After visiting the Sea Giant Race, Jiang Li sat on Rayquaza’s head and slowly flew back to the branch of the Great Mountain Alliance in Phoenix Sun City.

Although his foundation was solid, he still needed to spend some time consolidating it after breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm.

However, when he flew back to the sky above the branch, he could not help but look at the map twice to confirm that he had not gone to the wrong place.

Not long after, as the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, he actually could not recognize his own territory.

The Great Mountain Alliance Branch that was originally modified from the secret base of the Hundred Tempering Mountain had expanded to more than ten times its original size.

Towering chimneys rose from the ground, emitting a large amount of black smoke. It looked like an unscrupulous factory in his previous life.

The new area was mostly a huge boiler building that was constantly burning the furnace flames.

Jiang Li only sniffed the air and knew what they were doing.

The purpose of extracting the power of chaos was to extract the power of chaos in the environment of the Rock Mountain Range.

Previously, the twelve high-grade Divine Judgment forces had been too ruthless and directly scraped away the bulk of the resources of the other world in the Rock Mountain Range.

Apart from buying the remaining 30% of the materials, the remaining forces could only pick up some scraps that others did not fancy and purify them.

These polluted soil and rocks were not enough to mess up the Armored Trolls.

The power of chaos inside would react to spiritual qi, so it could not be purified using the conventional methods of the cultivation world.

After studying some of the Asura World knowledge provided by Jiang Li, the group of masters in the Divine Judgment Hall barely designed this kind of distillation technique that was similar to industrial brews.

The efficiency was low, and the pollution was high. The power of chaos that was purified was also relatively limited. The quality-price ratio was actually quite ordinary.

However, it was said that the Divine Judgment Hall was plotting an unprecedented counterattack, which was why all sides were so active.

As a faction with the name of the Rock Mountain Range, the Great Mountain Alliance naturally had to respond to the call and establish the framework of this “military factory” in a short period of time.

Moreover, under the lead of the Divine Judgment Hall, the use of the power of chaos and the blood of madness was also played out even more.

They stuffed the blood of madness into the arrowheads, condensed it into flying needles, and fused the power of chaos into the fog to ignite flames.

He had invented many methods that were more practical and efficient than talisman lightning. They were more powerful and useful in battlefield combat.

After these equipment was allocated, the situation where the humans were suppressed would completely reverse.

Not to mention attacking the continent on the other side, it could at least completely defeat the Armored Trolls on the front line.

To everyone, it was a great honor to be able to reverse the situation that had been in a stalemate for thousands of years.

Jiang Li was just touring his territory when a dark red sword light flew over from below and stopped in front of him.


After all, with such a huge Rayquaza, no one in the entire Great Mountain Alliance would not recognize their Alliance Leader’s carriage.

“Sword Head Shenshan! Thank you for your hard work.”

When he saw this person clearly, Jiang Li was still the same as before. He smiled and cupped his fists towards this senior.

The person was the current Sword Head of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, Shenshan Jianyi!

It was rare for Jiang Li, a leader who did nothing, to be in charge for a few days in a year. The Great Mountain Alliance could not do without someone in charge.

Therefore, no matter what, he still convinced this publicly recognized strongest person of the Great Mountain Region to come out and preside over the situation.

However, on the second day after leaving the mountain, Sword Head Shenshan regretted it.

In the Phoenix Sun City branch, there were large and small sects giving gifts every day and chatting with each other, wanting to share bulk purchases.

Dealing with the people from these large and small forces had already exhausted him mentally and physically.

On this side, they had to worry about the development of the branch. They had to send out the distributors and check their daily gains.

Every day, there were countless decisions surrounding the Rock Mountain Range.

The troublesome matters made him abnormally exhausted. The beautiful life of drinking tea and discussing the sword at the Five Elements Mountain seemed to have gone forever.

Shenshan Jianyi swore that he would at most stay in this damned place for a year. At that time, it would be the other two old fellows who came to suffer.

“Forget it, forget it. No matter how powerful we old fellows are, we can’t do as much as you.”

“Don’t keep running outside. You’re the pillar of the Great Mountain Region. You have to prioritize your safety.”

Shenshan Jianyi lowered his head. He had just reprimanded a cunning subordinate and was originally filled with anger. However, when he looked at Jiang Li, his expression subconsciously turned into a benevolent smile.

The Alliance Leader that they had personally chosen was the one and only treasure in the entire Great Mountain Region.

In a short period of time, he had brought the entire Great Mountain Region to its current state. He had worked hard and contributed greatly, so no matter how much he complained, he was unable to voice it in front of Jiang Li.

“Stay for a few more days when you return. With your talent, you can take over in a few years…”


Shenshan Jianyi was pulling Jiang Li along as he spoke with practiced ease. However, at this moment, the Ancient Dust Sword beneath his feet suddenly trembled, and it emitted a sword cry that was filled with battle intent.

Sword Head Shenshan and the Ancient Dust Sword were connected. After being stunned, he looked at Jiang Li again, and his eyes were filled with shock.

“Jiang Li, you… have reached that realm!?”

This situation would only happen when the Ancient Dust Sword met a stronger opponent.

However, he had already reached the peak of the Soul Formation realm. Coupled with the Earth-rank flying sword, Shenshan Jianyi had yet to encounter a loss below the Earth Immortal realm.