In the future, he might even be able to develop the Five Elements Sword Peak in his consciousness into a true paradise. Just thinking about it made him a little excited.

The Earth Spirit that had been frightened by Jiang Li earlier was completely convinced.

“Thank you, Young Master!”

The old man’s grateful voice sounded from the crystal heart.

Jiang Li waved his hand and hid the earth vein again. On the spot, only the glowing Ba Xia was left.

“Senior Ba Xia, no one will accompany you in this prison in the future.”

“All of this is your fault for trying to possess me. Even if you helped King Yu mitigate the flood, my actions will not be a problem.”

“It’s impossible for me to let you out now, but if you cooperate, I can make Senior live more comfortably!”

“There’s only one chance. There’s no turning back!”

In the outside world, the Chi You Armor ran on the ground and chased after Guhei Tianchou.

The Poison Dragon’s domain could poison Jiang Li, but it could not do anything to Chi You’s muscles.

Unfortunately, the suppressed Chi You Armor could not catch up to the Earth Immortals who were moving around. Neither party could do anything to the other.

It was not until the entire Ba Xia tortoise shell began to glow.

Under the full force of an Earth Immortal-level battle, the ten thousand-year-old stone filth that had not changed even began to crack.

Layers of skin peeled off, revealing the inside. This was a tortoise shell that was huge enough to fit a city. Its surface was covered in bold and elegant patterns.

Among the natural Dao patterns, there was also a map of the Eight Mountains, and the water of the Fen River and the Yellow River. They were the legendary water channels created by the ancient Great Yu to subdue the flood.

This tortoise shell belonged to Ba Xia, one of the Nine Sons of the Ancestral Dragon.

Back then, because he had captured Ba Xia’s remnant soul, their negotiation failed, so he had not been able to obtain the Dragon Race secret technique that Ba Xia mentioned and this tortoise shell.

It was not until a while ago that he borrowed the power of the Sea Giant Race to dig this huge tortoise shell out of the deep sea canyon.

It was transported here as the battlefield he had prepared.

Only the Ba Xia tortoise shell could withstand a battle at the Earth Immortal realm and not collapse easily.

Moreover, as long as Ba Xia’s remnant soul cooperated, this battlefield would give him a huge advantage.

An inexplicable gravity suddenly appeared in the tortoise shell space, causing the Earth Immortals in the air to feel abnormally heavy. They began to be unable to fly and flew lower and lower.

Finally, he landed on the ground. He could only face the rampaging muscle monster!

One halberd, one trident, and one spear. The might of the three was extremely great, and if it was in Jiang Li’s hand, he might dare to forcefully receive it.

However, in the hands of the Chi You Armor, he would be injured or even die immediately.

Three-colored light swept through space.

Although this was the first time he had held these three weapons, he could unleash the different styles of the three weapons with a wave of his hand. The battle technique was profound to the limit, suppressing Guhei Tianchou until he was forced back repeatedly.

Chi You was the strongest general under the Flame Emperor during the Primordial World. He even had the upper hand in the war with Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan.

Although the current Chi You Armor was only made from a few muscles, it was far from what Jiang Li could compare to.

Guhei Tianchou, who was fleeing in the tortoise shell dragon tomb, could only take out artifacts and collide with the weapons held by the Chi You Armor.

However, ordinary Profound-rank artifacts were truly too powerless in such a battle.

Every time they collided, he would definitely lose one of them. Such a speed of destruction made even Guhei Tianchou feel heartache.

Soon, Guhei Tianchou also unleashed his true strength. Ignoring his injuries, he transformed into a Poison Dragon!

He used his thousand feet body, dragon claw, and dragon tooth to fight against the Chi You Armor!

In the battle on the underwater island, his tail had been torn off and had yet to grow out.

In close combat, it was as if he had lost an arm. The impact was not small. However, after being stimulated by the pain and becoming bloodthirsty, he still erupted with the terrifying combat strength of a pure-blooded dragon.

The two sides fought crazily, dragon blood and dragon flesh scattering on the ground.

A terrifying sea tremor in the outside world spread out with the tortoise shell and Dragon Tomb as the center, and it swept through an area of 500km. Even the Dragon Transformation Island in the distance was affected.

This battle lasted for three days and three nights!

In the end, the Poison Dragon, which was covered in injuries, was beaten out of its crazy state. It discovered that the flesh, blood, and bones on its body were less than half of their original size. Its physical condition was extremely terrible. There was not a single piece of good flesh from the inside out. It was extremely close to death!

The dignified Earth Immortal finally gave up fighting in the fear of death and turned around to escape!