“It has only been a few days since the Myriad Slaughter Sect did what they did to the Great Mountain Region, and the two of you have come to die in front of me.”

“Did Wu Fan ask you to come and apologize? If you don’t want to die, kneel down and kowtow.”

Jiang Li stared coldly at these two Soul Formation Blood Saber Guards. He had not forgotten the blood feud between the million compatriots of the Great Mountain Region.

He did not move. The Five Banishment Demons, the two Nine Nether Wood clones, Black Jade and White Jade, Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya, and the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish that had just abandoned the darkness to seek justice approached step by step.

The vigorous killing intent directly turned into a tornado that stirred up the weather.

‘The two Myriad Slaughter Sect elders’ foreheads were already covered in cold sweat at some point in time.

They, who had long been unafraid of the cold and heat, had not encountered such a situation in a long time. However, facing the terror of death, they were not much braver than mortals.

“You’re just a group of demons, don’t underestimate the Myriad Slaughter Sect!”

Under the circumstances that their numbers and combat strength were extremely uneven, they knew that they would definitely die. The two of them could only roar furiously as they brandished their blood sabers and charged towards the seemingly weakest Jiang Li.

Before they died, they had to at least kill this target.

However, before the power of their blood sabers could completely erupt, they were forced to stop.

The ten demons that swarmed over instantly pressed them to the ground and beat them up.

‘They were beaten to death on the spot.

At this moment, two Essence Souls that were barely visible to the naked eye burrowed out of their heads and were about to transform into long arcs to escape.

This was the Essence Soul escape technique of Soul Formation cultivators. It was the last gamble for some Soul Formation cultivators when they were forced into a comer.

If they could successfully escape and were lucky enough, they could find a suitable body and possess it to be reborn.

Those who were unlucky could also become ghost cultivators. If they accepted their fate, they could have a good future.

However, how could it be so easy for the Essence Soul to escape before Jiang Li who was prepared to capture them?

They did not even know what Dao Scripture he cultivated, what artifacts he had, and what spirit fire he used. He was a professional ghost catcher. If he could let them escape, he would not be able to bear the shame.1

In Jiang Li’s eyes that were filled with the Nine Nether spiritual qi, he could clearly see two Essence Souls with blood color surging towards the sky.

However, above them, an ordinary-looking coffin was already waiting for them.

The coffin lid suddenly slid open. A gravitational force that seemed to come from the Nine Netherworld instantly grabbed the two Essence Souls that wanted to escape.

“The time has come, the gates of hell have opened. Forget your worries and let go of your memories, the spider lily has bloomed. Your time is up, quickly surrender!”

In the beginning, the two Essence Souls struggled to escape the pull of the gravitational force.

However, from the coffin, there were voices that were either sorrowful, tactful, friendly, or moving.

It was as if their close friends of thousands of years were calling them. The two Essence Souls quickly fell into confusion, their determination to escape decreasing, and their resistance decreasing.

They could not help but look at the deep coffin. Inside, they saw a grassland and a sea of flowers. Suddenly, an urge to enter rose in their souls.

‘The fragrance of the spider lily and carefree grass came again, causing the two elders of the Myriad Slaughter Sect to completely forget the fact that they were currently fleeing. They no longer resisted and floated towards the coffin along with the gravitational force.

Then, two shadows flew out of the coffin. One was a strange creature that was half human and half horse, and the other was the charming Night Bat Blood Race.

They guided the two Essence Souls into the coffin as if they were going home.

‘The Yin Burial Coffin had just advanced to a medium-grade Earth-rank artifact not long ago.

There was no earth-shattering commotion like the rainbow clouds or the lightning tribulation.

However, the increase in grade and the strengthening of his artifact pleasantly surprised Jiang Li.

Its various attributes had been strengthened quite a bit. For example, its control of internal space had become stronger.

Previously, it had already been able to separate an area that was large enough and had a normal environment to recruit hundreds of thousands of ordinary people. One had to know that hundreds of thousands of ordinary people required a large area.

However, this was not the greatest upgrade of the Yin Burial Coffin.

It was as if the spider lily and carefree grass that Jiang Li had transplanted into the coffin on a large scale had greatly increased the attraction of the coffin to various souls.

After successfully advancing, it obtained an ability called Soul Summoning.

This was not like before, where it simply used the superior environment inside the coffin to attract ghosts.

It was like the Netherworld Kingdom, forcefully pulling at the soul.

Even the current Yin Burial Coffin had its own special envoys.

It was the two Asura World creatures that Jiang Li had treated as sacrifice and nailed to the coffin with coffin nails.

Their bodies were already dead, but their souls had tuned into Soul Luring Envoys and coexisted with the artifact. With their special chaotic souls, ordinary cultivators’ souls would definitely suffer greatly when they encountered them.

The Essence Soul was also a type of soul. After leaving the body, it would be affected by the Soul Summoning effect.

If not for the fact that Jiang Li had cultivated a spirit refinement cultivation method and was a successful cultivator, it would definitely be impossible for him to resist the Soul Summoning ability.

Moreover, the cultivators of the Myriad Slaughter Sect had killed countless people and cultivated demonic cultivation methods. Although their combat strength was extraordinary and their cultivation speed was extremely fast, in terms of soul will, it was far inferior to the deep foundation of a famous


Without the protection of their bodies, they had even less strength to resist the Yin Burial Coffin.

After the two Essence Souls were put into the coffin, the beautiful afterlife had nothing to do with them.

The two Soul Luring Envoys tured hostile on the spot. Two chains formed from chaotic wills appeared in their hands and lashed at the two Essence Souls.

The two of them were crying for their parents.

Then, they were directly thrown into the main body of the Nine Nether clone.

Immediately after, their bodies were buried under the tree roots.

Jiang Li had no intention of letting the two Blood Saber Elders of the Myriad Slaughter Sect live.

Transforming their nutrients into an upgraded version of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit was their final bit of value.

This small incident became the best opening ceremony for the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn.

With the lives of two Soul Formation cultivators, they revealed their strength.

Then, the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish also expressed their willingness to join Prosperous Jiang Hong. With him as the example, he believed that there would be more demons in the future who would want to board the ship.

This was quite beneficial to them.

Of course, Jiang Li had secretly used a few methods on the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish.

Those methods could not take his life. However, if he did anything, no matter how far away he was, Jiang Li could still accurately find his location.

With the suppression of the Dragon Race’s bloodline, as long as Jiang Li wanted to kill him, he would not be able to escape no matter what.

He believed that this guy was not stupid enough to seek death. There was no need to waste the new Nine Nether Earth Fruit on him.

He stayed in the Ten Directions Region for a period of time and used various benefits to rescue most of the citizens in the Ten Directions Region and let them live under the protection of Prosperous Jiang Hong.

Only then did Jiang Li leave this savage land quietly.

The cultivation world of the Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent had been calm on the surface recently, but undercurrents were surging because of a piece of news.

Among the three divine pillars of the Divine Judgment Hall, the mysterious Cloud Manor, the Flame Dynasty, and the Sea Palace, the three top factions, suddenly sent envoys to convene a secret meeting in the headquarters.

This meeting only invited the leaders of the twelve high-level Divine Judgment forces and the City Lords of the eight main cities.

There had not been such a meeting in nearly a hundred years.

Many people sensed something from it.

It was said that these important figures who could make the entire Eastern Region tremble with a stomp were fighting until their faces were red.

Even the soundproof door of the artifact level was shattered by their voices three times. The meeting could not continue until the door was replaced with multiple reinforced doors.

With so many important figures gathered, it was obvious that the content of this meeting was about to affect the future of the entire Eastern Region.

Something that could make these large factions fight for it definitely had a huge relationship.

Everyone had their own guesses. However, the details were kept secret by the various large forces, they did not know.

However, after this meeting, a barren land that was originally ignored by the world would definitely become the focus of everyone’s attention.

A few days later, when Jiang Li sat on the top of the Wood Dragon Rayquaza and returned to the base of the Great Mountain Alliance near Phoenix Sun City,

He discovered that there was a trace of nervousness and uneasiness in the air.

‘There were many new people in the base of the Great Mountain Alliance.

The spaceport that was enough for 50 flying ships was actually filled with flying ships from different factions.

Not only that, but more than half of the transport ships were floating in the air, waiting for the empty space to land.

Even as the Alliance Leader, he had nowhere to land when he returned.

He took out the Alliance Leader Token that he had thrown into the coffin and wanted to ask what had happened.

Only then did he realize that the token that he had thrown to the side was flickering urgently. It was already hot in his hand.

How many people had called him during this period of time?

After deleting these call records, Jiang Li put away the wooden dragon and descended from the sky.

At this moment, the Great Mountain Alliance was motionless from top to bottom. Everyone put down what they were doing and looked nervously at the Great Mountain Conference Hall in the center of the base.

Even when he swaggered down from the sky, no one discovered him.

After all, if more than a hundred unfamiliar flying ships descended, anyone would be nervous.

“Look at these guys, I’ve only been away for a few days, but they’ve gotten so complacent.”

There were no signs of battle, and they did not seem to be fighting. Those people did not seem to have any malice, so Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief.

He was not fully armed and stayed vigilant. After landing, he patted a cultivator on the shoulder.

“Brother Donggui, what are you looking at? Who are these people?”

When the cultivator turned around, Jiang Li realized that he knew this person.

He was familiar with the senior brothers and sisters of the Scripture Storage Valley, and he was the genius of the Foreign Affairs Hall, Ma Donggui. Speaking of which, Jiang Li and Yan Hong’s first Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn was obtained through transactions with him at the beginning.

“Oh?! Senior Brother Jiang!”

“My Great Alliance Leader, everyone is looking for you crazily.”

“The person-in-charge of the Divine Judgment Hall’s Phoenix Sun City branch and many other large factions have sent flying ships over. We don’t know what they want to do.”

“They and the elders are all in the main hall. Go take a look.”

‘As soon as Ma Donggui called out, the surrounding people realized that their Alliance Leader Jiang had returned.

‘They surrounded him and chattered, causing Jiang Li to be unable to hear what they were saying.

Jiang Li looked at these cultivators and was slightly vexed.

It seemed that he had to think of a way to invite the Valley Master or the other two out of the Great Mountain Region to preside over this place.

Every time he was not around and encountered something, the other branches would not even have a person to make the decision. He had to resolve this problem.

“Alliance Leader Jiang, Manager Leng and the few lords have been waiting inside for a long time.”

At this moment, the few unfamiliar cultivators standing in the surroundings walked forward and cupped their hands towards Jiang Li, and their attitude even carried a trace of respect.

From their clothes, they should be people from the Divine Judgment Hall. This expression was really not easy to see on their faces.


Jiang Li passed through the crowd, and then his figure flickered as he walked towards the main hall not far away.

With every step he took, his figure would advance a long distance. With just a few steps, he already stood in front of the main hall.

A group of elders of the Great Mountain Alliance, who were at the Core Formation realm or even the Nascent Soul realm, were waiting nervously at the door like the disciples below.

This was because the guests inside could casually choose a faction and crush the Great Mountain Alliance on the ground.

Facing such guests, they could not help but be nervous and cautious.

When they saw Jiang Li arrive, they seemed to have found their backbone and surrounded him.

Who would have thought that these people who were hundreds of years old would instinctively rely on a youth who was only fifteen years old?

“alliance Leader Jiang… you…”

‘When the Nascent Soul elders among them saw Jiang Li’s approach, they were all shocked.

The flickering footsteps were very similar to the spatial compression technique called Inch that only Soul Formation cultivators could master.

Could it be that Jiang Li had already broken through?

Of course, although Jiang Li had the strength to stand shoulder to shoulder with Soul Formation cultivators, his cultivation level was indeed not there.

His footsteps were actually a little trick he had learned after the Purple Extreme Golden Core swallowed an earth vein and allowed his Earth Spirit Body to advance further.

Although it looked similar to Inch, it could only be used when standing on the earth vein to a certain extent.

After reaching the sky, it was even more useless.

He waved his hand and stopped their compliments.

“Lalready know the basic situation. Everyone, don’t worry. I’ll deal with it next.”

This was his territory. Jiang Li did not feel nervous at all as he directly stepped forward and pushed open the hall.

Sure enough, there were many high-level cultivators with powerful auras sitting inside, but he had never seen them before.

The three Soul Formation elders of the Great Mountain Alliance were accompanying him, but it was obvious that they still did not understand why these people were here.

Jiang Li entered and naturally attracted the gazes of everyone.

Some of them admired, some observed, some were jealous, and some revealed disdain in their eyes.

It seemed that they were not here to make friends.

Fortunately, Jiang Li knew two of them.

“Greetings, Senior Hongxia, Manager Leng, and Seniors.”

“What brings you here today?”

Sitting at the front was the Cloud Manor’s Rainbow Cloud Servant, Hongxia, who he had previously met.

Beside her was the branch manager of the Divine Judgment Hall in Phoenix Sun City, Leng Tou, who had previously handled the merit transfer business.

Jiang Li raised his hand and cupped his fists towards everyone, showing absolutely no fear towards their gazes.

Instead, he walked to the top and sat beside the Cloud Manor’s maidservant, Hongxia.

Although she was only a maidservant of a certain existence in the Cloud Manor, she was a true important figure to outsiders.

“Long time no see. Alliance Leader Jiang, don’t worry. We’re here to further cooperate with the Great Mountain Alliance.”

“As for them, they’re here to give you spirit stones.”