“Jiang Li, stop joking.”

Yan Hong’s first reaction was naturally disbelief. Didn’t he know his own situation?

However, when the word Golden Core was mentioned, it immediately triggered his memories from a period of time ago.

“Wait a minute, is this true? I… I… I’ve reached the Golden Core realm?”

Yan Hong’s round face perfectly displayed his confusion.

Then, he immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and circulated his water attribute cultivation method that was only at the first level of the Qi Refinement chapter to check the cultivation situation in his body.

In the end, Yan Hong was only an outer sect disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley.

Towards these many outer sect disciples, the sect naturally could not nurture them as fully as inner sect disciples.

Instead, there were many restrictions on them.

The cultivation methods and spell techniques they had learned were all the foundation of the sect, so they naturally could not spread them privately.

When he first entered the sect, he only obtained the first level Qi Refinement chapter cultivation method. It was the same for Jiang Li back then.

Only after breaking through would they be allowed to go to the Scripture Storage Pavilion to exchange for cultivation methods of this realm.

Before breaking through, it was not only impossible to obtain the next level of cultivation method, but it was also extremely difficult.

Most sects did this. The Scripture Storage Valley placed greater importance on their own inheritance.

Before he was robbed by the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard, Yan Hong had always been in the Qi Refinement realm, so he naturally did not have any subsequent cultivation methods.

After eating the unreasonable Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fruit, the Nine Nether Earth Fruit, although his cultivation was forcefully pushed to the Golden Core realm, there were almost no traces of cultivation in the Golden Core.

It looked like a white piece of paper.

This was also the reason why Jiang Li had never used the Nine Nether Earth Fruit to madly accumulate his cultivation. To him, the gains would definitely not make up for the losses.

If he used that method, how could Jiang Li possess his current Quintet Dao Foundation, Dragon Pearl Golden Core, and even fuse five Golden Cores together?

Of course, that was also because Jiang Li’s cultivation was different from others.

To Yan Hong and the vast majority of the other cultivators, although this situation had some drawbacks, it was still a meteoric rise.

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Moreover, the side effects of the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fruit could be said to be the least. He could only spend time slowly cultivating the cultivation method.

Otherwise, if he slowly cultivated, there would be many people who could not break through even when their lifespan was exhausted.

“I’ve really reached the Golden Core realm!”

Yan Hong sat cross-legged on the ground and confirmed for a long time before finally opening his eyes. Joy and disbelief erupted in his eyes.

Although he had suffered a huge calamity, while there was no danger, a huge opportunity landed on him.

To Yan Hong, this change was really hard to say. Should it be a good thing or a bad thing?

The sudden surprise made this guy’s hands not tremble anymore, and his mood was also comfortable. He got up and sat on a chair at the side, constantly trying to mobilize his Golden Core.

However, other than having a Golden Core, he could not keep up with anything else. It was as if this Golden Core was not his at all.

If he wanted to master this Golden Core, without any accidents, it would at least take nearly a hundred years of hard work.

“That’s right. You’re a cultivator of the same level as me now. I’ll make you a small elder when we get back.”

Previously, in the Great Mountain Alliance, because Yan Hong’s cultivation was really too low, he could not speak no matter where he went. Even Jiang Li was unable to arrange any decent positions for him.

However, in the future, there would no longer be such an awkward situation.

By planting more people in the Great Mountain Alliance, it could greatly help Jiang Li consolidate his status.

Moreover, in terms of being a businessman, Yan Hong was indeed talented. Moreover, every time Jiang Li needed anything, Yan Hong could basically get him anything that could be found in the market. This was indeed very helpful to him.

“Then it’s a deal.”

Yan Hong raised his eyebrows and did not refuse. He had been coveting the position of Foreign Affairs Elder of the Great Mountain Alliance for a long time.

However, he recalled something else and his excited expression became solemn again.

“Jiang Li, I think we should leave this place quickly. This Five Banishment City is not a good place.”

After the excitement passed, Yan Hong held his head and began to comb through his memories.

“There’s no rush. Isn’t there a lively wedding in Five Banishment Daoists in three days? Do you know which one of the Five Banishment Daoists is preparing to marry this time?”

Yan Hong recalled for a moment, and then he looked at Jiang Li with a slightly strange expression.

“It’s not one, but all five of the Five Banishment Daoists who want to marry.”

Yan Hong’s expression was that of “you know what I mean”.

“All five of them are going to marry? Doesn’t that mean they have to bring back five brides?”

“These five demons are quite ambitious. Which forces are they going to marry? Which greater demon is it?”

Jiang Li tapped his fingers on the armrest of the chair and began to think about the conflict of benefits. The combined efforts of the five demons could already radiate a considerable area in the surroundings.

If they continued to tie the other demons to themselves through marriage, the other demons in a radius of thousands of miles might not have a good life.

However, Yan Hong quickly overturned his guess.

“No, you’ve misunderstood. They only have one bride.”


After Jiang Li heard Yan Hong’s words, even with his temperament, he could not help but be stunned. His fingers that were tapping the armrest subconsciously stopped.

“Five of them are… marrying one bride? Are they that close?”

Jiang Li’s expression became strange as well. What was going on?

“That’s right, it’s what you think. This wedding is for one female to attend to five husbands!”

Jiang Li looked shocked and sighed in his heart. The noble circle was really chaotic.

The Five Banishment Daoists were Ox, Sheep, Pig, Dog, and Donkey respectively. Even among the demons, these five were powerful in reproduction and had strong desires.

Especially when these five people were extremely powerful, the situation would naturally be much more intense.

It was said that every night, they had to kill a few women who served them, be they humans or demons.

“Who’s the other party? She can actually withstand those five together?”

Jiang Li temporarily did not consider anything regarding morality.

From a purely physical point of view, if they wanted a woman to serve these five demons, her physique had to be extremely powerful.

Who could be so powerful?

“I’m not too sure about that.”

“It seems to be a fox demon from some place called the Tu Mountain. It’s also at the level of the Mountain King, but its reputation is not very famous.”

“The other party was naturally not willing. It’s those five fellows in Five Banishment City who took a fancy to her beauty and family fortune.”

“Then, they used some methods to force the other party to agree to marry them.”

Yan Hong explained what he knew.

The Nine Nether Wood Spiritual Root’s greatest strength lay here.

Even if his personality was changed, his strength, intelligence, temperament, and talent would not be changed.

Yan Hong did not lose his merchant instincts. During this period of time here, he had been probing for all kinds of information. At the very least, he had all the information that was spread on the surface near Five Banishment City.

Jiang Li originally nodded as if he was listening to a story, but one word attracted his attention.

“Wait, what did you say? Tu Mountain? There’s a Tu Mountain in the Ten Directions Region?”

Jiang Li could not ignore it. This place had produced an existence like the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox, and it was definitely an ancient legacy. Perhaps there was an extremely great opportunity hidden within.

At this moment, his coffin also had a group of black and white foxes from Tu Mountain.

Moreover, there was also a finger bone of the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox that he had carefully stored. According to the Human Emperor’s inheritance, he actually had the obligation to send this nest of foxes back to Tu Mountain.

“There should be. Is there a problem with this Tu Mountain?”

However, Yan Hong did not know why Jiang Li was interested in this name. This was only one of the many Demon Mountains in the Ten Directions Region.

The cultivation civilization of the continent of the Nine Provinces had been broken for too long, so they knew very little about the secrets of the ancient times.

Back then, such a huge Bodhisattva statue could not be sold for a high price at an auction. This situation was clear at first glance.

Tu Mountain was a place that had always avoided the world. Even Jiang Li only knew of Daji, a Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox.

After all, the other party was the Human Emperor’s Empress. All her information was hidden very well.

Apart from the rare group of higher-ups at that time, the news basically did not leak out. Coupled with the suppression of Tu Mountain later, even in the ancient times, they had remained silent, let alone now.

However, if others did not know, how could Jiang Li not understand? That was the legendary Tu Mountain!

Originally, Jiang Li also wanted to rescue Yan Hong and the group of Hidden Rock cultivators and leave this dangerous territory.

At most, they would attack a few weaker demon territories and try their best to save some of the humans here.

However, from the looks of it, he had to get involved.

Jiang Li’s thoughts raced, and then he asked Yan Hong carefully about the exact situation in this area.

What powerful demons were there? What was the relationship between their personalities?

When he heard Jiang Li’s question, Yan Hong knew that this good friend of his did not intend to leave immediately.

However, he also believed in Jiang Li’s methods and did not persuade him much. He only told him the information he knew bit by bit.

In the room on the top floor of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn, Jiang Li and Yan Hong were plotting something.

On the street at the entrance of the inn, three seemingly travel-worn bear demons walked over.

They walked to the front of Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn and stopped. The larger bear demon took out a map and looked at it before looking up at Prosperous Jiang Hong’s signboard. His expression became ugly.

After looking inside for a long time, he decided to enter and asked for a room.

After entering the room, the larger bear demon immediately took out a set of formation flags and skillfully set them up. Soon, the room was completely enveloped by a spirit design that isolated aura and sound.

Then, the three bear demons actually began to take off their fur. A moment later, their true bodies were revealed.

They were three human cultivators.

In the room, an elder, a youth, and a young girl revealed their true bodies under the protection of the array formation.

Restraining one’s own spiritual qi and using the demon core’s demonic qi as a disguise was naturally not a comfortable thing.

After removing their disguises, the two youngsters heaved a sigh of relief and eagerly stretched their bodies.

The young female cultivator ran to the paper window in the room and quietly observed the streets outside.

“Grandpa, is this Five Banishment City? There are many strange demons in the city.”

The young female cultivator spoke excitedly, giving people the feeling that she was here to travel.

“That’s right, this is our destination.”

“The inheritance of our ancestors is buried here. As long as we obtain that inheritance, our family will definitely be able to regain our former glory.”

The old man among them also walked to the window, his eyes emitting a hopeful light. He seemed to know some unknown secrets of Five Banishment City.

He then looked at the two youngsters beside him.

“The two of you have the best bloodline talent in our family. You’ll definitely succeed this time.”

“Whether the family can regain its former glory will depend on you!”

Being looked at by the elder with such high hopes, the two youngsters could not help but become much more serious. They had already heard this sentence countless times.

While feeling responsible, they also felt heavy pressure.

The family had been preparing for this trip for a long time.

Taking advantage of the wedding day of the five demons, they would definitely lower their guard in certain places. At that time, it would be their chance.

The origins of this Five Banishment City were ancient, and there were some secrets that even the Five Banishment Daoists did not know. This was their chance.

“Grandpa, we understand.”

“But Grandpa, why are we staying here?”

The two youngsters nodded in agreement. Then, the slightly older man asked.

This was because on the way to the Ten Directions Region, their grandfather had repeatedly emphasized to them about their actions and plans after entering the Five Banishment City.

They had originally prepared a place to stay in the city. However, he clearly remembered that it was not this Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn.

However, his grandfather revealed a helpless expression.

“This is our original secret base.”

“However, the world of the demons is too chaotic. This place should have been snatched away by others not long ago.”

The Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn in Five Banishment City had just opened for about a month, but where did this shop come from? It was naturally snatched.

This store originally belonged to a group of demons without any faction. After Yan Hong took a fancy to it, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard directly attacked and forcefully took it down.

Perhaps due to the influence of someone’s luck, the place they took down happened to be pressed against an unknown secret passage.

“Then, Grandpa, what’s our plan?”

He was indeed a little nervous when he was young.

“It’s fine. That secret passage is very secret. Apart from our family, no one else can open it.”

“The demons who snatched this store shouldn’t have discovered it. On the day of the wedding, everyone must go and support the Five Banishment Daoists. At that time, it’ll be our chance to act.”

The Five Banishment City was decorated with lanterns and colored banners, bustling with preparations for the immoral demon wedding in three days.

On the other side of this joyous matter, there was an inconspicuous mountain called Tu Mountain in the Ten Direction Region.

An extremely beautiful woman who was far more beautiful than anyone Jiang Li had seen was sitting on the throne and looking at the wedding clothes that had just been delivered below.

A pair of eyes that were like clear springs were emitting endless coldness.