From the sound of it, they seemed to be leaving.

Did they not care about the spatial crack?

However, on second thought, with this information, the Asura World was no longer purely harmful.

If they could obtain a large amount of blood of madness, it would definitely be able to greatly change the tough battlefield of the Trolls.

Perhaps they could even counterattack?

This was the dream of many cultivators in the Divine Judgment Hall over thousands of years.

Under such circumstances, it was hard to say if the Divine Judgment Hall was still unwilling to completely close the spatial crack.

Compared to the lesser of the two, it was still up to the higher-ups of the Divine Judgment Hall to determine who was more dangerous.

There was no need for a small Alliance Leader like Jiang Li to consider such a huge matter.

Now, it was more reliable for him to take care of his own territory in the Great Mountain Region.

As for the Cloud Manor’s invitation, Jiang Li did not hesitate to agree.

In this world, the importance of relationships and backers far exceeded that of his previous life.

In the Eastern Region, he had already had enough. Now that the Cloud Manor happened to value merit, he might be able to form a relationship.

In the future, if they brought up the name of the Cloud Manor, who would still dare to bully the Great Mountain Region?

In the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region, the Misty Mountain Range, where the headquarters of the Great Mountain Alliance was located, was already in chaos.

The Great Mountain Alliance had used the large-scale illusion array of the Misty Mountain Range to temporarily block the attack of the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s fleet.

However, this was only temporary.

Five days ago, the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s fleet casually bombarded everywhere in the fog. Although the Great Mountain Alliance could still counterattack, the effect was actually minimal.

Moreover, after the Myriad Slaughter Sect spent a few days unable to break through the barrier of the Great Mountain Region, they quickly changed their minds.

They no longer bombarded aimlessly. Instead, they cast a large flaming hurricane in a vain attempt to burn the forest and blow away the fog.

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They used a blood flame that was extremely difficult to extinguish. The fire took advantage of the wind and helped the fire burn for a few days and nights.

Even if the disciples of the Great Mountain Alliance formed an array and used water attribute spell techniques to extinguish the fire, stuffed the array core with people, and used their spiritual qi to strengthen the array formation,

After a few days, much of the fog was still blown away. Many of the Great Mountain disciples were burned to death.

The fog in the mountain mainly came from the vaporization of these trees. A large number of the trees were burned, causing the speed at which the fog recovered to be greatly reduced.

Soon, a circle of mountains outside the Misty Mountain Range was exposed to the fog.

Then, they saw the barbaric war methods of a medium-sized Divine Judgment faction.

After revealing the mountain at the edge of the Misty Mountain Range, the Soul Formation experts of the Myriad Slaughter Sect attacked the mountain.

They scattered astonishing spiritual light, cutting mountains when they encountered mountains, cutting rivers when they encountered water, destroying the terrain in the most direct manner.

After reaching the Nascent Soul realm, they already had the ability to cause a large-scale change in the environment and terrain.

More than 30 Soul Formation cultivators attacked. It was really not difficult to shatter a mountain in front of them.

From one direction, these guys began to advance in a straight line, destroying mountains one after another.

This was something that the Great Mountain Alliance had not expected.

Previously, they were worried that most of the forces of the Great Mountain Region were gathered here.

If the Myriad Slaughter Sect changed direction to attack the other sects’ bases, they would be unable to support them and would not know what to do.

However, they did not expect that the Myriad Slaughter Sect had been thinking about crushing them from the beginning.

Now that the people of the Great Mountain Region were gathered here, they were going to kill them all here.

As long as they wiped out this portion of the cultivators, the backbone of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region would be broken, and they would be powerless after that.

Against a large-scale illusion array set up based on the mountain range’s earth vein, the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s method was to directly tear down their mountain and see how they could form an array.

The unreasonable tactic made them feel helpless.

As they moved in a straight line, mountains shattered and collapsed. They inevitably damaged the array foundation of the Misty Mountain Range’s array formation. Even the earth vein here was destroyed.

Some important earth vein passageways were directly cut off.

As the speed of the mountain’s destruction increased, the fog outside became thinner and thinner.

One had to know that the Misty Mountain Range looked like a mountain range from above. The clouds were stacked, and everywhere was white.

However, this mountain range was actually a ring-shaped mountain range, and in the middle was a vast and flat medicinal garden.

If this continued, the ring-shaped mountains would sooner or later be opened up. At that time, not only would the Misty Array be destroyed, the enemy would also be able to pass through this beaten path and directly enter the interior of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm.

Inside, there was no maze formation.

At that time, the Great Mountain Alliance would probably not be able to last long.

On the other side were more than 30 Soul Formation cultivators and the unfathomable Myriad Slaughter Sect’s Sect Master, Wu Fan.

Although the Myriad Slaughter Sect had lost eight Soul Formation cultivators in the war with the Blood Fighting Arena, in fact, they had always had nearly half of their combat strength on the front line when facing the Armored Trolls.

On the way here, Wu Fan transferred a portion of his people back from the front line to replenish the combat strength of the attack on the Great Mountain Region.

On the other hand, after the Great Mountain Region eliminated the ambitious Hundred Tempering Mountain, their upper echelons lost a quarter of their strength.

Even if they obtained a Soul Formation cultivator from Ink Sect in the later stages, coupled with the few experts who lived in seclusion in the Great Mountain Region, the Wind Protection Giant who usually only wanted to sleep, and Jiang Li’s Divine Statue clone, there were only 27 or 28 Soul Formation cultivators.

Now, there were still ten Soul Formation cultivators who needed to guard the Mechanism City for a long time, so the forces left in their hometown were even fewer.

Even if Wu Fan did not attack, the top-level strength would only be half of the other party’s.

How could they be his match in a head-on battle?

The only thing they could rely on was the array.

Therefore, even if they were not their match, the Great Mountain Alliance had to take action and stop them from destroying the mountain.

This was also an obvious plot that could not be avoided. The Myriad Slaughter Sect had clearly made preparations in advance.

Every time they rushed out of the fog, they would be attacked by lightning.

Three days later, in the direction of the Misty Mountain Range, a wide path had already been opened by pure manpower.

A Soul Formation cultivator of the Myriad Slaughter Sect who was more than 30 feet tall held a mountain-splitting ax and continuously slashed at a mountain in front of him.

Every time the huge ax landed, the ground shook and terrifying cracks tore open on the mountain.

Even if the earth vein array connected and strengthened the strength of this mountain, it would probably not last for more than fifteen minutes.

However, he was alone in front, looking very annoying.

“Brother Jianyi, that person is clearly bait.”

Daoist Wushe sat on a tree stump. His Daoist robe was already tattered, and there were three hideous saber wounds on his back.

Behind him, a water attribute Soul Formation cultivator was treating his injuries.

However, the foreign energy attached to the blade was abnormally stubborn and not so easy to remove.

The healing water behind him was completely dyed red in a moment. The wound was still bleeding.

“It’s bait, but we can’t not go.”

Shenshan Jianyi was not much better than him. His left hand was wrapped in a thick bandage. If not for this bandage, this hand would probably have fallen off.

In the past few days, the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s attacks had not stopped for a moment. Half of the array formation in the Misty Mountain Range had already been crippled by that method.

If they continued to destroy it like this, the remaining incomplete array probably could not last for three days.

“That giant ax artifact is too fast. We can’t ignore it.”

“Everyone, prepare for another fifteen minutes before killing that guy together.”

“Remember, don’t keep fighting. Once you succeed, return immediately. Also, don’t be alone!”

The Soul Formation cultivators of the Great Mountain Alliance sighed and began to make preparations.

In the Great Mountain Region, they were the ceiling of combat strength and were respected and worshiped by countless people. They were called legends, but in front of such a great enemy, they did not dare to guarantee that they could live for long.

“Country bumpkins of the Great Mountain Region, let’s see how long you can hide!”

The 30-meter-tall cultivator who was brandishing the mountain ax had a dirty mouth. He kept mocking the Great Mountain Alliance and was very prepared to be bait.

At this moment, in the fog that was less than 50% dense, a sword rainbow that tore through the sky and earth shot out, targeting the tall Soul Formation cultivator at the front.

However, as they thought, the enemy was already prepared and waiting for them to come out.

A red umbrella-shaped defensive artifact flew out and blocked the sword rainbow.

The sword rainbow was blocked, revealing an ancient thick blade sword.

It was the strongest Earth-rank flying sword of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, Ancient Dust.

The spiritual light formed by the red umbrella artifact was pierced by the Ancient Dust Sword.

After the artifact was broken, it immediately shattered inch by inch, turning into a gray dust that dissipated with the wind after being burned by the flames.

A high-grade Profound-rank artifact was destroyed in an instant.

The might of the Ancient Dust Sword was actually so powerful.

However, after that, several artifacts flew over and continued to block the Ancient Dust Sword.

After breaking through an artifact, even the power of the Ancient Dust Sword had greatly decreased, and its speed was no longer half of its original speed.

Five large nets flew out one after another. They were controlled by five Soul Formation cultivators and wanted to capture the Ancient Dust Sword.

This flying sword was extremely powerful. In the previous battle, when they were caught off guard, it even caused them to lose a Soul Formation elder and injure several of their companions.

If they could capture this flying sword, the Great Mountain Alliance would lose its sharpest spear.

However, how could the Great Mountain Alliance do as they wished?

Moreover, the Ancient Dust Sword had yet to succeed, so their goal had yet to be achieved.

From the fog, more than ten figures flashed and flew out, rushing towards the Soul Formation cultivator of the Myriad Slaughter Sect who was brandishing the huge ax.

They only wanted to break his fingers.

However, this was clearly bait. More and more Soul Formation cultivators from the Myriad Slaughter Sect flew over from all directions.

They were not in a hurry to save him. Instead, they formed a circular killing formation and surrounded the cultivators of the Great Mountain Alliance who flew out.

He even cut off their retreat immediately, wanting to sacrifice a companion to destroy them all here.

More than ten of them attacked together. The giant ax cultivator did not have much ability to resist before he was captured.

But they were also in danger.

“Everyone, don’t split up. Break out of the fog.”

All of them had considerable injuries on their bodies. They could only rely on the ability of Soul Formation cultivators to suppress their injuries and maintain their combat strength.

The number of Soul Formation cultivators was only half of the other party’s. If they faced two on average, they could still last for a while. Although they would fall into a disadvantage, they could still last for a few days.

However, this was not the way to fight a war.

This point was vividly displayed in the battle with the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

If they separated, the Myriad Slaughter Sect could completely stall them one-on-one.

Then, the remaining dozen Soul Formation cultivators attacked one at once.

Even the strongest body cultivators would definitely not be able to last long. Even Soul Formation cultivators with strong vitality would die if they were beaten to ashes.

Now that their escape route was cut off, they could only defend in the middle to prevent the other party from cutting through the battlefield and trying to break out together.

However, the other party did not intend to give them this chance.

33 blood-colored saber lights that could cut through the mountain range flew out together and slashed towards the people of the Great Mountain Alliance in the middle.

When struck by this saber light killing array, half of the dozen of them would die here.


A blood-colored lotus flower phantom quickly swelled and enveloped all of them.

33 blood-colored saber lights collided with the lotus shadow and formed a storm that crazily advanced and slashed.

The Karma Cleansing Lotus, which had once appeared in the Hundred Tempering Mountain battle and trapped the six Divine Monks, also fluctuated violently at this moment.

This level of damage was clearly not something that the lotus flower phantom could easily endure.

This impact lasted for half an hour before slowly dissipating.

Looking at the phantom of the lotus platform, the petals had already been torn apart.

As for the Divine Statue clone sitting on the lotus platform, 33 cracks had already cracked open on his body. He had to pay a price to block this kind of damage.

If not for the fact that the thing supporting the Karma Cleansing Lotus was the blood pool in the Blood Fighting Arena, and if it was only using the earth vein power, it would have completely collapsed by now.

“Master Ananda, are you alright?”

The surrounding Soul Formation cultivators were all shocked.

They looked at the Divine Statue clone in the middle with gratitude.

This friend of Alliance Leader Jiang could actually withstand such a terrifying saber array.

If not for him, the foundation of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region would have been halved.

However, looking at the 33 cracks on his body, it was obvious that he was not fine.

“Master, is there anything that can help you recover from your injuries? If there’s anything you need, please tell me.”

Everyone took out their healing pills and handed them to the Divine Statue clone. This person could not fall. If he did, everyone would be finished.

“Other things are useless to me. Can you lend me the Buddhist relic? Using this blood lotus is putting too much pressure on me.”

The Divine Statue clone barely opened his eyes as two streaks of blood tears flowed down.

When the others saw this, they were all shocked.

This person must have suffered extremely serious injuries just now.

When the Divine Statue clone came to the Great Mountain Alliance, he returned the relic that was much dimmer.

Now that things were urgent, he could only borrow it again.

Everyone looked at the people from Benevolent Travel Temple.

Daoist Le Ku looked at the blood tears of Ananda. Although this person looked like a demonic cultivator, after fighting together for a few days, their superficial impression had completely disappeared.

Such a righteous person risked his life to help them.

Even if it was a relic or Buddhist treasure, how could they be unwilling?

What Buddhist treasure? If they did not take it out now, everyone would die.

“Oh venerable one, please use it. The relics of our temple’s ancestors can be used to save the people. It’s also their best outcome.”

Six relics were taken out and floated above Ananda’s head. Six golden lights scattered down, allowing the Divine Statue clone to balance the Buddha and Demon energy in his body again.

He continued to draw energy from the rich and imposing Blood Fighting Arena, allowing the lotus flower petals to recover to their original state.

“Daoist Wushe, please hand that captive to me.”

Surrounded by the lotus shadow was the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s Soul Formation cultivator who was used as bait.

He was currently suppressed by a Great Square Heaven Seal and could not move at all.

The statue clone had a request. The Square Heaven Seal raised slightly and released him.

Then, the muscular Master Le Ku reached out and grabbed the other party’s neck.

This Soul Formation cultivator of the Myriad Slaughter Sect was injured and was not the Abbot of Benevolent Travel Temple’s match.

His 30 feet tall body was lifted up like a chicken and thrown into the lotus platform.

The Divine Statue clone pressed one hand on the head of the Myriad Slaughter Sect cultivator.

“Karma Retribution, Amitabha!”

As the Karma Cleansing Lotus flickered with light, the 33 cracks on the statue clone moved into the body of the Myriad Slaughter Sect cultivator one by one.

One, two, three. With each crack, the aura of the Myriad Slaughter Sect cultivator weakened.

After the thirteen cracks moved, the Myriad Slaughter Sect cultivator suddenly exploded into a bloody fog.

After transferring 13 points of damage, the pressure on the Divine Statue clone decreased greatly.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and went forward to share the burden. Each of them endured one or two cracks to help Ananda recover as quickly as possible.

However, at this moment, a middle-aged man in luxurious clothes and a blood-colored crown appeared outside the lotus shadow.