As the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd was slowly pulled out of the stone monument, an aura that looked down on the world spread out.

Not far away, Guhei Tianchou’s pupils constricted. That aura made his heart slow down by half a beat, and he felt fear when facing an emperor.

His body instinctively wanted to lower his head.

This situation made Guhei Tianchou feel that it was inexplicable.

He had lived on the Dragon Transformation Island since he was born and had interacted with cultivators since he was young. If he met a king of a mortal country, the other party would always lower his head. When had he ever felt this way?

His hands were even ‘not daring to’ wave his claws at the halberd! This made his aura subconsciously lower.

Holding the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd, Jiang Li was extremely shocked in his mind. Even if he merely raised this halberd, it had already swallowed half of the spiritual qi in his body, and the expenditure was something he had never seen before.

However, when he sensed the power that was reflected onto him, Jiang Li was even more shocked.

Among all the treasures on the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd, only the Chi You Armor and the Anti-Cultivation Spiritual Bead could compare to it.

The other Earth-rank treasures might not be comparable even if they were combined.

It was the weapon of the last Human Emperor. In the final battle of the Divine Investiture Tribulation, the Shang Dynasty’s King, Di Xin, held the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd and suppressed more than ten famous third-generation disciples of the Chan School until they could not raise their heads.

Even if such a divine weapon only left behind a little power, it was enough to make people tremble in fear.


Energy erupted from beneath his feet, and Jiang Li’s figure instantly vanished on the spot. When he appeared again, he had already arrived before Guhei Tianchou.

The spear of the Broken-Winged Black Mosquito in his left and right hands stabbed out together with the Earth-rank demonic weapon, the Bloodthirsty Trident.

The two powerful weapons tore through the air and stabbed at the enemy’s head and heart.

“Good treasure! Good timing!”

The power of an Earth-rank weapon did not scare a dignified Earth Immortal.

The powerful Dragon Head Guhei did not dodge. Instead, he smiled sinisterly and stretched out two dragon claws covered in scales to face it.

He easily dodged the sharp edge of the tip and grabbed the two weapons with his dragon claws.

Sparks flew where it touched, and it was forcefully stopped by the two dragon claws.

Then, an even greater force came. Jiang Li could not stand firmly and was dragged forward.

Guhei Tianhou exerted strength with his claws, actually wanting to directly snatch the two items from Jiang Li’s hands.

However, how could these two artifacts be so easy to capture?

Countless spikes suddenly grew out of the Bloodthirsty Trident’s long pole. After piercing through the dragon claw’s skin, it crazily absorbed the dragon blood.

On the other side, the Mosquito Spear was even more dangerous. The dragon claw that grabbed the spear tip visibly shriveled. Not only did it return to the appearance of a human hand, it also became skin and bones covered in wrinkles, as if it was an old man on the verge of death.

“What a fierce weapon!”

Surprised by the power of the two ferocious weapons, Guhei Tianchou still did not have the intention to let go. Instead, he struck out with two forces that passed through the Bloodthirsty Trident and the Broken Mosquito Spear, intending to shake Jiang Li’s palm away.

Every move was filled with the confidence of an Earth Immortal.

However, in the next moment, his expression changed, and he immediately gave up on letting go. His figure disappeared.

The Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd smashed into the spot where Guhei Tianchou had been standing with boundless might.

“Pinnacle Martial Emperor!”

In the distorted space, black lightning snakes darted around. The entire tortoise shell and dragon tomb shook from the impact.

This smash threw out another half of the spiritual qi that he had just recovered.

Jiang Li took a deep breath and raised his head to look up. As expected of an Earth Immortal, he did not even see how the other party had dodged earlier.

However, this was the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd. Even if Jiang Li was still unable to unleash its strength, even the most ordinary swing could not be dodged easily.

Standing in the air, Guhei Tianchou looked at his chest with an ugly expression.


A few breaths later, a large amount of dragon blood spurted out as if it was free. A huge vertical hole appeared in his chest! His skin and flesh were lacerated, and his bones were visible!

Although it did not hit, he was still injured.

When faced with the successive attacks of Jiang Li’s three offensive treasures, even Earth Immortal Realm experts were injured at the first possible moment.

This was the immense combat strength enhancement of having many artifacts.

After breaking through, Jiang Li inevitably swelled up a little.

He brandished the Mosquito Spear and Bloodthirsty Trident as he attacked repeatedly. The strongest Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd had to wait until Jiang Li recovered his spiritual qi.

“This is great! Looks like if I don’t use my true ability, I won’t be able to obtain the inheritance!”

“I hope these artifacts are durable enough.”

Drip! Drip!

Jiang Li, who was pursuing the enemy in the Black Scale Armor, suddenly heard a few sounds that sounded like sticky water droplets falling to the ground.

Not far away from him, Guhei Tianchou, who had been dodging and retreating, suddenly surged with a lot of purple-black liquid that began to drip to the ground. Poison!

Jiang Li had just raised his guard when a purple barrier quickly spread out with Guhei Tianchou as the center.

In the blink of an eye, it almost enveloped most of the tortoise shell dragon tomb.


The dragon bone fossils that covered the ground emitted a strange sound at the same time. Then, they began to soften and corrode. Not long after, they turned into purple-black poisonous mud.

The same situation appeared on Jiang Li’s body. His entire body emitted intense pain from the burning of flames, and wisps of white smoke emerged from the cracks in the body of the Black Scale Armor.

Jiang Li’s resistance to poison was completely unable to resist the methods of the Earth Immortal Poison Dragon!