He stretched out his hand and beckoned to the coffin, and a series of clanging sounds immediately sounded from inside.

That thing was stored in the deepest part of the coffin by Jiang Li. He wanted to quickly take it out, but he knocked over many things in the process.

A moment later, a string of golden rice grains slowly floated out of the pitch-black coffin.

[Name: Golden Rice]

[Type: Seed]

(Grade: Medium-grade Earth-rank]

[Note: Grows by a season everyday. Every harvest gives one bushel. Strengthens the body when eaten as food.]

This was the treasure Jiang Li had obtained when he climbed the first thousand steps in the Star Tower test all those years ago.

The golden grain looked like a spiritual plant that grew very quickly and produced a lot. It was only related to the livelihood of ordinary mortals.

At most, they could eat rice grown from the golden grain often and strengthen their bodies. However, the effect might not be better than professional medicinal pills.

To Jiang Li, it was really not very useful.

After the spiritual qi recovery, all plants could grow surprisingly.

There were very few places in the continent of the Nine Provinces that would experience famine, and there was no need for the golden rice to save them.

Therefore, this thing had been thrown into the corner and used as a backup material for the Demon Awakening Technique. It was not valued much.

However, by chance, he obtained a magical jade pendant from the Cloud Manor that could probe the merit and sins of things.

Once, he happened to put the jade pendant together with this string of rice grain.

In the end, the jade pendant suddenly emitted a golden light that was ten times more dazzling than when it was in his hand! It almost blinded his eyes.

Only at that time did Jiang Li realize that he had been ignoring a precious treasure all along. In the Primordial World, Earth Emperor Shennong invented agriculture, farming equipment, and seed preservation. This golden grain was a major milestone for the ancient people to enter the agricultural era.

Each season produced crops to feed the people. Countless humans had been saved in ancient times.

After eating it, they could also strengthen their bodies and improve their physiques, allowing the innately weak humans to compete with many powerful races in the Primordial World and occupy a place to exist.

It was an important aspect of the Shennong Clan’s prosperity. This golden grain had been passed down through the generations of the Shennong lineage until it reached the hands of the last Human Emperor and was finally obtained by Jiang Li.

Its function was secondary. The merit condensed on it was the most important thing. King Zhou had placed this item on the first thousand steps that was the easiest to obtain, not because it was not important, but because it was too important. He was afraid that the future generations would be unable to obtain it, so he deliberately lowered the difficulty.

Moreover, this medium-grade Earth-rank meant that every rice grain was medium-grade Earth-rank.

Jiang Li caught the golden rice, plucked one of the rice grains, and swallowed it.

A dense rice fragrance spread out.

The 67th crack on Jiang Li’s Golden Core immediately split from head to toe.

Then, there was the second and third golden grain. With each grain consumed, an additional crack would appear on Jiang Li’s Golden Core.

The power of virtuous merit wrapped around Jiang Li’s body also became richer and more vigorous.

After eating the 33rd grain of golden rice, the Purple Extreme Golden Core floating above Jiang Li’s head was already covered in 99 uniform cracks.

In the end, it exploded with a bang and dispersed into spiritual light that filled the sky. In the spiritual light, one could vaguely see a translucent Nascent Soul sitting cross-legged. When the dispersed spiritual light gathered again, Jiang Li could see the appearance of his Nascent Soul clearly.

The Nascent Soul had three heads on its neck, one had a benevolent expression, one was a ferocious deity, and one was completely emotionless. All three faces had Jiang Li’s appearance.

Below were eight arms. The four left arms held the pale white Ghost Lantern Cold Flame, and the four right arms held the Suiren Clan’s Human Fire.

Under the Nascent Soul sat the Black-White Dual-Colored Karma Lotus Platform. On its body was a coiling Black Scale Five-clawed True Dragon. On its back was a Nine Nether Wood that unfolded the shade of the tree to block the wind and rain.

This Nascent Soul was greatly different from the ones Jiang Li had seen before.

The Nascent Souls of ordinary cultivators were mostly like jade dolls.

If one’s cultivation was deeper, their Nascent Soul would be more transparent and pure.

If he used some unorthodox method or cultivated some demonic cultivation method, his Nascent Soul would show some black spots, purple spots, or abnormal cracks.

In some records, Jiang Li had even heard of powerful Nascent Souls like the Nine-colored Nascent Soul.

However, a Nascent Soul cultivator like Jiang Li who had three heads and eight arms and carried all kinds of accompanying “equipment” was really unheard of. Forget it. In any case, these three heads and eight arms were not deformed. Instead, they looked very harmonious. There was no harm in having them.

He looked at his interface.

The buff status of (High-Grade Merit Blessing] had already replaced the (Medium-Grade Merit Blessing).

In order to break through to the Nascent Soul realm, Jiang Li ate 33 golden rice grains.

The power of virtuous merit was not something that could be obtained simply by eating it. However, because of his special Golden Core and the opportunity to break through, he obtained the merit on this golden rice, causing his Merit Blessing status to rise again.

This was another pleasant surprise.

Not only could the power of virtuous merit control the Human Fire, but it also affected Jiang Li in every aspect at all times.

With such a level of merit, he would probably pick up spirit stones casually when he went out in the future.

With a wave of his hand, the Nascent Soul floating above his head immediately floated in front of Jiang Li.

Looking at his Nascent Soul, the three heads and six eyes of the Nascent Soul also looked at his body.

Looking into his own eyes, this feeling was even more wonderful than looking into the eyes of a parallel mind.