Jiang Li threw all the souls into the coffin and jumped in.

The coffin was still as familiar as before. The spider lily and carefree grass swayed with the cold wind, and inverted vines grew the Nine Nether Wood. The Yin Burial Ghost Cloud above his head was slowly spinning like a hurricane.

Even a paradise or an immortal land could only be this amazing.

A large amount of spiritual qi and Yin qi in the coffin were continuously swallowed by the ghost clouds, making the coffin space that was already slightly depressed with the dense spiritual qi become a little easier.

Jiang Li was not worried that the 6.33 million ghosts waiting to be fed would empty his coffin.

Although the number of ghosts absorbing spiritual qi this time was dozens of times that of the peak period, Jiang Li’s Spiritual Qi Infusion status was more than a hundred times higher than back then.

The endless supply of top-grade spiritual qi could completely allow them to complete their evolution.

Coupled with the two new coffin nails, these ghost soldiers would also have poison and pollution effects.

The poison targeted living beings, while the pollution targeted artifacts.

When fighting with these ghosts, not only did they have to worry about being poisoned at all times, but their artifacts might also be tainted if they were not careful.

In the future, these ghost soldiers would be feared and avoided. Even if they could not win, they could disgust the enemy to death.

As usual, he handed the training of these ghost soldiers to the female ghost, Qin Shuman. With the first two million ghost soldiers as the foundation, the veterans only needed to provide spiritual qi and Yin qi to the new soldiers. This process should not take long.

Jiang Li did not need to worry about the rest. There were still a few troublesome characters in his coffin that he had to deal with.

In the core area of the coffin space, a few loud sounds suddenly sounded, causing the entire coffin to tremble a few times.

It was as if a powerful beast was struggling inside.

Jiang Li frowned, and his figure flashed to the place where the sound came from.

Over there, the Nine Nether clone and the Divine Statue clone were cooperating with the Yin Burial Coffin to suppress the three captives.

Ever since Jiang Li left the Armored Troll Island, he had faced and captured five Soul Formation enemies.

Among them, two were from the Asura World. Because they were not very useful to him and were just the nutrients needed for the Yin Burial Coffin, he nailed them onto the coffin lid. Currently, they were about to lose their lives. It would not be long before they were completely absorbed into the coffin.

Apart from these two, there were three other guys who were still locked up by him.

One was an unlucky Armored Troll captured by Jiang Li after being heavily injured by the deep sea water pressure.

One was the Nine Nether Wood that he had captured after many battles in the Asura World.

There was also the Ghost King that had fled from the Mu family’s peach forest with Jiang Li. She had not surfaced in Mu Yulan’s body ever since she entered the coffin.

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The only person who could still communicate was Mu Yulan. She would do whatever Jiang Li said. Even if Jiang Li wanted to seal her, her Qi Sea Meridian would not hesitate at all.

However, Jiang Li later discovered that Mu Yulan utterly did not have the ability to suppress the Ghost King, Yang Ruozhi. Once he left, she would start stirring up trouble.

After rushing to the Great Mountain Battlefield, these three acutely sensed that Jiang Li would not be able to return for a short period of time, and they actually started to rebel together.

Even with the power of the Earth-rank artifact, the Yin Burial Coffin, suppressing the three of them to resist was rather difficult.

With a thought, nine balls of white cold flames appeared behind Jiang Li, and then they fused together before a white Holy Spirit Snake darted out.

As soon as the flaming snake appeared, Ghost King Yang Ruozhi and the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard immediately became obedient.

If they were burned by this fire, the best outcome would be death.

Jiang Li did not want to casually utilize the Nine Nether Cold Flame and cause them to suffer too much damage. In the end, it would be his own loss.

However, if they were too ignorant, Jiang Li did not mind teaching them a lesson.

Then, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock on his waist flew out and bound the Armored Troll. The chain flashed with spiritual light, and this guy became a weakling again.

“Benefactor Jiang Li, it’s me. Quickly untie me. You’re hurting me.”

Mu Yulan, who was tied to the Longevity Peach Tree wooden stake with the peach blossom talisman, red rope, and golden needles, weakly requested Jiang Li.

Her eyes were filled with adoration. Any other man would find it difficult to reject her sincere request.

However, this person was definitely not a good person.

More than half of the hundred peach blossom talismans on her body had already been burned away. It could be seen how intense her struggles were just now. Even the peach blossom petals that restrained ghosts could not suppress her.

Jiang Li was completely unmoved. One look at her expression and one could tell that the one controlling her body was undoubtedly the Ghost King.

Furthermore, with Mu Yulan’s personality, she definitely would not say such a thing from a little pain.

Moreover, if she was released, Jiang Li would be placed in danger. Mu Yulan valued this benefactor more than her own life.

However, it was precisely because of Mu Yulan that Jiang Li had always held back and not been truly ruthless towards her.

Therefore, among these three, the one with the best condition was still the Ghost King, Yang Ruozhi.

“The dignified Ghost King, you also want to play such tricks? Isn’t this a little too embarrassing?”

Jiang Li stood in front of her and rudely reached out to press her head.

It could be felt that Mu Yulan’s soul was already very weak, and so was her body.

Under the torture of this Ghost King, she probably could not last long.

He did not dare to give this body a Longevity Peach or Immortal Peach. As long as she ate it, 99% of it would be absorbed by this Ghost King.

When Yang Ruozhi recovered, it was hard to say if Jiang Li would still be able to suppress her.

During this period of time, Jiang Li had tried everything he could to negotiate, but the results had always been minimal.

Jiang Li decided to give it one last try today. If Yang Ruozhi continued like this, he would have to make a decision.

The two sides looked at each other for a moment before Jiang Li took out a black bell. This was an artifact left behind by a certain demonic sect that was specially used to control ghosts.

“Hand over a portion of your soul and spirit and let me seal it in this Soul Lament Bell. You can obtain your freedom.”

“As long as you agree to the conditions, I can help you heal your injuries.”

“After staying in the coffin for so long, you should understand my foundation.”

“The spiritual qi and Yin qi here are yours to use. After your injuries recover, you can choose to stay in the coffin and enjoy this extreme Yin environment, or you can choose to return to Fengdu Ghost City and continue to marry. I won’t care about you.”

Jiang Li made his request. So long as he grasped a portion of the other party’s soul, then even if the other party was the Ghost King, Jiang Li could ring the bell and kill her at any time.

However, such a suggestion clearly did not satisfy the other party. The last negotiation was still rejected.

“Kid, this young lady’s soul is still in my hands. If you don’t want her soul to dissipate, obediently let me go. You’re just a mere Golden Core cultivator, how can you control me? Don’t dream about it!”

Not only did Yang Ruozhi refuse, she even grabbed Mu Yulan’s soul in her mental world and bit down fiercely.

The intense pain in her soul made her body involuntarily twitch violently. Her already weak soul was even on the verge of collapse.

There was no room for discussion between the two sides, so it was useless to say anything else.

Jiang Li shook his head and put away the bell with a slight pity.

“I originally wanted you to lead my ten million ghost soldiers and become the strongest Ghost King in the Ghost King Desolate Ground.”

“Since you’re unwilling to seize the opportunity, don’t blame me.”

Jiang Li was never stingy with things that he could not obtain.

He raised his hand and beckoned. A few things immediately flew over from the corner of the coffin. They were wrapped in thick talisman paper and could not reveal any aura.

When Yang Ruozhi seemed to have sensed something, her expression became ugly.

After opening the sealed talisman, what appeared was a spirit tablet, a red line, and a few strands of hair that belonged to two people.

Seeing these things, Yang Ruozhi’s eyes could almost spit fire.

She struggled crazily in anger. A large portion of the peach blossom talisman stuck to her body burned. Her beautiful neck stretched out with all her might, and she opened her mouth while grimacing in pain. It seemed like she wanted to eat Jiang Li.

“It’s you, so it’s you!”

“Evil thief! Evil thief! You actually stole my spirit tablet!”

“Let me eat you! I want to eat you to vent my anger!”

Jiang Li had expected this, and he turned a blind eye to the warped face.

It was no wonder that she was agitated. If it was not for Jiang Li taking this spirit tablet and causing her Ghost King’s strength to be greatly reduced, she would not have been defeated in the battle, eventually forced to possess Mu Yulan and survive.

The series of unlucky encounters that followed also arose from this.

How could she not hate the person who secretly took away the spirit tablet?

Originally, she had a chance to reconcile with Jiang Li. Now that she saw this thing, she became a great enemy that would fight to the death.

“The tablet of the eldest son, Du Xianzhu.”

Back then, Jiang Li did not dare to take Yang Ruozhi’s spirit tablet and took out this person’s tablet first.

He had originally only wanted Du Xianzhu to teach him ancient texts. He did not expect it to be useful now.

Yang Ruozhi had died because of the ghost marriage. Her husband, Du Xianzhu, was her greatest weakness.

“No matter how many times you’ve become a bride in Fengdu City, it’s time to serve your true husband now.”

He twisted their hair back together with the red rope, then wrapped the twisted red rope around the spirit tablet in a professional manner.

Finally, after tying the knot, the red string formed the word “husband”.

After the three fragrant pillars and two red candles were lit, two paper effigies with their birth characters bowed and kowtowed to each other in front of the spirit tablet.

Then, a passage formed in the darkness. Yang Ruozhi let out a despairing cry as the origin ghost qi in her soul began to flow uncontrollably.

Thick ghost qi was extracted from Ghost King Yang Ruozhi endlessly.

A powerful Yin qi immediately appeared on the spirit tablet.

In the ghost marriage back then, Yang Ruozhi was the victim and the target. If not for some accident, she would have been controlled by Du Xianzhu her entire life and worked hard for him.

Although some fortuitous encounters gave her a chance to rise up, the nature of restriction still existed.

If it was usual times, when she was at her peak, if someone dared to use the spirit tablet to deal with her, she would naturally be able to solve the problem as quickly as possible or deal with the person who created the problem.

However, now, Yang Ruozhi was heavily injured. Not only was her strength reduced to less than ten percent, she was also firmly sealed on the Longevity Peach wooden stake. She could not break free at all and could only feel her origin flowing away bit by bit.

Of course, Jiang Li did not intend to let this Du Xianzhu benefit just like that.

Before Du Xianzhu, who was hiding in the spirit tablet, could rejoice for a while, he was thrown to the center of the ghost cloud by Jiang Li. He was caught by the female ghost, Qin Shuman, who was training her ghost soldiers.

“Thank you for the gift, Young Master!”

Qin Shuman was overjoyed and bowed to Jiang Li in the air.

Then, Qin Shuman swallowed the entire spirit tablet. Before Du Xianzhu could absorb the endless Ghost King’s origin, it was forcefully absorbed by her again.

As the first ghost subordinate of Jiang Li, Qin Shuman had never disappointed him, and Jiang Li had never treated her badly.

Now, the number of Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers was increasing, and the strength of the basic ghost soldiers was also becoming stronger.

Although she had already formed the Ghost Core, her progress was still a little too slow. She had nearly ten million ghost soldiers under her, but even with them, she could not defeat a thousand ghost soldiers tied together.

With soldiers but no generals, it was still very difficult to unleash the true power of the Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers.

Originally, Jiang Li had planned that if the Ghost King, Yang Ruozhi, could join him and become a general to lead the Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers, the might would definitely be terrifying.

Even in Fengdu City, it was very difficult for a few Ghost Kings to match them.

However, now that Yang Ruozhi was unwilling to give in, he could not force her.

Since that was not possible, he might as well nurture someone he trusted.

Although there would be losses if he extracted the origin qi to nurture another ghost, it was still within Jiang Li’s acceptable range.

Moreover, Qin Shuman had a rare talent in illusions and cultivated the orthodox cultivation method of Shu Mountain. When she grew up, her strength would definitely be stronger.

The strength of the Ghost King was above ordinary Soul Formation cultivators, but it was obviously inferior to the Earth Immortal, so it was roughly on the same level as the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard.

After absorbing her origin, Qin Shuman definitely had no problem reaching the Fallen Nascent realm.

If she was lucky, she might even become a Body Possession realm ghost equivalent to the Soul Formation realm.

If she was able to reach that level, she would be able to become Jiang Li’s capable subordinate again.

After covering Mu Yulan’s body with the peach blossom talisman again, Jiang Li walked to the side of the enormous graveyard’s Nine Nether Wood.

Jiang Li had started stealing his seeds since the Qi Refinement realm. Now, he was finally about to take everything.

After this period of time, Jiang Li’s persistent mental attacks had inevitably damaged the soul of the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard.

Now, the entire tree looked as if it was about to wither. All the leaves were dead, and the Nine Nether Earth Fruits hanging on the tree branches had long been plucked clean by Jiang Li.

The only problem now was the ghost servants captured by the Nine Nether Wood over the years. There were too many of them. After fighting for more than half a month, only a third were killed.

He had to think of a way to deal with these ghosts..