A few days later, at dawn, in the sea area between an island in the Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent.

An overnight storm had just passed. The waves on the surface of the sea under the morning light were dozens of feet high, but compared to the scene of the end of the world, it was already considered calm.

At this moment, a medium-sized wooden ship broke through the waves and slowly sailed over from afar. The material of this wooden ship was quite ordinary, and there were no runes or spirit carvings on the surface.

Clearly, it was an ordinary wooden ship and not a commonly seen flying ship in the cultivation world.

“General, there’s a situation ahead!”

The bow of the ship came out, and a soldier reported loudly to the back.

Hearing this, the four of them walked out of the captain’s room.

“Fool, we’re on a ship now. You should call me first mate! If you call me that again, I’ll let you taste the whip that is soaked in seawater.”

The young general who walked out could barely be considered heroic, but he seemed to be not used to the swaying of the sea. His cheeks were sunken and his face was pale.

The young general called himself the first mate. Clearly, in name, he was not the owner of this ship.

Behind him, a fat old man with a missing left leg used a wooden stick as a substitute. He took out a telescope with a crystal embedded in both ends and looked forward.

On the surface of the sea ahead, wood debris of various sizes floated, gathering and dissipating under the waves.

There were also many sealed goods mixed in. It was unknown what was inside.

“It seems that another group of unlucky people died in the Dragon King’s sneeze.”

“Princess, there are still many goods in the sea that have not sunk. Perhaps we can find something valuable.”

“General Yu, please summon your subordinates to lean over.”

After the old man finished speaking, he handed the telescope to a woman beside him.

This woman was called a princess. From the looks of it, she should be the most respected person on this ship, the captain of this ship.

It was a young woman with fair skin and smooth hair. Her clothes were not high-grade that ordinary commoners could come into contact with. However, there were fewer accessories on her body, and only a ring was

worn on her finger.

There was also a maidservant beside her. Her clean appearance formed a sharp contrast with the soldiers and crew on the ship.

“Elder Jiao, get the people below to pay attention. The corpses on the sunken ship might attract sea beasts.”

The young female captain took the dirty telescope and did not forget to explain. It could be seen that she was not here for fun.

Below, the sailors glided the ship with long oars. They were neat and well trained. They also wore uniform armor and standard weapons.

These were clearly not sailors. She was the princess of a country who led a group of soldiers out of the sea for some reason.

After approaching the wreckage, they scattered the net and used their flying claws to grab the wooden boxes and wooden barrels floating on the sea.

A flag was salvaged first.

“This looks like a ship from the Freezing Earth Archipelago. They can actually sail for so long. There should be a few powerful fellows escorting them.”

“Unfortunately, humans are unable to resist a natural disaster. Not everyone can face a storm on the sea.”

The experienced old man quickly recognized the flag.

The natural disasters in this world were far from what Jiang Li’s previous life could compare to.

The storm was enough to make most of the flying ships and cultivators unable to rise into the sky. The huge waves could crush the sturdy spiritual wooden ship and sweep everything into the deep sea.

Ordinary cultivators were really unable to resist this force.

At this moment, the soldiers and crew below shouted again.

“First mate, there’s a person here. He was eaten by the Great Jellyfish.”

“Drag him up!”

“Be careful of the jellyfish. If you get pricked by its tentacles, you’ll die!”

As the crew members were busy, soon, a jellyfish about four to five meters in diameter was pulled out of the water.

Through the translucent body of the jellyfish, one could see that there was indeed a man lying inside.

A long blade cut through the jellyfish’s body, and the man flowed out with a puddle of seawater.

“General Yu, see if he’s still alive.”

“If he can survive, let him do some chores on the ship.”

The commotion attracted the princess’s attention.

Hearing the order, the young general stepped forward and checked the pulse of the man on the deck.

The powerful heartbeat made his palm go numb.

“He’s still alive… but this person’s body is very strong. He should be a cultivator.”

“Princess, should we throw him back into the sea?”

The young general clearly did not want to get into trouble.

However, the princess became energetic.

“Elder Jiao, can you tell if he’s a demonic cultivator?”

The old man with one leg was actually a “great cultivator” who had reached the Foundation Establishment realm. Under everyone’s respectful gazes, he walked to the man’s side.

“There’s no demonic aura on him.”

“His injuries are not serious. He should have been paralyzed by the poison of the jellyfish. He’ll be fine after lying down for a few days.”

The old man quickly came to a conclusion.

“That’s good. Give him a room. No one is allowed to touch the goods that he has salvaged. When this gentleman wakes up, I want to return them all to him.”

After the princess, who had just asked the survivors to do odd jobs on the ship, learned the identity of the cultivator, she immediately changed her attitude.

Barrels of sea fish wine was pulled onto the ship. The disgusting wine that Jiang Li looked down on was actually a type of spiritual wine. It was the kind that could not be exchanged for gold in the mortal world.

After all, it was the possession of a Soul Formation cultivator. How bad could it be?

This man was also moved into a clean room by two soldiers.

“What an interesting group of people.”

When he was alone, the man immediately opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of seawater.

Wasn’t this the Alliance Leader Jiang Li who had come from afar?

A few days ago, after he subdued Captain Sasha of the Dragon Transformation Island, the two of them discussed many things.

n the beginning, he had wanted to join Sasha’s fleet as a crew member or a ship deputy and find an opportunity to infiltrate the Dragon Transformation Island.

However, after thinking about it, he realized that this method was not good.

Although the Dragon Transformation Island was made of pirates and retained many of its features and habits from back then, the deputy of the third fleet could be considered a high-level member. If they rashly

changed people, it would definitely attract the attention of the Dragon Transformation Island.

His identity could not be investigated.

ff he was an ordinary crew member, he could basically only move around on the ship and in the port. He could not go anywhere at all.

Coupled with the fact that he possessed dragon blood, once the secret technique of the Dragon Transformation Island discovered him, he might have to face the pursuit of a medium-sized Divine Judgment faction.

Fortunately, Sasha had many lovers and was well-informed.

After she served Jiang Li with all her heart, she thought of a method to enter the secret place openly.

it was the young female captain on this ship, the princess of a small country on the coast. Her name was Jian Mo.

However, at the same time, she had another identity. She was the illegitimate daughter of the current Dragon Head of the Dragon Transformation Island, Guhei Tianchou.

The Dragon Transformation Island’s Dragon Head seemed to have inherited the tradition of pirates. His private life was extremely chaotic.

He did not have a beautiful wife in his family, nor did he like gentle young girls. He liked to secretly kidnap other people’s wives.

irates naturally did all kinds of bad things. It was already very common to kidnap innocent women.

However, this Guhei Tianchou was much worse.

Every time he kidnapped a woman and made her pregnant, he would never treat her as his wife. Instead, he would send the pregnant woman back to her original place.

Moreover, he would force the original husband to not divorce his wife, let alone abort the fetus in her stomach. They would have to give birth to and raise the child of their enemy in humiliation.

His heart was vicious and his methods were vile. It was truly detestable.

ff the original husband was angry and killed his pregnant wife or aborted his child, the cultivators of the Dragon Transformation Island would come to him and slaughter his entire family and friends.

Therefore, many people could only grit their teeth and admit their loss under the pressure of the Dragon Transformation Island.

After raising the child of their enemy into an adult, they would provide him with a ship to help him go to sea and acknowledge his ancestors.

However, how could they forget the hatred of snatching their wife? How could they treat the son of his enemy as his own?

Most of the kidnapped women would end their lives in shame.

Most children would be forced out of the sea by cold gazes and hostility.

If these children could rely on their own strength to return to the Dragon Transformation Island and pass a trial, they would be able to obtain recognition and become the young master of the Dragon Transformation

Island. From then on, they would enjoy wealth and glory.

If they died on the sea, it meant that these children were not worthy of being Guhei Tianchou’s children. He had many to choose from anyway.

It was said that the contents of the trial were to enter the Dragon Tomb and awaken their bloodline.

The key was that they could bring helpers into the Dragon Tomb trial.

Jiang Li aimed for this opportunity.

According to the information that Sasha knew, there were currently more than 300 illegitimate children who were known to be wandering outside.

This was what she knew. There were probably more illegitimate children scattered around.

Most of them did not have cultivation when they went out to sea. If they were lucky, their father could prepare a large ship and a few crew members for them. If they were unlucky, they might only be on a wooden


The princess captain on this ship was the most suitable candidate after he and Sasha carefully deliberated.

Jian Mo was a princess in name, but she had been treated coldly since she was young.

Fortunately, that King was also afraid of exposing his family’s dirty deeds. Others did not know Jian Mo’s true identity, so he was not bullied.

There was also a Foundation Establishment cultivator, General Yu, who had loved her since she was young. When she was young, she happened to save Elder Jiao, a Foundation Establishment cultivator, and obtained

his loyalty.

Her mother could not take it anymore. She lived in the Cold Palace all year round and was sick from worry. She was about to die soon.

Jian Mo was also filial and wanted to save her mother. She had heard that there was a black pear! in this sea that could cure all illnesses.

She took the ship that her father-in-name had prepared for her long ago, brought her personal maids, the general who adored her, and Elder Jiao, who was her trump card, here.

However, the supplies on the ship were privately provided by that general.

They sailed cautiously and strictly according to the sea map.

Only then did they encounter Jiang Li who had been waiting here since the beginning.

“The beautiful and downtrodden princess, the heroic young general, finally getting married after experiencing hardships. What a cheesy story.”

Jiang Li lay on the hard wooden board with an inexplicable expression in his eyes.

As his cultivation level increased, he had really not seen such a team formed by low-level cultivators and mortal martial artists for a long time.

However, other than that elder, the general and maidservant also seemed to have some obscure spiritual qi fluctuations on their bodies.

Among them were probably cultivators sent by Guhei Tianchou to protect his bloodline. Indeed, he should be more cautious.

Two days later, the ship arrived at the designated location. The clam containing the pearl did not like to live in the deep sea. The depth of the water here was still acceptable to mortals.

The ship lowered its anchor. They had lived by the sea since young and were all good at maneuvering in the water. They took off their armor and jumped into the water nimbly.

Jiang Li, who had already “woken up”, stood on the deck and was watching them work in the water.

“Sir, are you feeling better?”

The young female captain, Jian Mo, walked to Jiang Li’s side and asked with concern.

She handed him a cup of hot tea. In the tea were a few dried fruits.

On a long-term sea journey, it was naturally impossible to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables.

Only she had the qualifications to enjoy this tea on the ship. Now that she took the initiative to bring it to Jiang Li, the intention to curry favor was obvious.

Elder Jiao, who was at the Foundation Establishment realm, had stayed by her side to repay her for saving her life. After tasting the benefits, Jian Mo naturally placed her attention on Jiang Li.

However, Jiang Li felt that that old man simply lost the drive to continue exploring the cultivation world and found a random place to live.

“It’s still a little troublesome. Thank you for saving me, Miss. These spirit pills can extend one’s lifespan. Consider it my thank-you gift.”

Jiang Li did not take the cup. Instead, he took out a small porcelain bottle.

“No, Sir, you’re too polite. Everyone has their own difficulties when earning a living on the sea. Giving assistance when possible is the rule of the ship. Moreover, Sir, we’ve already taken your goods on the ship, so how

can I accept your spirit pills?”

“Your ship has been destroyed. I wonder if you have any plans after you recover?”

The young female captain started to beat around the bush. Clearly, she wanted Jiang Li to join them.

This was also in line with Jiang Li’s request.

However, he was not ina hurry. He maintained the image of mourning for his companions on the ship and returned to the cabin after rejecting the invitation.

When the bloodline descendant returned to the Dragon Transformation Island, he believed that they would undergo a check no matter what. There was a chance that the Nine Nether Wood spiritual root seed would

be discovered.

Jiang Li did not intend to take this risk. If he wanted to obtain the trust of a mortal who had no one to rely on, then it would not be too difficult as long as he put on an act.

He was waiting for an opportunity to help him. This opportunity was not far away.

n this dangerous sea, he did not even need to take the initiative to create danger.

He had long discovered that not far from this shallow sea, there was a group of ghost face crabs.

As long as they smelled blood, they would swarm over.

Today, he sensed that Princess Jian Mo was having her menses.

In the afternoon, the maidservant, Xiao Lian, washed the princess’s menstrual belt and wiped her sweat. A bucket of dirty blood poured down the edge of the ship..