Coupled with the fact that he had been staying at the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak all year round, it had been a long time since the Ancient Dust Sword had such a reaction.

However, today, the Ancient Dust Sword felt a desire to challenge Jiang Li, a junior.

Didn't this mean that Jiang Li had very likely surpassed him?

"That realm? Senior Shenshan, you must be joking. I've just broken through to the Nascent Soul realm. I'm still far from it."

"Perhaps it… sensed my flying sword instead."

As he spoke, a sword tip emerged from between Jiang Li's brows.

Sword cultivators were good at fighting, and high-quality flying swords also yearned to fight.

After the two Earth-rank flying swords sensed each other, they immediately erupted with astonishing sword intent. Moreover, they continuously urged their masters to fight to their heart's content.

It was naturally impossible for Jiang Li and Shenshan Jianyi to fight.

There was a difference in seniority between them and they were all ranked in the Great Mountain Region. If they really fought with all their might, not to mention the risk of being injured, it would not be good for anyone to lose in front of the other disciples of the Great Mountain Alliance.

However, both sides were top sword cultivators who had inherited the Shu Mountain lineage. Shenshan Jianyi had wanted to find an opponent who could compete with him in swordsmanship for many years.

Jiang Li, on the other hand, had just advanced his Immortal Slaying Flying Sword to the Earth-rank. He really wanted to test its power.

With an Earth-rank flying sword that had been famous for a long time as his opponent, he could not ask for more.

The two sides looked at each other, the corners of their mouths rising as they understood each other's meaning.

Then, they disappeared above the heads of the people from the Great Mountain Alliance.

Only Rayquaza, which had grown larger, was left. It casually found a place to sleep.

The group of disciples of the Great Mountain Alliance below heaved a sigh of relief. When the two highest leaders of their faction stood above them, they thought that it was some sudden inspection that made their hands tremble.

Now, he could finally heave a sigh of relief.

50 kilometers away, two sword lights appeared on a mountaintop at practically the same time.

However, in reality, Jiang Li's speed was actually slightly faster than Shenshan Jianyi.

"Good kid! Your Sword Control Technique is faster than mine!"

Shenshan Jianyi sized Jiang Li up, and his face was already filled with excitement.

"How about it? Use our Sword Heart and only attack once. Let's compete!"

The flying swords of both sides were trembling non-stop. If not for the suppression of their masters, they would have probably collided already.

"I'll do as you say. However, let me prepare first."

Jiang Li raised his foot and stepped on the ground. Dark green spiritual light surged beneath the ground, and then it shook from the ground. A vast group of wooden palaces appeared from below.

In this palace, there were also 3,000 Demon Wood Soldiers lined up. Wood carvings that looked like heroes of the pugilistic world stood on the roof far away and looked at them.

"Purple Forbidden City? What is this place?"

Standing in the corner of the largest palace in the center, Shenshan Jianyi looked at the name of this palace.

It was unknown why Jiang Li wasted so much spiritual qi to create a palace.

"It's rare for me to obtain Sword Head Shenshan's guidance, so I naturally have to be more serious."

Jiang Li smiled. Sword competition should be held in the Purple Forbidden City. Wasn't this a tradition?

"In that case, attack!"

The battle proposed by Shenshan Jianyi was almost the safest and most civilized way of fighting sword cultivators.

He deliberately said that he did not need spiritual qi because after knowing Jiang Li's cultivation, he did not want to take advantage of Jiang Li in terms of cultivation realm.

However, in fact, the strength of Jiang Li's spiritual qi should be above the other party's. Such conditions made Jiang Li suffer more restrictions.

However, the other party was magnanimous, so Jiang Li did not have to be stingy. After he agreed, the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword automatically flew to his front, and then he activated his Sword Heart and Sword Bone with all his might.

Strands of white light gradually emerged from the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword in front of him. On his head, it quickly condensed into a white figure holding a flying sword. The face was not very clear, but the figure was exactly the same as Jiang Li.

On the other side, the same thing was happening above Shenshan Jianyi's head. White light condensed into an old man with an immortal aura. The light sword in his hand was wrapped in a wisp of dark red dust.

"Jiang Li, be careful!"

"Sword Head, there's no need to hold back. Attack!"

The auras of both sides intertwined. Then, the figures above flew forward and raised their swords to stab at the other party.

The two sword lights collided in a straight line.

There was no fancy sword technique, it was just such a pure collision!


From the point of collision, endless invisible sword qi began to leak out, blowing towards the surroundings like a breeze.

The sword aura landed on the surrounding wooden buildings, but it easily cut the palace that was far stronger than steel into pieces.

After a long time, the wooden Purple Forbidden City had completely disappeared under the sword aura.

A breeze blew over, and the shadows of their swords dissipated at the same time.

This strike was evenly matched.

Jiang Li, who had never paid much attention to the development of the Sword Heart and had relied on the [Sword Spirit's Last Gift] for his second awakening, was clearly inferior to Shenshan Jianyi's many years of accumulation.

However, the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword that had just broken through and awakened its sword spirit firmly suppressed the Ancient Dust Sword.

This was only an illusion stimulated by the Sword Heart. If he fought with the true sword and used the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword with the Quintet Qi Essence Copper to repair and advance, it would be easier to win.

"Unbelievable. You're indeed a genius blessed by the heavens. Every time I see you, you surprise me, an old fellow."

"Looks like we're really old. Kid Jiang Li, are you interested in inheriting the Shu Mountain Sword Head position?"

"Your Scripture Storage Valley has already chosen a successor. Qiuhua is also interested in you. Why don't you come to my Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak to register?"

Sword Head Shenshan did not have the melancholy of being chased by a junior.

He raised his straight eyebrows and suddenly spoke again. After so long, Shu Mountain had still not forgotten to poach him.

"No, no, no. Sword Head, you must be joking. If I really do this, Master won't forgive me."

Jiang Li could only wave his hands in refusal. Only then did this Shu Mountain's strongest sword cultivator laugh and ride his flying sword back.

However, Jiang Li did not return with him. After the other party vanished from his field of vision, the Five Elements Immortal Mountain suddenly appeared in his eyes, and he lowered his head to look at his feet.

With a thought, a sword light descended and cut the mountain beneath him into two, revealing a secret cave space in the mountain.

This mountain that was only 50 kilometers away from the Great Mountain Alliance was actually a completely different world. He had even collided with it.

In the cave, a half-human, half snake figure quickly darted out and smoothly entered the earth vein, wanting to leave.

The brilliance of the Earth Escape Technique was practically not inferior to Jiang Li's Nine Nether escape technique.

"You have some ability, but you should stay!"

Nine Nether! Divine Seal!

Jiang Li pressed his palms together, and huge black wooden doors immediately descended from the sky.

Each of the falling wooden doors accurately smashed into the surrounding earth vein. In a short period of time, it completely sealed off the nearby earth vein.

Closing his eyes, another beating crystal heart appeared in his eyes.

The stronger Earth Spirit's vision swept past and quickly captured the shadow that was running around underground.

"Found you!"

After locking onto the location, even more dense black doors landed around the shadow. They circled around and quickly forced the other party to have no choice but to break out of the ground.

The agile snake tail swung, about to turn around and escape again.

However, before the escape light could take form, a flying sword without a hilt pointed at its forehead.

"You lived in seclusion near my Great Mountain Alliance, why didn't you tell me? My Great Mountain Alliance has always been hospitable."

Not far away, Jiang Li stepped on the air and walked over. However, the closer he got, the more familiar he felt this person was.

It was not until he turned around and saw the other party's face clearly.

"Junior Sister Qiuhua! Why is it you?!"

After he saw the other party's face clearly, even with Jiang Li's temperament, he was surprised and bewildered.

This person was actually his junior sister, Shenshan Qiuhua.

"Senior… Senior Brother Jiang Li."

Shenshan Qiuhua's face turned crimson. She looked embarrassed and shy.

After all, just now, her grandfather was still saying that he would let Jiang Li marry her and then inherit the position of Shu Mountain's Sword Head.