“Is this the Nine Nether Earth Fruit that can control the Essence Soul?”

In the coffin, Jiang Li held two Nine Nether Earth Fruits that he had just plucked and was studying them in his hand.

In terms of appearance, other than the additional black line that surrounded the entire fruit, these two fruits were not much different from ordinary Earth Fruits.

However, Jiang Li sensed an aura similar to the Dao Essence Fruit on it.

This upgraded fruit could not only control the soul transformed from the Essence Soul, but it could also assist living beings in comprehending the Dao Essence. It was really a great supplement.

‘The expenditure of trying to capture and transform an existence at the Soul Formation realm was truly heart-wrenching.

Not only had it taken him a long time to condense these two Earth Fruits with his two Nine Nether Wood, but it had also consumed more than a third of his reserves.

In terms of Soul Formation cultivators, it would take two Soul Formation cultivators to condense a Nine Nether Earth Fruit that could control a Soul Formation cultivator.

Under the circumstances that it did not affect his combat strength, these two Nine Nether Wood could only grow these two Nine Nether Fruits.

It seemed that even the Nine Nether Wood could not casually control the combat strength of the Soul Formation realm before growing a third tree heart.

Suppressing the crazy idea of starting a massacre in his mind, Jiang Li walked to his two clones.

In the coffin space, there were two almost identical Nine Nether Wood.

The original Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had already been completely swallowed by the fifth Parallel Mind and became his clone.

Moreover, he used the Immortal Peach to grow a second tree heart. He could be considered to have recovered a portion of his strength back then.

As long as the spiritual qi was enough, he would quickly recover his former glory.

On the trees, three powerful creatures were tied.

‘One was Mu Yulan, who was possessed by the Ghost King, Yang Ruozhi.

One was the Armored Troll with combat strength equivalent to the Soul Formation realm that Jiang Li had defeated long ago.

As for the last one, it was the Treasure Hunting Rat that he captured not long ago because of greed.

These three guys had been locked in the coffin for a long time.

There were also many prisoners locked up with them.

‘Two of the Asura World creatures had already become sacrifices for the coffin, helping it successfully advance to the medium-grade Earth-rank not long ago.

‘The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard was swallowed by the parallel mind and became Jiang Li’s latest clone.

The Five Banishment Demons were the most sensible and decisively chose to surrender.

Therefore, only the three unwilling captives were left.

As for the Ghost King, Yang Ruozhi, among the three of them, although she was still trapped in the tree, she had actually been sentenced to death.

Due to her non-cooperation, Jiang Li treated her as a large experience bag and gave it to Qin Shuman.

Now, only these two fellows were left. They were still resisting stubbornly.

Of course, Jiang Li had left them behind for so long naturally because they still had their uses.

Treasure Hunting Rats were the best thieves in the world. They could search for secrets and steal treasures.

After subduing it, even if it was only released every few days, it could bring him endless income.

As for the Armored Troll, it might not be able to show itself in the Azure Cloud Continent.

However, in the future when facing the Armored Trolls, it might be able to have a huge effect.

These two Nine Nether Earth Fruits were not wasted if used on them.

Jiang Li pried open their mouths.

He stuffed the upgraded Nine Nether Earth Fruit inside.

The two demons that had reached the level of the Soul Formation realm naturally had very precise control over their own conditions.

Even Nascent Soul cultivators could sense the threat of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit controlling their minds, so they naturally could too.

‘They were very resistant to these two spiritual fruits worth a million spirit stones.

As a result, Jiang Li could only knock out their teeth and stuff them into their stomachs along with the spiritual fruit.

When the spiritual fruit landed in their stomach, it instantly turned into a ball of energy that spread to their limbs and bones. That could allow their cultivation and strength to advance further.

In the pure energy, a wisp of Nine Nether black qi emerged and rushed towards their Essence Soul.

The Treasure Hunting Rat also had the ability to eject its Essence Soul.

However, being bound by the Nine Nether Wood, its Essence Soul had no chance of escaping and was firmly sealed in its body.

Then, as the black qi entered its Essence Soul, the rat’s bean-sized eyes immediately lost their luster.

As for the Nine Nether black qi, it began to change the fundamental consciousness through its own method.

Looking at the Armored Troll, it seemed to be in an even worse spot.

This Armored Troll was not a royal. It was transformed from something else.

It had been modified by the flesh and blood of the Armored Trolls once. Its soul and will were far from as powerful as he had imagined. It was even more powerless against the Nine Nether black qi threads.

Before long, he would have two more capable subordinates.

After a rough calculation, the subordinates that Jiang Li controlled were equivalent to half of the Great Mountain Region’s strength.

Any one of the three major sects of the Great Mountain Region was not his match at all. If the three sect leaders knew about this, they would probably be frightened again.

With a Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth like the Nine Nether Wood, as long as he passed the initial accumulation stage, the speed at which he became stronger would be faster and faster.

Of course, that was only in terms of combat strength. Alchemy, weapon refinement, and other sub-occupations were definitely better in the cultivation world of humans.

“Let me go!”

“Lhave a tomb in the Ghost King Desolate Ground! There are countless spirit stones and black jade, all the treasures I’ve collected over the years.”

“There is also the Yin Essence of a thousand brides that I killed in the sedan! As long as you eat the Yin Essence, it will be equivalent to a hundred years of bitter cultivation.”

“There’s still a lot~ I can give you all those! Believe me, I’ll make you satisfied.”

“The current me will never be able to take revenge on you because my origin source has been damaged. Let me go! Please!”

After feeding the Nine Nether Earth Fruit, Jiang Li was just about to leave.

Aweak voice sounded.

It was Mu Yulan who was tied to the other side of the Nine Nether clone.

From the begging words, it could be seen that the Ghost King in her body, Yang Ruozhi, was speaking.

Jiang Li frowned and circled around to the other side of the Nine Nether Wood to stand in front of her.

“Please! I, Yang Ruozhi, have suffered all my life. I was sold by my family for ten taels of silver and buried in a coffin with a corpse. I died from suffocation.”

“I don’t want to die again. Please show mercy and spare me this time. I also know many secrets of Fengdu City, I can tell you.”

The insufferably arrogant Ghost King was now hanging on the Nine Nether Wood like a pile of mud.

The origin source of her soul was flowing away at all times.

The precious origin allowed Qin Shuman to form a Fallen Nascent in a short period of time. While she was rapidly advancing towards the Body Possession realm, it also made Yang Ruozhi’s soul dissipate bit by bit.

The fear of completely dissipating forced Yang Ruozhi to lower her head in front of Jiang Li.

However, her words made Jiang Li feel cold.

Because Yang Ruozhi was married to a spirit, she hated all women who could have a normal marriage after she died.

She not only seduced lechers and killed them.

She would actually often kill the bridal escort team in the outside world and kidnap the brides, killing them and depriving them of their Yin Essence.

How cruel was this?

There were still a thousand brides’ worth of Yin Essence in her tomb. What about the ones that she had already eaten? There were countless of them!

She even wanted to use her past experience to obtain Jiang Li’s sympathy. She was simply ignorant.

“Junior Sister Mu, I’m sorry but please endure it for a while longer.”

Jiang Li ignored Yang Ruozhi’s pleas. With a thought, nine white flames appeared behind him.

He reached out and plucked one before pressing it on Mu Yulan’s forehead.


Amiserable scream resounded through the coffin, and then it was even more painful to the point of being unable to make a sound. Mu Yulan’s body was also stiff, and her teeth creaked as her entire body stiffened like a piece of wood.

This pain lasted for more than ten breaths before her body went limp and relaxed. The Nine Nether Wood slowly lowered her into Jiang Li’s arms.

Only then did the light in Mu Yulan’s eyes become clear.

“Benefactor~ Don’t worry about me. I don’t want to live anymore. It’s fine even if you kill me now.”

Aweak voice sounded. Mu Yulan, whose soul was already tattered, barely recovered her consciousness.

This abandoned disciple of the Thousand Crane Tower, Mu Yulan, was actually only a stranger to him. Originally, there was no need to pay too much attention to her.

However, after being called a benefactor by Mu Yulan for such a long time, through some soul methods, he knew that the other party had experienced betrayal and pain. Later on, she was saved by him, and she really treated Jiang Li as the pillar of her support.

She would not hesitate to die for him.

If it was not established under the control of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit, Jiang Li actually did not have many true friends. If he could save her life, Jiang Li still hoped to save her as much as possible.

“Don’t say such depressing things. Your fighting spirit on the soul battlefield is very important.”

“Hang in there a little longer. Believe me, she’s about to die. When I extract her from your soul, you’ll recover quickly.”

Hearing Jiang Li’s consolation, Mu Yulan revealed a weak smile and fell asleep.

However, his words were actually just consolation.

Fighting spirit could indeed affect the soul battle. However, with a huge difference in the soul level, the effect was minimal.

How could a Nascent Soul that had been forcefully raised be the match of a Ghost King?

It had to be said that it was already a miracle that Mu Yulan could last until now.

He could only use the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame to restrict Yang Ruozhi as much as possible, but doing so would also harm Mu Yulan.

Under such circumstances, there was really not much he could do.

Jiang Li put down the girl and walked out of the coffin.

Outside, it was the office center that Jiang Li had just built.

The place was chosen to be the original location of the Five Banishment City. The geographical location here was not bad, and it was convenient to coordinate all the surrounding inns.

He walked to the highest banquet hall on the top level of Prosperous Jiang Hong. It had already gathered all the famous demons in the periphery of the Ten Directions Region.

Be it tigers, leopards, bears, wolves, snakes, insects, rats, or ants, those who had no grudges against each other had all come.

No one dared to disrespect the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn’s owner.

It was a small matter to come here to eat. Their collective appearance meant that from now on, no one in this area would dare to challenge the authority of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn.

Jiang Li had finally opened up a channel that connected the Ten Directions Region to the outside world.

There were very few people who stepped foot on this piece of uncivilized land, which meant that great benefits had yet to be developed. It was the kind that could make people fat from profits.

For example, if Jiang Li shouted, the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn could easily pull up an army of 100,000 demons.

“Thank you for your support. I, Water Grave Ascetic, am the shopkeeper of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn. Please make things convenient for me in the future.”

The person who walked forward was not Jiang Li, but one of the tree hearts of the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard, the Water Grave Ascetic.

He cupped his fists at the 69 demons below.

A vigorous aura spread out.

‘The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had been crippled by Jiang Li earlier and had yet to recover its ability to fight more than ten people at once.

However, the aura that was as cold as the Nine Nether Earth could still make the group of demons below swallow nervously.

Behind the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard, the first Nine Nether clone, Green Mountain Ascetic, the fused Black Jade and White Jade, the Five-Tailed Spirit Fox Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya, and the Five Banishment Demons also took a step forward and stood behind him.

They revealed their auras to let the demons below understand that they were all existences of the same level.

With such a large number of demons combined, the power they formed was an existence that the demons below could not resist at all.

After displaying this power, the group of demons below lowered their heads, not daring to look up.

Previously, the five demons could even suppress them who were in a state of disunity. Now, the number of demons directly doubled in this Prosperous Jiang Hong, so it was even more not a problem.

Jiang Li naturally could not stay here for a long time.

However, this place was very important, unlike the cultivation world of the Eastern Region, which was divided by the various large factions. There were huge prospects here.

If he handled it well, he could quickly establish a huge demon beast faction in his hands. By absorbing more demons, he could connect a large number of undigested spiritual materials in the Ten Directions Region to the outside world. No matter what he did, there were many benefits.

Therefore, he planned to leave the main body of the second Nine Nether clone and the Five Banishment Demons here and only bring away one tree heart of the second clone.

‘As long as a Demon King did not appear, it was enough to make the local demons not dare to have any thoughts.

After stabilizing, it would be enough to leave one or two demons behind.

“In addition, thank you for coming from afar. In the future, I’ll have to rely on you to cross the river.”

After flexing his strength to the demons, Jiang Li controlled the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard and turned around to look at an extremely ugly demon with a mouth that reached his ears and had eight large lumps on his head.

It was the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish that occupied one of the parts of the Flowing Sand River.

If he wanted to connect this area to the outside world, it was impossible without this fellow’s help.

“Hahaha, Water Grave Ascetic is too polite. If there’s anything you need my help with, feel free to tell me. As long as you raise the flag of the Prosperous Jiang Hong in the future, I will ensure their safety in the water.”

“However, I, the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish, also want to ask Water Grave Ascetic for your help today.”

After all, he was a Greater Demon who controlled the key water path that connected the inner and outer regions of the Ten Directions Region. He believed that no one could do anything to him underwater.

Therefore, compared to the other demons, the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish was more arrogant and confident. They had yet to do anything, but he had already proposed conditions.

Jiang Li could not take out the third advanced version of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit for the time being. Even if he was killed here, that region of water would quickly be occupied by other water demons. It would create a lot of trouble for no reason.

Therefore, he did not directly refuse. If the request was reasonable, at most, he would agree first.

“Brother Nine-Headed, please speak. In the future, everyone here will be brothers. You can express your thoughts.”

Jiang Li controlled his clone to appear very magnanimous.

Then, the pair of fish eyes of the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish passed through the demons and looked at Jiang Li’s main body who was sitting in a corner and drinking tea silently.

He even walked towards him with ill intentions.

“Thank you, Water Grave Ascetic.”

“A few days ago, a human cultivator secretly crossed my water body and entered the Ten Directions Region. Now, he’s even bold enough to sneak in here.”

“It just so happens that he’s the enemy of two of my friends. As long as Water Grave Ascetic is willing to help me take his head away, I’l agree to help you..”