In order to reach the Dragon Transformation Island in seven days, this time, they did not bring anyone else with them. Only Jiang Li and Jian Mo, together with the coffin containing her mother, set off by riding a flying sword.

After they left, the maidservant, Xiao Lian, who had been following Jian Mo, suddenly seemed to have become a different person.

The originally helpless expression instantly disappeared, becoming arrogant and cold. With a wave of her hand, a wave of water slashed across. General Yu and the other surviving soldiers were all cut to death at the waist.

Behind them, the king and the others who had rushed over after hearing that a flying ship had descended were also casually killed by Xiao Lian.

She had been acting as a maidservant here and had suffered quite a bit of anger from these mortals. Now, it was time to end their karmic relationship.

“Where did this Li Jiang come from?”

She looked in the direction where the sword light disappeared and was a little uncertain about what this powerful cultivator who had suddenly appeared was doing.

The mighty figure who met with calamity was saved by the kind princess and was subdued by the precious heart of the young girl. He helped her embark on a journey to find her parents and ask about medicine before finally living happily ever after?

These things had all happened in front of her, so it seemed reasonable.

However, shouldn’t this only happen in stories?

However, if one were to say that Sir Li Jiang had ulterior motives, how could he have any motives towards Jian Mo who had basically nothing?

Even a “personal maidservant” like her was not given special protection. How could such an expert be so easily moved?

Could it be that an illegitimate daughter really had such good fortune?

The maidservant, Xiao Lian, jumped into the water and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Three days later, in the Land of Storms.

Jiang Li stepped on the wooden flying sword and brought Guhei Jian Mo over.

He looked at the violent wind that could be seen with the naked eye and stopped moving forward.

This was the place where the Dragon Transformation Island was located. the Land of Storms.

The violent wind that connected the sky to the sea could easily blow humans to death.

There were also a large number of tornadoes that could be born at any time.

It was even more dangerous than the Flowing Sand River.

It was a dangerous place that even Soul Formation cultivators did not dare to say they could pass through. This was also the reason why the Dragon Transformation Island had always been arrogant.

With such a natural barrier, they could resist most enemies for them.

Jiang Li had transformed into a black dragon, so it was probably not a problem to go over. However, Jian Mo’s body was mortal, so he had to think of a way to bring her over.

It was not convenient to expose the Yin Burial Coffin.

The Peach Core flying ship could not shrink while absorbing ordinary living beings.

Just as he was thinking of a solution, a stream of water suddenly shot up from below.

The flying sword carried a mortal. If he dodged too quickly, the acceleration might kill her.

Jiang Li could only point out with a finger. The green-black spiritual qi transformed into a wooden flying sword and collided with the water pillar.

The two were in a stalemate for a moment before exploding in the air.

“Who are you! How dare you trespass into the Land of Storms!”

A ghost-like flying ship broke through the waves and surfaced from the sea. A flag unfolded and fluttered in the sea breeze.


It was this flying ship that attacked them just now.

Shooting the cannon first before asking questions was really the usual style of the Dragon Transformation Island.

In the violent winds of the Land of Storms, even the Dragon Transformation Island’s ship could not sail above the sea casually.

However, under the sea, there was a specific safe and fast route.

However, the route was strange and varied. Moreover, it was firmly grasped by the cultivators of the Dragon Transformation Island, so it was extremely difficult for outsiders to pass through.

“Sir Li Jiang, this is what my mother handed me before we went out to sea. It should be left behind by my father.”

Guhei Jian Mo were also shocked when she saw the large ship that suddenly appeared below.

She hurriedly pulled at her collar and took out a pendant.

It was a white shell tied with a red string. It looked no different from the ordinary shells on the beach.

Jiang Li took the shell and injected spiritual qi into it.

A ray of light immediately emitted from the shell and projected into the air, forming a pattern. It was the symbol of the Dragon Transformation Island.

Sure enough, this was a token left behind by Guhei Tianchou.

“This is the daughter of Dragon Head Guhei! Your young miss has returned. Quickly welcome her!”

When the Dragon Transformation Island’s ship below saw the pattern in the sky, they stopped attacking They did not doubt the authenticity of the person’s words. This was not the first time, and they were already used to it.

Sometimes, one would come every few years, and sometimes, a few would come every year. If there were too many illegitimate children, they would become worthless.

Compared to the other cultivation systems, the greatest advantage of the Dragon Transformation Island was that it had inherited the characteristics of the Dragon Race and was extremely capable.

The dragons could even casually breed across species and basically reproduce with anyone.

Unlike other cultivators, the stronger one was, the harder it was to reproduce.

The Dragon Transformation Island had never lacked descendants.

Before passing the trial, these children of Lord Dragon Head might not even be able to become actual young lords. “Let’s inform the captain first. The new Captain Sasha is not an easy person to deal with.”

The pirates on the ship sent the news and quickly received the order to bring the people in.

Jiang Li and Guhei Jian Mo landed on the deck. The pirates were also sloppy and did not show any respect. The ship began to sink, and a thin membrane of light blocked the seawater.

After sinking a hundred meters into the water, even Jian Mo, a mortal, did not feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Li looked at the sea ahead. Sure enough, it was not as safe underwater as he had imagined

All kinds of chaotic currents interweaved and flowed extremely complicatedly among the hard rocks.

Once one was swept in, they would be captured by the chaotic current and smashed into the underwater reef, causing the ship to be destroyed and people to die.

It would not be easy to find a safe route.

At this moment, a spiritual light shot out from the ship. Then, in the water ahead of the ship, a few rocks emitted light.

The faint power controlled the undercurrent to change, forming a long and narrow water dragon.

This water dragon was very stable. Instead, it blocked the invasion of other undercurrents and formed a stable and safe passage.

Jiang Li’s eyes lit up. So it turned out that he could rely on array formations to do this. The earth vein power in the sea was weak, but he could still see faint spiritual light flowing on some of the other hidden rocks.

The Dragon Transformation Island even used brilliant methods to set up a back door on these reefs.

Even if a top seafaring master figured out the exact direction of these undercurrents, as long as the Dragon Transformation Island slightly exerted an influence, the current would completely go berserk.

At that time, it would be equivalent to him entering a large meat grinder.

He could try to learn this method.

The ship followed the tornado passageway and passed through the outer area of the storm. When it surfaced again, they had already crossed the violent hurricane region. He looked at the wind wall that was only a few thousand feet behind him and then at the sea beside the ship. Inside the wind wall, even the waves had disappeared.

Who would have thought that the interior of the storm would be so calm and sunny?

In front of them, a huge island appeared.

“Is that… the Dragon Transformation Island?”

Guhei Jian Mo was shocked to the point of almost losing her voice. Even Jiang Li clicked his tongue in wonder at the scene before him.

Under the sunlight, the entire island emitted a resplendent golden light. It was not an illusion reflecting light, but a true golden treasure.

Before the Dragon Transformation Island became a cultivation faction, it was a gathering place for a large number of pirates. The wealth accumulated was simply countless.

After the spiritual qi recovery, the Dragon Transformation Island unified all the pirates, and these mortal treasures were gathered together.

However, at this moment, no one cared about these things anymore.

The first Dragon Transformation Island’s Dragon Head ordered the ground to be decorated with gold and jade.

However, this was not the reason for Jiang Li’s surprise.

What surprised him was that there was actually a huge skull that was like a mountain placed on the highest mountain in the center of the island.

The skull was twice the size of the Wind Protection Giant’s head. Just looking at it was shocking

Looking at the two of them, the Dragon Transformation Island’s cultivators revealed a look of disdain.

“Hmph, that’s the head of the Eastern Sea’s Sea Giant King. It’s Lord Dragon Head’s palace now.”

The Sea Giant was a relatively powerful branch of the current sea race. He did not expect that the head of their king would be cut off and hung here as loot.

The strength of the giants should be related to their size.

Jiang Li had once faced a Two-headed Sea Giant. The talent of the Sea Giant Race was inferior to the Wind Protection Clan.

However, to be able to reach such a size, its strength was probably above that giant from the Great Mountain Region.

As they got closer and closer, they could already clearly feel the intense pressure coming from the Sea Giant’s skull.

This dead King had most likely crossed that level.

To be able to kill such a Sea Giant, it seemed that Guhei Tianchou’s strength was definitely not weak even among Earth Immortals. Jiang Li really had to deal with him carefully.

If they were really on the other party’s home ground, they would definitely not be able to defeat that person. It would be a huge problem to escape.

The ship approached the shore. There was no enthusiastic welcoming ceremony. There was only a hunched old woman waiting for them.

It was exactly what Jiang Li wanted to see.

“This must be Miss Jian Mo. Please follow me.”

After receiving such simple treatment, Jiang Li could clearly see a wisp of disappointment on Jian Mo’s face.

This identity had brought her twenty years of suffering, and that pirate was also the culprit who had caused his mother’s life of suffering.

However, when this person had overwhelming power and could use gold to cover the mountains and order countless powerful cultivators,

Guhei Jian Mo, who was still mortal, could not help but look forward to it. In fact, she had already imagined the scene of father and daughter reuniting countless times in her mind.

Now that her hopes had been dashed, she would naturally be a little disappointed.

“Miss Jian Mo, stay in the west room in this small courtyard first. This follower can stay in the guest room at the back.” “All food and drinks will be delivered by servants. Please don’t wander around. Many adults on the island have bad tempers. It won’t be good if you’re injured.” After the old woman brought him over, she instructed him before turning around to leave.

The last sentence reminded them not to be arrogant because of the status of the Dragon Head’s child. They were already here. It would be a pity to die in the hands of a drunken pirate.

“Granny, please wait a moment. I want to see Dragon Head Guhei. My mother doesn’t have much time left. I only seek a life-saving medicine!”

“As long as we can save Mother and wake her up, we’ll leave immediately!”

Jian Mo was anxious and hurriedly went forward to pull the old woman back while calling out for Dragon Head Guhei. Her mother had been dead for three days now. The longer they dragged it on, the harder it would be to save her.

However, the situation on the Dragon Transformation Island was not what she had imagined.

“Miss, there’s no need to be anxious. Young Master Zhuohou will meet you tomorrow. That lord will arrange a trial for you.”

“As long as you pass the trial and become the young miss, the medicinal pills on the island will naturally be given to you.”

The old woman patted the back of Jian Mo’s hand and kindly comforted her. Then, she did not say anything else and staggered away.

From the old woman’s words, Jian Mo also understood that she was still not recognized as the young miss. She would only obtain the rights of the young miss after passing a certain trial.

Jiang Li had known about this since the beginning, but Jian Mo was clearly not mentally prepared. Trial? She, a mortal, could barely kill a chicken. What trial could she pass?

“Heh, it’s really fate. I didn’t expect another sister to come today.”

As soon as the old woman left, the door of the main room and the east room was pushed open from inside.

Clearly, someone had heard their conversation. Two young men and women walked out of the east room, and in the main room, a burly man who looked to be more than 50 years old walked out.

It was the burly man who spoke. From what he said, they were arranged to be in the same small courtyard. In that case, it was very likely that they were both the illegitimate children of Guhei Tianchou.

The young man and woman looked similar. They seemed to be twins.

As for that burly man, he looked a little old. From his appearance, he might be even older than his father.

However, with Guhei Tianchou’s age, it was possible for his children to be thousands of years younger.

What was relatively special was that Jiang Li felt a considerable spiritual qi fluctuation on the burly man’s body, and it was roughly at the level of the Void Core.

No wonder he looked so arrogant. Among the few heirs, this burly man’s strength was already not bad.

The children of Earth Immortal experts had no inferior spiritual root talent.

This person was only at the Void Core realm in his fifties. It was probably because he lacked cultivation resources. “My dear sister, you came at the right time. Tomorrow, we will enter the inheritance trial. If the four of us work together, we will definitely win.” “Don’t worry, I have a Void Core cultivation base. I can definitely ensure your safety.”

He approached Jian Mo and sized her up. Clearly, he had ill intentions.

A thousand miles away, in the Mechanism City at the front line of the Great Mountain Alliance.

Jiang Li’s sword cultivator clone came out of seclusion and passed through a secret passage that only the Hidden Rock cultivators knew about, arriving at a newly opened underground salty water lake.

There was a small mermen tribe here.

Seeing this person, a merman with a crown on his head surfaced and swam to the clone.

“Namur, do you know the current situation of the Sea Giant?”