“Sect Master Wu, this is the first time we’ve met, I have to say your hat is really ugly.”

“I am the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance. Sect Master Wu, please bring your motley crew back to wherever you came from.”

“In addition, we have a detailed list of losses regarding the war reparations. I suggest that you repay it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Divine Judgment Hall will directly deduct your contribution points.”

“Due to the calamity of the Rock Mountain Range, I believe you don’t have much left, right?”

Jiang Li stepped on the air and arrived before Wu Fan who was enveloped by the glow.

A mere Golden Core cultivator actually dared to spout nonsense in front of the dignified Myriad Slaughter Sect Master.

Although the Myriad Slaughter Sect had already been kicked down from the position of a medium-grade Divine Judgment Faction, Wu Fan’s cultivation and strength were not reduced at all. It was a terrifying level that was respectfully called the “Earth Immortal”.

As long as he was willing, he could even suppress the entire Great Mountain Region.

However, Jiang Li did not show any fear in front of such a person. He even took out a thick stack of paper and handed it to Wu Fan.

“In the cultivation world of the Eastern Region, there are not many people who dare to speak to me like this.”

“Young man, you’re not bad.”

The light that enveloped Wu Fan only allowed entry but not exit. Wu Fan took the stack of papers and actually did not tear it apart angrily. Instead, he put it away properly.

“I wonder if you can survive until the day you receive these things.”

These compensation naturally could not make up for the destroyed Rock Mountain Range.

However, within the scope of the rules, they could only obtain so much compensation.

The Myriad Slaughter Sect’s Sect Master, Wu Fan, coldly spoke to Jiang Li.

He did not question why the Great Mountain Alliance, which was clearly lacking 180,000 merit points a few days ago, could satisfy the conditions to join the Divine Judgment Hall in such a short period of time.

This was because even if the Cloud Manor did appear and break into the Divine Judgment Hall of the Great Mountain Alliance, so what?

The Cloud Manor had this right to begin with. In this era, the strong were respected. The rules were set by the three divine pillars. Without strength of the same level, who could reason with them?

Not only would joining the Divine Judgment Hall through this method not be said to be taking the back door, they would also be thought to have background and backers and were not to be trifled with.

“Sect Master Wu, don’t worry. I’m still young. I won’t die even if your son dies.”

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The other party had threatened to kill Jiang Li behind his back, but Jiang Li retorted that he wanted to kill his son. It was just a mere Golden Core cultivator. As long as he was alone, wouldn’t it be easy to kill him?

Wu Fan stared at the young man in front of him. Was this guy really not afraid of death?

“Kid, what’s your name?”

Jiang Li did not answer. The other party had probably never cared about him, the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance.

“I’ll let you know the consequences of offending me.”

It had been a long time since Wu Fan had been provoked in public. Under his anger, a gem on the Blood King Crown above his head flickered gently.

Then, a red light suddenly erupted.

The red light collided with the multicolored pillar of light. 90% of the force was blocked by the light, but there was still 10% that penetrated the light between the two and shot towards Jiang Li’s eyes.

This red light could pass through the multicolored barrier and was even stronger than the blood saber in his hand.

As the Sect Master, he should have been more concerned about the overall situation.

However, Wu Fan actually wanted to forcefully attack Jiang Li under the eyes of the Cloud Manor.

A red light entered Jiang Li’s eyes, turning into a blood-colored army that was about to tear Jiang Li’s soul consciousness apart.

“How dare you!”

It was naturally impossible for the person on the cloud peak to not notice his actions.

The Cloud Manor had clearly said that they would stop the war, but he still dared to attack. Was he looking down on the Cloud Manor?

Under the white clouds, a bolt of lightning suddenly descended.

Wu Fan was trapped in the light and could not dodge. He was struck by the lightning.

After an explosion, a figure crashed to the ground, creating a huge ring-shaped meteorite pit.

The two mountains around the meteorite pit collapsed because of the impact.

After that, another rainbow descended and just happened to land on the top of Jiang Li’s head. The blood light that had charged into his mind had yet to cause trouble when it was completely wiped away by the rainbow.

A moment later, a violent wind erupted from the center of the huge hole, blowing away the dust and smoke in the sky. The Myriad Slaughter Sect’s Sect Master, Wu Fan, flew out from inside.

He was an Earth Immortal after all. Not only did he have an Essence Soul, but his body had also begun to advance towards the Immortal Body. It was not easy to die.

However, under that lightning, he had to pay a price.

Wu Fan did not say anything else and flew straight towards his fleet.

The previously invincible Sect Master of the Myriad Slaughter Sect no longer looked so elegant and luxurious.

There were many charred areas on his body and a palm-sized piece of skin on his head had disappeared. A few streaks of blood were flowing out from his Blood King Crown.

Most importantly, a crack had appeared on the Earth-rank artifact, Blood King Crown.

That lightning strike from the person of the Cloud Manor did not hold back at all.

The damage to the Blood King Crown that he had high hopes for would probably make his heart ache for a long time.

The remnant forces saw their Sect Master being struck by lightning without any ability to retaliate.

The other cultivators of the Myriad Slaughter Sect, who were still holding their sabers, could only follow Wu Fan and fly towards the fleet.

With the Cloud Manor’s appearance, the war here had to end no matter what.

Although they could not bear to part with this fat piece of meat, they could only ride the flying ship and return the same way.

A cloud flew out of the palace and followed them. It was the people from the Cloud Manor who came out to monitor the Myriad Slaughter Sect in case they were up to something.

“Alliance Leader Jiang, the task entrusted to us has been completed. We’ll leave first.”

After the people of the Myriad Slaughter Sect left, the white cloud palace in the sky spoke for the first time. Then, a white light descended and was received by Jiang Li. It was a special artifact that could directly find the location of the Cloud Manor.

“Thank you for your trouble. Jiang Li will definitely pay you a visit when this matter is resolved.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the huge palace that covered half the sky slowly dissipated into ordinary clouds.

The outsiders all left, leaving only the injured people of the Great Mountain Region.

“The war is over.”

“The calamity has finally ended.”

“The Great Mountain Region! We defended the land of the Great Mountain Region!”

Many people below cried in joy.

In fact, this invasion war had only lasted for less than ten days, but the pressure it brought to the Great Mountain Region was unprecedented.

Being suppressed by such a powerful sect, they could only hide in the fog and endure with difficulty. They had no chance of fighting head-on.

If they could not even defend the Misty Mountain Range, which was one of the strongest defensive arrays in the Great Mountain Region, then the other sects’ bases would be even more so. There would be no hope.

If not for Jiang Li bringing the Cloud Manor over in time, if they continued fighting, they would probably lose half of their forces in a few hours.

When the Misty Mountain Range was broken, the possibility of the Great Mountain Region resisting would completely disappear.

They would probably be like the remaining cultivators of the Rock Mountain Range, struggling at death’s door.

“Where is the medical cultivator army? Quickly organize and treat the injured.”

“All disciples with light injuries, after consuming the medicinal pills, immediately clean up the battlefield and search for survivors.”

“Everyone, gather all the heavily injured people who can’t stabilize their injuries and let the medical team cast a range spell to treat them.”

After the war ended, there were still many things to deal with.

The most important thing now was to save the survivors lying in the pile of corpses.

The previous battlefield was too tragic.

The cultivators of the various sects were basically all injured. For example, Jiang Li’s master, Elder He, had erupted his combat strength alone and faced a Soul Formation cultivator of the Myriad Slaughter Sect alone.

Not only had most of his blood essence and dragon blood been consumed by the beast blood tattoo on his body, but he had also been slashed by the saber.

The wound tore open his flesh, bones, internal organs, and internal organs, almost splitting his entire body into two.

Fortunately, the saber did not injure the Nascent Soul. Moreover, Elder He’s Nascent Soul was already on the verge of breaking through to the Soul Formation realm. His life was tough, so he did not die on the spot.

However, now that the war was over, his mind relaxed and he could not endure it anymore.

Jiang Li could only use the Nine Nether spiritual qi to enter his master’s body. While helping him eliminate the foreign energy, he brought him to the injured area below.

The medical cultivators who had been protected inside and wanted to come out to fight together but were stopped had already formed a medical formation under the command of a few elders.

Medical cultivators were used to seeing life and death. When facing the injured and dead, they should be stronger than ordinary people.

However, at this moment, so many cultivators of the Great Mountain Region were dyed in blood, causing the eyes of many medical cultivators to turn red.

Tears fell from their eyes, but they could not let these emotions affect their casting of the spell technique. If anything happened, many people might die.

The Great Mountain Alliance’s medical cultivation team had been established for a short period of time. Jiang Li looked at their nervous expressions and knew that this was the first time they had faced such a large situation.

They were not even familiar with the large-scale medical battle formation.

There were some young medical cultivators who had deviations in the location where they landed. It was even easier to make mistakes when changing locations.

This large-scale medical battle formation had only been designed for a short period of time. It was indeed difficult for them to completely master it in a short period of time.

They still needed some help.

“Medical cultivators of the Great Mountain Alliance, don’t be nervous. You just have to show your usual training state.”

“I’ll use the spiritual light to remind you guys to watch the formation patterns under your feet change. Everyone, find your corresponding nodes.”

Jiang Li took out the Ground Control Flag and stabbed it into the ground. At the same time, he used the power of his Earth Spirit Body to forcefully connect the earth vein structure that had been destroyed by the Myriad Slaughter Sect and modify it slightly.

The power of the earth vein could assist in the array formation set up by medical cultivators.

Then, he took out a few crystals that looked like top-grade spirit stones and crushed them in his hand.

While crushing the spirit stone, he released his spiritual qi infusion status and released 200 points of top-grade spiritual qi into the air every second.

He used the Ground Control Flag to gather the spiritual qi in this area.

The rising concentration of spiritual qi in the environment made medical cultivators feel comfortable. The originally difficult medical spell techniques had also become simpler in a higher concentration of spiritual qi.

Then, Jiang Li mobilized his spiritual qi and used spiritual light to personally draw a medical formation called “War Clear Spring” on the ground.

It allowed these young medical cultivators to know where they should stand and what to do as long as they looked at the corresponding nodes on the array.

Jiang Li had participated in creating this medical array formation when it was first constructed.

In terms of understanding of War Clear Spring, no one was better than him.

Now that the support medical cultivator army was undergoing array formation evolution, there was naturally not much of a problem.

Under the guidance of the spiritual light, the originally chaotic medical formation quickly became orderly.

Spells filled with vitality blossomed in the array. Then, they flowed along the array and continuously gathered, complementing each other.

The spells cast by more than 800 medical cultivators followed the formation patterns and gathered at the core of Jiang Li.

Finally, he controlled it and scattered it on the injured people who were continuously transported over.

With the enhancement of the earth vein, the help of Jiang Li’s rich spiritual qi, and the worship effect of the medical cultivators towards the young Alliance Leader Jiang, the effects of the combined array formation that they displayed this time were far greater than all their previous training.

The first to experience this effect was Jiang Li, who was the core of the array formation.

[Treated by the medical array. Added Status: War Clear Spring.]

[War Clear Spring: Effectively eliminates the abnormal energy in the body, remove poison and pollution, wash away the injuries and exhaustion. Regenerates 10,800 Health Points per second. Duration: 10 seconds] (− +)

War Clear Spring was a healing array formed by the combination of more than 800 medical cultivators, 15 different healing spells, and a Soul Formation cultivator as the core.

From the looks of it, its effect was like a torrential current washing away the stains. When washed away, it was the injuries on a cultivator’s body, illness, pain, and even exhaustion, which was why it was called this.

The effect was even greater than the Earth-rank medicinal pill that Jiang Li had eaten back then.

Jiang Li was not injured now, but under this cleansing, he discovered that an extremely hidden blood-colored spiritual seed had actually appeared in his body.

Looking at this blood-red color, it was clearly identical to the light when Wu Fan attacked him earlier.

The curse that Wu Fan had inserted into his body was broken by the people of the Cloud Manor.

He did not expect that it was only a superficial method, but there was such a thing hidden deep inside.

What kind of method was this? Because the effect had not been displayed, the status did not appear on the interface, but it was definitely not something good.

Now, this spiritual seed was like a rock tumbling in a torrent. Under the cleansing of the spring water of war, its footing was already unstable.

Jiang Li grabbed it with his mind, but he did not destroy it immediately. Instead, he temporarily enveloped it with the Nine Nether Asura power.

He did this for a few seconds. After extending the duration of his status, he controlled the array formation and poured the spiritual healing light onto the injured people in front.

The person closest to him was his master, Elder He. The spiritual light of War Clear Spring washed over his body, and the wounds on his body seemed to have been covered in graffiti. Soon, they were “cleaned” by the spiritual light, and not even a scar was left.

After Elder He woke up, he quickly understood the current situation. He immediately left the range of the spiritual light and gave his position to the other injured.

This time, there were at least tens of thousands of people injured from the Mountain Alliance. There were also many seriously injured people.

The expenditure of the War Clear Spring array was too great, it could not last for long. It was impossible to heal everyone’s injuries.

What was most important now was to ensure that the most people survived.

The heavily injured people would each take one or two breaths. After stabilizing their injuries, they would immediately be replaced.

Jiang Li’s interface came from the game, so the effects on it were all expressed in fixed values.

However, health naturally could not be measured in numbers. The health points of low-level cultivators were less than 10,000, but if this spiritual light washed over their bodies, it was impossible to heal all their wounds in a second.

Moreover, Jiang Li was at the core of the array formation, so he enjoyed the most spiritual light. After it spread to the other cultivators, the effect was naturally inferior to his.

One or two breaths were not enough to completely heal the injuries of these heavily injured people.

However, as long as he could maintain their lives, the rest of the injuries could slowly be healed.

Even so, they tried their best to only treat the heavily injured. After a round, the nearly thousand medical cultivators behind them turned pale from exhaustion.

If not for Jiang Li’s top-grade spiritual qi supply, this array formation would have probably been unable to maintain long ago.

After the last heavily injured cultivator escaped danger, Jiang Li raised his hand and changed the direction of the spiritual light, scattering it towards the Wind Protection Giant sitting in the distance.

This Wind Protection Giant had just stopped the most terrifying opponent of the Great Mountain Alliance.

His body was too big and not sensitive enough. He had been stabbed a few times and had a few huge canyon-like wounds on his body.

If Jiang Li ignored him, it would be too disheartening.

Having enjoyed the War Clear Spring energy alone, the huge canyon-like wounds began to quickly heal.

It was not until the spiritual light released by Jiang Li’s hand became smaller and smaller that the array formation finally stopped because of exhaustion.

Looking at the nearly a thousand medical cultivators behind, at least half of them fainted from exhaustion in the array formation.

However, with their efforts, thousands of people who could have died survived.