The flying water blade collided with the thick protective light.

As one of the only two young masters of the Dragon Transformation Island, the protective artifact on him was naturally not bad. The water blade was weakened again in this barren spiritual qi environment. Although the spiritual light trembled violently, it still endured.

This also allowed the group of mortals behind him to live.

“How dare you! Who dares to sneak attack me!” Guhei Zhuohou roared loudly.

His left hand was behind his back. He grabbed a communication spirit stone and began to crazily ask for help. He could not think of anyone else who could attack him here.

“My stupid brother, it’s useless. I’ve already bribed your subordinates. It’s useless no matter how you ask for help.”

Two figures appeared above. A young man who looked very similar to Guhei Zhuohou was playing with a communication spirit stone with interest.


“Guhei Mocheng, it’s really you!”

That young man was the other young master of the Dragon Transformation Island, Guhei Mocheng.

The communication spirit stone in his hand was constantly transmitting Guhei Zhuohou’s distress signal.

Realizing that all the information he asked for help had been sent to his elder brother, Guhei Zhuohou’s thick expression turned abnormally ugly.

“I’m currently on a mission. May I know why you’re here?”

“Big Brother, bringing others into the secret place is probably against the rules!” “Big Brother, aren’t you afraid of Father’s punishment!”

Guhei Zhuohou did not dare to fall out with them. He tried to use their father to force the other party to stop.

However, the water blade from before clearly did not have good intentions.

Once brothers fought, there was no room for reconciliation.

“You don’t have to worry about me. Father is not on the island today. He can’t save you.”

“In addition, Captain Sasha is not an outsider. After choosing a good day, I will marry her. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to attend my wedding!”

“Moreover, as long as you die, I’ll be the only young master of the Dragon Transformation Island. Will Father still kill me?”


The figure that flew beside Guhei Mocheng was the captain of the second fleet of the Dragon Transformation Island, Sasha.

Only with this person’s help could he be so confident.

The two of them had unknowingly colluded and reached a plan to kill Guhei Zhuohou together. They took advantage of today’s entry into the forbidden area to suddenly attack.

As soon as Guhei Mocheng finished speaking, Sasha’s figure rushed over.

In this space, the spatial teleportation that Soul Formation cultivators were good at also lost its effect.

However, her speed was still so fast that no one could react.


A flesh-colored whip swept over, turning into the left hand of the Seven-Faced Dragon Eel, sweeping Guhei Zhuohou into the air.

More than ten suction cups opened their mouths and sucked at the second young master.

In just a few breaths, the protective spiritual light flickered a few times and completely disappeared.

Sasha’s current strength was considered top-notch among Soul Formation cultivators. She was an existence that could resist the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard.

How could a Nascent Soul cultivator deal with them with just a few artifacts?

After breaking the spiritual light, Sasha did not directly kill him.

However, after tearing off the storage bag on Guhei Zhuohou’s body and taking away the dragon whiskers line and forbidden area token on his body, she casually threw him to the side.

“Young Master Zhuohou, you want to leave this place alive? Then, walk the path of the trial again.”

After all, he was the young master of the Dragon Transformation Island. If he was killed, there would definitely be a terrifying revenge mark left on her. She would definitely be punished by Dragon Head Qiu after this.

However, if Guhei Zhuohou coveted the secret treasure of the forbidden area and entered without knowing his own limits and died inside, who could he blame?

After that, she even took away the water beast that was quietly standing at the side and left the forbidden area with the token of Guhei Mocheng above. Only the people participating in the trial and the incompetent and furious Guhei Zhuohou lying on the ground waited for death.

Standing at the side and watching a huge show, Jiang Li was very satisfied with Sasha’s ability to do things.

In just a few days, she could actually make Guhei Mocheng spin around and easily agree to her plan.

However, Sasha was currently the second captain of the Dragon Transformation Island. She was a true high-level figure on the island, and she was an existence that these two young masters wanted to rope in to begin with.

This cooperation gave them mutual benefits, which was why they could reach a consensus so quickly. Jiang Li had spent a lot of effort to stir up these two young masters’ internal conflict, so he naturally had his own plans.

On the one hand, it was for the sake of secretly controlling a portion of the power of the Dragon Transformation Island and making preparations for retreat. On the other hand, these two young masters were unwilling to reveal the news of the forbidden area.

He would throw one of them in and force him to undergo another trial with Jiang Li.

With a former challenger leading the way, it would undoubtedly make things much more convenient for Jiang Li.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! All of you deserve to die!”

Guhei Zhuohou, who was secretly harmed by his brother, punched the bubble at the edge of the underwater island a few times.

However, without the token of the forbidden area, with his strength, he could not forcefully break through this seemingly weak bubble.

Looking at the high-grade spirit stone in his hand that had already dimmed greatly and had less than half of its spiritual qi, this young master only felt a sense of despair.

This place had been preserved by an unknown force, creating the environment before the spiritual qi resurgence.

Be it cultivators or artifacts, in this environment, spiritual qi would inevitably flow quickly.

Moreover, the higher one’s cultivation was, the greater the effect.

Although he had successfully completed a trial back then and could pass it when he was a mortal, he was no longer the same as before, and it was very likely that he would die here. Previously, he had even looked at Jiang Li as if he was looking at a dead person. He did not expect that in the blink of an eye, he would fall into the same situation.

“Guhei Mocheng! When I get out, I’ll definitely kill you!”

After finding a target to calm himself down, this young master turned to look at the group of people he had brought in.

“Hey! Both of you, hand over all the spirit stones on you.”

He was talking about Jiang Li and the burly man beside him.

Only the two of them were cultivators. Guhei Zhuohou’s storage treasure had been snatched away. The only remaining wealth on him was his precious clothes that had already exhausted its spiritual gi and a high-grade spirit stone that had been used up by half.

If he wanted to survive in this damned place for a while, he could only think of a way to collect as many things as possible. The burly Daniu’s expression darkened. He held the bulging bag at his waist and immediately wanted to escape.

However, he was still caught up in an instant. He was pressed down on the ground and the bag at his waist was torn off.

He did not even have a storage artifact. After tearing open the cloth bag, there were only about a hundred low-grade spirit stones and a few medium-grade spirit stones inside.

The poverty of this illegitimate son made Young Master Zhuohou’s expression turn even uglier.

There were many impurities in medium and low-grade spirit stones. In theory, they could not be absorbed directly. Otherwise, it would cause irreparable damage to the body. However, when it came to life and death, he could not care less.

“Where’s your bag? Hand it over quickly.”

He looked at Jiang Li again and directly stretched out his hand to grab him. In his eyes, Jiang Li should be a Nascent Soul cultivator, so he could not be so stingy. However, his hand was ruthlessly slapped back by a vine whip.

As soon as the two of them made a move, they mobilized the spiritual qi in their bodies, causing the speed at which their spiritual qi flowed out to suddenly increase by several times.

The spiritual qi flames on their bodies were like the aura of a Super Saiyan, visible to the naked eye.

“Young Master Zhuohou, we’re all on the same boat now. If we attack each other, we’ll die faster, right?”

Guhei Zhuohou had lost his signature artifact, the Dragon Whiskers Thread. After colliding with Jiang Li earlier, he knew that he would definitely be unable to capture Jiang Li for a short period of time, so he could only grit his teeth and give up.

Both sides closed their eyes and adjusted their breathing for a moment before suppressing the spiritual qi back into their Qi Sea. The flames around their bodies slowly disappeared.

“Give me half of the spirit stones. Otherwise, you won’t know how to get out!”

Since the battle was unable to obtain an outcome, Guhei Zhuohou could only choose to negotiate with Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was very straightforward. In any case, he did not need these things. He took out ten high-grade spirit stones and threw them on the ground in a bag made of black cloth.

“I want the half you left behind.”

However, Guhei Zhuohou did not believe in Jiang Li’s character. He thought that he was smart and did not want the half Jiang Li took out, but the half he left behind.

Jiang Li pursed his lips, took off the temporary storage bag at his waist, and threw it over.

When Guhei Zhuohou opened it, he discovered that there were only eight high-grade spirit stones inside. Immediately, it was as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

However, at this moment, it was no longer good to regret and he could only accept it.

“In the center of this island is a Dragon Transformation Pool. Walk there alive and jump into the pool. If you’re not dead, you can leave.”

“I know the nearest route. You can follow me or walk by yourself.” After saying that, he did not say anything else. He turned around and quickly entered the stone forest in front of him, rushing towards the center of the island.

“Come, let’s follow!”

Jiang Li also put on an act and grabbed a high-grade spirit stone in his hand before firmly following behind Guhei Zhuohou with Jian Mo.

The others were not fools. Everyone followed behind.

The shape of this island was very strange, like crystals growing. Sharp stalagmites thousands of feet tall were everywhere.

Flying here would exhaust their spiritual qi for a short period of time. They could only move forward with difficulty in the gaps between the stalagmites.

Jiang Li could sense that the more he walked into the island, the faster the spiritual qi in his body flowed.

In the beginning, he lost a high-grade spirit stone’s spiritual qi in an hour.

After walking a quarter of the way, it would cost one spirit stone every fifteen minutes. Moreover, in such an environment, spirit stones would continuously lose spiritual qi. No matter how thrifty they were, it was useless.

A few hours later.


Another spirit stone shattered in Jiang Li’s hand, and it transformed into useless powder on the ground.

He still had two high-grade spirit stones in his hand, but there was not a single high-grade spirit stone left beside him.

Jiang Li casually threw the remaining spirit stone to the other party. He did not want this guide to fall so quickly.

After catching the spirit stones, Guhei Zhuohou was also surprised. In this place, spirit stones were equivalent to life. Jiang Li was actually willing to share a piece with him.

“I’ll pay you back a hundred times when we get


At this moment, Guhei Daniu could not stand it anymore. He knelt on the ground and crawled to Jiang Li, crying bitterly.

“Senior! Please! Give me the remaining spirit stone!”

“I was blind to offend Senior yesterday, but if this continues, my Void Core will dissipate!”

“Please give me that spirit stone! After we get out, I’ll pay you back ten or a hundred times over!”

“Sister! Sister Jian Mo, please persuade Senior!”

This Guhei Daniu had previously flaunted his strength because of this bit of cultivation. Now, he had to pay the price.

Daniu was only at the Void Core realm. The speed at which its spiritual qi flowed was much slower than theirs.

However, Guhei Zhuohou had spirit stones to replenish it, while Jiang Li’s Spiritual Qi Infusion was a hundred times faster than the speed at which it flowed out.

They were fine for the time being. It was this guy who could not withstand it first.

Jiang Li stepped forward with concern, as if he was really moved.

After approaching this Daniu’s pig face, he said softly, “Don’t worry, no one will die if the Void Core dissipates.”

Then, he pointed at the Qi Sea and scattered the Void Core inside.


With a roar, he lashed out and lay motionless on the ground.

“Wait, don’t kill people here!”

Jiang Li was just about to casually end this group of pirates who committed all kinds of crimes.

At this moment, the ruthless Young Master Zhuohou stopped Jiang Li from attacking.

Jiang Li was a little surprised by this and looked over in confusion.

Guhei Zhuohou seemed to not want to waste any time traveling. After stopping Jiang Li, he continued forward.

He explained as he walked.

“There’s almost no spiritual qi in this place, but that doesn’t mean there’s no danger.”

“If someone dies here, it will attract a strange black insect. It’s very troublesome.” “If we expend any more spiritual qi now, we’ll be closer to death. Let them fend for themselves.”

Jiang Li gave up on killing these fellows.

However, they had just walked more than a thousand feet when the sound of a sharp weapon piercing flesh sounded from behind.

Turning around, he saw the younger sister among the twins.

She was stabbing a dagger into Daniu’s heart with a vicious expression.

Ever since they were tricked by this so-called half-brother, they had been bullied like hell.

Especially her. It was hard to imagine what a fifteen-year-old girl had experienced during this period of time.

Previously, she had not dared to resist and had been obedient like a rag doll.

Only then did she seize the opportunity to avenge herself.


In this space, almost all perception that relied on spiritual qi as the foundation was crippled, so Guhei Zhuohou actually did not notice this girl’s movements.

Jiang Li was not afraid of spiritual qi expenditure at all. His ears had long discovered the girl’s movements, but he did not stop her.

He purely wanted to see what the worm that would be attracted by death was.

The Dragon Transformation Island’s Dragon Head had insisted on having descendants for more than a thousand years, but he did not teach them how to cultivate. He made almost all these children die here because of some strange trial.

Jiang Li would not believe that it was purely to test their temperament. There must be another reason.

As expected, after the evil Guhei Daniu breathed his last, many jelly-like black maggots immediately surged out from the ground around him.

The black maggots were extremely fast. They were attracted by the aura of death and surged towards the corpse and all the living people as soon as they appeared.

After touching the human body, they crazily entered. The living person fell to the ground and struggled in pain after being touched. After hundreds of insects entered the dead person’s body, he actually swayed and stood up.

Then, he rushed towards them with the strange movements of a soft animal.


[Name: Origin Blood Ancient Leech)

[Type: Ancient Insect]

[Age: 3 Days After Birth]

(Gender: Asexual)

(Source of Nutrition: High-Energy Blood)

(Habit: Binary Fission Hunting]

[Ability: Refine the Origin Blood]