword and fought with the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard, entangling most of the other party’s strength.

After the two of them approached, Jiang Li’s main body took the opportunity to jump out from the top of the giant statue and nimbly jump in the air, approaching the Nine Nether Wood’s main body in the opposite graveyard.

A few green-black vines twisted over. Jiang Li waved his hand and scattered a handful of leaves.

Clear golden patterns appeared on the long and narrow Immortal Peach Leaf.

When these leaves stuck to the tree vines of the Nine Nether Wood, they immediately emitted a hissing sound. The completely opposite Yang Peach spiritual qi immediately canceled out the Nine Nether spiritual qi.

The vines that swept over lost their mobility and froze in the air.

Even if these flower petals and leaves that had been removed from the body of the Immortal Peach Ancestor had not been refined, their power was far greater than ordinary talismans.

Especially when it was targeted at the Nine Nether Wood, the effect was even more outstanding.

Jiang Li stepped on the vines to borrow strength. After a few maneuvers, his figure had already approached it.

More peach blossom petals and leaves were scattered by him. All the vines and branches that approached to intercept him exploded.

Over a hundred peach blossom petals were stuck to the tree.

The bark that had just grown on this layer was directly burned into a dead piece by the Yang Peach spiritual qi.

After that, Jiang Li closed in and ruthlessly stabbed his index fingers into the tree bark. He used his brute force to tear off a large portion of the tree bark.

The heart of the tree covered in wooden patterns was exposed again.

Jiang Li used the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra on the eye that was larger than his entire body and sent a Parallel Mind into it.

Mu Chunyang, who had been a temporary clone, had died two days ago because he had consumed the One Day Death Pill.

Jiang Li’s fifth Parallel Mind naturally returned to his body.

His life experiences in a few days were quickly digested by Jiang Li, and he even obtained the Yang Peach Wood Scripture that was not inferior to the Nine Nether Dao Scripture.

At this moment, Jiang Li used it again, wanting to possess this tree demon.

Only then could he retain the greatest benefits and at the same time know the whereabouts of Yan Hong and the others.

However, the Nine Nether Wood was too powerful in the domain of souls.

In essence, Jiang Li’s Parallel Mind was also a split soul.

Regardless of whether it was the tree roots, branches, leaves, or tree bark, they could easily block Jiang Li’s parallel mind.

Moreover, the other party had accumulated for a thousand years and had reached a terrifying level equivalent to a Soul Formation cultivator. He could not simply burn it clean with the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame.

It was easier said than done to defeat the other party on the mental level.

Jiang Li could only expend so much effort to exhaust the other party. After breaking through layers of obstructions, he stuck his face close to the other party and sent his parallel mind in.

On the other hand, after the palm-sized fifth Parallel Mind entered the consciousness of the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard, the scene it saw was like a demonic realm that was filled with demons and ghosts.

In the moist and dark mental world, a dark cloud with an unclear boundary was spinning around the inverted tree in the middle.

On a closer look, he discovered that there were countless dense and incomplete ghosts.

When Jiang Li subdued the Nine Nether clone all those years ago, there were a total of over a hundred Scaled Demon ghosts hanging on his body.

Compared to the countless dark clouds now, the difference between the two was really extraordinarily large.

Even with the help of the other Parallel Minds, the fifth Parallel Mind could not last for more than fifteen minutes before it was defeated.

The surging ghosts were actually more than the Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers in Jiang Li’s coffin.

This fellow had occupied the underwater graveyard for a thousand years. It was indeed normal for him to accumulate all this.

However, to Jiang Li, it was a huge problem.

When he subdued the Nine Nether clone back then, he had first tied it home and slowly drained its strength for a long time before succeeding.

Now, it seemed that this huge wooden block could not be taken down in a short period of time.

However, besides Jiang Li’s main body and the Nine Nether clone, the other three Parallel Minds attacked the mental world together and caused a huge problem to the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard.

His main consciousness was dragged back to the mental world, so his control outside was naturally much weaker.

In the outside world, in a short period of time, the battle between the giant tree and the Asura above fell into a disadvantage. Most of the roots and branches were cut off by the huge wooden sword that was a thousand feet long.

Without the protection of the tree branches and roots, it would be difficult for him to stop Jiang Li’s methods.

A strand of dark light flew out from Jiang Li’s waist, and it stretched out countless times before wrapping around the entire Nine Nether Wood.

On every iron ring, the ancient runes emitted a bright light. The spiritual qi strength of the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard was quickly suppressed.

In the end, he lost all his strength and fell to the ground.

No one had been able to escape from his Dragon Imprisoning Lock until now.

The Nine Nether Wood that he had fought several times in the graveyard was finally defeated by him.

Affected by the aura of the Nine Nether spiritual qi, the monsters on the Blood Plains gathered once more. Jiang Li did not take a breather and could only carry the entire huge piece of wood into his coffin step by step.

In his coffin, Jiang Li and his Parallel Minds could wear it down day and night. No matter how thick the soul foundation was, it could be worn down completely.

He sat on the ground and rested for a moment. After the exhaustion on his body completely recovered, Jiang Li stepped on the ground and intended to rise into the sky and leave.

However, after flying for dozens of miles, he recalled something and turned around.

If he melted the corpse of an Asura equivalent to a human Soul Formation cultivator, he should be able to refine quite a bit of high-quality blood of madness.

However, after returning to the spot, he strangely discovered that the half-human half-lion Asura’s corpse seemed to have moved its location.

Although the Blood Plains looked no different and it was very difficult to find any reliable landmarks, the large pool of blood had not dried yet.

The location of this fellow’s corpse was at least 17,000 feet away from the original bloodstain.

Was the corpse sleepwalking?

The more Jiang Li looked at it, the more he felt that something was amiss. Since when could a corpse heal wounds?

The large amount of flesh that had been blasted out by the spiritual qi of the Nine Nether Wood’s seed machine gun disappeared.

It did not take long before it looked like it had mostly healed.

From the looks of it, this Asura’s life was extraordinarily tough.

He did not die even after his head was cut off.

Jiang Li reached out and took out a three-pointed steel trident that looked like magma from the coffin.

Earth-rank demonic weapon, Bloodthirsty Trident!

Jiang Li raised the Bloodthirsty Trident high up and aimed it at the heart of Amity before stabbing down forcefully.


The Bloodthirsty Trident landed on empty air. This half-human half-lion Asura nimbly flipped over and darted out like a gust of wind.

As expected, this guy was still alive!

Amity hugged his head and ran away immediately.

As the mane on his lion’s neck was blown by the wind, Jiang Li discovered that there was actually the head of a lion hidden in his mane.

This guy had two heads. No wonder he was not dead after losing one.

He had nearly gotten away.

Amity ran ahead. A straight red light chased him from behind.

Amity’s huge figure began to run as it flickered, sometimes left and sometimes right, trying to escape the Bloodthirsty Trident behind it.

However, an Earth-rank demonic artifact was not just powerful. After being locked onto, it was extremely difficult to dodge.

Jiang Li used the Shu Mountain Sword Kinesis Technique to throw the Bloodthirsty Trident.

It followed behind Amity. No matter how this guy flickered, it flickered and followed. It bit closer and closer.

Finally, the trident stabbed into Amity’s butt without any deviation.

The lion roared and jumped up, rolling on the ground. The pain was heart-wrenching.

Then, the ground beneath it suddenly split open. More than ten Nine Nether Wood Dragons burrowed out of the ground and rolled, wrapping around the half human, half lion, Amity.

The lion’s four claws tore crazily. Even the Nine Nether Wood Dragon was continuously torn apart by it.

However, being tied up like this for a moment was sufficient for Jiang Li to torture him.

His hands grabbed one of Amity’s wounds that had yet to heal, and then he tore it open with violence from both sides.

In Amity’s terrified eyes, Jiang Li stuffed another huge Nine Nether Earth Fruit into the wound.