Listening to the Three Sovereign Scripture, 80% of the content was praising the three great leaders, and only less than 20% was the actual content.

Now, Jiang Li could roughly know.

Back then, the Nine-Tailed Fox Daji had stayed in the Xuanyuan Tomb to cultivate. Apart from being a reward from the Human Emperor, it was also her responsibility to guard this Chi You Armor.

This Three Sovereign Scripture was also left behind to suppress Chi You’s muscles.

As Daji chanted the scripture, Chi You’s will quickly calmed down, and Jiang Li’s body recovered his control bit by bit.

“I just woke up and there’s a ghost pressing on my body? How unlucky.”

Being trapped in the muscle armor, Jiang Li’s current feeling was very similar to when he had fallen into the deep sea and was suppressed by the deep sea water pressure.

Every part of his body was squeezed by a huge force. The blood, vitality, and spiritual qi in his body were quickly flowing away like a dam breaking However, other than that, this armor did not seem to be able to hurt him directly.

After all, this was an armor, not a torture device or a cursed tool. It did not have the ability to self-harm in the first place.

Jiang Li tried to move his fingers. Although it was a little difficult, he could still move them.

However, the Chi You Armor seemed to be a little puzzled. It did not know who touched it and instinctively assumed a threatening posture.

However, it did not find any threat and returned to its original state.

“It’s indeed something without intelligence but only muscles.”

After probing a few times, Jiang Li became braver.

He started to walk with the Chi You Armor.

Although he was wrapped in muscle armor and could not see what was outside, he could hear it. He could still rely on his voice to clearly construct the terrain of the outside world in his mind.

Every step he took, the Chi You Armor would assume a battle stance. Its actions were so exaggerated that he felt a headache coming on.

However, Jiang Li still walked back to the underground ruin step by step.

This room and the pearl eyeball could restrain the Chi You Armor.

As long as he suppressed this armor to its original state, Jiang Li could withdraw first.

When he returned to the round room, the power on the armor immediately weakened greatly, making his movements much more convenient.

Jiang Li looked around. Sure enough, the core of the anti-cultivation domain was still floating quietly on the spot.

He controlled the armor and walked closer. The dark red muscles on the armor trembled as if it was resisting

If it was a fist or a sword, with its muscle instincts, it might know how to dodge.

However, it did not know how to deal with the power of the coverage domain. He controlled the armor and sat cross-legged below the core.

Jiang Li began to chant the Three Sovereign Scripture along with Daji’s voice. The core that looked like an eyeball above his head was triggered by the scripture.

The anti-cultivation domain that originally spread to the entire underwater island began to contract continuously, gathering as much power as possible on the Chi You Armor below.

Under the influence of this power, even Chi You’s muscles could not absorb Jiang Li’s spiritual qi anymore.

Without this supply, the muscles that had swelled up like monsters began to slowly wither and return to their original appearance.

The two soaring horns on his head softened.

When it landed not far away, the shield that had been held in the Chi You Armor flew over automatically and attached to the left chest of the armor.

Then, black runes spread out from under the shield and quickly wrapped around every part of the armor.

It turned out that this shield was the core of the seal.

The runes covered his entire body and began to slowly contract.

While retracting, it also pulled at the dark red Chi You’s muscles.

Although the muscles were unwilling, they could not resist the pull of the runes. They were torn apart piece by piece and slowly absorbed into the shield.

Jiang Li, who was originally tightly wrapped, finally breathed in fresh air.

After all the muscles were sucked in, the shield also began to shrink.

In the end, it became only the size of a palm, and like a Heart Protection Mirror, it sucked tightly into Jiang Li’s heart.


Finally, the floating eyeball-shaped core automatically landed on the shield.

The eyeball rolled a few times, as if it had found a comfortable position. Only then did everything fall silent.

“This thing is really too fierce.”

Jiang Li poked the shrunken shield in his chest, still in disbelief.

Just now, the raging Chi You Armor had beaten up the Dragon Transformation Island’s Dragon Head, an Earth Immortal mighty figure who could suppress an area.

Although it was in the anti-cultivation domain, that scene was still something Jiang Li could not imagine.

If… if he could control this armor, he could match an Earth Immortal and truly become one of the few experts in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

At that time, the Myriad Slaughter Sect would be waiting for him, Jiang Li, to kill them all! Unfortunately, with his current ability, he clearly could not control the muscles of the ancient human, Chi You.

There was also this Anti-Cultivation Core and the metal fragment that was originally placed together with it.

They were definitely not ordinary.

He closed his eyes and felt it.

The shield attached to his chest was obviously much more obedient.

Faintly, he received some information.

This pearl embedded in it was called the Anti-Cultivation Spiritual Bead. It was the last work of Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan.