The ferocious aura spread out again. Dark red muscles crawled out from under the black shield. After absorbing the large amount of Nine Nether Asura power that gushed out of Jiang Li’s body, they swelled up excitedly.

In the blink of an eye, it had already covered Jiang Li’s left hand.

As expected of the muscles of the mighty figure Chi You, he could even absorb the special energy that Jiang Li had fused with the two worlds without any obstruction.

The power that erupted when he entered was far greater than before.

The tightened muscles exerted a large amount of pressure on the interior. However, this time, with the Black Scale Armor in the middle, it helped Jiang Li endure this pressure, making him feel much better.

It was a pity for the Black Scale Armor. This Earth-rank Scale Armor had been pierced by the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito’s spear and had yet to be repaired.

Now that it was enduring such a force, the connection between the armor leaves emitted a creaking sound that could not withstand the burden.

The swelling muscles quickly crawled all over his body.

Guhei Tianchou, who was hiding in the distance, frowned when he saw this.

He recalled the scene of him being beaten up by this muscular monster.

The tail at the back of his butt began to hurt again. The rune bandage tied to it quickly emitted a layer of blood color.

He raised his head and grabbed at Jiang Li in the air. He controlled a large amount of poisonous liquid and mud again, forming a poisonous dragon wave that surged over in an attempt to stop this change. An even larger poisonous mud that was ten times larger covered Jiang Li, and the strength of the Poison Domain was condensed, causing the poisonous ball to instantly transform into a round and smooth poisonous ball.

“Did it stop?”

One breath, two breaths, three breaths!


Three completely different forces instantly tore apart the poisonous ball, and the dark red Chi You’s muscles appeared again.

He had horns on his head and four arms on his back. His wild muscles contained the power to tear everything apart.

He wantonly brandished the three weapons in his hand, erupting with continuous air waves that blew away the poisonous swamp poison dragons controlled by Dragon Head Guhei. Even the Poison Domain was on the verge of collapse under that might.

“He’s even stronger than before!”

Guhei Tianchou, who hurriedly retreated, had a gloomy expression. The worst scenario had still appeared.

Without the restriction of the Last Days Domain, although he could unleash his full strength unrestricted, this monster had also become stronger.

Most importantly, this monster had been empty-handed before. Now, it had taken out a large number of powerful artifacts.

Their combat strength could not be compared to before!

Even so, the monster could not leave the spot!

On second thought, Guhei Tianchou was still very confident in his cage.

As long as he could stall this monster, he would still be invincible.

As he thought this, he saw the muscular monster charge at him while dragging the green belt around its waist.

Every step he took caused the entire tortoise shell and dragon tomb to tremble endlessly. It could be seen how terrifying the force behind each step was.

Although the speed was not fast, it was enough to shock him.

Unfortunately, because of the green belt, even the Chi You Armor could only run on the ground and could not jump into the air.

Chi You Armor quickly discovered this problem. He stopped moving and no longer chased after the target in the sky. Instead, he assumed a strange posture while holding a shield.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He waved the halberd in his hand, trident, and spear, and suddenly knocked on the seal shield in his hand, emitting three explosive sounds!

The explosion that struck the shield formed a visible ox-headed ripple in the air that spread upwards.

Guhei Tianchou, who had been flying in the air and controlling the poisonous dragons to kill the enemy in search of an opportunity, was struck by this sound wave.

Even though he had an Earth Immortal body, his ears were directly pierced, and his consciousness became blurry!

A moment later, when he recovered from his shock, a blood light had already arrived in front of him.

Guhei Tianchou only had time to twist his body before the Bloodthirsty Trident stabbed into his abdomen, stabbing deeply into it. He immediately began to absorb the dragon blood.

However, there was a black chain behind the Bloodthirsty Trident. The other part of the chain was in the hand of the Chi You Armor.

As the Chi You Armor pulled, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock immediately tightened and pulled Guhei Tianchou back from the air.

What greeted him were the Mosquito Spear and the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Two ferocious weapons struck out, breaking through five defensive artifacts in a row before landing on Guhei Tianchou and sending him flying far away.

If not for the five Profound-rank artifacts blocking in front of him, he would have lost half his life.

The Chi You Armor raised its hand to throw the spear again, but Jiang Li, who was hiding inside, was anxious.

Just as the spear was about to throw, Jiang Li hurriedly exerted strength and barely stopped this wastrel action.

The spear only flew a few feet and stabbed into the ground in front of him.

He heaved a sigh of relief. The Chi You Armor was too bold.

The degree of refinement of these artifacts in Jiang Li’s hand was not high. If he threw them out, he did not have the confidence to summon them back under the obstruction of an Earth Immortal.

Now that the Chi You Armor was bound by the green belt, he could not run fast. Did that strike cause much damage? If Guhei Tianchou snatched the spear and ran, he would not have a place to cry.

The closed eyes on the sealed shield opened slightly.

After releasing the anti-cultivation domain and temporarily weakening the power of the Chi You Armor, Jiang Li controlled the armor with all his might to grab the spear back.

He turned the spear tip and stabbed it into the green belt around his waist.