“Jiang Li! My friend! It’s a pity that you didn’t see my coronation.”

“When I wore the crown, the entire sea cheered for me. I am the king of the Sea Giant Race, Quigon!”

“But you happened to be at our banquet. Come quickly and let us entertain our friends.”

Every word that this Sea Giant King said sounded like a bolt of lightning exploding in the air.

This made Jiang Li, who had sharp hearing, feel very uncomfortable.

This was the first time they had met. After the superficial pleasantries, the Sea Giant King enthusiastically invited him to participate in the banquet.

The two giants beside him carried the throne made of underwater lava.

After sinking it into the sea to cool down, they carried the throne that was purely for the sake of ceremony and walked back together.

With the mountain-like size of the Sea Giant, it was difficult to build a house that could accommodate them.

Fortunately, the giants had skin that was tougher and thicker than the city wall, so they did not need the protection of houses.

They used the sky as a blanket and the ground as a bed. On the ground, there was a mountain.

Wind, rain, sun, and tide were all their nutrients.

What an easy race to raise.

As the fog dissipated, an island covered in pitch-black soil appeared in his eyes.

However, in such a scorching island that was surrounded by steam all year round and should have no vitality, life flourished.

Giant green plants filled with vitality grew on the island.

Any tree here could grow to the height of a Giant King’s knee. Huge fruits that did not conform to human common sense hung on these trees for others to pluck.

Jiang Li could tell that it was not a precious spiritual plant. It was only an ordinary plant that slowly evolved because of the living environment.

This was a black soil island formed by the eruption of an underwater volcano. The soil was rich, and there was constant rain all year round.

After the steam and dark clouds dispersed, the sunlight would be even hotter than in the desert. The plants here also had the magical ability to absorb heat as energy.

This was why ordinary plants in the ecosystem could grow to this height after many generations of reproduction.

New plants in different ecosystems were very valuable to Jiang Li.

The magical heat-absorbing plant could optimize the seeds in his hand after a little cultivation and make his Wood Art stronger. Perhaps they could even escape the weakness of flames.

After casually gathering some seeds, he followed the Giant King forward.

Thunderous laughter sounded from ahead.

It was the highest and largest volcano on the island.

More than a thousand Sea Giant commoners were gathered at the foot of the volcano.

They were clearly much smaller than Giant King Quigon.

The height varied from his calf to his waist.

Among them, two giants who looked like chefs climbed up the volcano and poured the things in the two large baskets into the volcano.

They stirred it a few times and waited for a moment before fishing out a large amount of cooked or burnt sea beast meat.

They poured down the mountain of meat and let the food roll down the foot of the mountain for their clansmen to enjoy at any time.

“Sir Jiang Li!”

At this moment, a seemingly insignificant voice sounded from ahead.

A black dot grew larger and larger in the air. It was the merman, Namur, riding a flying demonic fish and quickly arriving in front of him.

Namur’s body visibly gained weight. It seemed that he had eaten quite well recently.

He did not show as much respect as before, which would make the Sea Giant wary.

However, while introducing this island, he gave Jiang Li a look.

Jiang Li immediately knew what these giants were planning.

They wanted to use a so-called banquet to ‘reward’ this merman friend and their benefactor.

With Jiang Li’s appetite, he might not be able to eat a piece of meat from the Sea Giant.

“King, what are they doing?” Jiang Li did not experience this giant banquet. The rough food was really hard for him to swallow.

He flew to the Giant King’s side and pointed at the most lively place in the center of the banquet.

Over a hundred giants were gathered on a huge mountain with its head cut off. They roared with joy.

“Haha, my friend, that’s our Sea Giant’s


“On the islands of those sinful pirates, we brought back some spoils of war, including many excellent ores. That will be enough to forge a new war hammer.”

“According to our tradition, only the strongest warriors can have all the spoils of


“Friend, you can give it a try. Just press their wrists to the ground.”

Sure enough, Jiang Li saw a mountain of treasures and ores at the side. A portion of them were poured out from the Skull Palace. In terms of spirit stones, it would probably be able to make Jiang Li’s wealth rise greatly.

This time, the Dragon Transformation Island was really unlucky. The wealth that they had accumulated for many years through plunder was taken away by a group of Sea Giants in the end.

As for the giants, they were surrounding the pitiful mountain and arm-wrestling.

The Giant King, Quigon, did not hide the teasing expression on his face covered by the skull crown.