It would take a long time to use the spiritual root seed to control a Nascent Soul creature and completely control it.

It was even harder to control a monster of this level. Currently, he had never succeeded.

Previously, in the deep sea near the Armored Troll Island, Jiang Li had risked his own injuries to capture an Armored Troll equivalent to the Soul Formation realm.

The other party had been heavily injured by him and was on the verge of death, and he had been locked in the coffin since then. With Jiang Li’s personality, he naturally would not waste anything useful.

During this period of time, he had been using the spiritual root seed of the Nine Nether clone to try and control this guy to turn over a new leaf.

Unfortunately, no matter how he tried, he failed.

Unless a second tree heart grew out like the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard, the spiritual root seed would obtain an advancement. At that time, it would be possible to control such a powerful creature.

The reason why Jiang Li used the Nine Nether Earth Fruit on Amity was because it was a controllable item that contained the most spiritual qi.

He would stuff this thing into the monster’s body to see if he dared to play any tricks.

As long as he controlled the Nine Nether Earth Fruit to release spiritual qi inside, when the two energies mixed, he could detonate this guy remotely.

After stuffing the Earth Fruit, he closed this person’s wound.

It did not take long for the hideous wound to completely heal. It had to be said that humans had really lost in terms of racial traits.

He controlled the Earth Fruit to leak a trace of spiritual qi, causing a muffled sound in Amity’s body.

The reaction of the remote control bomb was sensitive, and the effect was obvious.

“You should know what this means, right?”

Jiang Li pointed at the wound and spoke in the Asura language.

Through the yaksha clone, he obtained the language of this world, allowing him to avoid an awkward communication barrier.

Amity clearly understood Jiang Li’s words, and his struggle gradually calmed down. This was because if the thing in his body really acted up, it was hard to say if he could still keep his life.

“Which Lord are you under?” Jiang Li asked again.

The pair of eyes on the lion head hidden in the brown fur turned quickly. It was obvious that he was thinking of lying.

Amity thought he had hidden it well.

However, he did not know that the human head that had fallen to the side also had the same expression.

It just so happened that Jiang Li saw it clearly.

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“I… I am the subordinate of Lord Akathoth, the one who exists throughout the past and future, the ruler of fate and the unknown, the Great Lord of Space and Time.”

“Lord! Please let me off on account of Lord Akathoth!”

The other party revealed a name that was extremely famous in the Asura World. Even the Fallen Blood Yaksha, who had never seen the world, had heard of it several times.

The titles that Amity said were only a small portion.

It was said to be a powerful demonic dragon that controlled the power of time and space.

Among the many Asura Lords, it was also the top few.

It was a level that Jiang Li was unable to figure out, but it did not scare him.

“Hmph, I’ve been working under Lord Akathoth for more than 300 years. Why haven’t I seen you before?”

“Reveal the mark of the Lord you serve!”

Jiang Li questioned the other party boldly as if he was really the subordinate of the demonic dragon, Akathoth.

When a lie met a lie, the more determined one was undoubtedly the truth.

This time, the lion did not dare to speak.

Jiang Li controlled the wooden dragon to look at this fellow over and over again. There was only a battle tattoo that represented the clan on his body, but there was no mark of an Asura Lord at all.

“You actually don’t serve any Lord!”

“Hmph, how did you come to the Blood Plains without any glory!”

The Asura World and the Nine Provinces Continent were two completely different worlds.

Jiang Li had been very curious previously. This world was similarly vast, and the Blood Plains were even more boundless. It seemed to be the surface that covered the entire world.

However, the buildings on the plain were very sparse, and they were all distributed on the Blood Plains without any pattern.

There were no roads or traffic between them.

It was as if they were all developing independently in this world and did not interact with each other at all.

However, in the Blood Fighting Arena, this was clearly not the case.

Apart from the low-level monsters summoned from the wilderness as cannon fodder for the spatial crack and Blood Fighting Arena, there were also many spectators in the Blood Fighting Arena who wore specific clothes and used various types of Demon soldiers.

These audience members were clearly not from the wilderness.

The various signs on their bodies indicated that there was definitely a complete Asura civilization behind them.

Later on, as the Fallen Blood Yaksha’s status became higher and higher, Jiang Li obtained more information through this clone.

It was not that there were no roads in the Asura World, nor was it that there were no cities. Instead, they were all underground in the huge space system.

The entire Asura World was divided into two worlds: the ground and the underground.

There seemed to be an extremely vast hollow space underground in this world, and a complete and flourishing Asura civilization had developed below.

Countless huge Asura cities were established in various underground chambers. They could reproduce and have a complete cultivation system.

However, it was different from the Nine Provinces Continent that was still intact.

After the creatures of the Asura World died, their souls and the blood of madness that symbolized their origin would float to the surface of the ground. They would turn into blood eggs there and hatch into ignorant monsters that would wander aimlessly in the Blood Plains.

After an eternity, they might sink forever or slowly regain their former glory. In the end, they would return to civilization through the geocentric passage.

The ones controlling these geocentric passages were the Asura Lords.

Through the region of the Blood Plains, they could recruit those ignorant monsters and quickly develop and replenish their forces.

He could also use that passage to intercept the origin of some of the dead. After turning them into reality, it would be the most important core blood pool in the territory.

On the other hand, this Amity in front of him had a set of clan battle tattoos on his body. Clearly, he was the kind of Asura warrior that had been formerly from an underground city.

He came from underground and was not the subordinate of a certain Asura Lord, so Jiang Li was very curious how this fellow came to the Blood Plains on the surface.

According to the rules, no Asura Lord should agree to let him come to the ground.

“This… Lord, I can pay blood crystals as the price for offending you.”

Amity was still looking forward to it. It would be best if he could get it over with.

However, it was obvious that Jiang Li was not so easy to fool. As he moved, branches pierced into the body of the half-human, half-lion Amity, bringing great pain to the lion.

“Amity, look at those poor guys. Every time you see them, they wander around like this forever. Do you want to become like them?”

“How long do you think it will take to find yourself after becoming one of them?”

“Die ten times? A hundred times? A thousand times? Or stay here forever?”

“I’m very curious. Do you want to give it a try?”

In this world, the lower the grade of the Asura, the lower the price of death. It looked like they were just that fearless.

However, if they possessed powerful forces, such as after reaching the level of Amity in front of them, as long as they had a little intelligence, they would understand the price of death and find it difficult to face it calmly.

“Tell me, how did you come here? How dare you claim this is your territory!”

This fellow had been attacked by him and the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard earlier, and because he did not know the details, they had used the Nine Nether spiritual qi to enter his body, causing him to be heavily injured.

Now that it was in his hands and the Nine Nether Earth Fruit was stuffed into his body, he had no ability to resist.

Now, more than ten wooden dragons were binding his body, and the remote-controlled Nine Nether Earth Fruit was stuffed into his body like a bomb. The Blood Devouring Trident was still continuously seizing his strength and life.

It was even to the extent that Jiang Li did not have to do anything. As long as he waited for a period of time, he might be sucked dry by the Bloodthirsty Trident.

If he was really so stubborn, Jiang Li did not mind killing an uncooperative captive.

Sure enough, after hesitating for a long time, this person still opened his mouth.

“I… I came up from a narrow path that was not discovered.”

“That’s really a very small narrow path. It won’t be of any use to Lord Akathoth. Lord, please let me go!”

Jiang Li’s eyes immediately lit up.

Since the narrow passage he mentioned could connect to the underground world, it was undoubtedly a qualified geocentric passage.

The benefits represented by the geocentric passage were huge. Basically, all the known passageways were under the control of the various lords.

However, they could not rule out the possibility that some new geocentric passageways had appeared because of geological changes or other reasons.

If they managed it well, they could completely create a new Asura territory. Through special buildings, they could even directly seize the blood of madness and establish a blood pool.

There was no need to create small-scale blood pools like the yaksha clone.

This Amity was clearly such a lucky person. He discovered a new underground passageway and began to consider himself a Lord.

In the end, extreme joy turned to sorrow and landed in Jiang Li’s hand.

“Very good. Bring me to that narrow path. I swear on Lord Akathoth’s name that as long as you bring me to it, I will let you go and even introduce you to Lord Akathoth’s subordinates.”

“You should know that establishing a territory is not so easy.”

“With your strength, you can’t do it. Instead, you might lose your life. The best choice is to join Lord Akathoth’s subordinates.”

Jiang Li gave an empty promise.

Perhaps because the smarter human head was cut off, this Asura’s intelligence did not seem to be high.

Earlier, he had only wanted to trick the other party and say that he was Akathoth’s subordinate. He did not expect that this guy would really believe his nonsense.

Now that he swore in the name of Akathoth, it could greatly increase the other party’s trust.

As expected, Amity’s unlucky expression became much better. After hesitating for a moment, he agreed.

Although he could not become a Lord himself, it was acceptable to become the subordinate of such a powerful Lord.

This Asura, who was not much weaker than him, could use an Earth-rank demonic weapon. If he joined Akatos, he might be able to obtain a weapon of this level.

He only hoped that this senior could give him some credit for the underground passageway.

After the two sides came to an agreement, Jiang Li waved his hand and released some of the restrictions. After that, he stretched out his hand and pressed it on Amity’s body. A strand of blood energy that came from a top-grade blood crystal flowed into the other party’s body through his arm.

Amity’s body immediately shook. Even he could not enjoy top-grade blood crystal energy like this.

However, Jiang Li could share it with him so generously and casually. This made Amity believe even more.

It helped this half-human half-lion beast recover some injuries.

“Lead the way.”

Jiang Li leaped onto the back of the half-human lion and ran in a certain direction.

He had originally planned to return to the vicinity of the Blood Fighting Arena.

The remaining blood of madness in the blood pool built in the temporary cave could probably open a spatial crack again and last for a few hours. It was enough for him to return to the continent of the Nine Provinces.

However, from the looks of it, if nothing unexpected happened, he probably had a better choice.

Amity ran in a straight line for four hours before finally discovering a sinkhole that seemed to have appeared not long ago.

The hole was bottomless. From time to time, whistling wind would sound from underground. Jiang Li used his hearing and relied on the wonders of the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra to actually be unable to reach the bottom of the cave.

It seemed that Amity was really not lying to him. This cave was basically a passageway between the two sides.

To an Asura that was dozens of meters tall, this could indeed be called a narrow passage, but to humans, this passage was already quite large.

It was enough for the two flying ships to fly side by side.

Now that this place had not been discovered by others, if he hid well, perhaps he, a human, could secretly become a “noble” Asura Lord.

“Amity, where does this lead to?”

Jiang Li was asking about the underground space that was connected to the other side of the passageway.

If they were discovered here, it would be a waste.

“Lord, don’t worry. On the other side is the gathering place of low-level batmen. No one is willing to look at the dirty den.”

“I heard that a high-grade member of the Blood Race appeared there recently, so I went to take a look.”

“I didn’t expect to discover this geocentric passage instead of seeing the high-grade member of the Blood Race.”

Jiang Li did not immediately enter the geocentric passage to explore. After all, as long as he avoided the territories of those Asura Lords in the Blood Plains, he was basically safe.

However, if he entered the underground city of the Asura World, he would not know anything about it.

If he clashed with a powerful Asura, he was unwilling to experience the feeling of being slapped to death.

He had to plan before making a move. At the very least, Jiang Li had to leave a way out for himself before he would attempt to take the risk.

The hundred or so technical monsters that he had tricked out of the Blood Fighting Arena were really skilled.

As long as there was a geocentric passageway and provided enough relevant materials, they could even establish an Asura territory from nothing.

Previously, when he was filling his pockets in the Blood Fighting Arena, he had put everything useful and useless into coffins.

It had always taken up space. Now, it was really useful here.

After letting out the coffin, more than a hundred Asura subordinates returned to their hometown, but hard work was still their life unchanged..