Just as Jiang Li was checking his spoils of war in the tortoise shell dragon tomb…

Guhei Tianchou, who had transformed back into a human and was on the verge of death, went back to the Dragon Transformation Island with difficulty.

Before flying into the range of the storm, he dispersed the escape light on his body and used a diversion technique to conceal his sorry state.

Next, he would need a very, very long time to heal his injuries. That would be his weakest moment.

With the sect culture of the Dragon Transformation Island, he could not find many people he could trust in such a huge medium-sized Divine Judgment faction.

Not to mention that the pirates of the Dragon Transformation Island had countless enemies. Once outsiders knew of his current terrible state, danger and trouble would come to him one after another.

That was something that the current him could not face.

Therefore, even if his body was continuously collapsing and worsening, he still had to squeeze out spiritual qi to cast the illusion technique.

It was like a puffer fish inflating its body to intimidate the enemy through bluffing.

After passing through the storm area that had already raised the wind wall again, he almost thought that he had come to the wrong place.

In this sea area, more than half of the originally rich and beautiful islands had disappeared, and the remaining ones were also beyond recognition.

A large number of sea beasts and dragon beast corpses floated on the surface of the sea, emitting a rotting stench.

In the center of the Dragon Transformation Island, there were more than ten mountain-sized Sea Giant corpses lying on the ground.

Their blood flowed down, forming several trickling rivers that dyed the nearby seawater into a strange pink.

Looking at the top of the mountain, the Skull Palace that had originally been used as a spoils of war to show the power and prestige of the Painting Dragon Island had indeed disappeared.

“Those Sea Giants! I should have let them die!”

This scene made Guhei Tianchou gnash his teeth in anger. A few more blood pillars shot out from his body.

In the palace, there was a large amount of his resources and treasures.

Now that the Sea Giants had taken the opportunity to rob him and move away with the Skull Palace, the accumulation would naturally be lost.

Without those spiritual materials and precious medicines, his recovery speed would definitely be greatly reduced.

Even if everything went smoothly, it would already be fortunate that he could repair his Earth Immortal body in a hundred years.

Moreover, he discovered that the spiritual qi environment inside the Wall of Storms, which was originally more than five times higher than the outside world, was also continuously flowing away.

Perhaps the sudden battle and the collapse of the underwater mystic realm had damaged the earth vein of the Dragon Transformation Island.

If it could not be repaired, perhaps this place would no longer be suitable as a sect encampment in the future. This was another heavy blow to him.

Troubled things happened one after another. He did not know if it was his retribution.

He glanced at the remaining higher-ups of the Dragon Transformation Island who were gathered in a barely intact hall. Some were healing their injuries, while others were healing others.

“Fortunately, they’re not all dead.”

Guhei Tianchou heaved a sigh of relief. If he was at his peak, he naturally would not care about the lives of these subordinates.

However, he was heavily injured now. Once he entered seclusion, it was impossible for him to come out easily. At that time, he would need these subordinates to gather materials for him and refine healing pills.

He flew into the hall. When the many elders who were healing saw the Dragon Head return, they all revealed complicated and fearful expressions. They stood up and bowed to Guhei Tianchou.

They did not dare to blame the other party for not protecting the sect. Instead, they were more afraid.

With this Dragon Head’s personality, it was very likely that he would take out his anger and cruelly punish these subordinates.

Fortunately, he did not do this this time, because if he killed again, there would really be no one left to use.

He flew into the crowd and discovered that the ones who were protected in the center before he returned were the captain of the second fleet, Sasha. There was a mortal girl without any spiritual qi on her body and a middle-aged woman lying in a coffin.

Guhei Tianchou’s eyes sized them up.

While everyone lowered their heads and did not dare to look at him, the mortal girl dared to raise her head and look into his eyes.

Just her courage was enough to make people look up to her.

From the bloodline aura of the mortal girl, he quickly knew the identity of the girl in front of him.

Previously, he had seen her appearance in the underwater island through the monitoring spirit stone.

To be able to survive in that dangerous environment, this daughter was very lucky.

“What’s your name?”

Guhei Jian Mo looked at her father who she had never seen before, but there was no warmth in her heart.

After calmly saying her name, a token carved from dragon teeth was thrown into her arms.

That was the Young Master Token left behind after the death of Guhei Mocheng. It represented authority and benefits that could allow one to ascend to the heavens in a single step!

“Guhei Jian Mo, in the future, you will be my daughter, the only Young Lady of the island.”

With Guhei Tianchou personally acknowledging it, the surrounding higher-ups all bowed and called out in unison, “Young Lady.”

Then, the dragon head’s gaze landed on Captain Sasha.

“Captain Sasha of the second fleet, in view of your contributions to protect the Dragon Transformation Island and your cooperation in assassinating Zhuohou, I can let bygones be bygones.”

“In the future, assist Jian Mo with all your might to rebuild the Dragon Transformation Island and deal with the matters at sea to make up for your mistakes!”

“From today onwards, I will enter seclusion and break through to a higher realm. No matter what, don’t disturb me!”

As expected, Guhei Tianchou acknowledged Jian Mo as the young lady and, for the first time, gave her even more authority than the original two young masters.