“Hey, hey, don’t you think… the bottom of the sea is a little different today?”

On a pirate ship that was swimming underwater.

A Dragon Transformation Island cultivator who was carrying out a patrolling mission stood on the deck and asked his companion not far away.

It was clearly a mission that he carried out every day, but at this moment, this beautiful seabed became especially oppressive, making even an old fox like him involuntarily tremble.

A shadow enveloped them. Above their heads, three huge monsters appeared from nowhere and looked at them with three pairs of dangerous fish eyes.

Compared to these sea beasts, the patrolling pirate ship was simply a toy in the hands of children!

“The dragon beast in the coral forest has run out! Quick! Quickly ask for help!”

His other companion trembled as he took out a communication spirit stone. However, halfway through his request for help, a fin that was larger than a ship slapped down, instantly shattering the entire pirate ship.

For a time, the communication spirit stones of the various higher-ups of the Dragon Transformation Island rang non-stop.

Such attacks by dragon beasts were happening everywhere in the entire Land of Storms.

It was even to the extent that the scene of a group of dragon beasts attacking the Dragon Transformation Island made this group of pirates experience the feeling of being plundered.

Just by closing the barrier, it was naturally not so easy for monsters to riot and the dragon beasts to attack the city.

However, before Jiang Li left, he had even used the aura of the Dragon Race and the talent of the merman race to drive the sea beasts here to go crazy. That situation was different.

In the sea area around the Dragon Transformation Island, there were many dragon blood sea beasts in the coral forest.

That was because the Dragon Transformation Pool in the center of the underwater island was really a Dragon Transformation Pool.

Before the Cultivationless Age, regardless of whether it was a nut or a horse, as long as it was thrown into the Dragon Transformation Pool and soaked in it, it could become a dragon when it came out.

However, with the arrival of the Cultivationless Age, Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan was worried that the Dragon Race would not exist in the future and the dragon blood would wither. His Dragon Ruler lineage would become nothing.

He took the initiative to cut through the Dragon Transformation Pool and let the dragon bloodline inside flow into the surrounding sea, transforming a large number of creatures in the sea into dragon blood creatures.

They could use their reproduction to pass down the dragon blood.

He was very successful. The sea beasts in the coral forest sea had successfully transmitted the dragon blood to this day, becoming the foundation of the Dragon Transformation Island.

Unfortunately, the Dragon Transformation Island had encountered Jiang Li. Under the fusion of the talent of the Dragon Race and the merman, his control over these sea beasts surpassed that of the Dragon Head, Guhei Tianchou.

The violent dragon blood creatures were enough to make the Dragon Transformation Island suffer.

Now that Guhei Tianchou had left, did the pirates of the Dragon Transformation Island have any sense of teamwork? Some immediately fled, while others fought alone. For a time, dealing with a group of sea beasts had actually fallen into chaos.

However, this was not the end. As they fought with the sea beasts, everyone felt a regular sea tremor.

The source of the tremor was not the collapsing underwater island.

Instead, it came from the other nine directions around the Dragon Transformation Island.

Under the influence of this tremor, the waves rose in front of their eyes. They watched helplessly as these waves evolved into a monstrous tsunami.

It was the first time they had seen a tsunami more than 3,000 feet tall around the island at a 360-degree angle.

This was clearly not a natural tsunami.

In this sea, the race that was best at stirring up waves was the Sea Giant!

The other Soul Formation cultivators of the Dragon Transformation Island attacked and defeated this tsunami that looked like it could destroy the world.

However, the huge figure that appeared after the tsunami made them feel serious.

The nine tribes of the Sea Giant each mobilized more than ten giants that were as tall as mountains and appeared here at the same time.

They looked at the huge skull that had been turned into a palace on the highest mountain of the Dragon Transformation Island. Hatred erupted in the eyes of the hundred giants.

They wanted to take revenge on this group of pirates. At the same time, they promised that whoever among the nine brothers could bring back their father’s head would become the next Sea Giant King and reunite the nine tribes.

The Sea Giants waved their thick sea rock pillars and roared as they rushed up, fighting with the higher-ups of the Dragon Transformation Island.

These guys looked like they were all brawn and no brains.

In fact, these Sea Giants were cunning.

Just relying on hatred and revenge was impossible to convince them to attack.

The merman Namur almost got a sore throat from talking to them but they did not even agree to cooperate.

It was not until Jiang Li promised these Sea Giants that he would deal with the endless Wall of Storms for them, close down most of the defensive array formations in the Dragon Transformation Island, and even draw away Guhei Tianchou for them so that they did not have to face Earth Immortal experts.

Only then were they willing to attack.

Moreover, the goal of these nine tribes was to retrieve their father’s skull and become the new king, not just to take revenge.

Compared to these guys, the Wind Protection Giant that slept in the mountain range every day was much cuter.

First, there was the dragon beast riot, then the Sea Giant’s sneak attack. The Dragon Transformation Island cultivators without a leader fell into a bitter battle.

As for the talisman formation cultivators who were originally staying in the coral forest, it was even more difficult.

They were not good at fighting to begin with. At this moment, they were directly in the center of the dragon beast nest, and a large number of casualties appeared immediately.

The group of old men retreated step by step. They were forced into a corner and wanted to hide in the mystic realm that was about to collapse.

“Quickly open the barrier and let me out!”

At this moment, Sasha’s anxious voice suddenly sounded from the black disk that Guhei Tianchou had originally used to monitor.

This mystic realm was about to be destroyed, and her token had been snatched away by the Origin Blood Ancient Leech.

If she could not leave before that, she might be fine, but the “Young Lady Jian Mo” in her hand would really die.

The old man with two lanterns on his head heard Sasha’s voice and hurriedly grabbed the black disk.

He was a little hesitant, afraid that releasing Sasha privately would arouse the displeasure of Lord Dragon Head.

However, soon, he used the token to activate the bubble’s spiritual light.

After all, these old, weak, and crippled people could not last long under the siege of those violent dragon beasts.

Now that the dragon beast was not here, only the powerful captain of the second fleet, Sasha, could save them!

Just before the underwater island collapsed, Sasha brought Guhei Jian Mo out of the mystic realm.

Then, the bubble barrier suddenly collapsed inward, scattering into countless small bubbles that floated to the surface of the sea. The entire ruin was destroyed today.

She reached out and grabbed a bubble after the mystic realm collapsed, putting Guhei Jian Mo inside.

Although this lady had an extraordinary dragon bloodline in her body, she had not undergone cultivation development after all. At most, she could hold her breath for a few minutes longer than others. She could not breathe underwater.

“Protect her. She’s the new young lady of our Dragon Transformation Island.”

“Leave those sea beasts to me.”

After handing the person to the talisman formation cultivators to protect, Sasha’s entire body twisted, turning into hundreds of Seven Gills Dragon Eels that rushed towards the arrogant dragon beasts in the surroundings.

To be able to slaughter and devour dragon blood beasts here without any fear was a rare opportunity!

When the talisman array masters heard that the woman in the bubble was the new young lady, they paid attention to her.

Talismans made of special seagrass were stuck to the bubble, protecting the girl in the center.

In the bubble, Jian Mo, who was about to obtain power and status, had long woken up.

She curled up her body and hugged a fruit tightly in her arms. Two streaks of tears slid down her tightly shut eyes.

It was a Nine Nether Earth Fruit that Jiang Li had left her before he left.

As long as she fed this fruit to her mother, she would be able to replenish her lifespan and revive!

At that time, not only would her mother come back to life, they would also escape their lonely life and enjoy the envy and admiration of countless people.

She would also become a powerful cultivator. If she returned to her previous country, her King father would kowtow to her in a flattering manner.

This should have been a happy thing, but the important Sir Li Jiang had left!

“Sir! i’ll definitely find you! Then, I’ll repay you with the rest of my life!”