The three people from the Cloud Manor were stunned when they saw this. What was wrong with this person in front of them? Why did his aura change so much?

Although his appearance had not changed, in his senses, he had basically become a different species.

“Are you human or Asura?”

In their eyes, Jiang Li’s actions were very suspicious.

Even if he returned to his human aura, with his appearance, they could not be sure if he was a monster from the Asura World and already had the ability to disguise as a human to this extent.

Perhaps he was a human cultivator with some ulterior motive, so he disguised himself as an Asura World creature and came here.

This was a matter of great importance. Regardless of which one it was, they could not let him go easily.

The female cultivator in the lead transformed into a cloud of light in front of Jiang Li.

As soon as she finished speaking, she had already appeared behind Jiang Li.

Without saying anything, she directly stretched out her hand and placed it on Jiang Li’s shoulder.

What she discovered was always more reliable than the words of an unfamiliar person.

His limbs were tied up, and Jiang Li was unable to struggle free for a moment. He only felt a strand of energy enter his body and was about to investigate his situation clearly.

At the very least, they had to know if he was a human or a demon.

However, how could Jiang Li let her do as she wished?

He had too many secrets.

The Quintet Dao Foundation, the fusion of the five cores, the remnant soul of Ba Xia, the two types of top-grade energy that did not originate from his body, and so on.

Those were things that Jiang Li could not let others know.

He immediately mobilized the Nine Nether Asura qi in his body to resist it.

The purple-red energy collided with a cloud-like energy.

The energy was like clouds and fog, looking thin and harmless.

However, the quality was surprisingly high.

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Not only was the cultivation method of the other party very high-grade, but she must have also used some special secret treasure to nurture spiritual qi.

How could Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Dao Scripture lose to others? The quality of the dual-colored fusion energy was even higher than his opponent.

However, the difference in cultivation was too great.

Although Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Asura power did not collapse immediately upon contact, it was still forced back repeatedly.

The foreign energy invaded his body, causing Jiang Li’s face to flush red.

Anger surged in his mind.

When had he, Jiang Li, been bullied like this?

Under his fury, the heart in his chest beat rapidly. The dragon blood and Human Emperor’s Blood Qi in his body erupted at the same time and filled Jiang Li’s entire body.

Jiang Li’s entire body was hot and his blood boiled. Strands of blood qi seeped out of his body, and a yellow robe actually appeared on his body.

A black dragon coiled on the yellow robe and erupted with a shocking dragon roar at the Cloud Manor’s Rainbow Cloud Servant behind him.

The cloud-like aura was instantly expelled from his body by the dragon blood and Human Emperor’s Blood Qi.

The palm on Jiang Li’s shoulder was also repelled, and the female cultivator wearing the bamboo hat took two steps back in shock.

In the beginning, when Cloud Manor’s Rainbow Cloud Servant saw that this person’s cultivation was only at the Golden Core realm, she actually did not take it to heart. She only wanted to figure out Jiang Li’s origins and goal as soon as possible.

However, after the energy entered Jiang Li’s body, she was surprised to discover that a mere Golden Core actually had the ability to resist her cloud spiritual qi.

This ridiculous situation made her even more puzzled, and she wanted to understand what was going on with Jiang Li.

Then, a terrifying blood qi that looked down on all gods and immortals erupted from Jiang Li’s body, and it repelled her palm.

If it was anyone else, they might not have such knowledge.

However, the inheritance obtained as one of the Rainbow Cloud Servants of the Cloud Manor allowed her to know a lot of ancient knowledge.

“The Human Emperor’s inheritance! You’re actually the successor of the Human Emperor!”

The female cultivator in the bamboo hat immediately exposed the origin of Jiang Li’s blood qi.

Her voice was filled with disbelief. Wasn’t this inheritance severed in ancient times? Why had it reappeared in this era?

However, she had also confirmed one thing. The person who possessed the Human Emperor’s inheritance was naturally an extremely orthodox human cultivator. It was impossible for him to be a creature of the Asura World.

Thus, her attitude towards Jiang Li improved slightly.

However, the binding on Jiang Li still did not loosen.

This was because the Human Emperor’s inheritance did not mean that he would definitely not do anything bad.

At this time, he sneakily appeared near the spatial crack.

The people from Cloud Manor had been stationed here since a long time ago, but they did not notice how Jiang Li had entered at all.

He did not enter but went out from inside. His body was still covered in the aura of the Asura World.

Where did he come from?

Could it be that he came from the Asura World opposite through the spatial crack?

It was impossible for a normal human to survive in the other world.

That was unless he knew the Asura Lord on the other side.

With the Cloud Manor’s understanding of the Asura World, they knew that such a spatial crack could not be unilaterally opened.

They needed a guide on the continent of the Nine Provinces to build an altar to receive them.

Could Jiang Li be the person who betrayed the continent of the Nine Provinces? Only in this way could he be safe and sound in the other world.

“Fellow cultivators from the Cloud Manor, I’m naturally a human.”

“I was fortunate enough to obtain a cloud-patterned token. Perhaps it can verify my identity.”

Jiang Li calmed himself down. Regardless of whether it was forces or strength, the Cloud Manor was an existence that he could not deal with now.

The strength in his hand was not enough to make him willful.

Circulating an extremely exaggerated force, he forcefully dragged the white cloud rope and reached his right hand into his bosom bit by bit.

He took out the cloud-patterned token from the coffin in his arms and threw it to the Rainbow Cloud Servant behind him.

The other party took it as a token. With just a touch, she understood everything.

“This is indeed the Cloud Pattern Token bestowed by my Cloud Manor. You’re the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, Jiang Li?”

She sized up this youth. When her spiritual qi entered Jiang Li’s body earlier, it could be seen from the growth of his bones that this person was only 14 or 15 years old now.

He could actually become the Alliance Leader of a region’s cultivation world. The Human Emperor’s successor was indeed different.

“The Great Mountain Alliance is that small faction in the Great Mountain Region, right? These few days, it seems to be at war with the Myriad Slaughter Sect.”

“As the Alliance Leader, you suddenly appeared here.”

“You have that aura on you again. Could it be that you were the one who opened the spatial crack?”

This female cultivator’s thoughts were clear. She relied on a bit of information to actually guess the truth.

The people from the Cloud Manor became unfriendly again.

Regardless of the reason, opening the door to the other world and drawing in foreign enemies was their unforgivable enemy.

Being stared at by these three people, Jiang Li denied with a firm gaze.

“Senior, our Great Mountain Region knows better than anyone the terror of the Asura World.”

“No matter what, I wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“I came here from afar to try to close this spatial crack.”

“It was only after coming here that I discovered that the people of the Myriad Slaughter Sect had given up on this place and actually turned to attack my hometown.”

“I plan to leave this place first. I’m planning to return to the Great Mountain Region to resist the foreign enemies.”

Jiang Li really panicked when the other party pointed out the truth. This was because he was the one who opened this spatial crack.

If they found Huyan Long’an and confronted him, he would probably be exposed.

However, Jiang Li could not admit it at this moment. Otherwise, not to mention him, even if he waited for the Great Mountain Region, he would become the target of everyone in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

He could only put on an expression as if he was very dissatisfied with their guesses.

He had been thinking quickly about how to dispel their doubts.

“It’s actually not difficult to know if you opened this spatial crack.”

“Perhaps you don’t know, but there is good and bad karma in this world.”

“If you had opened this spatial crack before, you would have suffered the negative karma of a lifetime.”

“Even if you cover it up, the truth can’t be changed.”

The Cloud Manor’s Rainbow Cloud Servant naturally did not believe Jiang Li’s words.

She removed a white cloud jade pendant from her waist and hung it around Jiang Li’s neck.

This was a special artifact of the Cloud Manor.

It could be used to showcase one’s merit and sins.

This jade pendant was originally shaped like a cloud and was pure white in color.

After a person came into contact with it, if the inside of the jade pendant turned into surging dark clouds, it meant that this person disliked the greatest evil in the world. Their Cloud Manor had to uphold justice and kill him.

However, if it was white or even golden, it meant that not only did this person not have much evil deeds, he had even accumulated a lot of good deeds and deserved great treatment.

After all, the cultivation methods and inheritances of the people of their Cloud Manor were special. They had a deep relationship with the karmic forces of good and evil.

If they harmed a gentleman by acting as a villain, they would suffer a backlash.

At best, their cultivation level would drop, and at worst, they would die on the spot.

That was why the people of the Cloud Manor carried such a jade pendant with them. They also had to differentiate between good and evil and confirm their relationship.

Generally speaking, when ordinary people came into contact with this kind of jade pendant, they would have both black and white colors, and the colors would not be too dense.

That kind of person would not affect them much.

However, the reaction of the jade pendant this time made the three people from the Cloud Manor pale in shock.

A dazzling golden light directly flickered on the white cloud jade token, as if the noon sun broke through the clouds, making them almost unable to look straight.

The last time they saw such a situation was with Concubine Yun. How could this Golden Core realm Human Emperor’s successor have such merit?

“What dense power of virtuous merit! What have you done to deserve the favor of the heavens and earth?”

As soon as she asked this, the female cultivator immediately reacted.

She hurriedly waved her sleeve and dispersed the cloud rope that bound Jiang Li’s hands and feet.

How could a person with such power of virtuous merit be the culprit who opened the spatial crack in the Asura World?

This was definitely a misunderstanding.

If she continued to tie him up without distinguishing right from wrong, her cultivation might fall back to the Soul Formation realm tomorrow.

“Human Emperor’s successor, we offended you earlier. Please forgive us.”

“That Clear Heart Jade Pendant belongs to my Cloud Manor. It can identify the good and evil of a person. Take it as my apology and compensation.”

Releasing Jiang Li’s restraints, the three Cloud Manor cultivators who were extremely cold earlier directly bowed to him, and their attitude took a 180-degree turn.

Jiang Li was just thinking about how to escape his suspicion when the situation suddenly changed, and he was slightly unable to figure out the situation.

He touched the Clear Heart Jade Pendant hanging around his neck and knew that this was most likely due to his medium-grade Merit Blessing status.

Generally speaking, even a medium-grade Merit Blessing status would only last for 14 days.

Such dense power of virtuous merit would not linger in a person’s body for a long time.

After dissipating, it would not disappear completely, but the aura of merit would also greatly weaken.

However, Jiang Li forcefully kept the medium-grade Merit Blessing on him.

In their opinion, this was because the power of virtuous merit in his body was abnormally dense.

At the very least, he was at the level of a meritorious person accumulated over a hundred lifetimes from ancient times.

However, in this era, the reincarnation cycle of the underworld had long been abandoned. Without reincarnation, there was no chance to accumulate merit in multiple lifetimes.

A power of virtuous merit like his was naturally even rarer and more precious.

Although he did not know what the dense power of virtuous merit had to do with the Cloud Manor’s attitude towards him, Jiang Li still waved his hand and did not act too presumptuously.

This was because he had really opened the spatial crack.

Jiang Li felt a little embarrassed to have them treat him so politely after doing such a bad thing.

If they knew the truth, these three people would probably beat his brains out.

“The three of you are too polite. It’s just a misunderstanding.” He spoke politely but still put away the jade pendant.

“Did the three of you come for the spatial crack?”

Due to the power of virtuous merit, the “misunderstanding” was resolved. Only then did Jiang Li turn around and ask about serious matters.

“Indeed. We are under orders to prevent the situation from worsening.”

“However, Human Emperor’s successor, why are you here? Previously, you said that you were here to close the spatial crack. Could it be that you have some understanding of the Asura World?”

The entire cultivation world of the Eastern Region knew very little about the Asura World. They did not expect to encounter one here.

“To be honest, my Great Mountain Alliance has encountered the invasion of that bloody world twice.”

“The previous time was only a few months ago.”

“It was a sect called the Hundred Tempering Mountain that colluded with that world to open the spatial crack.”

“After being defeated by us, there was still a portion of the cultivators from the Hundred Tempering Mountain who fled. After hearing that the same calamity had appeared in the Rock Mountain Range, I was worried that they would cause trouble, so I came here to investigate.”

“The aura that caused you to misunderstand was also left behind from the calamity back then.”

Jiang Li turned around and threw the blame on the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

Then, he took out a small bottle of blood of madness and a blood crystal.

“As long as you stimulate the two like this, you can release an aura similar to that monster.”

Jiang Li demonstrated and explained their doubts.

“The Great Mountain Region has actually resisted the Asura’s invasion twice?”

Even the Myriad Slaughter Sect, which was originally a medium-sized Divine Judgment faction, chose to give up on such a terrifying calamity.

How could a small remote cultivation region resist it?

“May I ask how the Great Mountain Region dealt with the invasion of the Asura World?”

“Of course, if the information is effective, we will repay it with merit.”

As the three divine pillars of the Divine Judgment Hall, they even had the right to directly let a certain faction join the Divine Judgment Hall and add some merit to them. Naturally, there was no problem.

Jiang Li was not stingy with that bit of information.

Furthermore, there was a blood pool in the other world that supported the spatial crack. The people of the Cloud Manor should have known long ago.

Sure enough, after Jiang Li said this, they appeared to be slightly disappointed. This time, the Asura Lord practically guarded the spatial crack every step, causing them to have no chance at all.

“Speaking of contributions, I have another important piece of information.”

“However, I need the Cloud Manor to step forward and stop the attack of the Myriad Slaughter Sect and let the Great Mountain Alliance directly join the Divine Judgment Hall.”

Jiang Li paused for a moment before suggesting a slightly overbearing suggestion.

However, he was confident that the information he provided was definitely good enough.