She was a loyal pirate, so she naturally had to obey the orders of the “Lord”!

Guhei Tianchou stared intently at Sasha’s movements through the disk.

After discovering that she could fly inside and was not too affected, he knew that the anti-cultivation domain inside had already disappeared.

The confidence that he had lost after being beaten up by the monster was mostly recovered.

Guhei Tianchou felt that the main reason why he had been beaten to such a sorry state earlier was because of the influence of the anti-cultivation domain.

Now that the domain inside had collapsed, if he fought again, he was confident that he could definitely defeat that monster… Of course, if he could heal his injuries first, that would be even better.

However, he could not be sure if that monster would become stronger after leaving the anti-cultivation domain.

Therefore, he, who was already heavily injured, did not want to take the risk personally.

He had to send out some touchstones to test it out.

Moreover, the Origin Blood Ancient Leech Queen that he had placed under the Dragon Transformation Pool could not be lost due to the inheritance of the Dragon Transformation Island. He had to bring it out before the mystic realm collapsed.

Sasha was very fast. In a few breaths, she landed on the centermost mountain peak.

This mountain peak had tilted earlier and was straightened by brute force. The foundation of the mountain had already been completely destroyed.

Before long, it would be destroyed along with the entire mystic realm.

The top of this mountain was flat and the area was not large. A small pool of water could approach at a glance.

“Eh? This is Miss Jian Mo?”

She landed beside the pool and saw a pale young girl lying in the Dragon Transformation Pool.

“Lord Dragon Head, she’s still alive!”

Sasha stepped forward and checked her nose, looking surprised.

After successfully entering the Dragon Transformation Pool, theoretically speaking, Guhei Jian Mo was already the young master of the Dragon Transformation Island.

“Ignore her. Break the bottom of the pool and bring out what’s inside.”

From the monitoring spirit stone, Guhei Tianchou’s heartless words sounded.

This Lord Dragon Head had just personally killed his son. He did not care about the life and death of a mortal child.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the bottom of the Dragon Transformation Pool in front of Sasha automatically cracked and rose. Something huge was about to break out from the bottom!

Sensing danger, Captain Sasha reacted quickly. She grabbed the Ancient Black Jian Mo in the pool and quickly retreated.

After retreating more than ten thousand feet, the mountaintop that had just stood exploded.

A bloated figure flew out and roared loudly.

Accompanied by the dragon roar, a terrifying aura spread out.

“How is this possible! This is the Dragon Blood Suppression!”

Sasha cried out in surprise. It was as if she could not even fly anymore, and her body fell towards the ground.

The other 400 plus members of the suicide squad even felt that aura. They immediately rolled their eyes and fainted on the ground.

The thing that appeared from under the Dragon Transformation Pool was completely black in color. There was a faint red light of spiritual qi blood in its body. The main body was bloated like a bag, and the neck was long and flexible. The head was a circular mouthpiece that looked like a suction cup. There were also ten eyes distributed irregularly around the mouthpiece.

It looked like a leech that had been enlarged by more than ten thousand times.

This was the Origin Blood Ancient Leech Queen, but on the head of this queen, a pair of dragon horns grew. Its body continuously became slender and agile, and four translucent bumps could be seen with the naked eye under its abdomen. Through the skin of the bumps, four dragon claws were being nurtured.

This Origin Blood Ancient Leech was evolving towards the dragon form!

“Damn it! It absorbed the spiritual qi! That beast has transformed into a dragon!”

Outside, Guhei Tianchou’s expression changed again and again! The situation was turning worse and worse.

In terms of the anti-cultivation domain in the Xuanyuan Tomb, it was actually very useful.

Apart from being a warning and test for those who came later, the high-intensity domain in the Merit Room was used to restrict the Chi You Armor.

Outside the stone door, they had to drive away all the spiritual qi in the underwater island, mainly to restrict the Origin Blood Ancient Leeches here.

A magical creature like the Origin Blood Ancient Leech was not a spiritual beast that needed spiritual qi to survive, but it could absorb any bloodline and purify it. It was an extremely useful tool.

However, it was inevitable that during the process of using them, a large amount of dragon blood would definitely accumulate in the body of the Origin Blood Ancient Leech Queen.

With such a quantity of dragon blood, even if it was not a spiritual beast, it was still transformed now.

Moreover, after reaching the bloodline level of a pure-blooded dragon, even if it did not cultivate, its strength would increase every day when it slept.

Therefore, it was not easy to raise them as livestock

However, this underwater island did not have much spiritual qi at all, so it became the most perfect place to raise the Origin Blood Ancient Leech.

There was no spiritual qi to absorb. Although dragon blood could make the Origin Blood Ancient Leech stronger than ordinary wild beasts, it was still no different from an ant in front of cultivators.

After raising it for so many years, there were no problems. As long as he harvested it regularly, he could create the best Dragon Transformation Pill!

This Origin Blood Ancient Leech had received too much nourishment from Guhei Tianchou in the past few hundred years.

In order to further increase the purity of the dragon blood, this current Dragon Head even thought of a way to reproduce children on a large scale and use the outstanding bloodline of his children to supply the Origin Blood Ancient Leech to absorb and purify.