230 flying ships stood in the air. The pressure that covered most of the sky was enough to make the insects and beasts in the mountain flee.

It was not until this moment that the cultivators of the Great Mountain Alliance, who raised their heads, realized what kind of enemy they were about to face.

The people of the Myriad Slaughter Sect did not have any so-called attack plan.

Their plan was to invade.

From their blatant actions, it could be seen that these fellows did not take this remote cultivation world seriously at all.

Wu Fan, the Sect Master of the Myriad Slaughter Sect, was standing on a huge warship at the front and staring coldly at the buildings below.

Previously, the Myriad Slaughter Sect had sent out the Blood Saber Guards to enter the Great Mountain Region to investigate.

Although they were annihilated by Jiang Li and the cultivators of the Great Mountain Alliance, it was impossible to hide this basic information from others.

This was the center of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region. They planned to come here and directly cause trouble.

“Below Sect Master is the core of the Great Mountain Region, the headquarters of the so-called Great Mountain Alliance. It’s also the Lost Medicine Garden Mystic Realm of our Myriad Profound Sect.”

“As long as we defeat this place, the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region will no longer be able to resist. The spiritual materials that have been here for thousands of years will also be returned to their rightful owner.”

Standing beside Wu Fan was a saber servant with an ashen expression.

Although his expression was ugly, he still had a flattering expression from the bottom of his heart in front of Wu Fan. That sharp voice sounded more like a rootless person in the palace.

The Earth-rank blood saber of the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s Sect Master was not worn by him usually. Instead, there was a saber servant following him like a shadow holding the saber.

This kind of saber servant was similar to the cauldrons of some Yin Absorption Technique. The cultivation method was special and was completely used for others.

All the cultivation of the saber servant was for the saber.

A high-quality saber servant could greatly increase the grade and power of the saber. It was a very effective strengthening and nurturing method.

However, after taking up this job, their shortest lifespan would be three to five months, and the longest would be three to five years before they were sucked dry by the saber in hand.

“Sect Master, should we give those guys below a chance to surrender?”

The saber servant was also Wu Fan’s most trusted aide. Although his term was short, he could speak to the Sect Master and serve him at any time. He was also the target of many people’s fawning.

“They were greedy for something they don’t deserve, there’s no need to waste our breath. Slaughter them.”

He spoke indifferently as if he was not facing a vast cultivation world with a long history.

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Instead, he carried a pot of water and was about to pour it into the ant nest.

The sharp voice of a saber servant sounded, “The Sect Master has ordered us to slaughter them!”


The air trembled and rippled. Then, 230 flying ship cannons fired at the ground.

230 thick and thin pillars of light pierced into the buildings below.

The thick array formation barrier was as fragile as a piece of paper. Under the bombardment of such a large-scale spiritual cannon, it was easily destroyed.

The buildings that looked like paradise on earth were easily destroyed like paper shells.

Under their cannon fire, those low-level cultivators could not muster up any courage to resist. They hugged their heads and squatted down, preparing to die.

Then, under the ruthless destruction of their cannon fire, they were all buried along with those buildings.

Those screams became the most fitting sound under their cannon fire.

It was easy, simple, and too smooth!

After fighting for more than a month, the cultivators of the Myriad Slaughter Sect finally felt the wonderful feeling of bullying the weak.

These fanatics who enjoyed killing people would not feel like they could not bear to attack.

This bombardment lasted for an hour.

It was not until the cannon’s mouth became hot that the spirit stones on the ship cannon’s charging array formation turned to waste that it slowly stopped.

Below, the area they had just bombarded had long turned into a bumpy ruin. It was almost impossible to see even the remains of a building. Thick black smoke filled the air.

However, other than those crazy and excited disciples, the higher-ups of the Myriad Slaughter Sect, who had been on the battlefield for a long time, discovered that something was wrong.

They had only captured the Rock Mountain Range not long ago.

They still remembered the process of invading the cultivation world.

Although the cultivation world was unable to fight them head-on, the core Blackstone City was also captured by them within seven days.

However, the process was not so easy.

Moreover, the entire area was so large, and the mobility of cultivators was strong.

After splitting up, they ran alone. They hid in the mountains and forests and ran for thousands of miles. As long as they were careful, even Foundation Establishment cultivators could do it.

After losing the main battlefield, there were all kinds of guerrilla warfare, harassment, surprise attacks, and underground ambushes. It took a long time for them to stabilize the situation there.

However, this Great Mountain Region was a little strange.

Why did it feel like they were not attacking the core of the cultivation world, but a mortal town? It was simply too fragile.

Could it be that because they were afraid of the momentum of the Myriad Slaughter Sect, the main force of the cultivation world had already fled?

“Get someone to go down and take a look.”

Under the order of the leader, the cabin of the two warships opened. The disciples of the Myriad Slaughter Sect, who had long been prepared, rode their artifacts and swarmed down.

The first group going down to clean up the battlefield was a huge job. As long as their luck was not too bad, they could obtain a lot of gains no matter what.

However, when they stepped on the ruins, the excitement quickly faded.

Why did this battlefield feel different from before?

Here, they felt as if something was missing.

There were ruins, fragments, and dust… but what about corpses and blood?

This was it… why was there no familiar smell of blood?

A disciple grabbed the remains of a building and casually squeezed. The remains shattered like foam in his hand.

When had he become so powerful?

No, he was only a newbie at the Foundation Establishment realm. The problem should be with these building materials.

On a closer look, the ruins on the ground did not look like the core of a region built with high-grade materials.

They were clearly made of yellow mud and grass. They were casually built in the simplest manner.

From a distance, it seemed to be very large. However, in fact, even mortals would not fancy such a crude house.

If they just stood there and endured the wind and rain, they might collapse in a month.

Earlier, the 230 flying ships had spent countless spirit stones and spiritual qi to bombard this place for an hour?

At this moment, they, who had calmed down from their excitement, suddenly felt a chill in their hearts.

They hurriedly rode their artifacts and wanted to rise into the sky again.

However, a fog floated over from all directions and completely enveloped them. In this fog, the advance troops of the Myriad Slaughter Sect lost all their sense of direction and rushed around in the fog in a panic. No matter what, they could not fly out.

Then, screams sounded from the fog. The hundreds of Myriad Slaughter Sect disciples were all killed below.

It turned out that everything that the Myriad Slaughter Sect had seen earlier was just a fake target.

It did not take more than a day for the Great Mountain Alliance to build these things. There were no less than ten fake headquarters like this in other directions.

Coupled with the Illusory Formation of the Misty Mountain Range, using these clay tiles to exchange for the most ferocious first round of cannon fire was a very cost-effective thing.

If they liked it, the Great Mountain Alliance would be happy to let them take turns attacking these targets.

Far away from the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s fleet, where the true encampment of the Great Mountain Alliance was, a large number of disciples from the various sects who had been tricked to the Misty Mountain Range were rather nervous when they saw the arrival of such a large number of fleets.

However, they quickly discovered that the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s fleet had inexplicably stopped outside the Misty Mountain Range and began to attack an empty space crazily.

From afar, there were vibrations caused by the explosion. It clearly could not injure them at all.

Seeing such a strange phenomenon, the cultivators gradually reacted. The Myriad Slaughter Sect’s fleet did not seem to be as terrifying as they had imagined.

The Great Mountain Alliance was not stupid and planned to send them to their deaths.

This battle seemed to have a chance!

Luring people to the battlefield was the first step. The second step was to let these unwilling disciples have confidence, which was the so-called morale.

Letting this terrifying Demon Sect fleet suffer in front of everyone was undoubtedly a very good method.

Therefore, this happened.

The Misty Mountain Range was a real mountain range. After thousands of years, it had only been accidentally discovered by the cultivators of the Great Mountain Region. It could be seen how large the range was and how ingenious the Misty Mountain Illusion was.

That was under the circumstances that the array formation had been neglected for a long time and was already full of mistakes.

Now, after the full repair of the Great Mountain Alliance, the defensive illusion array had already regained its former power. It was definitely not inferior to the Mountain Protection Sword Formation of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak.

Looking out from the inside, it was indeed an endless space with no boundaries.

However, from the outside, the thick fog that filled the entire mountain range was enough to block all malice.

If they made some advance preparations, they could also show the enemy some images like a mirage….

However, using such a small method to waste the enemy’s reserves once or twice was fine.

If they used it too much, it would not have much effect.

At this moment, on the hundreds of array nodes of the Misty Mountain Range, there was a core elder holding a token and controlling the array formation.

This caused the fog in the entire Misty Mountain Range to become thicker and thicker. The mountains that were hundreds of miles wide were all white, causing the cultivators of the Myriad Slaughter Sect to not know where to shoot.

The cultivators of the Great Mountain Alliance, who had stimulated their confidence and courage, were quickly arranged to prearranged positions.

They only needed to follow the orders and execute some simple actions to make the headquarters of the Great Mountain Alliance operate at high speed.

Hidden in the forest was a group of brave soldiers filled with anger and hatred. They were already prepared to take revenge on these former enemies.

“Everyone, remember, listen to my orders later. After aiming, fire the crossbow together.”

“Move immediately after firing the crossbow! Remember, if you’re late, you’ll die!”

Hidden under the thick fog in the mountain, among the rows of defensive fortifications, a young man was giving his companions a final reminder.

“Bastards of the Myriad Slaughter Sect, we’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!”

“Listen to my orders and counterattack!”

On a mountaintop on the flank of the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s fleet, 500 cultivators from the Rock Mountain Range were staring intently at the fleet in the distant sky.

The antiaircraft crossbows set up on the ground fired at the same time. After a series of buzzing sounds, 500 anti aircraft crossbows shot at the fleet in the sky.

Some of the huge crossbow bolts were intercepted by experts, but there were many of them. From the side, a small number of crossbow bolts still struck the flying ship on the side.

Then, the crossbow bolts exploded violently, causing considerable losses to the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s fleet.

These air defense fortifications were all dismantled from various cultivation bazaars under the distribution of the Great Mountain Alliance.

Even if it was used once, it could harass them for a long time.

However, this also pointed out the direction of the attack for the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s fleet. Then, a wave of ship cannons swept across and erased the location of the attack.

Even though they were prepared and more than ten people could not escape the bombardment in time, this did not stop the cultivators of the Rock Mountain Range from having the determination to take revenge.

After the Myriad Slaughter Sect fleet changed direction, they appeared from the other side and shot out the same crossbow bolts.

The current situation was that it was not advisable to fight head-on. In the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region, no one could stop the Myriad Slaughter Sect Master who held the Earth-rank blood saber.

Not even Shenshan Jianyi, who held the Ancient Dust Sword, could do it.

However, they could not always rely on the illusion array to avoid the battle and let these guys run around. Therefore, they could only use this method to anger and delay them as much as possible.

As for what should happen next, many of the higher-ups of the Great Mountain Region could not think of a feasible solution to deal with the enemy.

In the Asura World, Jiang Li was rushing through a blood-colored plain. In next to no time, an enormous bloody arena appeared before him.

This was the Blood Fighting Arena that the yaksha clone had been in for a long time.

If he wanted to create a blood pool that could open the spatial crack, it was not something that he could find and do in a few days.

The mini blood pool that he had forged previously had also been exhausted after escaping the Mu family and opening the spatial crack again.

If he wanted to return to the continent of the Nine Provinces in time, he could only use this spatial crack that he had personally opened.

Although he was very worried, he could only abandon the geocentric passageway and let the parasitized Asuras continue working as subtly as possible.

Before Jiang Li left, he had personally passed through the geocentric passageway to investigate the exit below.

The Night Spirit Bats below did not have any experts, nor did they have much intelligence. They did not even know how to clean feces. Over the years, a thick layer had accumulated.

Presumably, if there was no accurate information, no one would deliberately enter this smelly place to investigate.

After Jiang Li got the yaksha clone to receive him, he immediately went over to watch. In theory, nothing would happen.

Then, he rushed here.

“What are you doing here?”

At this moment, a Vulture Guard that was covered in feathers and had almost lost its wings noticed Jiang Li, and it flew over with a crude spear.

Jiang Li stood alone on the huge rock and did not accept the summoning of the bell to enter the Blood Fighting Arena. This kind of action was more or less a little suspicious.

However, before it could approach, a long tongue shot over from afar and instantly pierced through the heart of the guard.

From the door, the yaksha clone walked out with a group of subordinates who were only loyal to them.

What shot out that tongue was a toad on the clone’s shoulder..