In any case, now that the Origin Blood Ancient Leech had fled, his original two sons were already dead, and he needed a long period of seclusion to heal his injuries. He utterly did not have the time or energy to deal with the trivial matters of the Dragon Transformation Island.

The Dragon Transformation Island needed a spokesperson on the surface.

This daughter who was sent to him naturally became the best choice. Although she was still a mortal, it was not a problem to be a puppet.

Sasha, who he had planned to kill earlier, was also kept alive.

In order to intimidate the sea, high-level combatants at the Soul Formation realm were indispensable.

With such strength now, the Dragon Transformation Island only had Sasha and the captain of the first fleet stationed at the front line.

At the very least, he had to keep this female pirate with a chaotic private life.

At most, he would let her go to the front line instead of staying on the island anymore.

After saying that, he left a few more instructions before disappearing on the spot.

He transformed into an illusion and entered the sect’s seclusion chamber.

Under the cover of the illusion technique, his main body opened a secret room on the island that outsiders did not know.

After completely sealing the entrance of the secret room, the illusion technique covering his body flickered a few times and completely failed, revealing his original appearance.

The body below the waist had already completely disappeared. The organs and intestines in the abdomen were blocked by a thin layer of spiritual qi light membrane, so they did not pour out all at once.

The remaining half of his body was also missing bits and pieces. It was bumpy like a hundred sows had chewed on him, and he did not look like a living person at all.

Compared to the Chi You Armor that was invulnerable to weapons, water, and poison, the originally powerful dragon body seemed so fragile. After three days and three nights of fighting, he had already become so miserable.

However, his Poison Domain, claws, and teeth did not leave any obvious traces on the enemy.

How could such a monster exist in the world!

After pouring out a pile of medicinal pills from his storage artifact and casually grabbing a few to stuff into his mouth, Guhei Tianchou fell into a difficult state of healing.

On the other side, Jiang Li was also sitting on the head of the Wood Dragon Rayquaza after the battle, leisurely enjoying the salty sea breeze.

The terrifying toxins that should have plagued him to the end of the world took some time to be completely cleansed by the power of the statuses.

The other injuries on his body also recovered quickly under the treatment. Since he started cultivating, Jiang Li had never tasted the after-effects of a battle.

He casually took out pieces of cut dragon meat from the coffin and threw them into Rayquaza’s mouth.

This exaggerated wooden dragon was like a puppy as it let out fawning cries.



Every time it ate a piece of dragon meat, Rayquaza would involuntarily squirm a few times. Its body became even longer and more handsome. The “dragon scales” that were originally leaves on its body also fell off piece by piece, growing true scales.

In those three days, Guhei Tianchou had experienced more than just being cut into pieces. The dragon flesh that had fallen into Ba Xia’s tortoise shell could be calculated by a thousand tons.

After eating these Earth Immortal-level pure-blooded dragon meat, they could elevate Rayquaza to the Soul Formation realm.

The main body was a branch of the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth, the Nine Nether Wood. If it could transform into a dragon by swallowing the dragon flesh, then the combat strength and potential of Rayquaza would definitely be extraordinary.

After all, it was the first Wood Demon that he had awakened and was his mount. It could not be weak.

One hand fed him meat, and Jiang Li’s other hand held a communication spirit stone. He was asking Sasha about the current situation of the Dragon Transformation Island.

Originally, Jiang Li planned to let the top spy, Sasha, retire successfully.

After bringing the Ground Control Flag to meet up with him, she could fill up the Hidden Rock Army and continue working hard for a greater cause.

However, after discovering the tragic state of Guhei Tianchou’s escape, he changed his mind.

After the Earth Control Flag sucked away the high-grade earth vein of the Dragon Transformation Island, it was directly summoned back. No one could snatch the treasure given by the Human Emperor.

As for Sasha, Jiang Li took a certain risk and let her stay.

As expected, under that state of near death, even the craziest person had to maintain a little rationality for the sake of their lives.

As the few remaining top-notch combat forces of the Dragon Transformation Island, not only was Sasha not dead, but she had also successfully obtained authority.

One had to know that the war of the Great Mountain Alliance was under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Transformation Island.

With Sasha and Jian Mo, the young masters of the Dragon Transformation Island, cooperating internally, it could bring Jiang Li a lot of convenience.

With the Blood Fighting Arena as a precedent, Jiang Li was confident that it would not be long before he could empty the entire Dragon Transformation Island.

Guhei Tianchou was far inferior to Vemacitrin. When the time was ripe, Jiang Li could even come up with a question like, “Why did the Dragon Head rebel?”

Perhaps due to the influence of the high-grade Merit Blessing, everything went very smoothly.

A moment later, Jiang Li smiled and put away the communication spirit stone. In front of him, a boiling hot sea appeared.

Jiang Li patted the wooden dragon beneath him and made Rayquaza lower its height, avoiding the thick steam clouds and flying deeper.

He looked at the water surface. Sure enough, the sea area here seemed to have been burned. A large number of bubbles would surge from the bottom of the sea to the surface at any time.

That was because there was a large number of active underwater volcanoes at the bottom of this sea.

The eruption of these underwater volcanoes and the abundant geothermal heat made the water temperature of the seawater maintain above 90 degrees all year round.

A portion of the magma that was erupting would boil directly.

A large amount of scorching water vapor rose into the air and formed clouds, causing rain to continuously fall in this sea area all year round.

The environment here was not suitable for the survival of most ordinary creatures, but it also gave rise to many magical ecosystems. There were even many plants that could quickly grow by absorbing heat.

“My friend! You’re finally here!”

“Welcome to the Burning Archipelago as a


Jiang Li did not hide his arrival. The increasingly exaggerated Rayquaza was quickly noticed by the owner of this place.

In the depths of the fog, a deep voice sounded like a gust of wind blowing through the valley.

As a terrifying hand pushed aside the steam clouds, a huge figure covered the sky.

Its size was not inferior to the Wind Protection Giant in the headquarters of the Great Mountain Alliance.

This was a Sea Giant. Through the even larger skull he wore, Jiang Li could tell that this was the new king of the Sea Giant Race.

This was because according to the tradition of the Sea Giant, their king’s coronation ceremony was to wear the head of the previous king as a crown. Jiang Li’s altitude increased. As his vision widened, he could see that there were more than a hundred huge existences standing behind this Giant King.

Behind him was a huge throne that was being built!

“New ruler of the Sea Giant Race, I am Jiang Li, and I am very honored to visit the Burning Archipelago!”

This island was also the residence of the Sea Giant Race.

Jiang Li helped the Sea Giant retrieve the head of the previous King, giving them the chance to trample on the enemy’s home with their feet and allow them to complete the coronation and reunite.

To these big fellows, they owed Jiang Li a huge favor.

Although everyone knew that Jiang Li had his own goal and was using them as cannon fodder, this was not the case in the end.

The Sea Giant obtained true help and benefits.

If Jiang Li was weak, both sides would naturally tacitly laugh it off.

However, with Jiang Li’s current strength, not to mention directly destroying the entire Sea Giant Race, it was not a problem for him to take down their current Giant King.

With strength that could ‘negotiate’ with the Sea Giant Race, it would be a little unreasonable if they did not come to accept the thank-you gift.

As soon as the war with the Dragon Transformation Island ended, Jiang Li rode Rayquaza here.

He had heard that the Sea Giant Race was a natural craftsman and the best Weapon Refinement Masters in the sea. Jiang Li happened to have some work that he needed their help with.