The dragon claw tainted with poison crushed down with invincible might.

Even Jiang Li, who had already broken through to the Nascent Soul realm, felt that he was far inferior to that power.

After all, the difference between an Earth Immortal and a Soul Formation cultivator was too great. Even if Jiang Li’s Nascent Soul was extraordinary and had the talent of a True Immortal, it was not so easy to cross that huge gap.

At most, he was only halfway through. His current strength had already left the scope of the Soul Formation realm, but he had not reached the Earth Immortal realm.

At this moment, a circle of formless power spread out and enveloped the huge dragon claw.

The rules of direction were overwritten and modified, and the forward force suddenly turned back.

The poisonous dragon claw immediately stopped above the head of the Origin Blood Ancient Leech as if it was blocked by some force.

The power of the Inverted Domain successfully intercepted Guhei Tianchou’s dragon claw, but the scene that he imagined sent the other party flying did not happen.

Because the range of Jiang Li’s domain was limited, he was unable to completely envelop his opponent. The only thing that had its direction reversed was the dragon claw.

Just like that, Guhei Tianchou continuously increased his strength, using brute force to unleash his own resistance.

Then, Jiang Li discovered some flaws in his Inverted Domain.

He had only come into contact with this divine art for a short period of time. After all, he had not cultivated it to the point of perfection, so the domain he could imitate was naturally far inferior to the true Back Yin Mountain.

It was obvious if he fought cultivators of the same level.

However, if the difference in cultivation was too great, he would be unable to reverse the other party’s full strength.

Moreover, as the might of the other party’s claw increased, the motionless claw actually pressed down towards him bit by bit again. Jiang Li also felt a strand of extremely powerful pressure.

Was this the pressure that the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard endured when facing an Earth Immortal?

“Come back obediently and be my worm!”


In the chaotic current, a ball of air suddenly exploded.

The Origin Blood Ancient Leech that looked more and more like a dragon was suddenly sent flying. After shattering a rock below, it used the Water Escape technique again and fled into the distance.

The claw did not touch it in the end.

However, as the caster of the Inverted Domain, Jiang Li himself existed as the pivot of the domain.

Just like how if the “Repulsion spell” could not send the enemy flying, it might instead send itself flying

Jiang Li borrowed this force to actively eject himself.

Back then, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard could rely on the Inverted Domain to resist the attack of the Mu family’s master at the price of injuries and large expenditure.

Now, Jiang Li had two parallel minds to assist in casting the spell. The strength of the Inverted Domain was only stronger than the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard.

Coupled with his current strength that far exceeded the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard back then, it was naturally easier for him to do such a thing.

He could even protect the Origin Blood Ancient Leech and ensure that it was not injured at all.

“What a slippery worm!”

Guhei Tianchou was surprised that this insect could actually become so powerful in a short period of time.

However, this further proved the power of the dragon blood that had accumulated over the years.

No matter what, he had to capture this thing back. At that time, he would suck dry the dragon blood in the body of the Origin Blood Ancient Leech and everything would return to him.

Similarly, he executed the Water Escape technique and chased after Jiang Li. In the blink of an eye, he had already left the Land of Storms.

Guhei Tianchou’s escape technique was stronger and his speed was faster. He could always catch up to Jiang Li.

However, his attacks were blocked by that strange domain power. His attacks were useless after several attempts.

The dignified Dragon Transformation Island’s Dragon Head was a famous figure even in the cultivation world of the entire Eastern Region.

He did not expect that he would actually be unable to capture a young man who had just broken through to the Nascent Soul realm. If he knew that not only was Jiang Li not dead, but had also taken away the inheritance that he had yearned for for hundreds of years and snatched the Origin Blood Ancient Leech that he had nurtured for a thousand years, he would probably lose his mind.

After using the Inverted Domain to block Guhei Tianchou’s attack again, Jiang Li gradually found his confidence.

The originally insurmountable and powerful Earth Immortal no longer seemed so unreachable in his eyes.

Hiding in the body of the Origin Blood Ancient Leech, a look of eagerness appeared on his face.

After making a hand seal and activating some hidden preparations, he fled in a specific direction with a goal.

After they left, the Ground Control Flag that had been inserted into the core array formation of the Dragon Transformation Island a long time ago moved automatically without wind.

All land in the world belonged to the Emperor, and all humans were subjects of the Imperial Dynasty!

Under the control of the Ground Control Flag, the dignified sect of the Dragon Transformation Island directly changed owners. It temporarily became the territory distributed to Jiang Li by the last Human Emperor.

In theory, everything in the territory had to listen to Jiang Li’s orders.

Then, the core array formation of the Dragon Transformation Island suddenly began to circulate in the opposite direction. The large-scale barrier that divided the surrounding sea area suddenly disappeared without any warning.

Under the dual influence of the reverse operation of the array formation and the Ground Control Flag, even the Wall of Storms that had always been a natural barrier around the Dragon Transformation Island was temporarily suppressed and stopped.

At this moment, all the array masters on the Dragon Transformation Island were in the coral forest maintaining the stability of the bubble.

Although the other cultivators discovered the abnormality of the array formation, they did not know the reason or how to deal with it.

Then, before they could react, the situation took a turn for the worse. The impregnable Dragon Transformation Island was about to suffer a calamity.