At the same time, he also began to feel dizzy, his body was weak, and his joints felt stiff and painful. The flow of spiritual qi began to slow, and it was as if his chest was filled with sulfuric acid that was corroding every organ.

In a short period of time, Jiang Li’s body was covered in more than ten poisonous statuses.

The attack chasing after the other party was forced to stop.

He had clearly not come into contact with the poison dripping from Guhei Tianchou’s body, and he did not even smell the poison.

However, it seemed that as long as he was within the range of this purple energy, he would continuously be poisoned!

Moreover, if he stayed in this area for a long time, even his artifacts would be corroded and damaged.

This was the Poison Domain!

In next to no time, Jiang Li understood what he was facing

Although the power of a domain was rare, the enemy opposite him was an Earth Immortal, the master of the medium-grade Divine Judgment Dragon Island!

It was not strange for such an existence to have a domain technique.

The various poison statuses on his interface were still jumping out non-stop, causing his strength to continuously decrease.

At this speed, even if he could eliminate a negative status every five seconds, he would not be able to keep up with the increased speed.

“What a vicious domain!”

This could not go on. With the other party’s speed, he could not easily catch up to him. Sooner or later, he would be dragged down by these toxins!

He had to leave the domain as soon as possible.

Jiang Li turned around and wanted to pull away first, but the other party’s speed was faster than his, and her strength was stronger than his. Whether he could pull away was not up to Jiang Li to decide.


His spiritual perception frantically called the police. Behind him, he suddenly felt a sense of danger.

He instinctively raised his halberd and swept it across. The spiritual qi that he had just accumulated only blasted apart one poisonous puppet.

Then, another faster impact attacked from the front. Jiang Li raised his shield to block, and the power of the Earth Immortal pure-blooded dragon collided with the shield.

The hand holding the seal shield seemed to be on the verge of breaking. He was still sent flying

His spiritual perception alerted him again. Behind him!

The Inverted Domain instantly opened, stopping a purple-black poisonous spike in midair.

He brandished the Bloodthirsty Trident and sent the poisonous spike flying.

The cunning Guhei Tianchou actually did not give Jiang Li any chance to fight in close combat.

Jiang Li released his Inverted Domain with all his might in an attempt to envelop the other party.

However, in the poisonous domain, his Inverted Domain was actually suppressed, and the expansion range was greatly reduced.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation and was caught off guard.

Seeing this familiar domain, Guhei Tianchou, who had seen the Inverted Domain before, immediately narrowed his eyes.

“Is that kind of domain unique to the Dragon Race? Why does the Origin Blood Ancient Leech have it, and so does the guardian of this ruin?”

Lord Dragon Head had already developed doubts about Jiang Li’s identity as the guardian of the ruins.

Looking at the Inverted Domain that enveloped him, Guhei Tianchou raised his hand and erupted with a destructive spiritual light that collided with the Inverted Domain, causing Jiang Li, who was the pivot, to be forced to endure even more pressure until he was blasted flying.

Because of the continuous accumulation of poison in Jiang Li’s body, his strength had always been weak, and the strength he could endure was inferior to when he was in the sea.

Jiang Li who was blasted flying smashed into the ground, and only then did he notice that there was a sticky feeling behind him. In this space, it had unknowingly gathered into a poisonous swamp that was sufficient to cover his ankles.

The dragon bones in this Ba Xia tortoise shell and some other ancient buildings had already been corroded by the poison domain and turned into poisonous mud.

The mud seeped into the cracks of the armor leaves, causing the poison status in Jiang Li’s body to jump even faster.

A moment later, the Immaculate Body and other cleansing statuses removed the poisonous mud on his body.

However, before he could catch his breath, the poisonous mud around him surged, turning into poisonous dragons. They twisted their dirty bodies and pounced at him from all directions.

Jiang Li had nowhere to dodge. He could only activate the Inverted Domain and repelled these poisonous dragons.

However, after the poisonous dragons were reversed by the Inverted Domain, they continued to approach under Guhei Tianchou’s control.

More and more poisonous dragons surged towards Jiang Li under Guhei Tianchou’s control.

This caused the veins on Jiang Li’s face to bulge while large amounts of sweat broke out.

His Inverted Domain was best at dealing with attacks. A single individual’s straight line attack only needed to be reversed linearly.

At that level, he could block the power of an Earth Immortal and be unscathed.

However, if the total energy did not change, and the more attacks there were, the harder it was for Jiang Li to deal with them.

The Inverted Domain hated liquid the most.

The flow of liquid was a hundred times more complicated than solid.

In theory, if one practiced a high-level Inverted Domain, they could open a dry space under the deep sea and reverse every drop of seawater that tried to approach.

However, the newbie Jiang Li was far from being able to reach this level.

Facing more than a hundred poisonous dragons that continuously pounced at him, even if Jiang Li used his full strength, these poisonous snakes were still continuously approaching

Originally, using five Earth-rank and above artifacts at the same time was already something that two types of energy infusion status could not support and terrifying expenditure.

The pressure of making the energy in Jiang Li’s body unable to make ends meet was immense. Now, he had hundreds of poison statuses on his body, and he still had to use his full strength to execute the Inverted Domain.

Even with the help of the parallel minds, Jiang Li had already reached his limit.