Sasha, who had fused with the Seven Gills Dragon Eel’s blood, did not have a high purity dragon blood.

However, there was a lot of it. Relying on her special blood absorption talent, she had absorbed a lot of the blood of dragon blood creatures and dragon blood cultivators. The total amount of dragon blood in her body

had even exceeded 300 drops.

This was also the reason why her strength far exceeded ordinary Soul Formation cultivators and was able to collide head-on with the current Jiang Li.

After Rayquaza wrapped her in the middle, sharp wooden spikes began to grow out of its body and stabbed into Sasha’s body with great effort.

Her skin, which had been tempered by the sea breeze and scorching sun all year round, was indeed abnormally tough.

Even though she was suppressed by the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and could not use any spiritual qi to defend, Rayquaza still squeezed for half an hour before stabbing more than ten wooden spikes.

“Is that all you can do? I don’t feel anything from such a thin toothpick.”

“Little tiger, why don’t you personally stab me a few thousand times?”

“T’ll definitely beg you for mercy.”

Being pierced by wooden spikes that were several feet long, the pain did not make Sasha frown at all.

She even had the energy to tease Jiang Li. Her ambiguous gaze seemed to want to devour him alive.

However, soon, she was unable to maintain her calm.

The wooden spike that stabbed into her body began to change, finally causing this experienced female pirate to be unable to restrain her fear.

Over the years, Rayquaza had been nourished and modified by Jiang Li’s spiritual qi.

The main body of the wooden dragon had already been completely replaced by the Nine Nether Wood. At the same time, a portion of the characteristics of the Bloodsucking Wood had been fused.

After these wooden spikes stabbed into the human body, they began to grow roots.

The power of plant roots could crack rocks, let alone the roots of the Nine Nether Wood.

The secret numbing roots crawled wantonly between the meridians and bones under Sasha’s skin.

Soon, it invaded her blood vessels and began to extract spiritual qi and dragon blood from her blood.

That bit of spiritual qi was nothing, but the loss of dragon blood was fatal. Every drop of that precious thing was a huge loss.

She hurriedly used her mind to recall the dragon blood into her heart in an attempt to resist this process.

However, Jiang Li walked over with a smile.

“Don’t be so stingy. Didn’t you say that you would do anything?”

His hand passed through the gap between Rayquaza’s curled body and pointed at Sasha’s chest.

With the power of the pure blood dragon, he scattered the dragon blood in her heart and spread it to her limbs and bones.

Rayquaza’s roots quickly extracted the blood.

“Wait, stop. What do you want me to do? I promise you! Quickly make this wooden dragon stop!”

The more she had, the more she was afraid of losing.

Not long after, feeling the loss of the dragon blood in her body, Sasha finally knew fear.

Jiang Li patted the wooden dragon’s body. Rayquaza reluctantly stopped extracting the dragon blood and released her.

However, the wooden spike roots that had pierced deeply into her body still remained. As long as this female pirate spoke rudely again, it could use the name of punishment to extract more.

With the cooperation of the original owner, the restrictions on the storage artifact were naturally not a problem anymore and were easily removed.

Jiang Li picked up the bag and shook it as he retreated. A large number of miscellaneous supplies were shaken out of the bag and quickly piled up on the ground.

The capacity of this storage bag was not small, but most of it was wine of a special fish flavor.

It was brewed from sea fish and plants in the sea. It tasted fishy and salty, and it was really something that went against human taste buds.

Apart from some island countries in the Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent, almost no one drank this kind of wine.

Jiang Li opened a bucket and smelled it. A negative status called [Loss of Appetite] directly popped up on his interface.

Even he, who had pure dragon blood, could not accept this smell.

This rustic taste was really unique. It should have been something from a certain country made of islands.

As the Soul Formation captain ranked in the top three of the Dragon Transformation Island, her savings were actually not bad after robbing people all year round.

However, compared to Jiang Li who had just received the dividend from Cloud Manor, the gap was too great.

After casually pushing aside this large amount of trash and many things that he looked down on, Jiang Li found some useful things.

Dragon Transformation Island’s specialty, the Dragon Transformation Pill.

The captain’s token of the Dragon Transformation Island was a dragon scale that had not completely fossilized.

There was also an exclusive map of the Dragon Transformation Island, the Outer Sea Map.

Jiang Li first took out the Dragon Transformation Pills. A few months ago, Sasha had used this pill to reward anyone who could capture him.

na small bottle were ten black medicinal pills that emitted a faint dragon blood aura.

This was a medicinal pill refined using the blood of a dragon blood creature. It could perfectly complement the cultivation method of the Dragon Transformation Island.

However, the quality of this medicinal pill would be divided into several grades because of the purity.

What he held in his hand was only medium-grade. There were still many impurities. To him, eating them might be more harmful than good.

However, it was said that there was also a top-grade Dragon Transformation Pill specially provided for the direct descendants of the Dragon Transformation Island. It was a pill formula left behind from ancient times

and could even be used to mature the dragon bloodline and promote the growth of pure-blooded dragons.

Jiang Li was equivalent to an extremely young dragon now. If he could obtain a top-grade Dragon Transformation Pill, it should be quite useful to him.

He put down these bottles of Dragon Transformation Pills and picked up the dragon scale with some cuticle structure to take a look.

They were all useful things, but they were not very useful to the current Jiang Li.

n the end, he picked up the sea map that was even more detailed than the official map of the Divine Judgment Hall.

At this moment, Black Jade, White Jade and Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya in the coffin handed a stone slab engraved with lines and patterns to him respectfully.

tt was a stone slab that had been passed down for many years. It was said that the patterns on this stone slab would slowly change.

At first, they did not understand the meaning of this change. Later on, by chance, Tu Mountain obtained a few sea maps of the Eastern Region.

After comparison, they discovered that the changes in the patterns on this stone slab were following the changes in the environment of a certain region in the Eastern Region.

This design was probably specially arranged to prevent the terrain from changing and the target being unable to be found.

Jiang Li placed this stone slab on the ground and compared the map of the Dragon Transformation Island with it.

First, he lined it with the coastline of the Eastern Region’s outer sea, and then overlapped the scattered islands.

In the end, a cross mark in the middle of the stone slab overlapped in the empty sea area beside the Dragon Transformation Island.

Jiang Li frowned. Shouldn’t it overlap with an island? Why was it a blank area of the sea?

Could it be that the ratio of the two maps was different?

However, the coastline could clearly overlap. It should not be such a low-level mistake.

After some thought, he drew a circle around the corresponding sea area on the map and showed it to Sasha.

“What’s here?”


Sasha’s gaze landed on the sea map. He clearly saw a moment of hesitation and doubt flash across the female pirate’s face.

She was slightly surprised. Why did Jiang Li know about this sea region?

However, she did not seem to have much loyalty to her sect. She did not need Jiang Li’s coercion to directly say it.

“Below that sea is called the Coral Forest.”

“There are a large number of dragon blood creatures living there. Most of the dragon blood creatures that the disciples of the Dragon Transformation Island need to fuse their bloodlines are captured there.”

She stopped after saying this.

However, Jiang Li did not believe that this place would be so simple.

“Continue. I don’t want you to hold back any information.”

As he spoke, he casually threw a bottle of Dragon Blood Pills into the Wood Dragon Rayquaza’s mouth. A stream of dragon qi rose from the wooden dragon.

It felt comfortable as it shook its body.

“Hehe, alright, alright. Looks like I can’t hide it from you.”

“You’ve asked the right person about this. I have a lover who’s the Dragon Tooth Guard of the Dragon Head.”

“That guy told me at the climax of his ecstasy that there was an island in the middle of that Coral Forest.”

“That’s the forbidden area of the Dragon Transformation Island, the legendary place where the True Dragon hibernates!”

Was it an island underwater?

[t was no wonder that he could not find a corresponding place despite searching all the maps on the market.

tt turned out that other than a few higher-ups of the Dragon Transformation Island, that place was not recorded on the ordinary sea map.

tt seemed that that was the legendary origin of the Dragon Transformation Island.

However, that place was very likely not the place where they thought the True Dragon slept. It was where the former Human Emperor’s ruin, the Xuanyuan Tomb, was!

The place Jiang Li was looking for was none other than the Xuanyuan Tomb that he had obtained information from Wu Ya!

Legend had it that the Xuanyuan Clan was good at controlling the Dragon Race. This story did not seem to be groundless.

He did not know if the people of the Dragon Transformation Island had already explored the Xuanyuan Tomb completely.

Had the third Human Emperor’s Token been taken away?

When she saw Jiang Li’s expression change, she knew that this was very likely the key to her survival.

She immediately continued, “Do you want to go there? I can bring you there.”

“After all, you defeated me. I’m already yours. Do you want my ship? I can give you my ship too. Let me be your deputy captain. I’m very capable.”

Captain Sasha’s body twisted enticingly. She tried her best to expose herself in front of Jiang Li.

Even if she was still stabbed by more than ten wooden spikes and her wounds bled profusely because of these actions, she did not mind at all.

After thinking about it, Jiang Li felt that this Dragon Transformation Island was still worth going to.

After all, he recalled his experience when he obtained the Human Emperor’s inheritance.

He had tried his luck in the Ghost King Desolate Ground and entered the Netherworld Illusion.

In the Netherworld Illusion, he had to find Fengdu Ghost City.

There was still the Zhaoge Mystic Realm hidden under Fengdu Ghost City.

Through the hidden methods in the Zhaoge Mystic Realm, he was finally teleported to the Star Space where Star Tower was located.

Only by enduring the test did he obtain the inheritance.

One trial after another, he finally obtained the Human Emperor’s inheritance. If not for the fact that he had the Merit Blessing and was quite lucky, if there was any mistake in the middle, he might have missed out on

the opportunity to obtain the Human Emperor’s inheritance.

It was not impossible for the Dragon Transformation Island to only discover the Dragon Tomb on the surface and not the hidden Xuanyuan Tomb.

However, heading to the Dragon Transformation Island was not a simple matter.

This group of pirates had been entrenched there for a long time. That sea was simply their backyard.

This was not the Myriad Slaughter Sect that had yet to completely control its territory.

How could it be easy to sneak into a medium-sized headquarters with complete defense and even enter their forbidden area?

He needed a guide with enough status, but this female pirate was clearly not trustworthy.

Then, it seemed that the upgraded Nine Nether Earth Fruit that he had yet to warm up had been obtained.

“Captain Sasha, in view of your honest answer, I’ve decided to give you a reward.”

The Nine Nether Wood that was growing inverted not far away automatically stretched a branch in front of Jiang Li, and there was a delicious and tempting spiritual fruit of heaven and earth hanging on it.

Only the black lines on the Earth Fruit made people inexplicably feel a chill in their hearts.

“This is a top-notch spiritual fruit that can directly create a Soul Formation cultivator and extend their lifespan by a thousand years. You’re lucky.”

Jiang Li plucked the Earth Fruit and went forward with a pained expression, bringing the fruit to the female pirate’s mouth.

‘Tears! immediately flowed from the corners of Sasha’s mouth.

However, her spiritual perception was crazily warning her that if she ate this spiritual fruit, something bad would definitely happen.

Unfortunately, she did not have the right to refuse now.

Jiang Li reached out and forced her mouth open.

That mouth looked no different from an ordinary human’s from the outside.

However, when she opened it, he discovered that there were actually rows of sharp teeth inside her mouth and extending deep into her throat.

This disgusting scene was really revolting.

He stuffed the Nine Nether Earth Fruit into her mouth.

The entire spiritual fruit immediately turned into energy and spread throughout her body.

After seeing her Essence Soul invaded by the black lines, Jiang Li relaxed.

A few days later, the priority mining time of the twelve high-grade Divine Judgment forces finally ended.

They practically swept through the polluted area of the Rock Mountain Range. At least 95% of the Asura World monsters that wreaked havoc in this land had become their prey.

In fact, a layer of the rock surface in a radius of five kilometers was scraped off near the spatial crack.

The rock soil here was most corroded by the power of chaos. It was the best material to build the Armored Troll defense line.

After seizing all the time to plunder, they used the flying ships to transport goods for more than ten rounds.

In the end, they left behind 30% of the agreed supplies and returned to their respective territories.

The Divine Judgment Hall finally revealed the information that Jiang Li had submitted to the forces of the third tier.

They were the low-grade Divine Judgment forces in the Divine Judgment Hall.

They finally understood what those top factions were doing in the past seven days.

Many forces beat their chests and stomped their feet. Such a huge treasure was placed here, but no one knew its value.

If they had accepted the mission to eliminate the demons in the Rock Mountain Range earlier, this treasure would have been theirs.

Unfortunately, they could only come to the Rock Mountain Range on their own and rely on their merit points and spirit stones to purchase the materials of the Asura World.

Moreover, the quantity was limited, and everyone had to purchase according to their distribution quota, and the price was higher every day.

After that, the twelve high-grade Divine Judgment forces would use these materials to make a batch of weapons and attack the few front line strongholds of the Armored Trolls.

After these weapons displayed their might, the price of the Asura World materials might be higher.

Therefore, all the forces hoped to buy it sooner.

Among them, the forces waiting to purchase naturally included the Dragon Transformation Island.

As the captain, Sasha’s dragon scale token had basically been contacted non-stop by her subordinates these few days.

It was not until this moment that she finally picked up.

“I’m very busy! You better give me a reason for interrupting my fun!”.