The treasure vault of the Blood Fighting Arena was actually much emptier than before.

After a war, the expenditure was not limited to those useless soldiers.

‘They needed to equip the army with weapons, build special buildings that isolated the attention of the world, and maintain the existence of the spatial crack at all times to expand it.

During this period of time, it had emptied most of Vemacitrin’s wealth.

However, there were still many precious items in the treasure vault.

He controlled the yaksha clone and ran straight to the deepest depths of the treasure vault.

There, he found a jar made of black jade.

He opened the lid and saw that it was filled with a sticky black oil.

With a few shakes, an oval ball that seemed to be covered in scales floated up from the strange black oil. Just looking at it brought Jiang Li endless temptation.

Jiang Li had been staring at this thing for a long time and had never had the chance to obtain it. Today, he could finally take it openly.

‘The Demon God’s Egg was one of the most precious items in the entire Blood Fighting Arena.

‘As the name suggested, it was said that this was an egg produced by the Asura Demon God, representing the most respected identity in this world.

However, the meaning of this egg’s existence was not normal incubation.

It was one of the most important tools for this world’s creatures to become the Asura Lord.

He had to fuse his blood of madness with the Demon God’s Egg and throw it into an unowned blood pool.

Only then could he become a great Asura Lord and enjoy the endless glory of blood and the boosted power of his territory.

Of course, he would be like all the Asura Lords, forever locked in their territory and unable to leave.

Jiang Li currently held a geocentric passageway in his hand. The blood pool had already been built.

‘As long as he had this Demon God’s Egg, he could create an Asura Lord clone that belonged to him.1

He could even become an Asura Lord himself. However, to him, the gains would not make up for the losses.

After putting away this jar, he took away the few precious items placed at the side. Looking at the remaining items, he could only shake his head helplessly.

Due to the fact that the power of chaos had almost no stability, spatial storage equipment in the Asura World was much rarer than in the continent of the Nine Provinces. Even if there was, the internal space was much smaller.

‘The two storage demonic artifacts that the yaksha clone had previously gathered had long been filled to the brim by him. Now, he could not fit anything else.

At this moment, the trusted subordinates who had consumed the Nine Nether Earth Fruit had already gathered most of the people on the first to seventh level of the Blood Fighting Arena.

This batch of Asuras were all logistics soldiers who had never fought on the battlefield. Now, their posture as they held their weapons was a little twisted.

Even if it was the Asura Race who were innately bloodthirsty and warlike, letting these guys onto the battlefield was no different from courting death. However, they still could not disobey the order.

Looking at these technical talents, Jiang Li nodded in satisfaction.

He let them all enter the treasure vault and fill up everything they could carry.

After leaving this time, he would probably not have the chance to return. He had to seize the opportunity to take away everything he could.

‘When they returned to the seventh level, Vemacitrin stared at the spatial crack. The few eyes that grew on the back of his head turned to look at them, and they did not care about what Jiang Li had taken away.

Instead, a few more boxes were placed in front of him.

Then, an Evil Eye that was much smaller than the High Priest and about the size of a truck floated over.

“Lord Second Priest, I will accompany you into the Lamb World.”

“While facing the enemy, we have another mission: bury these things in the box into the Lamb World.”

Jiang Li frowned. Obviously, while he was mobilizing people and gathering treasures earlier, someone had suggested this to Vemacitrin.

While controlling the clone, he directly opened one of the boxes.

Floating inside were balls that emitted faint light, emitting wisps of mental fluctuations.

“This is a spiritual seed.”

Jiang Li recognized the things in the box at a glance.

‘These were the common methods used by Asura World creatures to cut off the mind and throw them into the continent of the Nine Provinces daily. They were used to bewitch the hearts of people and lure humans to open the spatial crack.

However, because it was randomly thrown through the altar, it would greatly decrease the strength of the spiritual seed, and the location of the drop could not be controlled. This caused the success rate to be extremely low.

However, if he crossed the spatial crack like now and took the initiative to bury the spiritual seed underground or fuse it into some weapons and artifacts, this would greatly increase the duration of the spiritual seed’s existence and make it easier for cultivators to discover it.

The probability of bewitching human cultivators was naturally much higher.

It had to be said that this was a good plan.

However, splitting the mind was quite harmful to the soul. Due to the fact that they often cut the mind and threw spiritual seeds, countless Asura creatures were exhausted to death like this.

Now, they suddenly took out so many boxes. What price did they pay?

Jiang Li glanced at the surroundings. Sure enough, he saw a pile of evil eyes that had fallen to the ground in the corner, and it was unknown if they were dead or alive.

Even the house-sized Evil Eye High Priest was lying in that comer. He could not even float normally.

The entire eyeball seemed to have shrunk and was wrinkled. The upper and lower eyelids were tightly closed. The tentacles on the eyeball were no longer wriggling around. Instead, they were hanging weakly. It looked like they were not far from death.

It seemed that this person had cut out the largest and brightest box of spiritual seeds.

This was also good. Although he was injured, he did not have to go to the Lamb World to die. It could be considered that Vemacitrin had given him a chance.

However, since this High Priest was already like this, Jiang Li could be a little braver.

“Since it’s His Lordship’s order, we naturally have to obey. Green Evil Eye, bring the troops through the spatial crack first.”

“The spiritual seeds need to be connected to the altar before taking effect. I’ll stay behind for the last check.”

Jiang Li did not reject this mission. After issuing the order, he first sent the only priest who was still awake to the other side of the spatial crack.

Now, almost all the Evil Eyes were on the verge of death, and the only one awake ran to the continent of the Nine Provinces.

Now, wasn’t he the only one in the Blood Fighting Arena who knew the principles behind the operation of the altar?

Under the pretense of checking the situation of the spiritual seed and the altar, Jiang Li walked past them openly, one altar after another.

Now, he was the Second Priest below the High Priest. With his authority, he easily changed some of the seemingly insignificant rune settings on it.

After circling around, he followed the tail of the Blood Fighting Arena’s suicide squad and resolutely crossed the spatial crack, charging towards the enemy.

Behind him was a group of professional technicians who grasped the sub-occupation knowledge system of the Asura World.

‘The prerequisite to becoming this kind of Asura was to have a complete soul and not have such a crazy mind. At the same time, they were more afraid of death.

Therefore, this group of people did not scream like their stupid compatriots on the battlefield that they knew they would die. The atmosphere seemed abnormally sorrowful.

Jiang Li ignored them. He flapped his wings and flew while calculating the distance between them and the spatial crack.

Vemacitrin’s dozens of eyes were staring at them from behind.

If they caused trouble now and were discovered, even if this Lord could not pass through the spatial crack to pursue them, he would have a way to make them die an ugly death.

One had to know that all of them had drunk Vemacitrin’s blood. That blood was very fatal.

Fortunately, the Evil Eye High Priest was already on the verge of death. Without the monitoring of the Evil Eye Race, their chances of escaping would be much higher.

After flying for a while, the yaksha clone could already sense that if he continued forward, he would collide with the Divine Judgment Army.

Only then did the uneasy feeling behind him finally disappear.

He heaved a sigh of relief and immediately raised his hand to stop everyone.

One breath, two breaths, and three breaths later, a palm-sized coffin descended from the sky.

When it landed in front of the clone, it had already become the size of a city gate.

Then, the coffin lid opened automatically, revealing a dark and strange space.

“Everyone, enter as soon as possible. This is the commander’s order!” The clone began to order all the troops into the coffin.

However, this was clearly not in line with Vemacitrin’s orders.

‘The truck-sized Green Evil Eye immediately floated to his side with an unfriendly gaze.

“Second Priest, the order we received should be for you to charge at the enemy while I bring people to scatter and plant the spiritual seeds.”

“You changed the order on the battlefield. Could it be that you want to betray Lord Vemacitrin?!”

This Evil Eye was originally the second-in-command under the High Priest.

He was naturally very displeased by Jiang Li suddenly snatching his position. Coupled with the fact that he felt his strength was stronger than the yaksha clone, he directly stood forward at this moment.

‘The yaksha clone did not speak or attack.

He only looked at the Green Evil Eye indifferently and circled around him.

“What are you doing? The High Priest asked me to monitor you. If you dare to disobey the order, I can kill you now!”

The Green Evil Eye was still threatening him.

Then, a red light descended from the sky and instantly arrived, only pointing at the location of the Green Evil Eye.

The Green Evil Eye was immediately alerted. Its mental strength roared and turned into an invisible shield in an attempt to block the red light.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

‘The mental power transformed into a shield that only lasted for a moment before being pierced and shattered. It did not lose momentum and stabbed into the Evil Eye’s eyeball.

At this moment, he could see that the red light was the Earth-rank demonic weapon, the Bloodthirsty Trident.

“What am I doing? I’m checking your location. Can’t you tell? Idiot!”

This Green Evil Eye indeed had the capital to be arrogant. The Fallen Blood Yaksha was not its match.

However, this was the land of the Nine Provinces now. The yaksha clone could find external help.

He had clearly seen the Yin Burial Coffin descend from the sky and should have known that there was a clone’s companion here, but he actually did not guard his back.

His clone could not defeat this huge eyeball, but could his main body not defeat it with the Bloodthirsty Trident?

After being heavily injured by the trident, the yaksha kicked it into the coffin.

After dealing with this troublemaker, the clone turned to look at the Asuras behind him.

“This is Lord Vemacitrin’s secret mission. Who dares to disobey his orders!”

With the Bloodthirsty Trident in hand, the combat strength of the Fallen Blood Yaksha could directly rise by two levels.

‘There were no longer any existences on the same level as him in this group. No one dared to resist his orders.

In any case, it was much better than courting death.

They surged into the coffin to enjoy their future.

Fifteen minutes later, all the technical Asuras entered the coffin space.

‘The yaksha clone took a last look at the flying ship fleet that could already be vaguely seen in the distance before walking in.

Then, the coffin quickly shrunk to the size of a palm and automatically flew into the sky. It passed through the turbid haze and entered the white cloud layer before finally landing in Jiang Li’s hand.

‘As the nominal owner of this land, Jiang Li naturally had the right to follow and join in the fun.1

However, he did not follow the twelve high-level Divine Judgment teams. He came with the Cloud Manor.

‘This was because after the power of the Asura World had a proper use, its value instantly increased.

‘The Cloud Manor was afraid that they might act out of greed.

For example, they could secretly contact the Asura World and deliberately open the spatial crack to lure the foreign evil creatures into invading.

Now, the Asura Lord opposite this spatial crack was not too strong. They still had the ability to resolve it.

However, if he was unlucky and was connected to the territory of a powerful Demon God by a greedy guy, such an existence was so powerful that the entire cultivation world of the Eastern Region could not resist.

Before using the power of chaos to defeat the Armored Trolls, the cultivation world of the Eastern Region would very likely face a calamity first.

Therefore, the Cloud Manor had to monitor them the entire time to prevent these twelve forces from secretly collecting some terrible things.

For example, the altar on the spatial crack.

After Jiang Li found out that the people from the Cloud Manor would come here, he shamelessly followed.

He also asked for a cloud-shaped flying artifact to act alone.

It was for the sake of finding a way to retrieve the yaksha clone and take away the talents in the Blood Fighting Arena and the Demon God’s Egg.

This would be the last piece to fit in his own Asura territory.

At this moment, Vemacitrin no longer allowed anyone to leave the Blood Fighting Arena. The only way to take these things away was to pass through the spatial crack and come here.

Now that his goal had been achieved, Jiang Li no longer felt any reluctance. He controlled the cloud artifact that hid his figure and was about to leave.

In the Blood Fighting Arena, the altars that had been modified by the yaksha clone suddenly circulated automatically.

They began to draw the blood of madness from the blood pool without any restraint.

However, the speed at which they extracted the blood of madness was much faster than before.

This was because the target of this transmission was not Jiang Li’s statue clone, but another geocentric passageway not far away.

Because there was no need to cross the spatial barrier, the expenditure and difficulty of transmission would greatly decrease, and the speed would become faster.

The lake-like blood pool visibly decreased.

This reaction naturally attracted the attention of Vemacitrin.

However, human voices appeared on the altars.

It was as if the yaksha clone had given the spiritual seeds to many human cultivators and started to bewitch them..1