“Fellow Daoist, looks like your fate has not come to an end.”

Jiang Li touched the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword that had flown back to his side and was spinning excitedly.

The Immortal Slaying Sword that had just given birth to a sword spirit had a tacit understanding with him. It knew that only by capturing this cultivator alive could he extract the greatest value.

Otherwise, with the current strength of the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword, it could easily cut this guy into pieces!

“This… so this is the island of the Sea Giants… I accidentally trespassed your precious land. Sorry, sorry! I’ll leave immediately, I’ll leave immediately!”

The uninvited guest in front of him had also reached the Soul Formation realm. He looked short, fat, and had shifty-eyed.

After being surrounded, he put on a smile and tried to bluff his way out.

However, how could there be such a simple thing in this world? Since they dared to snatch his things, they had to be prepared to pay the price.

On the side, the Sea Giant King, Quigon, was even angrier.

He had just unified the Sea Giant Tribe, and now, there was actually a thief coming to snatch the treasure.

If this guy left just like that, where would their Sea Giant Race put their reputation?

Quigon reached out, picked up a mountain beside him, and smashed it at the stout cultivator!

There was still lava in this mountain. Under the enhancement of the Sea Giant King’s power, its power had already reached the limit of the Soul Formation realm.

However, in the next moment, a sharp sword light suddenly erupted, splitting the flying mountain from the middle.

The familiar sword light caused Jiang Li’s pupils to constrict slightly, and the sword finger he pointed out stopped.

“This is… the Demon Vanquishing Sword Art?”

Without Jiang Li attacking, the stout cultivator suddenly erupted and seized the opportunity to escape the giant warrior’s encirclement.

A sword rainbow appeared beneath his feet and carried him into the sky at high speed.

“A group of fools who can’t fly. Grandpa is leaving!”

As he fled on his sword, he did not forget to point his finger back and rain down sword lights from the sky.

Although they could not heavily injure the Sea Giant warriors on the ground, those light swords were extremely sharp and could easily break through the giant’s skin.

As long as he could block them for a moment, it was enough to let him escape.

As for Jiang Li, he was sandwiched between so many giants that the stout cultivator did not notice at all.

However, Jiang Li’s eyes were staring fixedly at that guy.

This unfamiliar cultivator’s sword technique puzzled him greatly.

“Shu Mountain Myriad Sword Technique?”

His figure flashed, and Jiang Li had already appeared on the path that the fleeing sword light had to pass through.

“Eh? Kid who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, you still want to block my


“Look at my Heavenly Sword! Form my body into a sword and become one with the sword!”

When he saw Jiang Li who suddenly blocked in front of him, the stout sword cultivator riding the sword light directly fused with the flying sword beneath him.

Immediately, the sword light rose to a length of a hundred feet, and its might increased along with it. It stabbed towards Jiang Li at a speed that was impossible to capture with the naked eye.

This was the ultimate move of the Shu Mountain Sword Technique. When one became one with the sword, they could unleash their strongest power, enough to pierce through any obstruction in front of them.

Then, a fist met him.

The ordinary fist collided with the sword light that was one with the sword.

The sorrowful cry of a flying sword sounded, and the hundred feet sword light shattered with a bang. The man and sword became one and were beaten back to their original forms. The stout figure rolled his eyes and fell to the ground with a flying sword.

The sky fell and created a human-shaped hole in the ground.

The giants who had been angered by the Myriad Sword Technique just now stepped forward to show this guy the power of a foot.

If not for Jiang Li stopping him, he would probably not even be able to find any flesh.

He raised his hand to grab the flying sword that the other party had landed on the ground, and Jiang Li recognized the unique flying sword craft with a single glance.

It was indeed the most orthodox Shu Mountain flying sword.

So, what was going on with this guy?

As far as Jiang Li knew, there was no other Shu Mountain inheritance in the current cultivation world of the Eastern Region. The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak of the Great Mountain Region was the only orthodox Shu Mountain lineage.

If others had happened to learn a move or two of the Shu Mountain Sword Technique, he would believe it.

However, the Demon Vanquishing Sword Art, the Shu Mountain Myriad Sword Technique, the Shu Mountain Heavenly Sword, and this flying sword that was refined using the Shu Mountain secret technique.

In fact, he could sense that the other party had even awakened his Sword Heart for the second time and had already refined the Sword Bone.

Jiang Li would not believe that he could learn everything by chance.

“Who are you? Where did you secretly learn the Shu Mountain Sword Technique!”

Jiang Li shouted, but the person on the ground did not move.

“It’s impossible to escape through the ground here. If you continue to pretend to be dead, I’ll extract your Sword Bone!”

He waved his hand and shot out a light sword that stabbed into the short and fat sword cultivator’s thigh.

The shifty-eyed guy stood up. “Cough cough, little friend, please spare me. Little friend, please spare me!”

“I am the Shu Mountain sword cultivator, Zhang Bobo. Everything that happened today was a misunderstanding. If you are interested in the Shu Mountain Sword Technique…”

“I can take in a disciple on behalf of my master and teach you the Shu Mountain Sword Technique.”

“That’s the legacy of the ancient Immortal Sect, the Shu Mountain Sword Sect. I usually charge hundreds of thousands of spirit stones.”

“However, young friend, can you return my flying sword first?”

Zhang Bobo clearly thought that Jiang Li had taken a fancy to his Shu Mountain Sword Technique and agreed to hand over the sword technique without any hesitation in exchange for Jiang Li’s forgiveness.

However, Jiang Li was indifferent. He grabbed the other party’s flying sword in his hand and did not give the flying sword any chance no matter how it struggled.

“You’re a Shu Mountain sword cultivator. Why have I not seen you before?”