Blood splattered with a stench. The heavy grip on his hand loosened, and he finally chose to give up on the other side of the river.


Jiang Li praised the other party. Just by looking at the rat demon’s twisted expression, one could imagine how painful this was.

This was not just a tail. It was obvious that the other party had spent a lot of effort to train this tail. External artifacts were easily changed, but these body specialties were all accumulated over a hundred years of time and effort.

The rat demon was sufficiently decisive. When it discovered that something was amiss, it could even abandon the rat tail that it had cultivated for a thousand years.

If it was Jiang Li himself, he might not be able to make up his mind so easily.

The rat tail broke, and he felt that the tail that was tied to his body was quickly losing its vitality. Clearly, it could not be reattached just like that.

After cutting off its tail, the rat demon still had at least 80-90% of its combat strength, so it did not suffer any significant losses.

However, he did not continue to attack Jiang Li. Instead, he fled into the distance at an extremely swift speed.

It seemed that this Black Scale Armor that specialized in defense really made him afraid.

If he could not remove this shell, staying behind would not help.

However, without its tail, the rat demon’s balance seemed to be affected.

‘When he moved, there was no longer the original rhythm. There were some flaws in his silent movement method. Jiang Li could already hear the other party’s voice.

He did not expect such a pleasant surprise.

Jiang Li cut off the tree root beneath him and was about to pursue.

However, he discovered that his entire body could not move at all from his arms down.

‘The rat tail binding his body was getting tighter and tighter. Even the Black Scale Armor was squeezed tightly, the joints of the armor creaking.

Jiang Li’s expression changed. The severed tail was actually able to exert an even greater strength than before.

This was actually normal.

The tail that had been cultivated for hundreds and thousands of years would not lose its power even if it was cut off.

Since the rat demon had chosen to cut off its tail, it naturally had to let it unleash its final effect.

Without the support of the main body, the tail was quickly shrinking.

From the looks of it, it was going to shrink back to its original three feet length from the current 12,000 feet.

This was originally nothing, but the key was that this tail was currently wrapped around Jiang Li’s body. If it really shrunk back by three feet, then wouldn’t Jiang Li be directly squeezed into mush?

More and more power was applied to him.

The rat tail had left the body, and no one could control it anymore.

This meant that this shortening process could no longer be stopped.

Even if this kind of sealing force could not destroy Jiang Li’s Black Scale Armor,

This was also 1,200 feet in length that had wrapped around Jiang Li’s body thousands of times.

Moreover, from the looks of it, the strength of the long tail’s contraction had already reached the limit, and it was to the extent that it would not hesitate to break itself.

Under such circumstances, even with Jiang Li’s brute force, it was impossible for him to break free directly.

What a troublesome guy!

He looked at the rat demon flying further and further away.

‘There was no other choice. Although if he refined this tail into an artifact, it would absolutely be a top-grade Profound-rank artifact, it was a pity to destroy it now.

However, this was not the time to be frugal.

Acold light shot out from between Jiang Li’s brows, and then it spun in the air. The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword transformed into a spinning sword wheel.

Then, the sword wheel collided with the circles of rat tails on his body.

The rat tail, which was as hard as a Profound-rank artifact, broke one after another, but the speed was still too slow.

‘The huge rat in front had already run far away.

His speed was inferior to his opponent to begin with. If he pulled further away, he would probably let this old fellow escape.

Extreme Sharpness! Sword Heart Slash!

Jiang Li poured the power of his Sword Heart that had already transformed once into the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword!

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword emitted a dazzling light. With a slash, it cut off a third of the rat tail.

‘The force wrapping around his body immediately relaxed.

Jiang Li mustered his strength to push himself out, and cracking sounds continuously sounded. The remaining two-thirds of the rat tail could no longer completely withstand his strength.

Moreover, the tail that was tightened again became easier to cut off.

After two more strikes, the light on the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword dimmed.

Unleashing this kind of power at once was slightly difficult for the high-grade Profound-rank Immortal Slaying Flying Sword.

However, Jiang Li finally escaped.

After putting away the flying sword, the Human Emperor’s successor shot out like a cannonball and chased after the huge rat in front.

Without the tail, the other party’s balance was slightly affected. However, that speed was still something that Jiang Li could not reach.

If this continued, the distance would only increase.

“Wait, why is he running this way?”

Jiang Li suddenly noticed that the rat demon ahead seemed to have a goal in escaping.

Controlling the clone hiding in the coffin, he took out the map of the Ten Directions Region and quickly checked it. This map was obtained from the bald wolf demon.

The place ahead was called the Thousand Cave Valley?

Looking at the description on the map, Jiang Li’s footsteps became even more hurried.

The Thousand Cave Valley was similar to the Hundred Cave Mountain. There were countless underground caves in the terrain.

Rats liked to drill holes to begin with. If he ran into such a place, Jiang Li would have suffered this beating for nothing.

Sure enough, a continuous valley appeared ahead. However, the valley seemed to have been eaten by some huge worm. It was riddled with holes.

“Stinking rat! Don’t run if you have the guts! I’ll use only one hand!”

Jiang Li shouted from behind, trying to make the other party stop.

However, the speed of both sides was too fast. Even with the acceleration of the sound with spiritual qi, he could not catch up to the other party.

Moreover, even if the rat demon heard this, it would not stay behind to fight.

‘Was he really going to let him escape? Jiang Li was slightly unwilling to give up. If the enemy fled after attacking him like this, wouldn’t he be embarrassed?

However, in this day and age, once a person’s luck was good to a certain extent, sometimes, heaven and earth would respond to him.


Just as the rat was about to enter the cave network, a stream of red and blue light suddenly erupted from below and struck the flying rat demon at full speed.

Squeak squeak!

‘The rat screamed and was sent flying by the slash. Caught off guard, it suffered some injuries.

‘When the red and blue energy dissipated, Jiang Li saw that the core of the stream was a beautiful red and blue flying sword.

Even though he was very far away, Jiang Li still felt the might of the sword rainbow.

Not to mention anything else, the person who executed the sword technique definitely possessed the Sword Heart. Moreover, its level was at least not inferior to his.

In addition, that was a sword technique with the dual attributes of fire and water.

The overflowing spiritual qi in the air could not be faked.

What a coincidence.

Jiang Li immediately recalled the Little Princess of Shu Mountain, Shenshan Qiuhua, as a sword cultivator with dual attributes of fire and water.

However, compared to Shenshan Qiuhua’s little cultivation, the person in front of him was clearly much stronger.

Just that sword technique from before made even Jiang Li feel uneasy when he saw it from afar.

If he did not use the Black Scale Armor, that sword technique just now would definitely be enough to break through his Overlord Body Art.

Shenshan Qiuhua’s strength was considered decent among cultivators of the same age. Compared to experts of this level, she was still far inferior.

“Human! Another human cultivator!”

“How dare you sneak attack me! Do you really think I’m easy to deal with!”

After being slashed head-on, a huge scar appeared on the rat demon’s chest. A large amount of smelly blood flowed down, wetting the fur on its chest.

He looked at Jiang Li who was pursuing closely behind. It would take at least another ten breaths of time to catch up.

However, he only needed an instant to hide in the hole below.

He looked at the person who ambushed him.

It was a female cultivator wearing a veil and a bamboo hat. Her appearance could not be seen clearly, and her clothes were not woven with the symbol of any faction.

Most importantly, the rat demon’s treasure-seeking eyes could tell that the other party’s cultivation had definitely not reached the Soul Formation realm.

The reason why she could injure himself earlier was because of the artifacts on her body and the effects of a sneak attack.

He only needed three breaths to tear this woman apart.

Tf he could use this to anger the monster behind him and follow him into the underground cave maze, he would have the advantage of terrain.

Perhaps he, the Lord of Thieves, could obtain those two Earth-rank artifacts again.

“another disciple of a large faction? If I can’t kill that fellow behind you, I’ll kill you first.”

Thinking of this, he immediately revealed his true form. It was a Treasure Hunting Rat with black fur and three golden runes on its back.

The Treasure Hunting Rat was a spiritual beast that cultivators liked to tame very much. Because of its special talent, as long as they raised a few and let them out for a walk every day, it could bring some treasures to its master from time to time.

‘The grade of its talent was determined by the golden pattems on its back. The value varied from one to five patterns, and the difference was huge.

It was said that there were even Nine Tattooed Treasure Rats in ancient times that could steal immortal pills and divine weapons.

He did not expect that there would be a wild treasure rat in the Ten Directions Region that had grown to this level.

“Little girl! Die!”

A pair of golden claws grabbed at the female sword cultivator.

Heart Stealing Claw!

The natural instinct of Treasure Hunting Rats was to steal treasures, it made them want to steal good things.

Apart from hiding these things in their own small storehouse, the Treasure Hunting Rat would also pick up some suitable treasures to eat.

The treasures eaten would strengthen the Treasure Hunting Rat in a special way.

The tail and claws were the same.

‘The claws were fused with 28 powerful metal attribute artifacts. Not only were they extremely powerful, but they also had a magical stealing ability that could directly steal the heart without destroying the skin and flesh on the body.

It could be said to be impossible to guard against.

Although it could not do anything to Jiang Li’s Black Scale Armor, it should not be a problem to deal with a female cultivator who came out of nowhere, right?

However, a sword stabbed through the air. The red and blue flying sword collided with the crossed claws.

‘The Treasure Hunting Rat’s expression quickly turned from confidence to fear.


incible’ claws actually felt pain that had not been experienced in a long time.

The two sides were in a stalemate for a moment. Then, four of the sharp claws that collided with the sword suddenly shattered with a bang.

The strange flying sword pierced through the gap between the sharp claws and stabbed into the rat demon’s heart, emitting a metallic sound.

Cowardly as a rat, this idiom was indeed correct.

If one pushed aside the fur and observed carefully, they would discover that there was a huge wound on the fur on the chest of the Treasure Hunting Rat.

This guy was actually so cautious that he cut open his skin and embedded a Heart Protection Mirror in his chest.

This insurance method was really unique.

However, this was a top-grade Profound-rank artifact, so it did not give him a sense of security.

On the flying sword, two extremely cold and hot energies were flickering rapidly.

The alternation between extreme cold and heat was enough to destroy most hard substances.

Under that force, cracks quickly appeared on the hard Heart Protection Mirror. In just a moment, it would be pierced by the flying sword.

This rat that called himself a bandit regretted it very much.

He regretted breaking the rules he had set for years.

As a Treasure Hunting Rat, he should only steal and not rob.

He did not expect that just by breaking the rule, he would fall into such a terrible situation.


A ball of spiritual light exploded. It was the Treasure Hunting Rat that had taken the initiative to detonate the Heart Protection Mirror on its chest and blow itself back. Only then did it dodge the fatal blow of the Fire Water Flying Sword.

At this moment, Jiang Li arrived from behind.

He reached out and caught the rat demon that was sent flying. Before the other party could react, he punched his head more than ten times.

The other party’s head deformed from the beating before stopping, After throwing it into the coffin, he handed it to the statue clone inside to receive it.

He had just dealt with a dog demon and now, there was another rat demon. Fortunately, his source of energy came from the Blood Fighting Arena, so he was not afraid of expenditure.

However, because the spatial crack had already opened and the goal of the Blood Fighting Arena had been achieved, it seemed that Jiang Li’s indispensable guide was no longer useful to the Asuras.

Recently, no one had contacted the statue clone for a long time. Furthermore, the supply of blood of madness was also decreasing.

This was obviously the intention of kicking someone to the curb when they’ve outlived their usefulness. In fact, if not for the existence of the yaksha clone, they would have probably abandoned Jiang Li who opened the door for them.

The Blood Fighting Arena had already stabilized itself. Why would there be a need to negotiate with a human?

Although Jiang Li could also provide a large amount of blood energy himself, it seemed that he had to pay attention to this aspect. He could not let the local tycoon of the Blood Fighting Arena escape.

He could talk about this later.

Right now, in front of Jiang Li was a female sword cultivator wearing a bamboo hat.

“Thank you for your help, Fellow Daoist. I’m Jiang Li from the Great Mountain Alliance. May I know your name?”

The aura on this female cultivator was obscure and could not even see the attribute of spiritual qi. However, he was roughly certain that she did not have the aura of an Essence Soul.

She should not have reached the Soul Formation realm.

He would just treat her as a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Jiang Li knew very well the huge gap between the Nascent Soul realm and the Soul Formation realm.

Apart from himself, this was the first time he had seen a genius who could fight against a Soul Formation cultivator beyond their realm. Moreover, she was so decisive. It was really impressive!