Jiang Li’s fists were dense like rain as they smashed into the thick shield in front of him three thousand times in a row.

There were no traces on the shield, but the huge force would not disappear into thin air.

There was only one armor, and its weight was quite limited. It was pushed all the way to the edge of the round room by Jiang Li’s fist, and it was pressed against the wall with no way out.

Seizing the opportunity, he smashed open the shield with a side swing. Jiang Li did not stop at all. His fist, that already had visible raw flesh and bones, continued to smash into the armor.

Blood-colored fist imprints were left on it.

Due to the suppression of the anti-cultivation domain, the effect of the Immovable Overlord Body that was executed based on spiritual qi was also suppressed to the lowest level.

As a result, Jiang Li’s strength broke through his defense. His fists endured all the explosion force.

After a few thousand punches, if not for the pile of recovery statuses on his body, his hands would have been gone.

The material of this armor was very special. It was not made of metal but seemed to be made of some biological material. It was light, convenient, and abnormally hard.

The defensive effect was even stronger than when Jiang Li obtained the Black Scale Armor earlier.

Although Jiang Li’s attack was only pure strength, with so many punches, it was not a problem to hit more than ten mountains.

However, such an exaggerated force did not cause any damage to the armor.

Jiang Li could only suppress but not dismantle



After another thousand punches, Jiang Li’s right hand emitted a light sound.

Under the continuous impact, the hard fist bone inevitably broke.

Jiang Li could only stop and retreat a distance.

White fog emerged from his fists, and his injuries were quickly healing.

As long as his injuries recovered, he would launch the next round of attack.

Even if he could not directly break through the defense, he could not give the armor a chance to counterattack.

However, at this moment, he discovered that the armor on the other side seemed to have changed slightly. After he retreated, the shield-wielding armor did not immediately attack him. Instead, it quietly stood on the spot.

The blood that Jiang Li dyed the surface of the armor actually began to be slowly absorbed by it, and then a strand of weak vitality emitted from it.

This armor was actually alive.

Eh? This was?

After his blood seeped into the armor, Jiang Li suddenly felt a strange feeling

He seemed to have a faint connection with the armor in front of him.

However, the connection was still too weak to do anything else.


After stopping for a few breaths and enjoying Jiang Li’s blood, the armored warrior moved again. The shield smashed towards his face ruthlessly, but Jiang Li reached out and firmly grabbed it.

Then, he brought the wrist of his other hand to his mouth and bit down fiercely.

His blood vessels were bitten, and even more blood flowed out. Jiang Li directly pressed a hand on the helmet of the armor in front of him.

As the blood poured down, the armored warrior fell silent again.

The bulging blood was absorbed by it, and a trace of an ancient fiendish aura also entered Jiang Li’s body from the wound.

Even Jiang Li who cultivated the Blood Fiend Divine Art was shocked by the terrifying aura.

If the original owner of this aura was still alive, a breath would probably kill him.

Even now, no matter where this aura swam, that piece of flesh would uncontrollably become stiff and numb.

However, Jiang Li did not let go. The connection between him and this armor was gradually deepening. If he let go now, all his efforts would be for naught.

Suddenly, one of the armors in front of him fell off and automatically flew into Jiang Li’s hand.

Then, the other hand, two arm guards, shoulder guards, left foot, and right foot also moved.

The armor that had been fighting with him for a long time broke apart piece by piece and covered his body.

Where the armor was originally, a fist-sized, eyeball-shaped pearl and a metal fragment that belonged to an unknown location were exposed.

These two items were what this armored warrior had protected for a thousand years.

Seeing how well they were preserved, these items would definitely allow Jiang Li to obtain extraordinary benefits.

However, Jiang Li did not have the time to check his spoils of war. This was because the armor on his body was crazily absorbing the blood in his body and the vast amount of spiritual qi that was flowing out from his body at all times.

This armor could actually absorb spiritual qi under the suppression of the anti-cultivation domain. It could be seen how hungry it had been for tens of thousands of years.

The current situation could barely be considered a refinement ritual.

However, the problem was that the ferocity of this armor made him feel a little difficult to control.

As soon as it had the chance, it began to crazily devour blood and spiritual qi to recover.

Although there was no true consciousness, with that violent aura and instinct, Jiang Li could imagine that once this armor appeared, it would immediately transform into a killing machine and cause a storm of blood.

Now, he finally knew why this armor was not equipped with weapons. To give such a ferocious thing a divine weapon was simply courting trouble. In fact, the eyeball that was the core of the anti-cultivation domain might have been designed to restrict this armor.

If this armor was nourished by spiritual qi before someone tamed it, the consequences would be unthinkable.

At that time, Human Emperor Xuanyuan was probably worried that the thing he left for his descendants would become a monster that would forever slaughter and plunder.

Fortunately, this armor only had instincts and did not have its own will.