After receiving the order from afar, Sasha directly put away 50 top-grade spirit stones.

The four Soul Formation cultivators looked at each other.


On the front line facing war, a few despicable humans reached a dirty deal again.

After the few wild flying ships left, the waves on the sea around the base immediately surged.

A large number of sea beasts with armored faces rushed up and fell under the sickle of the Dragon Transformation Island as if they were deliberately courting death.

This was also one of the rewards given by the client. The unintelligent Armored Trolls who had not eaten Nourishment were equivalent to a free reward.

This was the benefit of working together.

Putting down the communication spirit stone in his hand, the corners of Jiang Li's mouth curled up slightly, as if he was looking forward to something.

"Fellow Daoist, we seem to have deviated from the route."

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He asked a middle-aged cultivator beside him whose hair had exploded as if it had not been washed for a long time.

The other party only glanced coldly at Jiang Li.

"A huge cloud will appear ahead and affect the stability of the flying ship." He explained impatiently and turned around.

As the flying ship advanced, more than ten flying ships gathered together and guarded the flying ship that was transporting supplies.

The advance of the fleet was really urgent.

Every few hours, a batch of Golden Lion demon beasts would be replaced to maintain their speed at the peak.

However, there seemed to be more and more "clouds" ahead. The flying ship fleet deviated from the route bit by bit, but they did not adjust.

Since he was not welcomed on the ship, Jiang Li returned to his cabin and cultivated silently.

He discovered that he seemed to be able to mobilize a portion of the merit runes on the surface of the Nascent Soul.

He was studying these words. Apart from protecting the Nascent Soul, they had other uses.

From time to time, he would use the communication spirit stone to understand the situation outside.

At night, Jiang Li suddenly discovered that the communication spirit stone in his hand could not be used anymore.

This situation was like someone using an array formation to specially block the communication fluctuation in the outside world.

He opened the cabin door to see what was going on outside.

At first glance, he saw a group of cultivators throwing out a few human-shaped sacks on the deck. Then, he heard the sound of something heavy falling into the water.

A few unlucky people fell into the water.

"Young man, don't be so curious."

"The wind is strong outside. I think Alliance Leader Jiang, it's safer to stay in the cabin."

Two cultivators on the left and right blocked Jiang Li's cabin door.

There were actually two Soul Formation experts guarding at the entrance of his cabin!

As soon as Jiang Li opened the door, they stopped him and did not let him leave the cabin. Unknowingly, these Divine Judgment Hall ships were already completely controlled by outsiders.

Jiang Li was not angry. Instead, he cooperated and retreated. Then, the cabin was closed again, and a few seals were added from the outside.

He had been kidnapped.

The few corpses that had been thrown off the ship should have come out to check the situation after discovering that the communication spirit stone was useless.

However, the guards on the ship had already been replaced. They were enemies everywhere.

That night, the Divine Judgment Hall cultivators on the few ships were knocked on the cabin doors one by one, and more unfamiliar cultivators were replaced.

In the end, only Jiang Li who was placed under house arrest was left on these ships.

Time passed bit by bit until the cabin shook. The flying ship that had been maintaining its maximum speed began to slow down and slowly stopped.

Only then did Jiang Li wake up from his meditation. He looked at the door, waved his hand, and directly erased the seal outside through the wooden planks before opening the cabin door.

Outside, a guy who was about to kick the door suddenly opened the cabin door and fell in.

"You're courting death!"

That person got up in exasperation and wanted to rush up to attack Jiang Li.

However, before Jiang Li could attack, that fellow had already been stopped.

"Alright, don't attack our guests."

Pushing aside his reckless subordinate, a lion-like middle-aged man walked in.

"Alliance Leader Jiang is indeed a young genius. Such a calm bearing is really admirable."

"I believe Alliance Leader Jiang should understand your current situation. Please follow me. An esteemed guest has invited you."

Jiang Li's calm appearance clearly surprised the group of people who rushed in.

The saber shackles that had long been prepared did not land on him.

It was the cultivator who looked like the leader and wore the beast skin of a golden lion. He smiled and invited him to disembark.

"The invitation of the Beast Frenzy Sect's Sect Master, Senior Kong shi, really cannot be rejected."

Standing in front of Jiang Li was the Sect Master of the low-grade Divine Judgment faction, the Beast Frenzy Sect. He was a peak Soul Formation expert.

Because of the Iron Wolf Sect, the Great Mountain Alliance and this Beast Frenzy Sect had never been on good terms.

Previously, the Beast Frenzy Sect had caused them a lot of trouble and conflicts often erupted in Phoenix Sun City.

Later on, the Great Mountain Alliance joined the Divine Judgment Hall. It was impossible for Jiang Li to repay evil with kindness.

When distributing supplies in the Asura World, they often took revenge for personal grudges and deliberately obstructed them.

By delaying their distribution time and deducting the quantity, they were given the least materials and an additional 60-70% of feces soil.

They were furious.

No one expected that the leaders of both sides would meet here in this way.

"Haha, Alliance Leader Jiang, you must be joking. You're our esteemed guest!"

Kong shi patted Jiang Li on the shoulder.

The two sides left the flying ship like good friends who had not seen each other for many years.

After going out, Jiang Li discovered that this flying ship was parked at an unfamiliar sea stronghold.

Apart from the salty sea breeze, there was also the wild smell of carnivores.

In this stronghold, there were iron wolves, bronze tigers, silver bears, and golden lions. Four powerful demon beasts from the Myriad Beast Plains were raised.

There were even more than the human cultivators on the island.

"Sect Master Kong, this is not a place where strategic resources should be. Aren't you afraid of the Divine Judgment Hall's punishment for delaying the opportunity like this?"

On the way, Jiang Li was still in the mood to ask about these things.

"Alliance Leader Jiang, you're worrying too much."

"Our sect's cultivators have never received the mission of the Divine Judgment Hall to escort supplies. We've already lent 200 Golden Lions to the Phoenix Sun City Branch."

"What has the loss of wartime supplies got to do with us?"

"On the other hand, the Great Mountain Alliance should consider how to explain the loss of these ships to the Cloud Manor."

As soon as they disembarked, someone threw a fire torch into the flying ship. A raging fire immediately ignited inside.

It seemed that they wanted to burn these ships of supplies to ashes.

"I see. Sect Master Kong, you've thought things through thoroughly. I admire you."

"To be able to do such a thing under the watch of the Dragon Transformation Island, it seems that they are also with you."

"You've colluded to this extent. In that case, I'm no longer able to resist."

The two of them said terrifying things, but their expressions did not change at all. They even walked side by side with a smile.

In next to no time, Jiang Li was brought to a secret room.

The leaders of the Iron Wolf, Bronze Tiger, and Silver Bear Sects were already waiting inside.

Apart from them, two Soul Formation realm Armored Trolls were sitting at the front.

In their hands, they were each holding a dead child and eating greedily.

After Jiang Li was brought in, the four of them looked forward to seeing shock, fear, and other expressions on his face.

However, this did not happen.

Disappointment revealed a disappointed expression on Jiang Li's face.

"Did Gallonron not come?"

"I really didn't expect that fellow who calls himself a noble to be such a coward. Is he so easily frightened by Guhei Tianchou?"

The matter of Guhei Tianchou being heavily injured was not spread out. The fact that he had almost died at his hands made it even worse. Naturally, he did not dare to take the risk personally.

To think that Jiang Li had pretended to be weak on the flying ship and acted like a sheep for so long, but in the end, the other party only sent two subordinates over.

Jiang Li really wanted to try the effect of the Bloodthirsty Trident against the Armored Trolls.

There were only two Armored Trolls equivalent to the Soul Formation realm of humans. Even if Jiang Li only used his fists, it would not take much effort to deal with them.

There was no way to test the real effect.

"Forget it. With these two and the entire Beast Frenzy Sect, I didn't waste two days after all."