When this stone door opened, it was as if some ferocious beast had been released. An invisible force surged out from behind the stone door.

The spiritual qi flames that Jiang Li had just suppressed with the Qi Condensation Technique spewed out even more fiercely.

Even after resisting 80% of the Spirit Dispersion effect, the speed at which it was lost was still much faster than before.

This change was not limited to the underground tunnel.

The entire space in the bubble became even more terrifying, as if it was no longer suitable for cultivators to survive.

Guhei Zhuohou, who was above the ground, suddenly sensed something.

A pair of eyeballs bulged out, and the spikes that stabbed into the apertures in his body were squeezed out by the spiritual qi that shot out. His entire body exploded into a ball of blood mist, and he fainted on the spot, his fate unknown.

As a mortal, Jian Mo did not feel much. This young master had become the most unlucky person in this space.

In front of the stone door, Jiang Li, who was the first to bear the brunt, also took a few steps back.

It turned out that the previously barren spiritual qi environment was far from the limit.

The Cultivationless Age was not as simple as the exhaustion of spiritual qi, but the rules of the world rejecting the existence of spiritual qi! Under such rules, cultivators were targeted by the entire world. How could they live well?

Cough cough cough!

He covered his mouth and coughed a few times. He opened his palm and saw a wisp of golden blood.


Earlier, when he suddenly suffered the impact of that invisible force, even Jiang Li unavoidably suffered some injuries.

However, there was excitement on his face. “This is… the power of a certain domain!”

The injuries on his body quickly recovered. In Jiang Li’s eyes, he saw something different from before.

Before the stone door opened, what affected them was only the environment.

However, now, a force had temporarily tampered with the rules of this space!

This feeling was very similar to the inverted domain he was comprehending previously. It was also a special domain.

The inverted domain was a domain divine art that simulated the environment of the Back Yin Mountain.

The domain that enveloped this space was very likely to simulate the rules of heaven and earth of the Cultivationless Age.

What terrifying strength. The effect this domain had on cultivators was definitely not inferior to the inverted domain, or even greater.

After all, the Back Yin Mountain was only called a forbidden region, but the Cultivationless Age had buried the incomparably flourishing ancient Immortal and Buddha World.

If… if he could grasp the power of this rule!


Jiang Li’s eyes lit up. Not to mention anything else, this anti-cultivation domain had already become his first target.

He had the Merit Blessing on him, so he could vaguely see every detail of these rules.

As long as the opportunity arrived, it was not completely impossible.

Moreover, if he could directly face the source of the domain, it would definitely be much easier.

Withstanding the uncomfortable force, Jiang Li stepped into the passageway ahead.

At this moment, the Yin Burial Coffin in his arms finally could not endure it anymore. It creaked and began to leak spiritual qi.

The Yin Burial Coffin contained too many experts and spiritual qi. Even under Jiang Li’s protection, it endured extremely great pressure.

Now that the stone door was opened, facing the power of the anti-cultivation domain, enduring until now was already its limit.

If he brought it closer, it was very likely to cause damage.

“Master, there’s an abnormal reaction in the Nine-Tailed Finger Bone.”

White Jade’s voice sounded from the coffin again.

Her words did not surprise Jiang Li too much.

The Nine-Tailed Fox had once cultivated in the Xuanyuan Tomb. Jiang Li was able to find this place because of the stone slab that had been passed down for generations.

Their close relationship might have some unexpected effects.

He took out Daji’s finger bone and threw the coffin back. The coffin automatically passed through the complicated worm path and flew towards the bubble that enveloped the entire island.

Sasha, who had been guarding outside the bubble, received Jiang Li’s order. She took out the token and opened a small hole in the bubble.

The coffin flew out and landed in her hand.

Jiang Li could not bear to let his artifact be damaged. The Black Scale Armor and Immortal Slaying Flying Sword that had been damaged by the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito had yet to be repaired.

If something happened to the medium-grade Earth-rank Yin Burial Coffin again, the gains would not make up for the losses today.

He patted the black chain around his waist. Only the fearless Dragon Imprisoning Lock could accompany him.

He continued along the passageway.

On the ground behind the stone door, Jiang Li discovered some footprints.

It seemed that Guhei Tianchou had entered before. For someone of his level, understanding the ancient text and learning the Qi Condensation technique was not difficult.

However, the higher the cultivation level, the greater the influence of the anti-cultivation domain.

At the Earth Immortal realm, one would probably suffer considerable injuries without doing anything

Looking at the footprints on the ground that shattered the stone slab, it could be seen that the other party had walked quite arduously at that time.

One hundred steps, two hundred steps, three hundred steps.

As he approached the source, Jiang Li’s face gradually turned pale, and he started to feel suffocated.

At the 300th step, a door appeared on the side of the straight passageway.

On it were the words “Dragon Ruler”. In the compass in his hand, the Origin Blood Ancient Leech pointed here.

Jiang Li pushed open the stone door, and a moist and strange aura spread out from inside.

In the center of the room, there was a worm nest that was similar to a beehive but was enlarged by more than a thousand times.

Jiang Li released the red worm on the compass. The worm immediately crawled into the nest at a very fast speed.

After circling around this huge nest, he discovered that a huge hole had been opened in the back.

The interior of the nest was empty. One could vaguely see that there was a huge thing that had slept here for a long time.

The original thing in this nest was probably Xuanyuan’s Dragon Ruler inheritance. A living Origin Blood Ancient Leech Mother that had been passed down from ancient times.

This worm should have followed the previous pheromone and found the wrong place. If the stone door had not been pushed open by Jiang Li, the worm should have continued to follow the other pheromones to find the mother.

What he found now was only the place where the mother had stayed.

Now, the mother in the nest had been transferred to another place.

It seemed that the Dragon Ruler inheritance of the Xuanyuan Clan was already taken away.

That person was very likely the Dragon Transformation Island’s Dragon Head, Guhei Tianchou.

After leaving this stone room, Jiang Li continued forward.

After a total of 323 steps, the footprints on the ground reached the end.

This allowed Jiang Li to heave a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the Dragon Transformation Island’s Dragon Head did not reach the end.

The last time he entered, he had only walked here.

With the personality of a pirate, it was impossible for him to give such a precious ruin to others to explore.

Although mortals could not be affected by the Cultivationless environment, they were unable to explore such top-notch ruins.

Even tens of thousands of mortals could not destroy any stone here.

In that case, he could find something deeper.

He continued to walk a thousand steps in this straight passageway.

At this moment, Jiang Li’s figure had already begun to hunch. The spiritual qi flowing crazily behind him had already formed a torrent.

This terrifying speed of spiritual qi loss had already surpassed more than half of his Spiritual Qi Infusion status.

His body was also pulled back and forth between injuries and recovery at all times.

Fortunately, he had already reached the end. A wide, circular space appeared in front of him.

Taking a deep breath and preparing himself, Jiang Li took a step forward.


It was as if a hammer had struck his brain.

Jiang Li’s entire body was stunned for a few breaths. Two streaks of blood flowed down his nostrils. He was dizzy for a long time and could not stand steadily.

“What… what an exaggerated domain!”

After a long time, Jiang Li barely recovered from his shock.

He tried to cast the simplest Wood Art, but the spiritual qi instantly disappeared after being spat out from his fingertips.

In this room, he could no longer use spell techniques.

Not only that, but even his powerful body and soul that were based on spiritual qi were greatly suppressed.

It was precisely because of this that Jiang Li was in such a sorry state earlier. If he stayed in this room, he would be lucky to even retain 10% of his strength.

Jiang Li had not felt this weak in a long time.

Fortunately, he was still an ordinary mortal more than a year ago and his body had not forgotten the feeling of weakness.

After stretching his muscles, he could barely adapt.

Only then did Jiang Li have the time to observe his surroundings.

There was no light source in this room. It should be pitch-black.

However, in Jiang Li’s eyes, this room seemed to be abnormally bright.

In the large stone room that was large enough to hold ten football competitions at the same time, the ground, walls, and even the dome were engraved with dense ancient text.

It was these words that emitted gentle lights that illuminated everything in the room.

These lights… did not seem to be pure light.

Standing in this room, Jiang Li suddenly felt a warmth in his Golden Core.

Looking into his Qi Sea, Jiang Li noticed with a single glance that the Human Fire that had been steadily burning while wrapped around his Dragon Pearl Golden Core had suddenly increased to more than three times its original size.

It was this flame that brought him warmth.

The Human Fire was a legendary flame of the human race. Up until now, Jiang Li only knew that it would react to the power of virtuous merit.

Wait, no wonder these lights looked so familiar.

From the light emitted from these words, if it was anyone else, they would probably not be able to see anything. Only people like Jiang Li who possessed the Merit Blessing could see it.

Its essence was actually a dense power of virtuous merit.

What were these words recording? They were actually brimming with merit that was even richer than his own.

Jiang Li leaned close to the wall and read these words that were passed down from ancient times.

He discovered that what was recorded was not some earth-shattering divine power, secret technique, or cultivation method inheritance.

It was because although the principles looked profound and complicated, most of them had been passed down to this day, knowledge used by cultivators and even mortals.

Calendar, astronomy, yin-yang, five elements, twelve zodiacs, sixty-year cycle, text, paintings, books, music, instruments, medicine, sacrifices, funerals, coffins, graves, cauldrons, altars, temples, divination, etc.

This seemed to be the legendary knowledge that was recorded by Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan and taught to the humans of the Primordial World. It had a major effect on the development of humanity.

Such knowledge had an indelible effect on the development of the human race, so these words carved by the Xuanyuan Clan also carried the merit of the human race.

As long as the human race continued to reproduce in the continent of the Nine Provinces, this merit would not be completely severed. This power was not dependent on spiritual qi. Even in the Cultivationless Age, it could still play a role.

Jiang Li recalled the Star Tower Mystic Realm left behind by the last Human Emperor.

King Zhou of Shang used the Star Tower, Human Emperor’s Blood, and Human Fire to condense the merit of the human race and preserve some things.

In the Xuanyuan Tomb, the Yellow Emperor used words and knowledge to accumulate merit. What did he keep?

He looked at the center of the room, where a tall figure wearing armor and holding a shield stood quietly. Jiang Li could clearly sense that the anti-cultivation domain that enveloped the entire underground island was released from his body.

“I, junior of the human race, Jiang Li, was guided by the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox lineage to find the Xuanyuan Tomb. If I’ve disturbed you, please forgive me.”

Jiang Li thought for a moment and was not in a hurry to approach. He bowed respectfully to the figure in front of him, cupped his hands, and bowed.

Be it in his previous life or this life, he was a descendant of the Flame Emperor and Yellow Emperor. It was only right for him to bow to Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan. Moreover, if the figure in front of him still had a little consciousness, he could at least get something. It was not strange to be polite.

He cupped his hands and waited for a response.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths.

Jiang Li raised his head to look. The figure in front of him did not move at all, and he could not sense any aura from it.

He heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that he had been thinking too much.

This place was called the Xuanyuan Tomb.

However, the reason why they built this tomb was because they were about to face the decisive battle with Chi You.

It was equivalent to buying a coffin for himself before going to war. It had the effect of fighting to the death to increase morale.

After winning the war, this Xuanyuan Tomb was naturally useless.

Could it be that the armor and shield in front of him were left behind by Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan?

Jiang Li carefully approached. After discovering that there was no threat, he heaved a sigh of relief.

This armor was strange. It seemed to be empty inside.

Jiang Li knocked on the armor, causing cracking sounds.

The material did not look like metal. He did not know what it was made of.

Through a gap in the armor, Jiang Li saw a bit of light inside. A light that contained the mysteries of heaven and earth surged into his eyes, instantly causing his consciousness to feel dizzy.

Was that the core to unleash the anti-cultivation domain?

Jiang Li was overjoyed. He reached out and wanted to remove the helmet to retrieve the core.

However, his hand had just touched the armor.

A sharp pain came from his head, followed by a strong weightlessness. A moment later, there was another collision on his back.

Jiang Li was slapped onto the wall of the stone room like a lump of mud. He waited for a few breaths before slowly sliding down. He got up from the ground with a dumbfounded expression and immediately checked the stone wall that he had collided with.

He could not damage the words engraved on it. The inheritance item that condensed the merit of the human race was extremely precious.

If he destroyed these words, even if Guhei Tianchou died ten thousand times, he would not be able to make up for it.

Fortunately, the stone wall protected by the power of virtuous merit of the human race was much tougher than he had imagined.

A few of his bones had been broken, and there were no scratches on the stone wall. “Ouch! It hurts!” “My head! My back!”

At this moment, Jiang Li recalled his injuries.

In that instant, he had suffered a serious injury that required at least five breaths to recover.

“What happened just now?”