It had to be said that crazy methods were really very effective.

The dragon blood transplanted in his body had been purified by the Origin Blood Ancient Leech and had reached the level of a pure-blooded dragon.

It was almost on par with Jiang Li if he did not have the Dragon Pearl.

Although his descendants were much inferior to him, they were still much better than the mixed dragon blood creatures in the sea.

After many years of accumulation, in terms of the purity and total amount of dragon blood, this Origin Blood Ancient Leech had even surpassed him.

As long as he accumulated for a few years, the dragon blood extracted would be enough to allow him to advance further.

However, the current situation was terrible.

After this Origin Blood Ancient Leech came into contact with spiritual qi, it immediately wanted to transform into a dragon!


The Origin Blood Ancient Leech undergoing Dragon Transformation suddenly waved its newly grown dragon tail, flew to Sasha’s side, and bit her waist.

Affected by the dragon blood suppression, Sasha was unable to resist at all and was directly bitten on the waist.

Along with it was a token hanging on her waist!

Guhei Tianchou was dumbfounded. Since when did this beast gain intelligence behind his back?

It actually knew how to snatch the token! Could it be that this beast knew how to use the barrier token?

This absurd thought quickly became reality. The token that was bitten by the Origin Blood Ancient Leech immediately emitted a spiritual light.

Then, the Origin Blood Ancient Leech directly passed through the bubble barrier covering the island and entered the seawater outside.

Then, it flicked its tail and actually used the Water Escape skillfully with the Dragon Race’s talent. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

Guhei Tianchou could not be bothered to stay wary anymore. The monster that was probably still in the bubble also used Water Escape to pursue the fleeing Origin Blood Ancient Leech.

The Water Escape technique of an Earth Immortal expert was naturally much more powerful than the Origin Blood Ancient Leech that was transforming into a dragon… Or rather, was much more powerful than Jiang Li.

Hmm… his main body was currently hidden in the stomach of this Origin Blood Ancient Leech.

After all, without his help, how could the bit of spiritual qi that seeped into the underwater island really allow the Origin Blood Ancient Leech to transform into a dragon?

He was the one who had just released the pressure of the Dragon Race and used Water Escape to escape.

He could have released the Ancient Leech to attract attention and then fled in the other direction.

However, this core precious insect of the Xuanyuan Clan’s Dragon Ruler lineage was left behind by the ancestors of the human race, so it naturally should return to the hands of him, the legitimate successor of the Human Emperor.

Moreover, this huge worm had already eaten the Nine Nether Earth Fruit and became Jiang Li’s good friend. How could Jiang Li abandon


After arranging for Sasha to save Guhei Jian Mo, he planned to personally bring this huge worm away.

“Beast! How dare you escape!”

Jiang Li had transformed into a black dragon in the body of the Origin Blood Ancient Leech and was executing the Water Escape with all his might.

His speed was already extremely fast. He only paused for a moment when he entered the Land of Storms.

In that instant, a faster escape light chased after him!

A poisonous dragon claw grabbed from behind. It was as if space was distorted under the dragon claw, making it impossible to dodge.

However, facing the methods of an Earth Immortal, Jiang Li, who was hiding in the stomach of the worm, did not panic.

In his Sea of Consciousness, the second and fifth Parallel Minds that looked like two reversed Nine Nether Wood joined forces with the main body to release a mysterious force.

Nine Nether Divine Art! Inverted Domain!