If an ordinary sect was attacked by Jiang Li this time, through the upgraded version of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit, Jiang Li could at most control one-third of the Soul Formation cultivators.

However, the Beast Frenzy Sect was different. They were known for controlling beasts.

Although they might not have much advantage under normal circumstances, every Soul Formation elder basically corresponded to a demon beast equivalent to the Soul Formation realm.

This combination of 42 was equivalent to 84 Soul Formation cultivators.

In theory, every pair could nurture an upgraded version of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit for Jiang Li.

Jiang Li only needed to convert half of them and use the produced Earth Fruits to control the remaining Soul Formation elders.

As long as he controlled the Beast Tamer, their war beasts could also be used by him.

The conversion rate of experts could reach 50%. This was already very impressive.

After the two Nine Nether Wood completely digested them, this time, Jiang Li's gains were practically equivalent to the gains of an entire Great Mountain Alliance.

After that, using the four leaders, Iron Wolf, Bronze Tiger, Silver Bear, and Golden Lion to devour the remaining forces in the Myriad Beast Plains, his gains could double.

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At that time, no matter if he let them join the Great Mountain Alliance or become an independent faction, they would be of great help to Jiang Li.

Many things could be done with just a word from him.

If they joined the Great Mountain Alliance, as long as another Earth Immortal appeared on his side, he could immediately advance to the medium-sized Divine Judgment realm without any reservations.

At that time, not only could he enjoy the resources and support of the Divine Judgment Hall, Jiang Li could also blend into a higher circle and come into contact with those experts who walked at the front of the path of cultivation.

It was impossible to wait for the cultivators of the Great Mountain Region to naturally advance and slowly develop the Great Mountain Alliance to that extent without a hundred or two hundred years.

That was because there was a vast amount of resources and the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region did not lack high-grade inheritances.

However, with Jiang Li's advancement speed, he clearly could not wait.

If they wanted to expand their forces in a short period of time, other than changing their sect to join other forces, the only choice was to annex others.

The disappearance of the Beast Frenzy Sect would only be beneficial to the entire cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

To the outside world, with the Dragon Transformation Island covering for him and this war as a reason, no one would care much.

After roughly cleaning up the battlefield, Jiang Li rode the Dragon Transformation Island's flying ship and left.

The Mad Blood weapons in his coffin were also distributed to the other sects in this sea area. There was no time to waste.

After they left, the Nine Nether Tree Realm that covered the sky and sun began to quickly collapse, quickly scattering into ashes.

Once the rising waves hit, there was no longer any trace left.

Two hours, four hours, six hours passed.

Suddenly, a muffled sound came from below the sea, and a large number of bubbles surged up from the bottom of the water.

A moment later, a petite Armored Troll jumped out of the water.

Seeing that there was no one around, it stuck to the water surface and rushed out of the sea.

In a short period of time, the long and narrow front line sea area of the Eastern Region's cultivation world had already suffered heavy losses.

Many sea beasts that were controlled to join the battlefield were almost extinct in a short period of time.

The wretched and disgusting Armored Trolls that had been hiding behind the sea beasts and ambushing them as they could suddenly attacked crazily and fought desperately with the large number of strongholds on the front line.

At the beginning of the collision, large and small forces took out their Mad Blood weapons.

The weapon that did not seem to be very powerful displayed a dominating effect when facing the Armored Trolls.

As long as they touched it, the Trolls would quickly deform on the spot and turn into a disgusting ball of flesh, completely losing all rationality and combat strength.

Unfortunately, this kind of weapon had just been introduced not long ago. The supplies from the front line were extremely limited.

The emergency supplies at the back had yet to be delivered, causing an awkward situation.

After throwing out the first wave, most of the strongholds did not have any stock.

The group of Armored Trolls only took advantage of this point and attacked even more crazily.

They had to force the cultivation world of the Eastern Region to fight them to the death before the weapons that countered them were popularized on a large scale.

This method could weaken the Divine Judgment Hall as much as possible.

In less than a day, many small factions had accumulated merit points that they had not been able to obtain for several years.

However, at the same time, the tragic losses were also shocking.

A large number of strongholds were destroyed by the attacks. There were still more forces bitterly holding on, but more than 70% of the losses were enough to defeat them.

After this battle, countless small forces would disappear in the long river of history.

Under such circumstances, it would have been fine if it was in the past. How could there be no deaths in war? How could it not be tragic?

However, at this critical moment where they had found a decisive weapon and were about to win, such a pointless sacrifice was too much of a pity.

Countless cultivators with a bright future fell before success.

On such a battlefield, only the sea area controlled by the Dragon Transformation Island was considered calm.

The Armored Troll army that should have attacked this place still held back for some reason.

On a rock island in the outer sea, Gallonron held his newly grown arm and looked at the Dragon Transformation Island stronghold in front of him with hatred.

Originally, for Armored Troll nobles like them, losing an arm and growing it back was easy.

However, after being invaded by the blood of madness, his body seemed to have forgotten that he still had an arm and could not grow a new limb.

After that time, he ate countless portions of Nourishment before regrowing his arm.

However, for some reason, his arm was still not very agile.

It was precisely because of this that he, who had practically escaped death, did not dare to face Guhei Tianchou again.

"Lord Gallonron, Commander Slaughter has sent another letter urging us to attack."

"Lord Slaughter said… he said that you're delaying the opportunity. If you don't attack now, he might… might revoke your noble title."

A subordinate reported to him in fear, causing the two eyeballs under the armor to instantly become densely bloodshot.

"That fool! What an imbecile!"

"He doesn't understand my great plan at all! Why would such a person be the commander?"

"I really hope that stupid guy will suffer a little. It's best if he dies there!"

"Hmph! Are Ice Priest and Water Rock back yet?"

After venting his anger for a while, Gallonron could only force himself to calm down.

He was waiting for news from his two subordinates.

If they could successfully destroy a portion of those strange weapons or find the weakness of those weapons, he would be the greatest contributor to this battle!

However, the two subordinates did not send a message back for a long time. It was unknown if they had died there.

If the operation failed, he could only attack like those boorish fools!

Otherwise, he would be reduced to a deserter and a sinner who would never be able to raise his head again.

Just as he was hesitating, another Armored Troll rushed in from outside.

"It's Fran! Lord Fran is back!"

Behind him was Gallonfran, who had disappeared for a long time after that incident.

Hearing this name, Gallonron's eyes immediately flashed with pleasant surprise.

However, after seeing this sister's appearance, he was furious again.

"Fran! What happened?! What did they do to you?"

The clothes on Gallonfran were tattered, and there were many scars on her exposed skin.

The most terrifying thing was that the color of the right side of Fran's body was clearly different from the left side.

It looked exactly like the new arm!

Clearly, Gallonfran had encountered a very cruel experience during her disappearance.

"The Dragon Transformation Island betrayed us."

Fran spoke calmly, as if nothing could interest her.

"I know that. I knew it. They must have captured you."

"The Dragon Transformation Island has taken so many benefits from us and actually harmed you! They're absolutely unforgivable!"

Gallonron was even angrier.

Then, the petite Armored Troll threw out another piece of news.

"The Beast Frenzy Sect has been destroyed. It's the Dragon Transformation Island!"


Gallonron crushed the stone handle.

The stone that was harder than diamond turned to dust in his hand without any resistance.

"I took advantage of the chaos in the Dragon Transformation Island to escape. There, I obtained two important pieces of news."

"Before Ice Priest and Water Rock were killed, they had successfully destroyed the remaining Mad Blood weapons."

"One more thing. The Dragon Transformation Island was attacked a few days ago."

Be it good news or bad news, Fran's expression and tone did not change.

"Guhei Tianchou, the Dragon Transformation Island's Dragon Head, was heavily injured in that attack. He's currently in seclusion and can't recover for a short period of time."

As Gallonfran spoke calmly, Gallonron's vertical eyes became brighter and brighter!

It did not matter if his two subordinates died or not. These two pieces of news were too timely!

"Is the news reliable?"

He had also heard of the incident that happened in the Dragon Transformation Island, right after his battle with Guhei Tianchou.

However, he did not expect the situation to be so serious.

If Guhei Tianchou was heavily injured, wouldn't that mean that his chance for revenge was about to come?

"It's reliable. I've verified it thirteen times. There won't be any problems."

After saying that, the Armored Troll, who was called the strange doctor in the Gallon Race, walked to the side and did not say anything else. She did not even look at her brother once.

"Good, this is great. This is the perfect opportunity!"

"You guys, quickly take my best Nourishment and heal Fran!"

"Everyone else, gather and attack!"