“Sea Giant? There are currently nine main tribes in the Eastern Region’s coastal sea…”

The merman race that Jiang Li had saved from the Armored Trolls had been living quite comfortably recently.

Living below the Mechanism City, as long as they were responsible for driving away the sea beasts that surged over, they could enjoy the best treatment of resources.

There was no need to fight directly, more than 20 translucent merman eggs had been made recently.

With their help, the state of the Mechanism City was quite good recently. Without the sea beasts that were controlled, the pressure they endured now was less than a tenth of what it was before.

Every time they encountered an attack, they only needed a third of their people to maintain vigilance. Relying on the mechanisms set up in the sea and the Great Sea Floating Wood Forest that Jiang Li created was enough to deal with it.

From time to time, they could kill some Trolls to accumulate merit.

The crisis of the Myriad Slaughter Sect had been temporarily resolved. The Great Mountain Alliance had already ushered in a good period of stable development.

The merman prince Namur who had eaten the Nine Nether Earth Fruit had long become one of Jiang Li’s most trusted good friends.

When he heard Jiang Li’s question, he immediately told him the general situation of the sea races in the Eastern Region.

Ever since the Azure Cloud Continent’s Eastern Sea’s Sea Giant Race lost their king, they had been led by the nine children of the original king to split into nine large tribes.

No matter which branch the Giant Race was from, they were all hot-tempered guys.

There was not much difference in strength between the nine tribes. All along, no one was convinced by the other and could not truly unite.

Fortunately, they still had a huge grudge to avenge. They did not lack brains and fought


A few tribes were nearby, so Namur could find them himself.

With a similar strength, it meant that no giant had truly broken through to the Earth Immortal realm.

There was no meaning in stopping Guhei Tianchou.

Jiang Li was slightly hesitant, but he still let Namur go out to sea and visit the nine Sea Giant tribes.

The merman race that was called the royal family of the sea and was once the favorite of the Dragon Race had a good relationship with anyone in the sea.

Although the tribe of Namur was not large, it could still speak among the nine Sea Giant tribes.

If he could have strong reinforcements outside, Jiang Li would be able to make many more choices.

On the Dragon Transformation Island’s side, the burly man called himself Guhei Daniu and tried to rope Jiang Li and Guhei Jian Mo in to form something like an illegitimate child alliance.

The twins had been convinced by him long ago. The younger sister did not dare to resist even if Guhei Daniu touched her in front of others.

If not for Jiang Li’s existence, Jian Mo might have given in, but now…

With a slap, Guhei Daniu flew back to his room. Half of his face was swollen like a pig’s head. He would not wake up for a short period of time.

The pirates on the island had a bad temper, and Jiang Li was not someone to be trifled with.

After letting Jian Mo return to his room to rest, Jiang Li walked around the golden island of the Dragon Transformation Island.

Over the years, there had not been a thousand or eight hundred Dragon Head heirs who had come to the Dragon Transformation Island, but only two had become legitimate.

It could be seen how low the success rate of passing the trial was.

He wanted to obtain some useful information in advance.

He walked into a noisy tavern and had just pushed open the door when more than twenty pairs of malicious eyes landed on him.

Because he was new, the owners of these gazes were evaluating his value and danger.

If he was a weak sheep, a group of sharks would rush up and tear him into pieces.

Jiang Li’s calm eyes swept past those eyes that were spying on him, and muffled groans sounded in the tavern.

There were also a few people who suddenly lay on the ground without any warning, bleeding from their seven orifices.

When they looked at each other, the chaotic will of the Asura World hidden in the depths of his eyes heavily injured their minds.

After displaying his strength, the malice that was everywhere indeed weakened.

“Hey, unfamiliar kid, what are you doing!”

Jiang Li directly walked to the third window on the right side of the tavern. On the table, there were four pirates drinking the smelly fish wine in large mouthfuls.

When they saw Jiang Li stand before them, they immediately drew their curved sabers and asked with displeasure.

“You guys took my seat.”

The four pirates were immediately furious, and then they were grabbed by the neck by Jiang Li and thrown out of the tavern one after another.

The noisy tavern was silent for a moment.

It was not until a bearded man walked out from behind the counter and placed a plate of sea beast meat and a bottle of crimson wine in front of Jiang Li.

Only then did the tavern become noisy again.

After tearing open the sea beast meat, there was a small jade slip inside. Inside was what Sasha had given him.

In the past few days, Sasha had asked the two young masters indirectly, but she did not obtain any useful information.

However, she had already reached a cooperative relationship with one of them, and the progress was not bad.

After reading the information inside, Jiang Li crushed the jade slip into powder, and then he enjoyed the Dragon Blood Liquor of the Dragon Transformation Island.

Outside the tavern, the four pirates that Jiang Li had thrown out did not leave. They guarded the dark corner not far away from the tavern and waited for Jiang Li to come out before swarmed over to take revenge. However, in the darkness, a few sharp blades reached out and directly wiped their necks.

Next, someone quickly searched the corpse and quickly took out a small storage artifact.

The figure vanished, and a moment later, the storage artifact appeared before the captain of the second fleet, Sasha.

In the territory of such a large faction, using communication spirit stones to plot was basically equivalent to courting death.

Therefore, this was the way he had agreed to communicate with Sasha.

As long as Jiang Li sat at a specific location in that tavern, news would reach him. When he threw the four pirates out earlier, he had hidden a small thing on them.

After seeing what was inside, Sasha immediately understood Jiang Li’s meaning.

She personally stepped forward and inserted a small flag into the key node of the Dragon Transformation Island’s array formation.

After a terrible night, the four illegitimate children and their followers were brought to a remote dock.

Then, the group of people enjoyed the sea breeze and stared at each other until late in the morning.

Clearly, that shameless young master did not take them seriously at all. “Damn it! What kind of lousy place is this! How dare you slight Big Brother Daniu!” “In my opinion, we should have run to the palace and found your father.”

“I think that guy called Zhuohou is doing this on purpose. He’s afraid that Big Brother will become the young master and snatch his limelight.”

Jiang Li did not kill him yesterday. After lying down for an entire night, Guhei Daniu slowly woke up. Now, half of his face was wrapped in bandages, and he was still a little unconscious. However, a slap was not enough to make him behave.

After he found out from the pair of siblings that Jiang Li had knocked him unconscious, his face was filled with determination to take revenge.

Moreover, his followers actually dared to speak nonsense here.

This burly man called Guhei Daniu had not been a good person since he was young.

After knowing his background, he did not feel any inferiority. Instead, he felt proud of it and used this surname to tyrannize others.

It just so happened that his adopted father was a cowardly fellow. Due to the threat of the Dragon Transformation Island, others did not dare to really attack him.

If he was killed, no one could withstand the wrath of the Dragon Transformation Island.

It was this forbearance and fear that fueled his arrogance.

This caused this guy to anger his adopted father to death at the age of twelve. He started to bully people since he was thirteen.

At the age of 19, he entangled a group of local ruffians and went out to sea to be a group of vile pirates.

Later on, he obtained an inheritance in some ruins and started the path of cultivation and Qi Refinement.

This fellow was quite smart. After asking around, he learned that the survival rate of illegitimate children who went to the Dragon Transformation Island was extremely low.

He, who was afraid of death, had not visited for decades. He only used the name of the Dragon Transformation Island’s young master to cause trouble.

Many small sects wanted to kill him. However, it was a pity that this guy was really the son of the Dragon Transformation Island’s Dragon Head. Even if they had several guts, they would not dare to attack.

He was just a third-rate rogue cultivator but he managed to do quite well in life with this status.

It was not until a while ago that because the knowledge of Guhei Daniu was relatively low, he made a mistake when breaking through to the Void Core realm.

He had no choice but to come to the Dragon Transformation Island to seek help.

However, the pirates under him had always been arrogant.

Unfortunately, they had chosen the wrong place this time.

As the pirate spoke, he felt his neck itch.

He reached out and scratched his neck. A line of blood appeared. Then, the more he scratched, the larger the blood line became. Even when the entire head fell off his neck, he did not know how he died.

Blood spurted out from his headless neck. Only Jiang Li saw a trace of it.

Jiang Li suddenly stretched out his hand, and his thumb and index finger seemed to have pinched something.


A tremor sounded in the air. Something was pulled taut by the immense force.

Under the refraction of the light, one could barely see an extremely thin thread.

When he fought Jiang Li, the other party’s figure was naturally unable to continue hiding.

After a moment of stalemate, Jiang Li released his fingers.

“What a sharp Dragon Whiskers Thread. The young master of the Dragon Transformation Island is indeed skilled.”

Jiang Li looked at a large rock in the distance. A young cultivator with mottled scales on both sides of his face was standing there.

He, who had already studied information, knew that it was Guhei Zhuohou.

Earlier, when this guy heard someone speak ill of him, he made a move to kill that clown.

Then, he discovered that there was a powerful aura present.

Without a care, he flicked the Dragon Whiskers Thread and slashed it towards Jiang Li.

He wanted to test if Jiang Li would be killed by this move.

However, he did not expect that this fellow would actually be able to so easily withstand his probing.

“This sister is quite fortunate to have such a powerful follower.”

“However, the higher your cultivation is, the faster you will die.”

Guhei Zhuohou stared at Jiang Li, wanting to see something from him.

However, in the end, he did not discover anything and only left behind a sentence with unknown meaning.

“Follow me. If you survive, all your requests won’t be a problem.”

Guhei Zhuohou summoned a precious water beast and gestured for everyone to go up. The few of them rode on the spiritual beast and avoided the water beast as they walked in the air towards a sea area that Jiang Li had marked on the map. As the bloodline descendant of an ancient spiritual beast, the water beast’s speed was very fast. Soon, it arrived at a special water


Looking down, the water surface was colorful. It was a coral forest that had grown for tens of thousands of years under the water.

Sunlight shone on the coral through the water and reflected on the water surface, creating this strange scene.

In this coral forest, there were also the most commonly known dragon blood creatures.

They were also the most important foundation of the Dragon Transformation Island.

The height of the water beast kept decreasing. As it approached the water surface, the seawater below automatically separated to two sides, forming a wide underwater tunnel.

They could clearly see the huge sea beast hibernating not far away.

Those who were still talking looked at them with bloodshot eyes, but they seemed to be afraid of something and did not dare to attack directly.

They passed through the colorful and blue coral forest.

A huge bubble appeared ahead.

Guhei Zhuohou took out a token and landed on the bubble. Immediately, circles of ripples appeared.

Then, for some reason, he took out two high-grade spirit stones. One was thrown into the water beast’s mouth, and the other was squeezed in his palm.

Only then did the water beast accelerate and collide with the ripple. With a bang, it was as if they were in a different world.

Jiang Li felt as if he was a fish that was suddenly pulled out of the cold water and directly thrown into the scorching hot desert at noon.

The surrounding air seemed to be lacking something.

He quickly reacted. It was spiritual qi! If he threw the fish into the desert, it would quickly dry up and lose all its moisture. After throwing cultivators here, they quickly lost the spiritual qi that they relied on to survive. When the spiritual qi was exhausted, they would die.

This underwater island was completely different from the environment of an ordinary mystic realm.

Not only did the legendary Dragon Transformation Island not have a rich spiritual qi environment, it was abnormally barren. It was so barren that even with Jiang Li’s methods, he was unable to stop his spiritual qi from leaking out.

His expression changed slightly. Only then did he understand why Guhei Zhuohou was holding a high-grade spirit stone in his hand.

It was also the reason why he said that the stronger his cultivation was, the faster he would die.

Among them, Jiang Li and Guhei Zhuohou were the most affected, whereas the few children who were still mortals seemed to be unaffected.

Fortunately, Jiang Li was only at the Golden Core realm in essence. Although the spiritual qi and quality far exceeded cultivators of the same level, causing the speed at which spiritual qi leaked was much faster, in general, it was only about the speed at which Guhei Zhuohou lost his own spiritual qi. The speed at which it leaked out was far inferior to the speed at which spiritual qi poured into his body. Apart from causing the power of his spell technique to fail greatly, it would not affect him much.

As he looked at the spiritual qi that emerged from Jiang Li’s body, Guhei Zhuohou felt that he had determined Jiang Li’s strength.

There was a hint of disdain in his eyes.

“Your trial will take you from here to the center of this island… Hmm?”

The Dragon Transformation Island’s young master was just about to explain the contents of the trial to them when the bubble behind them fluctuated again. Then, before they could turn around, an arc of water blade struck them from behind.