Jiang Li watched as the other party transformed into a rainbow and flew away, and he was thinking about the meaning behind this encounter.

First of all, his knowledge was too shallow.

He had a feeling that he looked down on the geniuses and heroes of the world due to his cheat.

However, in ancient times, the number of mighty figures of the various factions was like a school of carps crossing the river.

If it was left behind by the weakest deity at that time, it could become the foundation to nurture a faction today.

With so many Immortals, Gods, and Buddhas, how many things could they leave behind? A long time had passed and many things were ruined already.

However, in the cultivation world of the Nine Provinces, there were definitely many people or forces who had obtained the inheritance of the ancient times.

There were also many top-notch cultivators that he had never heard of.

He was not the only one who was lucky. It was just that with his current vision and strength, he could not see those things.

He had to change his mentality and not be a frog in the well.

In addition, Jiang Li was still puzzled. How did this successor of Nuwa know that he was here?

His actions were not revealed to outsiders. Even the people of the Great Mountain Alliance did not know the goal of his trip. However, this person could find him accurately and even wait on the path that he and the rat demon had to pass through.

He would not believe it if there was nothing special about it.

Jiang Li suddenly thought of something and took out the cloud-patterned token of the Cloud Manor. There was also another special artifact that was said to be able to guide him to the Cloud Manor.

There were only two things on him that he could not understand.

Moreover, only the Cloud Manor knew that he was the successor of the Human Emperor.

As expected, these two things should have leaked his whereabouts.

Previously, in order to prevent Cloud Manor from spying on the scene in the coffin through these two things, he had always placed them in another ordinary storage artifact.

But it was clearly not safe enough.

Their actions made Jiang Li rather displeased. However, the high and mighty Cloud Manor would not care about the displeasure of a figure like him.

Before he had the strength to speak with them, he did not have the ability to get Cloud Manor to answer to him.

However, it was not impossible to temporarily block these two things.

Jiang Li thought for a moment.

He stored the cloud-patterned token and special artifact in a jade box embedded with a heavy metal inner lining.

Then, he placed the sealed jade box into a stone coffin and slowly poured the blood of madness into it.

The sticky blood of madness gradually rose and completely covered the entire jade box. Finally, after covering the stone coffin lid, these two things were completely cut off from the outside world.

The blood of madness had a strong effect of resisting spiritual qi. This could perfectly interrupt most spiritual qi fluctuations.

No matter what level of communication artifact it was, as long as it still used spiritual qi as the foundation, it would be almost absolutely blocked.

Jiang Li had many secrets, so he could not let others know his whereabouts casually.

After dealing with the hidden threat, the battle in the coffin had already calmed down.

In the coffin space, there was another powerful captive.

These captives brought considerable pressure to the coffin, but the Nine Nether clone had already grown a second statue. This meant that the Nine Nether Earth Fruit that grew from him would also undergo a transformation.

Now, the first upgraded Nine Nether Earth Fruit was nurturing, Before long, these captives in the coffin would all become his good companions.

Nodding in satisfaction, Jiang Li took out the fox fur. After disguising himself again, he quickly flew towards the direction where the fur fluttered in the wind.

On the other side, under Five Banishment City.

Three cultivators, one old and two young, as well as a tree root following behind them, were exploring the underground Banishment Immortal Residence.

The space of this underground Banishment Immortal Residence did not look very large. There was only a stone house and a thin field.

It looked ordinary and could even be considered a little simple. It was almost no different from an ordinary farm house in the mortal world.

In the corner of the dried field was a yoke and bull plow meant to be worn on a bull.

Beside the hut were three livestock fences of different heights. At the entrance of the hut, there was a kennel that had clearly not been used for a long time.

When he saw these scenes, combined with the words of the old man in front of him, Jiang Li had a deep feeling.

The bull demon among the five demons was actually meant for farming in this field.

The dog demon was used to guard the door, while the other sheep, pig, and donkey should be living in the simple shed.

It really did not look impressive at all. It was completely different from the current Five Banishment Daoists who was a thousand miles away.

Banishment Immortal? Truly, when one person achieved the Dao, even chickens and dogs ascended together to the heavens.

What level of expert was the original owner of this hut?

Even the five livestock that he casually raised could cultivate into great demons and dominate an area.

“Grandpa, there doesn’t seem to be anything special here.”

The two juniors’ perception was insufficient. At this moment, they were unable to see how special this Banishment Immortal Residence was.

However, being ordinary was the greatest wonder.

How could the things buried under the core of the Five Banishment City controlled by the five demons be ordinary?

The elder ignored the doubts of the junior beside him.

After kowtowing to the stone house three times, he got up and carefully walked to the edge of the yoke and bull plow.

He reached out and wanted to pick up the yoke, but the yoke that was covered in a lot of soil and looked like ordinary wood did not move at all.

However, the Nine Nether clone who was hiding not far away saw that the other party’s originally black hair was turning white at an astonishing speed.

The wrinkles on his body were deeper. Dark age spots quickly covered every comer of his body, and his vitality was quickly flowing away.

By the time he reacted, he was already half dead. He sat back on the ground and breathed heavily.

He sat on the ground and only recovered after a long time with a bitter expression.

He was too impulsive and careless. He should have been more careful, but he actually made such a low-level mistake at the critical moment.

“Luocheng, Luoxing! Come over.”


The two children immediately ran to the elder’s side and looked at their grandfather with worry on their faces.

“Follow my instructions and pick up the yoke bull plow.”

The elder rejected with a white hand. They helped him up and pointed at the yoke he did not pick up earlier for the two juniors to take.

The two children called Luocheng and Luoxing were hesitant and did not dare to step forward.

They had just seen such a situation happen to their grandfather. If they encountered it themselves, would it be worse?

“Go quickly!” The old man urged impatiently.

Only then did the two children reach out reluctantly to grab the bent wooden strips on the ground.

This time, the situation was unexpectedly smooth.

The two children faced a great enemy, but the plow tool was really raised by them like two ordinary wooden sticks.

However, Luocheng, who had grabbed the yoke, looked a little strained. As for Luoxing, who was holding the bull plow, she looked very relaxed.

It seemed that although the bloodline talent of the two was quite good, there was still a certain gap.

At this moment, the palms of the two children who had just cut open had not healed. Some of the blood that seeped out directly touched the yoke bull plow.

The originally ordinary farming tool was covered in dust and emitted a sparkling white light.

This farming tool looked ordinary and simple, but as expected, its essence was an artifact.

“Great, it really works! The two of you are the hope of our family!”

The old man revealed a joyous expression and had long forgotten the pain in his body.

This yoke and bull plow was something that the ox demon had been wearing before it became a demon.

Later on, it was refined into an artifact by their family’s ancestor, Lu Shoushan. It was the exclusive artifact of the Five Banishment City’s ox demon.

As long as they controlled this yoke and bull plow, that bull demon would only be their slave.

This was also why their Lu family had the confidence to do this.

Otherwise, that old man was only a Nascent Soul cultivator, so how could he have the confidence to say that the Five Banishment Daoists were only livestock?

Jiang Li was slightly surprised to see this scene.

The roots of the Nine Nether clone swam like snakes, avoiding them and running into the dog house.

Sure enough, he discovered a collar made of metal inside. It emitted an extremely obscure spiritual qi fluctuation.

Jiang Li wanted to pick up the collar that had fallen into the dog house. This thing should be the artifact that countered the Yellow Dog greater demon.

However, just like the old man before, he was unable to pick up the collar that did not look heavy at all.

Moreover, after he touched the collar, a suction force tried to attack his body and extract his life and spiritual qi.

If not for the example earlier, Jiang Li would have thought that this was a trap.

However, the two children outside were clearly fine.

‘As expected, these things were all covered in rather brilliant bloodline spells.

Only if the bloodline of the family was pure enough could they be recognized.

However, this bloodline detection method was usually only effective on families with additional powerful biological bloodlines. Ordinary human bloodlines were not so obvious to identify.

It seemed that this family had a deep understanding of the demons.

Since it was impossible, the Nine Nether clone hid himself again.

Soon, a palm entered the kennel and grabbed the collar.

The five demons each had their own restraining artifacts.

Although the master could allow the chicken and a dog to ascend, after rising up, they were still their master’s livestock.

There were naturally methods to deal with them.

The old man looked at the five artifacts in his hand and was extremely excited.

Just these five artifacts could control the five demons. With the power of the five big guys, their family could immediately rise up from the declining state.

However, there was no limit to human greed. The elder put away the five artifacts and looked at the small house in the underground space at the core.

They just casually picking up a few farming tools outside the house was so valuable, what should be stored in this room?

Earth-rank medicinal pills? Earth-rank artifacts? Ancient scriptures?

“Grandpa, there’s a seal on the door.”

Taking two steps closer, there was indeed a yellow piece of paper stuck to the door.

It said, “People of the Lu family, leave quickly after seeing this post.”

This was the advice of some ancestor of the Lu family to the person behind them. They had already gotten the benefits, so logically speaking, they should listen to their ancestor’s last words.

However, how could the juniors of the Lu family, who had tasted the benefits, care about this?

The elder approached excitedly and kowtowed three times in front of the door.

“Ancestor, please don’t blame us. The Lu family is currently in a life and death situation, so we can only be forced to take out our ancestor’s artifact and return to the family. We will set up a shrine for Ancestor Lu Shoushan and burn incense and candles to thank him for his glory!”

“Luocheng, go and remove the seal.”

After the three symbolic kowtows, the old man immediately instructed the young man beside him to step forward and tear the seal.

The youth did not hesitate. He had been praised by the elder and felt extremely excited now. Now, he really felt that he was the savior and was filled with ambition.

He went up and removed a corner of the seal.

However, after removing this corner, the youth actually collapsed to the ground for some reason.

“Life Taking Seal!”

Seeing the youth fall to the ground, the old man was shocked. Looking carefully, the torn corner had a pure black letter stuck under the yellow paper.

That Life Taking Seal could definitely affect whoever touched it. If one was injured by an entire seal, even Soul Formation cultivators would definitely die.

There was actually such a thing stuck on the door!

The elder was first surprised before he rejoiced.

Such protective measures meant that there must be something very precious hidden at the door!

He wanted to reach out and remove the seal himself, but halfway through, he tured to the youth lying on the ground.

“Luocheng, today is the day you sacrifice yourself for the family.”

He used his spiritual qi to support the youth who had yet to stop breathing and stood up again. He controlled the youth’s palm to grab the seal on the door and tore it off in one go.

He carried the other girl and quickly retreated the moment the seal was lifted.

A large amount of black evil thoughts surged out of a black note on the door and rushed into the nearest youth.

The youth was dyed pitch-black by the negative thoughts and died instantly.

As for the black sticker, after it completely surged out, it lost its original power and luster. It automatically fell from the door like a piece of black waste paper.

Even Earth Immortals would avoid this Life Taking Seal if they encountered it.

It could kill one person, but it could only kill one.

An unlucky scapegoat could destroy it.

With a creak, the door slowly opened under the old man’s excited gaze.

The room was not big. When light shone in, a few things were exposed.

The first thing that excited the old man was the long whip hanging on the wall.

“Could that be the legendary Demon Control Whip!”

The news passed down by the Lu family indicated that the Lu family’s ancestor, Lu Shoushan, had a Demon Control Whip that could control all demons in the world. It was an Earth-rank artifact!

The old man brought the girl and rushed into the house impatiently. However, the Nine Nether clone, who was hiding in the shadows, did not move.

In that room, he felt a huge threat.

“Impossible! How is this possible!”

“How did the Demon Control Whip become like this!”