Jiang Li sized up this female cultivator, and the female cultivator opposite him sized him up as well.

‘The other party did not ask Jiang Li to share the Treasure Hunting Rat with her. She did not show any displeasure towards Jiang Li’s act of directly putting it away.

Just from this nonchalant attitude, one could tell that the other party was definitely not a rogue cultivator. It was even to the extent that the faction behind him was absolutely not small, and it was at least a large faction above the medium-sized Divine Judgment faction.

She should be someone who had never been poor since she was young.

At the very least, in the Great Mountain Region, no disciple of any faction could ignore a Great Demon-level Treasure Hunting Rat.

Even Jiang Li was no exception.

Once this thing was tamed, it would be a living treasure radar, let alone having extraordinary combat strength.

“My name is… Luo Ying.”

‘When she said her name, she paused visibly and tilted her head before saying it.

Clearly, this was a name she had fabricated at the last minute. Interestingly, she actually had no commonly used fake name when traveling.

It seemed that this person did not often walk in the cultivation world.

The other party had given him a fake name, so Jiang Li did not feel that he had suffered a loss. His identity on the surface was clear, and the Great Mountain Alliance had the backing of the Cloud Manor. It was not his weakness, so there was nothing to hide.

On the other hand, other than being mysterious, this female cultivator gave him a clean feeling.

It was probably because her name had the meaning of pure and untainted.

“If you want to thank me, why don’t you receive a strike from me?”

‘The Fire Water Sword Cultivator opposite him suddenly made such a request for some reason.

Jiang Li was slightly unable to react.

“Miss Luo Ying, we met by chance. Are you sure?”

“Of course. I want to see your ability.”

Jiang Li was stunned. Why did the other party speak as if she knew him from long ago?

However, the other party did not have ill intention, so he did not feel too disgusted.

“Then, let’s do it, Miss.”

With a thought from Jiang Li, the dark-gold metal folded in a mechanical manner as he quickly put away the armor that covered his entire body.

“aren’t you using the Black Scale Armor?”

‘The other party casually grabbed the Fire Water Flying Sword with her right hand and asked Jiang Li in confusion.

Jiang Li did not have any reaction on the surface, but his mind was raging with a storm.

‘The other party actually knew about the Black Scale Armor. This was an armor that could only be equipped by the personal guards of the last Human Emperor in ancient times.

Up until now, only he had gone to the Zhaoge City Mystic Realm left behind by King Zhou.

Why did this female cultivator from nowhere know? Where did she learn the name of this armor?

“This armor is really an Earth-rank artifact. Since Miss Luo Ying wants to test your sword, Jiang Li naturally can’t act half-heartedly like this.”

Jiang Li smiled and did not pursue the other party’s background. He only gestured for the other party to attack.

“In that case, be careful.”

“Fire Water Sword Technique, Spiraling Light!”

In the two spiraling water and fire dual-attribute flying swords, the two completely opposite spiritual qi began to intertwine at a strange frequency. In the end, they directly fused together. There was fire in the water, and water in the fire.

‘The aura revealed even Jiang Li felt a trace of pain. It meant that this sword was enough to break through his skin.

To think she could actually do this.

Jiang Li himself possessed both spiritual qi and the power of chaos.

He naturally understood how difficult it was to fuse such opposite energies.

Back then, the sword cultivator clone had suffered quite a bit because of this, and he had even lost his life once.

Later on, he borrowed the knowledge of the two worlds and relied on the two Buddhist and Demonic lotus seeds of the Karma Cleansing Lotus to let them grow side by side. In the end, he fused the new lotus flower with the Dragon Pearl Golden Core, forming his current Nine Nether Asura power.

Fire and water were both spiritual qi, so the difficulty was naturally much lower than the situation Jiang Li faced earlier.

However, to really make water and fire compatible was something that most cultivators could not do in their lives.

At this level, he could not just stand there and rely on the Overlord Body Art to resist.

With a clench of his right hand, the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword emerged from his palm and floated there.

A purple-red energy slowly climbed up and covered the flying sword. That force looked cold and filled with bloody killing intent. As long as it leaked into the air, it could cause a large area to lose all vitality.

The female cultivator’s eyes flickered, but she did not show any animosity towards Jiang Li because of this.

Jiang Li coughed and chose to change the topic.

Since the other party had already pointed out that he had been found because of the identity of the Human Emperor’s successor and had deliberately exchanged blows with Jiang Li, it should be to test his strength.

In this way, even if Jiang Li did not ask, the other party would not deliberately conceal her identity. Otherwise, could it be that she really had nothing to do?

In the blink of an eye, the other party had already wrapped herself in a new set of clothes. She was not angry, but she spoke solemnly, “The day of the Fire Cloud Cave’s appearance is imminent. If we want to enter that place, we need three tokens of the Human Emperor. We need to cooperate.”

Jiang Li was shocked by the news that the other party had revealed.

This female cultivator actually knew about the Fire Cloud Cave!?

‘That was a holy land of inheritance that protected the human race. Its importance was not inferior to or even greater than the Nine Heavens Palace.

It was only a matter of time before he became an immortal if he possessed the ownership of it.

Jiang Li had always treated this human holy land as his own. He did not expect that this news would actually be known by outsiders.

“Who are you?” Jiang Li asked again.

‘The other party did not answer directly, but threw a rock at him.

Jiang Li raised his hand to catch it, and a force that was filled with vitality and creation came from the stone.

“This power…”

He sensed it slightly and was shocked. The energy level hidden in this stone was simply unbelievable.

If he had to assess it in a way, as long as he used a suitable method to refine this stone, it would probably be an Earth-rank artifact.

Moreover, when he held this stone, it actually caused the Human Emperor’s Blood Qi in his body to be directly stimulated. When he sensed the Human Emperor’s power, a message was transmitted from the stone.

Ni… Wa…?! The mother of humanity?!

“You are… the descendant of Niwa?”

Even with Jiang Li’s temperament, he could not help but cry out in surprise.

‘The other party did not deny it and nodded.

“We need three keys to open the Fire Cloud Cave.”

“The descendants of Niwa have inherited a key. We still need two portions of the Human Emperor’s inheritance to open it.”

‘The other party began to explain the purpose of looking for him. This was the first time Jiang Li had heard such news.

The last Human Emperor did not mention this in the inheritance.

King Zhou was really unreliable.

However, Jiang Li did not think that the other party was lying to him. The Fire Cloud Cave was the place where the three Human Emperors lived in seclusion.

It was not surprising that there were three tokens passed down.

‘Without even needing to think, one could tell that the token on Nuwa’s side was definitely spread by Fuxi of the Three Sovereigns.

In ancient times, the elimination of the Human Emperor’s bloodline was greatly related to Nuwa’s Dao Palace. However, the other party was Niwa after all and as a Sage, who could say that she was wrong?

With the relationship between Fuxi and Nuwa, it was not surprising for them to hand the token to each other.

However, there were a total of three keys, or rather, tokens.

The descendants of Niwa had one, and he had one. Where was the final one?

“So you’re a descendant of Niwa. No wonder you look so friendly. I have no problem with the Fire Cloud Cave, but we still need to compare the exact location.”

After chatting for a while, Jiang Li knew that the information passed down by both sides was incomplete, and they were missing a piece of the puzzle.

This should be deliberately done by the three people from the Fire Cloud Cave. After all, the things in the Fire Cloud Cave were left behind by the three of them, so they were naturally unwilling to let the inheritor of one side take them away.

The relationship between the Human Emperors might not be so harmonious.

Jiang Li did not have the intention to snatch it by force. It was obvious that the other party was not alone.

Their relationship with the Cloud Manor should be very close. If he touched her, he would become enemies with them. For now, there was no loss.

“If you find the third owner of the token, contact me with the Niwa Stone. The Fire Cloud Cave’s inheritance cannot be lost.”

Both sides quickly reached a consensus. The descendant of Nuwa, Luo Ying, planned to leave and search for the third token separately.

However, before leaving, she seemed to have suddenly recalled something.

“In addition, what do you plan to do with that spiritual rat?”

Jiang Li understood what the other party meant. As a descendant of Niwa, it meant that the other party was actually a demon.

Their attitude towards the demons was naturally different from humans. Jiang Li did not hesitate to tell her his plan.

“although that spiritual rat has done a lot of evil, it’s not evil. I plan to capture it first. If possible, I’ll persuade it to be kind. Being a mountain guardian spiritual beast is much more promising than staying in the Ten Directions Region.”

The other party nodded, turning around and leaving in a rainbow light..