The trident and spear stabbed into each other’s bodies.

Jiang Li’s side was pierced through. Before blood could flow out, it was already drawn away by the spear.

However, there was almost no effect on Daoist Mosquito.

This was because he was a collection of lives formed by countless mosquitoes. He had no organs, no vital points, and even no physical body.

This stab was no different from not stabbing at all.

Then, Daoist Mosquito revealed a complacent expression as an enormous suction force arose from the mouth spear that stabbed into Jiang Li’s body.

The Asura blood phantom that enveloped his body immediately disappeared. The energy that filled his body surged along the spear towards Daoist Mosquito.

On the Bloodthirsty Trident in Jiang Li’s hand, a strand of red energy was flowing as well. He took the initiative to send a strand of the power of chaos over.

Two high purity forces of chaos surged into Daoist Mosquito’s body at the same time, causing his entire body to begin to fluctuate unstable.

At this moment, Jiang Li had withdrawn all his spiritual qi and turned to stimulate the Asura Blood Tattoo on his back with all his might.

It was so that the other party could suck as much as he wanted.

The body formed by mosquitoes was big and small at times, constantly deforming and swelling. The layer of mosquitoes on the surface also began to explode and die.

The mosquito that called itself Daoist Mosquito revealed a look of fear.

It was as if in the next moment, Daoist Mosquito would die from the intense conflict between the two energies.


The human-shaped black mosquito actually exploded.

However, Jiang Li was not happy about this because the spear in his chest was still absorbing his strength endlessly.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths.

The exploding black mosquito seemed to have reversed time as it gathered back into its human form.

“Fellow Daoist~ You think so~ You must think so, right?”

“How pitiful~ How unfortunate~ The power of Asura~ can’t kill me!”

As he spoke, the suction force of the hollow spear in his hand increased again.

It sucked until Jiang Li’s eye sockets and cheeks sank deeply. The Asura Blood Tattoo on his back became dim because of the blood of madness being sucked out.

This Asura Blood Tattoo was formed when he broke through in his cultivation realm. Because it would not automatically disappear, Jiang Li did not make its duration indefinite back then.

Now, under the other party’s extraction, the duration of the Asura Blood Tattoo on his status bar was quickly decreasing.

Jiang Li could only react quickly and tur the status to an infinite duration.

Looking at Daoist Mosquito in front of him, the mosquitoes on his body were quickly churning.

Among the originally black mosquitoes, there were more and more red ones.

It turned out that the strongest aspect of this kind of mosquito was not its resistance to spiritual qi, nor was it its ability to suck blood and reproduce. It was its adaptability to foreign energies.

It was clearly the power of another world, but he could completely adapt in a short period of time. As long as he reproduced the red mosquitoes that he had already adapted to, he could absorb the power of chaos like absorbing spiritual qi.

“Lreally didn’t expect that a human like you could actually possess the Human Emperor’s Blood Qi, dragon blood, and the Asura blood at the same time.”

“But soon, these will all be mine!”

In the previous battle, this mosquito had actually already produced a red mosquito that could adapt to the power of the Asura World.

Jiang Li was deliberately showing weakness, but so was Daoist Mosquito.

His actions successfully attracted Jiang Li to stab him and took the initiative to infuse the power of chaos into him.

Now that his mouthpiece had pierced through, it was already impossible for Jiang Li to escape. At this speed, even if he had two types of Spiritual Qi Infusion, he would not be able to endure it.

Sooner or later, he would lose all the spiritual qi and die.

However, there was a problem.

Jiang Li had long discovered the remnants of the red mosquito on the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and conducted an emergency meeting and research in the coffin.

He clearly knew that it was very likely that the other party would transfer the spiritual qi first before adapting to the power of chaos. He would also allow the variant to reproduce rapidly in the future to have the ability to absorb the power of chaos.

‘With the power of chaos directly infused, the possibility of subduing the enemy in one move was very low.

Why did he take the initiative to step into the other party’s trap?

Daoist Mosquito was laughing crazily. He seemed to be looking forward to seeing an expression of fear and despair on Jiang Li’s face. That emotion could make the blood he tasted even more delicious.

However, although Jiang Li’s expression was ugly, he was unexpectedly calm.

He had never underestimated the people of the world, especially when the mosquitoes that had killed the Earth Immortal Lu Shoushan called themselves Daoist Mosquito.

“Lknow that the power of chaos might not be able to kill you.”

“However, it can slow you down.”

Jiang Li recalled the red mosquito that had survived the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

Although it had adapted to the power of chaos and could absorb it to become stronger, before succeeding, the mosquito froze and pretended to be dead for a long time before slowly recovering its mobility.

Clearly, it would take some time for these mosquitoes to change the energy system. During the conversion process, they would fall into a motionless state of false death.

This gave Jiang Lia chance.

“Make me slow down? Fellow Daoist, you can’t even move now. There’s no one else in a 50-kilometer radius. How can you save yourself?”

At this moment, Daoist Mosquito’s body was already mixed in black and red. He was completely unable to move.

However, his resistance was astonishing. He still did not believe that Jiang Li, who had been stabbed by the mouthpiece spear, could have any methods to deal with him.

Even the flames that used the power of the Asura previously had minimal effect on the current mosquitoes.

That was until Jiang Li opened his mouth and spat out a Golden Core that was almost the size of a grapefruit.

On the Golden Core, there was a golden flame fueled by the power of virtuous merit that was slowly burning.

“You’re a demon, right? You’re a demon. Let’s see if you’re afraid of this!”

The legendary merit fire of the human race, the Suiren Clan’s Human Fire!

This ball of flames had already completed the mission of refining the Golden Core.

However, as long as Jiang Li did not remove its status, it would not disappear. It still adhered to the Golden Core and quietly burned.

The strongest attack of a Golden Core cultivator was to spit out a Golden Core!

“Human Fire~ How is this possible? No~ Get away from me~ I am the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito~ How can I fall here!”

‘The 99 Runes Purple Extreme Golden Core that was close to the size of a grapefruit and wrapped in the flames suddenly collided with Daoist Mosquito who was close by.

It easily pierced through his chest, creating a huge hole.

Then, the entire swarm of mosquitoes suddenly shrunk into a ball. A few breaths later, it suddenly exploded, turning into mosquitoes that flew around aimlessly.

Each of these black mosquitoes was an independent entity.

After they combined all the living beings, they had powerful strength and a unified will.

However, this did not mean that their individual instincts would be erased.

‘The aura of the Human Fire made countless black mosquitoes feel fear and spontaneously want to leave.

After the fear reached a certain extent and the ‘hive mind’ could no longer suppress it, the entire Daoist Mosquito formed by countless mosquitoes collapsed on the spot.

‘Without the control of the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito, Jiang Li could finally pull the spear out of his chest.

Then, his legs went soft, and his vision went black, almost falling to the ground.

This feeling of having his strength extracted like a floodgate was too terrible.

Jiang Li even had the illusion that he was about to be sucked into an empty shell.

Even with the many statuses on his body, it would take a few days to recover. He only wanted to lie on the ground and sleep for three days.

However, it was not time to rest yet.

He opened his mouth and put away his Golden Core. The aura on Jiang Li’s body changed, and he returned to his original appearance from the pure power of chaos.

Then, he slapped his hands on the ground, and a tree rose from the ground.

Nine Nether Seal! Amber Storm!

The tree grew taller. After surpassing all the flying red-black mosquitoes, it began to grow horizontally, extending a large number of thick branches in all directions.

It enveloped the chaotic mosquito swarm below.

After that, the leaves did not grow, and a large number of cracks appeared on the branches.

From the crack, drops of bean-sized resin dripped down like water taps.

‘There were many cracks, the range was extremely wide, quickly forming a resin storm.

The high viscous resin fell and collided with the flying mosquitoes, quickly wrapping around them.

‘When they landed, they had already condensed into translucent mosquito amber.

Countless mosquitoes formed from Daoist Mosquito spread out.

They only had instincts, not more intelligence.

If they were given some time, the mosquitoes would gather into ‘Daoist Mosquito’ again. However, Jiang Li would not give these damned mosquitoes a chance now.

As he maintained the amber rain, Jiang Li also observed warily if any mosquitoes escaped the range of the rain.

Once a mosquito left, he would activate the Bloodthirsty Trident to quickly kill the enemy.

Even if it meant shooting mosquitoes with a cannon, he would not hesitate.

After using the Nine Nether Seal Technique for half an hour, Jiang Li finally froze the last black mosquito into amber.

At this moment, a thick layer of amber had already accumulated on the ground, enough to cover his knees.

‘The Broken-Wing Black Mosquitoes that were separated were actually not very strong. It was basically impossible for them to break the amber seal on their own.

‘This was a new Nine Nether Dao Art that Jiang Li had comprehended after breaking through to the Golden Core realm. He did not expect it to be useful today.

In the end, he opened his mouth and spat out a huge fire dragon, destroying the Draining Heavenly Veil that was formed by countless mosquitoes.

Only then did Jiang Li gasp and sit down in the pile of amber.

This time, it was indeed too dangerous. If not for the protection of the Human Fire, he would definitely not be this mosquito’s match.

Even if he fled, he might not be able to escape.

Fortunately, he had the Merit Blessing and his fortune was immense. Otherwise, the outcome would be unthinkable.

He casually picked up an amber beside him. Inside the clear and transparent amber, there were two mosquitoes, one black and one red, frozen while flying.

They were still alive, but they could not move at all.

After observing for a moment, Jiang Li cursed, “Damn it, you’re just the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito! Where did you get the guts to call yourself Daoist Mosquit

At this moment, Jiang Li’s heart was rather complicated.

There was disappointment and relief.

Previously, when he heard this mosquito call itself Daoist Mosquito and speak frankly about the ancient era and the Cultivationless Age, he really thought that this was the Daoist Mosquito from the Ancient Divine Investiture Battle.

Daoist Mosquito’s main body was the Blood-Winged Black Mosquito, but he was a true Primordial Beast. He was a peerless wonder born outside of the three realms and six paths before Pangu split the heavens apart.

Although he did not appear much in the Divine Investiture Battle, his achievements were even above that of the Great Peacock King, Kong Xuan.

He was part of the top combat forces merely below the Sages.

Jiang Li was disappointed because the Primordial Beast he originally thought had become a fake entity called the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito.

Although it was only a slight difference, the actual thing could not be compared to the legendary figure at all.

Of course, this was also fortunate. If the other party was really a Blood-Winged Black Mosquito, it would probably be very difficult to defeat him regardless of whether it was the power of chaos or the human holy flames.

Jiang Li would probably die in an instant.

He shook his head and shrugged off the greed in his heart.

In fact, he had long known in his heart that these mosquitoes were not the Blood-Winged Black Mosquito.

This was because the Blood-Winged Black Mosquito’s main body was one, not a group. Moreover, in the Cultivationless Age, the stronger the mighty figures, the less likely they were to exist now.

The ones who could last until the end were mostly the weak Mountain Deities.

Even if those prehistoric mighty figures could rely on certain methods to survive, it was definitely not something that the spiritual qi of this era could awaken.

It was more or less the same when the spiritual qi was upgraded to Connate Spirit Qi.

“Connate Spirit Qi” was a high-level energy that could allow one to directly cultivate into an immortal or god after a series of cultivation realms. It was what those mighty figures needed.

Forget it. Although this Broken-Wing Black Mosquito was not so ferocious, it should be related to the Primordial Beast in some way.

To him, it was still a huge gain.

If he could convert it into his strength, thinking about the terrifying speed at which these mosquitoes’ strength increased in ten days,


in his hands, it was equivalent to having an ace that could flip the table.

Jiang Li sat in the pile of amber and waited quietly for a while.

He let the statuses on his body fill up some of his energy before standing up.

He released the Yin Burial Coffin and began to collect the large amount of amber on the ground.

They were placed in the deepest corner of the coffin and given the strictest surveillance.

Then, he released a million ghost soldiers and dug three feet into the ground. He dug everything on the ground into the coffin.

The harm of this mosquito was too great.

As long as one escaped, there would be no end of trouble. They had to eliminate as many hidden dangers as possible.

After taking away all the land in the ruins of Five Banishment City, Jiang Li did not choose to leave immediately.

Instead, he brought the Five Banishment Demons, Black Jade, White Jade, Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya, and the Nine Nether clone to pay respects to the mountain in the surrounding families.

Coupled with the Black Wyrm that he had disguised himself, these were nine Greater Demons who could occupy a mountain in the Ten Directions Region.

‘There were no terrifying Demon Kings in the periphery of the Flowing Sand River.

The alliance of the nine Greater Demons was enough to make the demons of the other mountains tremble in fear.

Therefore, the negotiations for the mountain were carried out very smoothly. The leaders of these mountains quickly formed a loose alliance with Jiang Li and the others.

Jiang Li’s Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn had officially opened a branch on every mountain here.

Two weeks later, Jiang Li’s injuries had long recovered.

The two Nine Nether Wood in the coffin finally brought him good news.

The upgraded version of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit had matured!