The merman Namur ran over and explained to Jiang Li, but he was still confused.

At this moment, the hundreds of Sea Giants who were gathered at the foot of the volcano to eat dispersed. They surrounded the huge volcano in circles and assumed a trampling posture.

“The furnace is open!”

As the Giant King shouted again, they raised their right feet and stepped on the ground rhythmically from the outside.

Immediately, the ground on the island fluctuated like liquid. No animal on the entire island could stand firmly, and the flourishing forest was violently broken and pushed down.

With their brute force, they caused a 9.9-level earthquake on the island.

However, Jiang Li could see that the ripples under the feet of these giants were controlled by a special rhythm. They relied on the Giant’s Dance to gather most of the power they trampled into the volcano in the center.

The giant’s trampling continued from the outside to the inside and finally gathered at the foot of the volcano.

Then, a stream of earth fire lava that emitted endless heat leaked out from the volcano above.

In just a moment, the originally stable volcano was completely stimulated.

The sea beasts that had been thrown in had already been burned to death. The volcanic lava that had been stimulated was flames from the core of the earth, enough to easily refine any high-grade metal.

The Giant King, Quigon, began to grab large amounts of ores and throw them into the volcano. As if he felt that it was not enough, he even picked some from the Sea Giant’s own ores.

Then, with his wild singing, his clansmen constantly changed the rhythm and strength of the giant’s dance to control the temperature of the volcano furnace.

Under such a high temperature, the refinement process that should have lasted for months in the palm of a human Weapon Refinement Master had already been developed in just a few hours.

It turned out that the Sea Giant’s dance had such an effect. Its unique wild artifact refinement technique broadened Jiang Li’s horizons.

A day later, six coffin nails with completely different attributes formed in the same volcano.

After the continuous pounding of the nine giants, the six high-grade Profound-rank nails were completed.

Jiang Li looked at the six long nails that were twice his height. He was quite satisfied.

Although he did not know much about weapon refinement, the quality of these six nails was clearly much better than what the Great Mountain Alliance had produced.

The Sea Giant Race lived up to their reputation. Their technique was indeed not bad.

Then, the Sea Giant King took Jiang Li’s Immortal Slaying Flying Sword and the fragment of the weapon talisman. He placed them in his palm and observed carefully with widened eyes.

The refinement of the coffin nail just now could only be considered a furnace warming practice. Repairing this flying sword that was even smaller than their eyelashes was the true challenge.

This flying sword was refined by Jiang Li using the Spirit Destruction Metal, the Dragon Hunting Arrow, the City God’s Ghost Head Saber, and his lifespan as materials. He also used his body as the furnace and his Dao Essence as the hammer.

Every curve of the sword was deeply engraved with the essence of the Great Dao, and it was exquisite.



If there was a word to describe it, it was perfect.

Facing such a craft, the Sea Giant Race was deeply afraid that they would destroy that kind of Dao Essence.

They had never even seen the metal used as a repair material.

A group of mountainous refinement masters gathered together and argued intensely for three days and three nights for the repair


Every trait had to be studied again. Every step had to be perfected. This was a huge challenge for them.

After making all the preparations, they threw the flying sword and the fragments of the weapon talisman into the volcano. Just the initial refinement took them nine days.

In order to increase the temperature, the Sea Giant King even threw his throne into the volcano and sat down with his two brothers.

Below, the Giant Dance continuously stirred up the lava, and above was sealed by the Giant King’s throne.

More and more energy was accumulated in this volcano. The mountain swelled from the middle, and it seemed like it would explode at any moment.

However, these big guys were very confident in their volcano. They danced even more crazily.

Jiang Li’s eyes could not see the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword through the mountain.

However, as his Intrinsic Flying Sword, he could sense an increasingly clear and immature will calling him from the inside of the volcano.

It was as if they were related by blood, causing Jiang Li’s heart to palpitate.

“This is… a Sword Spirit!” When he was refining the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword back then, Jiang Li had spent a lot of effort.

Not only did he use the Shu Mountain secret technique, but he also used the “Life Stealing Art” that had the effect of self-harming to tear out a portion of his lifespan and throw it into it. This allowed the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword to have very high potential.

After the flying sword appeared, it was extremely powerful and useful. However, although it could contain Jiang Li’s strength to a certain extent and become stronger and stronger, it slowly could not keep up with his footsteps.

Now that there was a Sword Spirit, it meant that the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword had at least reached the level of an Earth-rank flying sword.

As expected, the volcano that was swelling up and about to explode began to shrink at a visible speed. The magma that surged out at all times began to cool down and solidify.

This was a flying sword that had broken through to the Earth-rank and needed to absorb a vast amount of spiritual qi and energy.

The Sea Giants danced even harder, or else the volcano might be completely frozen by the flying sword.

Then, King Quigon pushed aside his throne and anxiously used his hands to grab a large number of spirit stones.