“Did I finally win?”

Jiang Li, who was hiding inside the Chi You Armor, was a little uncertain when he heard the calm commotion outside.

The Chi You Armor was still running and trying to pursue him, but the green belt around his waist severely delayed his speed.

Even if the other party was also restricted by Ba Xia’s tortoise shell, it was impossible for the Chi You Armor to catch up to the Earth Immortal who was trying to escape.

Soon, the dragon flew farther and farther away.

Only when he could no longer sense Guhei Tianchou’s aura did Jiang Li heave a sigh of relief, and his entire body went limp in his armor.

During these three days, even though it was not Jiang Li who was personally fighting, he had also endured extremely great danger and pressure.

This was because at this moment, the dark red muscles wrapped tightly around his body again. Even with the naked eye, the boundaries of the two types of flesh could no longer be distinguished.

The Black Scale Armor that was originally between the Chi You Armor and him had already disappeared without a trace.

As the battle continued, Jiang Li gradually discovered the reason why the Chi You Armor had never appeared in legends.

This terrifying armor was still a dangerous semi-finished product.

There was still one flaw that had not been resolved, and that was that he could not control it.

It was one thing to rely on instincts to fight and not listen to the master’s orders.

However, as the dark red muscles absorbed more and more spiritual qi, the strength would also become stronger, as if there was no limit to it.

This was not all good because its savage instincts would also increase.

Its greed would grow exponentially.

For example, Jiang Li who was emitting an alluring aura at all times inside the armor.

While the Chi You Armor was still fighting the Poison Dragon in the outside world, the muscles in the armor began to greedily absorb all the nutrients in his body.

This included the Black Scale Armor that blocked Jiang Li and Chi You’s muscles.

After that, Jiang Li experienced what was called outrageous.

An extremely special liquid metal seeped out of the Chi You Armor.

It actually directly rotted and corroded Jiang Li’s Black Scale Armor, and it completely ate the Earth-rank armor that had accompanied him for a long time!

Quintet Qi Essence Copper! This was the name of that liquid metal.

Jiang Li had seen it in appraisal before.

This Chi You Armor was mainly made of Chi You’s muscles and Quintet Qi Essence Copper.

The Quintet Qi Essence Copper was a special metal refined by the Chi You Tribe with the Five Elements Qi.

In ancient times, the Chi You Tribe was famous for their metal smelting technique. The weapons and armor they forged were completely inferior to the divine weapons at that time.

This was also an important reason why they could repeatedly gain the upper hand in the battle with Emperor Xuanyuan.

The Chi You Sword was even more invincible. If not for the fact that Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan had obtained the legendary Xuanyuan Sword, it was hard to say who would have won in the end.

He did not expect to see it today.

Earth-rank artifacts were like chickens and dogs in front of that kind of thing and did not have the slightest ability to resist.

After breaking through the Black Scale Armor, the dark red muscles no longer had any obstruction and connected to Jiang Li’s body again, starting to recklessly extract vitality and spiritual qi. He even sent the ferocious wills into his consciousness again.

At this moment, there was no Daji chanting the Three Sovereign Scripture to suppress him.

If not for the fact that his Nascent Soul was protected by the merit runes, he might have already fallen to a Demonic Nascent.

This situation made Jiang Li suffer greatly. However, with the powerful enemy in front of him, he had to continue fighting in the Chi You Armor. He could only endure it for the time being.

After being slapped by such a greedy fellow for three days and three nights, even Jiang Li was slightly unable to endure it.

“Activate the anti-cultivation domain!”

As soon as Guhei Tianchou left, he immediately controlled the shield. The closed eyes on it opened, revealing the Anti-Cultivation Spiritual Bead inside.

The special domain that expelled spiritual qi landed on the Chi You Armor, causing the armor that had completely turned into a monster to lose 40 to 50% of its strength.

However, Jiang Li was shocked. In the past, under the anti-cultivation domain, Chi You’s muscles could only maintain about 20% of its strength. Why could it retain so much this time?

Most importantly, he could not limit the power of Chi You’s muscles to a certain extent. The sealed shield could not forcefully seal it again.

Damn it! In these three days, he had allowed this flesh to absorb too much power. Even the anti-cultivation domain could not disperse it in a short period of time!

Moreover, feeling the danger, Chi You’s muscles instinctively struggled.

More and more flesh and blood stabbed into Jiang Li’s body, absorbing the energy and vitality even more crazily, causing his body to visibly wither inside.

The absorption speed this time was much more terrifying than when he was in the Xuanyuan Tomb. If this continued, he would probably be sucked to death!

With determination in his heart, Jiang Li controlled the Anti-Cultivation Spiritual Bead to weaken its might, leaving only a thin crack.

Although this would weaken the power of the anti-cultivation domain, it could allow Jiang Li to control it more accurately. It would only restrict the Chi You Armor and not affect the other artifacts and Jiang Li himself.

Then, he relied on the fact that the Chi You Armor was brainless and could not react to his internal movements. He exerted strength from the inside and spun the Bloodthirsty Trident and the Broken Mosquito Spear in his hand before stabbing his arms.

The two Earth-rank artifacts had just been inserted half an inch when they were blocked by the strong muscles and Quintet Qi Essence Copper.

Fortunately, this was enough to satisfy the requirements of this demonic artifact and magic artifact.

After activating the two weapons with all his might, Jiang Li also began to extract the spiritual qi and vitality in the Chi You Armor and instilled them into his body through these two artifacts.