“Ferryman, did anyone cross the river from you before?”

The Blood Saber Elder of the Myriad Slaughter Sect was also rich and imposing. He directly threw a bag over. It was filled with spirit stones.

Moreover, he also revealed his aura.

He had to give these rogue cultivators some benefits before they would work properly. At the same time, he had to tell them that he was not to be trifled with and that the other party would not have any crooked thoughts.

As expected, after Third Brother He received the spirit stone bag, he smiled shrewdly like a businessman.

“Sir, you’ve asked the right person.”

“I own the only raft in this region of water.”

“Six hours ago, a generous young man just sat on my raft. Are you perhaps looking for someone?”

The elder in the lead looked at the compass in his hand again. The long needle was still pointing forward and swaying slightly.

“The aura is right ahead. It’s not far. Don’t let him escape into the depths of the Ten Direction Region. Chase!”

“Ferryman, quickly send us across the river.”

Twenty ferocious cultivators jumped lightly and landed on the bamboo raft.

“Lords, this won’t do. My raft can only carry ten people.”

Third Brother He even deliberately rejected it.

Then, another bag of snacks was thrown into his arms.

Two Blood Saber Guards stood beside him.

“Don’t worry. We all know some light movement techniques. As long as this bamboo raft doesn’t sink, it’s fine as long as we have a foothold.”

“I believe your raft won’t sink.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the two Blood Saber Guards standing beside him unsheathed their sabers. A bloody aura immediately spread out. This was a blatant threat.

The people of the Myriad Slaughter Sect knew a little about the methods of these people.

If they did not carry two sabers with them, they would not feel at ease sitting on the bamboo raft.

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“Of course, of course,” Third Brother He acknowledged repeatedly and pushed his bamboo pole forward towards the opposite shore of the Flowing Sand River.

Seeing the reaction of the needle in the compass becoming more and more intense, this Blood Saber Guard was also excited.

When he captured that so-called Great Mountain Alliance Leader, he would definitely teach him a lesson. He could have run anywhere, but he had to come to this dangerous Ten Direction Region. He hoped that that guy did not go too deep.

However, as soon as he arrived at the center of the lake, dark clouds were swept over by the violent wind.

In just a moment, bean-sized raindrops fell from the sky.

For a time, the water level rose again in the Flowing Sand River, but in a moment, it was surging.

Even the bamboo raft made of Dragonfly Water Bamboo swayed violently under the current, about to fall apart.

The Soul Formation Blood Saber Elder in the lead turned around and narrowed his eyes as he looked at the group. He did not panic and turned around to slash three blood sabers at the sky.

Three terrifying blade lights tore through the dark clouds in the sky, causing the rain to suddenly decrease.

Sunlight shone in from the area where the blood saber split open, and the weather was about to turn sunny.

The terror of Soul Formation cultivators was that they actually used the saber light to change the weather.

“Cowards hiding in the dark, our Myriad Slaughter Sect is handling matters. If you’re here, quickly get lost.”

After dealing with the dark clouds in the sky, this Blood Saber Elder shouted in all directions, warning certain existences.

If it was really the natural climate change of heaven and earth, how could it be so easy to change?

This was clearly done by someone.

However, when he reported the name of the sect and wanted to scare away the enemies who had ill intentions, everything on the bamboo raft instantly started to spin.

A stream of water suddenly spewed out from the river below, sending the entire bamboo raft and all the cultivators on it flying.

They tried their best to stabilize themselves in the air, but under the influence of the Flowing Sand River World, they finally landed in the water.

The two Soul Formation Blood Saber elders took out their sabers in the water and immediately observed their surroundings warily.

Soon, they discovered the creature who ambushed them.

It was a huge dragon fish with eight lumps on its head.

The original head and these eight lumps gave it the name of the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish.

The dark clouds and rain just now were summoned by it, and the surging water flow was also spat out by this Nine-Headed Dragon Fish.

The new catfish that joined Jiang Li was not stupid.

After receiving Jiang Li’s orders, it became bait and intercepted the enemies that came.

Although it was a water demon and had a huge advantage in the Flowing Sand River, how could it be a match for the powerful pursuers at the Soul Formation realm?

Therefore, it immediately used its head to smash into the underwater reef. After injuring itself, it hurriedly sought help from the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish.

It was told that outsiders had come to provoke them and had even beat up a fish subordinate. In a few hours, they would come again and stew the strongest Dragon Fish in this water to make fish soup.

What bad intentions could a fat-headed catfish have? After all, it had been working for so many years. The boss of this water area did not doubt much and believed the catfish’s words.

How could the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish, a dignified Flowing Sand River demon, endure this anger? It had long run here to wait for this group of people.

Now that the two sides met, their eyes were especially red.

They fought on the spot.

In this Flowing Sand River, the other cultivators below the Soul Formation realm of the Myriad Slaughter Sect could barely survive. There was no need to expect them to attack.

The Soul Formation elders were fighting two against one. Although there were more of them, they might be stronger.

However, falling into the water and being unable to fly or escape was very disadvantageous to them in an away game.

It was impossible to win against the Dragon Fish Great Demon in the Flowing Sand River.

Whether they could escape unscathed would probably depend on whether the two of them had the ability.

Waves erupted in the Flowing Sand River. The two of them and the demon fought for an entire day and night. In the end, the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish won, and it was unknown if the two Soul Formation Blood Sabers were dead or alive.

Jiang Li held the Great Mountain Alliance Leader Token and also learned the situation over there.

After Third Brother He fell into the water, he was saved by the large catfish. Then, he immediately used the communication spirit stone to send the situation to Jiang Li in real time.

His previous guess was correct. There were indeed pursuers following behind him. It was not in vain that he emitted a bit of aura from time to time to lure this group of Blood Saber Guards here.

The Myriad Slaughter Sect would not give up on him.

Both sides were already in a situation where they would fight to the death. This situation was not strange.

When enemies met, it would depend on whose methods were more brilliant.

After putting away the Alliance Leader Token, Jiang Li continued to trek through the forest.

The Ten Directions Region was indeed worthy of being the gathering place of myriad demons. The situation was greatly different from the place occupied by human cultivators.

The main difference was that there were almost no decent paths in this region.

Without the establishment and maintenance of humans, how could the beasts and birds in the mountains need a flat and straight path?

Many years ago, when humans were still flourishing here, some of the paths left behind were already difficult to see because they had not been cleaned all year round.

At most, they could only see some beast paths that had been stepped on all year round in the mountains.

Traveling through the wilderness of the forest, it was not a wise choice to follow the beast path.

If one followed the beast path, he might bump into a ferocious beast patrolling this place at any time. He might directly walk into a Demon King’s cave, which would spell even more trouble.

However, no matter how careful he was, he would inevitably encounter some demons here.

Compared to the Great Mountain Region and other places in the Eastern Region, because the Ten Directions Region rejected human cultivators all year round and did not suffer the hunt and plunder that lasted for a long time, the ecosystem was maintained very well.

As the stories often said, wherever spiritual herbs grew, there would be demon beasts guarding them.

Jiang Li had encountered such a situation several times.

However, after happily killing the demon beast, he discovered that the spiritual herbs guarded by this demon were everywhere in the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm of the Great Mountain Region.

After all, most of the truly good things had already fallen into the hands of the demons who ruled over the mountains.

The remaining ones were either what they looked down on or the location where they grew was too hidden and steep. It was really not easy to find.

“What a strong fishy smell. Do you smell it?”

Just as Jiang Li carefully left a large demon territory, he heard a voice coming from afar.

“Fishy smell? Are you sure? We’ve been walking for three days, and there’s no river or lake here. Where did the fishy smell come from?”

“Hurry up and send the gifts to the Five Banishment City. If we delay the important matter, the King will definitely not forgive us.”

“Yes, yes, yes. The King’s tributes are more important. Let’s go.”

A group of wolf demons drove more than ten large walking beasts and a group of ordinary goats past the foot of the mountain.

Jiang Li, who had already quietly approached, restrained his aura and was hiding on the treetop while looking at the group of wolf demons.

The smell that this group of wolf demons had smelled earlier was probably Jiang Li. He had come into contact with large catfish before and his body was covered in dragon scales. The fishy smell was indeed not light. Even if he concealed it, it was very easy for the wolf demons with sensitive noses to notice it.

Of course, Jiang Li’s hearing was similarly not bad. As soon as the wolf demon spoke, he was immediately noticed.

However, demons had a very heavy concept of territory and generally would not easily step into other people’s territory.

There did not seem to be a place where wolf demons gathered in the nearby area. Where did this group of wolf demons come from? What was their goal in crossing such a distance?

From their conversation, it seemed that they were going to send gifts. Was their destination the Five Banishment City?

These wolf demons were covered in armor and accessories made of bones and teeth. They were also holding extremely rough weapons in their hands. It seemed that they were not wild demons. There should be a mountain force behind them.

Demons also had their own complicated social needs. At this moment, the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn that Jiang Li opened had no less than 2,000 shops, and had interacted with countless demons.

Even those small demons would form groups and shower all sorts of praises cunningly.

It was indeed not strange for these demons with intelligence that was not inferior to humans.

At the front of the wolf demon group, there was one holding a small gong. It knocked on it every time it walked and repeated loudly.

“The Green Wolves of the Black Bamboo Mountain are taking the path. Great Kings of the various mountains, we seek your understanding~ The Green Wolves of the Black Bamboo Mountain are taking the path. Great Kings of the various mountains, we seek your understanding~”

Behind it were two wolf demons. Every time they arrived at a new territory, they would bring out two goats from the group and tie them to a tree.

This was the rule of the Ten Directions Region. When using someone’s path, one had to pay tolls and gifts to the Kings of the territory.

The two goats were naturally nothing, but this was also an expression of attitude.

With proper etiquette, both sides would be pleased and would not get into a conflict.

Apart from this group of goats, they were also herding a group of walking beasts.

These large walking beasts did not look intelligent. They were only trained and used as ordinary livestock for transportation.

However, on these beasts, there were two large cages.

In this wolf demon team, there were a total of fifteen walking beasts and 30 cages.

These cages were all covered by a red veil, and there was a large flower ball hanging happily above. It should be the congratulatory gift they were talking about.

It was covered by the red veil and could not see what was in the cage directly.

However, Jiang Li’s ears could clearly hear low sobbing coming from the bamboo cage covered in the red veil.

This voice…

Jiang Li frowned and circulated his demonic qi to blow it forward.

The demonic power transformed into a demonic wind. Immediately, a violent wind blew, blowing up the red veil on the bamboo cages.

The wolf demon team was immediately in chaos. They picked up their weapons and guarded the congratulatory gifts.

Ignoring the chaotic wolf demon team, Jiang Li clearly saw that the 30 bamboo cages contained human girls in red dresses.

They were the congratulatory gifts to the Five Banishment City. Demons used humans as gifts. Such actions were practically unheard of in the Great Mountain Region.

Among these human girls, the youngest was only 11 or 12 years old, while the oldest was only 17 or 18 years old. They were the best years of their lives.

However, at this moment, there was no light in their eyes.

Only a few would cry in sorrow, most of their faces only had a numb expression. They had long known the outcome, so they no longer held any hope.

Just like the information Jiang Li had obtained earlier.

In the Ten Directions Region, humans had not completely disappeared.

Instead, a portion of them was left behind and reared by the demons here.

They could eat and kill humans whenever they wanted.

It was no different from the livestock in the human world.

Humans ate beasts, and beasts ate humans. This world was really cruel.

Even though he knew this would happen, Jiang Li’s gaze still became abnormally cold as he looked at that group.

However, he looked at the mountain behind him and did not attack in the end.

The quality of the catfish demon core in his stomach was not high, and he was not good at using demonic qi.

If he attacked now, it would be difficult to quickly kill this group of wolf demons with only the power in the demon core.

However, if he used other powers or caused too much of a commotion, he would definitely be discovered by the demons in the mountain behind him.

At that time, when they fought, the surrounding demons would gather and attack. Even he was not confident that he could escape unscathed.

However, it seemed that Yan Hong’s location was near Five Banishment City. Jiang Li was just worrying that there was no proper path and it was difficult to find the exact location of the target.

With the wolf demons leading the way, it would save him some trouble.

Moreover, the Five Banishment City?

What an arrogant sounding name.

He wanted to see what these demons were doing.