In the Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent, in the Rock Mountain Range, although the original ecosystem of this region was very vile, all kinds of creatures who were good at disguising themselves and killing preyed on the desert for eternity.

The humans here could only rely on a terrifying fungus called the Desolate Poison Mushroom to seek some space to survive.

Even Jiang Li had to be careful when he came here back then.

But now, the situation on this land was even worse.

From the original Blackstone City, a huge spatial crack connected this land to another greedy and crazy world.

With it as the center, the land within a thousand miles was already enveloped by chaotic power.

Every rock on the ground carried poison that could kill humans. Some strange vines crawled on the ground and grew casually.

In the sky, a thick layer of haze had not dissipated for months. The sunlight could not shine on this land, causing it to be filled with despair.

Under the influence of those special buildings in the Asura World, this world could not even wash away this filth.

On the land corroded by the energy of the other world, the native creatures of the continent of the Nine Provinces had long been slaughtered. Under the effect of those forces, they crawled up again and became new monsters.

The corrosion did not stop at all.

The blood-colored energy seemed to have intelligence. It climbed bit by bit like the outside and wanted to devour the entire Rock Mountain Range.

However, today, shadows projected onto the land of the cultivation world of the Rock Mountain Range.

The native demon beasts that were driven here looked up and saw a large number of black dots in the sky.

There were thousands of flying ships.

Moreover, the craftsmanship of these flying ships was above the mainstream flying ships in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region. They naturally came from the destructive power of the twelve high-grade Divine Judgment experts.

The large number of Asura World monsters at the edge of the polluted area looked at the large ships approaching from the sky.

They seemed to be able to smell the aura of living beings on the ship, and they roared with excitement.

It was as if they thought he could easily kill the creatures in the flying ships and eat them as they had done before.

To them, the flesh and blood of humans were the most attractive food engraved in the souls of Asuras.

In the Asura World, any ordinary human corpse was a rare luxury item.

However, in war, these low-level wanderers who could only wander on the Blood Plains could also casually taste that kind of delicacy.

This was also one of the reasons why the monsters on the Blood Plains would rush over without any hesitation when they heard the summon of the Lord.

Now that there was new food, they were naturally excited.

However, in the next moment, the flying ship group in the sky flashed with a dazzling light.

Then, a thick energy pillar smashed into the dense group of monsters.

In an instant, energy erupted, and countless severed limbs and remains were sent flying. The flesh and blood in the center of the explosion was directly annihilated.

One had to know that in order to excavate the Rock Mountain Range to the greatest extent in these seven days, the twelve high-grade Divine Judgment forces had almost stopped all external transportation of supplies and other work.

They mobilized all the transportation forces and subordinates that they could find.

If possible, they really wanted to dig up all the land in this place.

The scene of the combined efforts of the twelve high-grade Divine Judgment forces was even

Ina battlefield against Armored Trolls, it was rare. The strength that this team could unleash completely exceeded Jiang Li’s imagination.

There was less than a tenth of the flying ships that fired, but even so, tens of thousands of monsters had been eliminated.

However, the people on the ship were not happy with such a result.

Looking at the monsters that were reduced to ashes below, their hearts bled.

“Damn it! Do not use the cannons on the ship! Do not use the cannons on the shi

“The flesh and blood of those monsters will have a violent reaction with spiritual qi. Do you know how much they lost in this explosion?”

“Everyone, use your artifacts to kill as much as possible. Don’t release your spiritual qi! I repeat, don’t use any attack spell techniques that release spiritual qi!”

In the flying ship group in the sky, the same orders were continuously transmitted.

The twelve of them had come this time to collect the flesh, blood and energy of the other world as the strongest weapon against the Armored Trolls.

This opportunity was obtained by their leader, the Sect Master, after wrangling in the Divine Judgment Hall. They had to treasure it especially.

If they used spiritual qi cannons every time they attacked and detonated all the blood of madness, their trip would have been in vain.

Therefore, they could only try their best to use the physical attacks of artifacts to kill these strange creatures in front of them.

This would make the battle a little more troublesome, but it would still not affect the situation.

With the strength of this fleet, even if there were more restrictions, preventing them from using artifacts and could only fight head-on, they would definitely win.

Abatch of ships sank to collect the monsters they had killed just now. The remaining flying ships continued to advance. All kinds of artifacts began to fly out from their ships like raindrops.

‘They shot at the Asura World monsters that were flying in the sky and running on the ground.

These strange chaotic creatures fell like wheat without any resistance.

‘They did not have an advantage in numbers, and there was a huge gap in strength, causing them to be unable to match anyone in front of them.

Even if a Demon General-level Asura World creature appeared, it could not stop this group from breathing.

In front of stronger experts, how much difference was there between a Demon General and a Demon Soldier?

The alliance fleet flew inward at a normal speed. A large number of transport ships behind were responsible for cleaning and moving in time.

After filling up a batch of ships, they transported the flesh and blood materials to a nearby temporary warehouse and replaced them with the next batch of flying ships to continue cleaning.

‘After such a crushing push, and after there were no living beings on the ground, a large number of low-level disciples would be scattered and extract the blood and chaotic energy that seeped into the ground.

‘There were also the Asura World buildings on the way. They simply dismantled the bottom structure and hung the entire building with ropes.

According to the research of the higher-ups of the Divine Judgment Hall, these buildings could be transported to the front line in the future.

They used this to build a defensive line that the Armored Trolls did not dare to approach.

This way, they could contract their strength and leave a few gaps to focus their defense.

‘The disadvantage that had lasted for thousands of years might be reversed. They might even be able to rely on this force to attack the continent ruled by the Armored Trolls.

That was an entire continent. Just thinking about it made him excited.

However, after these buildings were dismantled, the power of this world would intervene.

The power of chaos left in the ground would quickly be dispersed, leaving only the pollution of the Asura World that was difficult to use.

At that time, the power of Asura that suddenly filled the air would suffer a large loss.

‘Therefore, they had to have a plan. They had to extract the energy first before dismantling the building.

This was the huge difference between factions in the cultivation world.

The original owner of the Rock Mountain Range had almost been slaughtered by the Myriad Slaughter Sect.

Not long after the Myriad Slaughter Sect occupied this area, they were forced out of the Rock Mountain Range by the Blood Fighting Arena.

This area fell into the hands of the Asura World creatures.

Then, the Blood Fighting Arena welcomed the joint attack of the twelve high-grade Divine Judgment factions.

Not only had they been destroyed, but they still had the mood to hold back and wanted to leave their corpses intact.

‘They planned to reap the most benefits.

The big fish ate the small fish, and the small fish ate the shrimps. If it was larger than the end, it could not escape the mouth of the sea monster.

On the other side of the spatial crack, the yaksha clone was currently standing in a corner of the blood pool, silently looking at the furious boss, Vemacitrin.

At this moment, the boss of the Blood Fighting Arena was clearly in a terrible mood.

It was because he could feel that after occupying the continent of the Nine Provinces and obtaining power, it was actually quickly flowing away in an unstoppable manner.

If this continued for a few days, he would return to his original state.

Strength was such a charming thing. To lose it after obtaining it was a blow that could destroy anyone’s mind.

“Go over and kill! All Asuras! Go over and kill!”

“Get lost!”

‘The arrival of the high-grade alliance army made the advantage they had obtained in a few months instantly disappear.

The World’s Will was never a generous existence.

This point could be seen from the Merit Blessing of the Nine Provinces. If it was not for a certain cheater, the eyes of the world would never stop on a single creature.

Moreover, the power of these lords of the Asura World came from their territory.

The increase in Vemacitrin’s strength came from obtaining territory. After losing it, the power obtained would naturally disappear.

Otherwise, wouldn’t the Asura Lord be able to obtain infinite strength by repeatedly occupying a place?

Standing in front of the spatial crack, Vemacitrin, who was as tall as a mountain, roared and threw his subordinates into the crack.

However, there were not many soldiers standing behind him.

“Great Lord Vemacitrin, do you need me to go farther and bring back more blood soldiers?”

The eyeball the size of a house carefully passed through the spatial crack in the continent of the Nine Provinces and returned to the bottom of the Blood Fighting Arena.

After this period of hard work, the Blood Fighting Arena had successfully expanded the spatial crack further.

‘As the second-in-comman4, the Evil Eye High Priest could already pass through the crack and control the situation on the other side.

However, the High Priest only took a glance at the overwhelming fleet from afar and almost did not manage to return.

Now, there was a flying sword stuck in his large eyes.

However, Vemacitrin, who was extremely angry because of the loss of strength, did not agree with him!

This was because when the Fallen Blood Yaksha was summoned to the Blood Fighting Arena, it had taken several days.

Almost all the wandering creatures in this range had been recruited by them.

By the time the High Priest came back with the soldiers, his strength might already have been completely exhausted.

“My High Priest, are you trying to escape the battlefield?!”

“We’re the mighty Asura Race!”

“We will never feel fear before fighting!”

Vemacitrin grabbed the Evil Eye High Priest, squeezing the large eyeball into the shape of his palm.

The flying sword stabbed in the eyeball was squeezed out, and then a sticky black liquid emerged from the wound.

It was as if he was going to crush the Evil Eye High Priest like this.

“Lord Vemacitrin, we still have soldiers! All the living beings on the first to seventh level of the Blood Fighting Arena are prepared to fight for you at all times.”

At this moment, a voice sounded from beside Vemacitrin’s feet.

He looked down and saw a familiar Fallen Blood Yaksha.

“Lremember you, the lucky yaksha who opened the spatial crack!”

“Are you willing to sacrifice your life to fight for me?”

Vemacitrin casually swung, throwing the Evil Eye High Priest to the wall.

Then, the brain filled eyes looked at the yaksha clone below.

Under that gaze, it felt as if his entire body had been seen through.

Jiang Li did not dare to send his main consciousness into the clone’s body. He only remotely controlled the clone to pick up the flying sword that had fallen from the Evil Eye High Priest’s body and grabbed it.

“The Fallen Blood Yaksha is willing to guard the spatial crack for you and take back all the territory!”

Then, he broke the flying sword in his hand.

This flying sword had already been mostly destroyed by the blood of madness, and it was no different from a mortal weapon.

With a slight push, it was broken into several pieces.

“Alright, from now on, you’re the Second Priest of the Blood Fighting Arena. You can mobilize anyone under the Blood Fighting Arena.”

“Tl also give you new strength, but even if you die, you have to die there!”

As soon as Vemacitrin finished speaking, a blood light descended and enveloped the Fallen Blood Yaksha.

This blood light made his strength rise at an astonishing speed.

In just a moment, he broke through his original bottleneck and two strong arms grew out of his body.

He was already a Fallen Blood Demon General that was enough to fight a Soul Formation cultivator.

Jiang Li had only wanted to obtain authority by expressing his loyalty when faced with danger. He did not expect such an unexpected surprise.

He really liked this brainless boss more and more.

“Yes!” The yaksha clone smiled excitedly. He immediately flapped his wings and mobilized people to count the supplies.

As for the Evil Eye High Priest, who was still embedded in the wall, he sighed and did not speak.

‘The High Priest, who had seen that army with his own eyes, knew very well that if they did not share the spatial crack with the other Asura Lords, it was impossible to block that force with just the Blood Fighting Arena.

In order to reduce the losses, the best solution was probably to actively close the spatial crack.

However, with Vemacitrin’s personality, it was impossible for him to admit his failure.

He was even more unwilling to admit that he was afraid of the power of the Lamb World.

If he had proposed these two suggestions, he would have been crushed to death just now.

As for the remaining people in the Blood Fighting Arena that the Fallen Blood Yaksha mentioned, they were all precious technical talents who had awakened their inherited rationality in the Asura World.

Letting them go to the battlefield was like letting alchemists charge to their deaths in the cultivation world. It was really a waste of natural resources.

If these Asuras were all dead, it would be even harder to recruit another batch in the future.

However, he could not change Vemacitrin’s decision.

Forget it. It was not his territory after all. There were also people who would go to the Lamb World to die for him. It was best not to provoke him anymore.

Unfortunately, that little yaksha was doomed. He did not know if the Blood Fighting Arena would be fortunate enough to open another spatial crack in the future.

Jiang Li, who had just obtained authority, knew very well the principle of not using authority when he had the chance. He directly ran to the treasure vault of the Blood Fighting Arena.

That lord said that he could take everything he wanted, right?