Jiang Li and his clone looked at each other. Because they were the same person to begin with, their parallel minds were interlinked in real time, so there was no need to communicate at all.

Next, the yaksha clone would lead Jiang Li to think of a way to safely pass through the spatial crack.

Jiang Li was still human in essence, and he did not disguise himself at all. His aura could hide from ordinary Asuras, but it might not hide from Vemacitrin.

Therefore, the yaksha clone had to disguise him.

Not long after, a group of wild beasts with goosebumps were driven down the ring-shaped passage of the Blood Fighting Arena.

These savage beasts were very strong, but their brains were not very smart. After some domestication, they could be used as the cheapest slaves.

It was very convenient to feed them. Typically, even if there were rocks mixed in the grass, they could eat very well.

In the wilderness, this kind of savage beast would eat whatever it picked up.

Therefore, there were often strange things in the bodies of these monsters. Because they could not digest them, their stomachs would be very large.

Stuffing something into their bodies would not arouse anyone’s suspicion.

At this moment, Jiang Li was hiding in the coffin which was in the stomach of one of the savage beasts.

He retracted all the aura and transformed it into a piece of rotten wood.

The aura concealment ability of this Earth-rank artifact was much stronger than Jiang Li who had never been skilled in pretending to be weak.

With a large pile of construction materials, the group of savage beasts passed through the layers of symbolic hurdles.

Jiang Li was vigilant, but in fact, during this period of time, there were hundreds of thousands and millions of monsters rushing to the battlefield through this passageway every day.

No matter what hurdle it was, it was impossible to really be strict. Those Asuras standing on both sides of the passage were mostly guarding against these monsters from the wilderness and not running around.

There was basically no checking process.

The only thing that Jiang Li was worried about was the last level of the Blood Fighting Arena, which was also the most dangerous location.

The Great Asura Vemacitrin, who he had not seen for eight to ten years, had been staying here every day recently, guarding the spatial crack.

Jiang Li could not understand what kind of ability an expert of that level had.

Even if they were fully prepared, they could not guarantee that they would not be discovered when they passed by the other party.

Jiang Li did not dare to personally observe the Great Asura.

He would sense such an existence even from 50 kilometers away.

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Jiang Li did not dare to cause trouble. He stayed in the coffin and nervously contracted his mind. He could only observe the situation outside through the eyes of the yaksha clone.

In the outside world, after receiving the reward from the Asura World’s will, the level of the blood of madness rose again, and it was already faintly approaching the next level. At this moment, it suddenly turned its few eyes to glance at the group of slave workers below.

This master of the Blood Fighting Arena usually did not care about these ants. Could it be that he had discovered something?

This glance almost frightened the yaksha clone who was watching silently from afar.

He hurriedly got a subordinate hidden among the monsters to crush a spirit stone.

The spiritual qi that suddenly leaked out indeed attracted Vemacitrin’s attention for a moment. Then, the savage beast followed the other laborers through the spatial crack.

After passing through the spatial crack and returning to the continent of the Nine Provinces, the powerful Great Asura Vemacitrin could not do anything to him through this crack.

Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief in the coffin.

Immediately, a coffin immediately burrowed out of the savage beast’s mouth. It spun hundreds of times in the air, sending all the disgusting mucus on its body flying before landing on the ground.

Jiang Li crawled out of the coffin and was just about to feel the fresh air of the Nine Provinces Continent.

However, he discovered that the surrounding scenery was almost identical to the Asura World. Apart from the smell of blood, the air that entered his lungs was also filled with blood.

Only then did Jiang Li discover that this Blackstone City that he had come here once had already become like this at some point in time.

The original black stone buildings were now completely empty. All kinds of strange buildings built with bones, flesh, and fur were scattered here.

For a time, it even made Jiang Li feel as if he was still in the Asura World.

The spatial crack that was opened on the battlefield of the Hundred Tempering Mountain did not last for a day.

However, the pollution caused by the chaotic power of the Asura World could not be completely eliminated for a long time.

The Great Mountain Alliance originally wanted to take in this holy land with high-quality earth fire for their own use.

However, after a few attempts, they gave up. Up until now, there were still all kinds of strange blood-colored creatures entrenched there.

They were all native creatures that had been deformed by the corrosion of the Asura World’s energy.

After sending people to clean up a few times, new aberrations would quickly appear. The cultivators who had been stationed there for a long time were more or less affected.

Merely staying there would cause pollution to cultivators, let alone refining pills and artifacts. Who would dare to eat the medicinal pills refined there?

Professionals speculated that if they did not find a practical way to deal with it, the pollution there might even last 300 to 500 years.

That was already impressive.

As for this Rock Mountain Range, it had already been corroded by the Asura World for hundreds of kilometers and had been corroded for far longer than the Hundred Tempering Mountain back then.

From the current situation, even if the spatial crack was closed, the chaotic corrosion of this pollution area might last for a thousand years or even longer.

Jiang Li looked at the spatial crack. After all, this was a Pandora’s box that he had personally opened. It was a little unreasonable to leave it here and not deal with it.

If he and the yaksha clone worked together to destroy the blood pool and altar on both sides, the chance would be quite high.

However, if he did that, the yaksha clone would definitely die in the Blood Fighting Arena.

Moreover, Jiang Li would encounter extraordinary danger himself.

Looking around, he could clearly sense a few extremely powerful existences hidden around the altar that maintained the spatial crack.

If he acted rashly, it was hard to say if he would succeed. At that time, he would definitely be pursued and attacked by these guys.

With his current strength, he was not completely confident in escaping.

In addition, Jiang Li had his own selfish motives. To him, it was obviously more important to save the Great Mountain Region now.

Moreover, if the sky collapsed, there would be a tall person holding it up. The Divine Judgment Hall, which controlled all the important matters in the Eastern Region, would definitely deal with this matter, right?

Jiang Li took a few more glances. After memorizing the terrain here, he still disguised himself as an Asura and cautiously flew out.

He would rush to Phoenix Sun City from here and accumulate a million merit points to become a member of the Divine Judgment Hall. This was his plan.

However, how could he accumulate a million merit points in just a few days and skip the troublesome procedures of the Divine Judgment Hall to directly join?

While flying in the air, Jiang Li’s consciousness passed through the coffin and looked at the Armored Trolls working hard inside.

His voice entered the coffin.

“Fran, how many Armored Trolls have you cultivated?”

Fran, who had been working non-stop, was much shorter and thinner than when she was on the island.

That was because every time she transformed an Armored Troll, she had to stuff a portion of the flesh and blood of the Troll nobles or the tissues of the ancient lingzhi into the biological body for corrosion and modification.

Fran had already concocted a medicine that could complement the flesh and blood tissues, so she only needed fewer tissues to complete the Armored Troll transformation.

Moreover, she only needed to cut off the armor from the Trolls. There was no need to use the human brain to enlighten them. The conversion process was much simpler.

However, the quantity needed for the conversion and the little amount of time there was limited her greatly.

The merit points obtained from the Ink Sect were 630,000. Then, the Cloud Manor token gave them an additional 100,000 merit points.

Later on, the Troll island that Jiang Li attacked obtained more than 80,000 Armored Troll masks.

One of the two-headed giants transformed into a Armored Troll, and the other provided Jiang Li with two high-level Armored Trolls.

A Troll mask of that level was worth 5,000 merit points.

That two-headed giant happened to have two heads, so he could strip off two masks. Two masks meant ten thousand merit points.

Together, the Great Mountain Alliance now had 820,000 merit points.

However, there was still 180,000 missing.

Cutting off 180,000 pieces of flesh from her body was clearly not feasible for Fran’s small arms and legs.

Jiang Li let Fran use more ancient lingzhi, but it did not grow quickly.

Moreover, Fran, who was a research fanatic, could not bear to waste such a precious experimental product. She often secretly replaced it with her own flesh and blood.

As a result, even though the flesh and blood of the Armored Troll recovered quickly, her current body was shrinking day by day.

“18,000 pieces of armor plates have been removed. There are still 10,000 portions ready for conversion. As long as the body replenishes in time, the conversion will be completed in three days.”

Without looking up, Fran pointed at the mountain of armor. After reporting, she continued to study the corpses on the experiment table.

Previously, it had been a little rushed. The Hidden Rock cultivators had not collected enough conversion targets.

As a result, after Fran transformed 18,000 armor plates, she continued to strip the flesh and blood to store 10,000 portions of the conversion material.

It was clearly something that could be accomplished with more time. Damn the Myriad Slaughter Sect, they just had to find trouble for him at this time.

It seemed that it was impossible to rely on this kind of cheating method to earn 180,000 merit points in ten days.

Apart from that, if he wanted to obtain more than 200,000 merit points in a short period of time and obtain the recognition and support of the Divine Judgment Hall, it seemed that he was going to reveal something.

However, if he left this trump card behind in the future, he would definitely be able to exchange for more benefits. At this moment, the situation was urgent, and he could not hesitate too much.

Jiang Li, who was flying in the sky, suddenly collided with a cloud.

This was not a big deal. Flying in the sky, it was common to encounter cloud qi currents.

However, this cloud was clearly not simple.

Jiang Li immediately felt the world spin, and then his entire body had already appeared in a space that seemed to be constructed from cotton.

“Where is this?”

Jiang Li wanted to step on the air and leave, but he noticed that his hands and feet had unknowingly been firmly bound by four white and long ropes.

There were four ropes that looked like floating clouds.

Jiang Li had yet to react. What was wrong with him?

Why was he trapped in this strange space while flying? He even inexplicably wore four ropes.

After struggling twice, the cloud rope binding his hands and feet felt light as if it was nothing.

However, no matter how he pulled, the cloud rope was firmly bound.

The stronger Jiang Li struggled, the greater the force reflected by the cloud rope. It was absolutely not something that could be easily broken free.

This method was extremely brilliant. Spiritual qi overflowed from the pure white space, and it did not seem like the pursuit method of an Asura.

In that case, Jiang Li already had some guesses as to who had done this to him.

“May I ask if I’ve offended the senior of Cloud Manor? Senior, please show yourself,” Jiang Li spoke to his surroundings.

As expected, not far from him, after a wave of clouds gathered, three figures wearing bamboo hats, invisible faces, and completely white clothes appeared.

From their figures, it should be one woman and two men, led by the woman in the middle.

These three people were almost identical to the strange person who had given him the cloud-patterned token.

Later on, he learned that it was the Cloud Guard of the Cloud Manor, one of the three divine pillars of the Divine Judgment Hall.

Therefore, the three people in front of him were also from Cloud Manor.

“If there’s anything I need to do, feel free to tell me. Jiang Li of the Great Mountain Alliance is willing to help.”

Jiang Li did not know the personality of these people from Cloud Manor. Now that they were all tied up, he could only show some cooperation.

However, why did the people from the Cloud Manor suddenly look for him so violently?

“Tell us your plot. What’s the name of the Asura Lord behind you?”

Plot? The Asura Lord behind him?

Why would they think that?

Jiang Li was not surprised that the Cloud Manor, one of the three divine pillars, knew some information about the Asura World.

It was impossible for only one place in history to have come into contact with that world.

The last time he gave the Great Mountain Alliance the Cloud Pattern Token was because they had resisted an invasion of the Asura World.

But why would they think that he was an Asura?

Wait, Jiang Li suddenly recalled that he was still emitting the unique aura of chaos in the Asura World.

Could it be that they had discovered this and captured him?

“Wait, I think there must be a misunderstanding here.”

With a thought from Jiang Li, the blood of madness and the aura of the power of chaos in his body immediately vanished, and it transformed into a pure human aura..