Gallonron was not angry at Fran's attitude.

This was the usual personality of the strange doctor, Fran. She was cold and extremely rational.

Although Gallonron did not like this personality, he could completely believe her words.

Fran was not strong, but she had unbelievable knowledge and intelligence.

Organ modification, limb suturing, life mutation… As long as she was given time, a terrifying army could walk out of that strange laboratory!

Moreover, what outsiders did not know was that he had relied on this sister of his to achieve his current strength.

Back then, Fran had given him a strange wriggling piece of meat.

It was that lump of flesh that made him the Armored Viscount of today.

This was also an important reason why he had decisively shed all pretense of cordiality and attacked the Dragon Transformation Island after receiving the distress signal.

Moreover, Fran had never said much to him, but the information and suggestions she gave were never wrong.

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The Mad Blood weapons were destroyed, and Guhei Tianchou was heavily injured.

If these two pieces of news were brought back by someone else, even if it was his subordinates, he would have to consider it carefully and maintain his suspicion.

However, he could trust Gallonfran unconditionally.

Unfortunately, he did not know that the current Fran had already given her loyalty to a human that he looked down on.

The Armored Troll army that had already gathered began to move under the orders of the Viscount.

Millions of armored warriors covered a large area of the sea and ran forward on the seawater.

Soon, they saw the Dragon Transformation Island fortress that had just been established.

Gallonron jumped into the sky. As the surrounding air trembled, the nearby energy spontaneously gathered and condensed into more than ten blue balls of light around him.

Then, he raised his hand and pointed forward. The blue ball of light that had compressed a huge amount of energy landed on the Dragon Transformation Fortress.

The temporary fortress was naturally not as sturdy as before.

The formation light membrane only endured six balls of light before exploding.

The remaining blue ball of light landed on the fortress building without any obstruction. The terrifying shock wave instantly tore everything apart.

Cultivators below the Soul Formation realm were instantly reduced to ashes.

Only a few Soul Formation elders barely survived the explosion and fled in the opposite direction.

The corners of his mouth raised into a dangerous smile.

He waved his hand again, shooting balls of light at the fleeing guys.

After several more explosions, most of the fleeing elders were blown to pieces, leaving only one person who continued to escape in fear.

At the critical moment of this race war, Guhei Tianchou actually did not appear here.

This further confirmed Fran's information.

Looking at the last Soul Formation cultivator who was fleeing quickly, he did not immediately pursue and kill him.

Gallonron wanted to keep him alive and let him seek help! He wanted him to send the news back!

He wanted to pour his fear on this battlefield.

Millions of Armored Trolls charged straight in. There were few humans who could match them!

Four hours later, Gallonron completely relaxed.

The Land of Storms was not far from here. With the speed of an Earth Immortal expert, it would take less than half an hour to arrive.

If Guhei Tianchou was not injured, if he still had those strange weapons, he could completely kill his way over in a short period of time and use those weapons to slaughter wantonly.

He could easily achieve great results.

However, Guhei Tianchou did not appear. Not even a shadow appeared.

Along the way, the Armored Troll's army destroyed more than twenty strongholds easily.

All the humans who saw them chose to flee without any fighting spirit.

Without experts of the same level presiding, the army led by Gallonron was almost invincible.

"Lord, if we destroy five more strongholds, we can directly attack the land of the Azure Cloud Continent!"

"At that time, Lord Gallonron will be the seventh Lord in history to achieve this!"

"There are countless Nourishments awaiting us! Wealth! Fame! We can plunder them without fear!"

As it turned out, there was also a tradition of sucking up to the Armored Trolls.

Gallonron enjoyed it very much.

If he could really do this, the reputation and credit he obtained might allow his title to advance further.

"No, you can't do that."

However, at this moment, Fran, who had been following behind him, stopped him.

Gallonron was puzzled, but he was very patient with Fran.

"We can travel freely in this sea because this is the warzone of the Dragon Transformation Island. There are no experts presiding here, so we can do this."

"Once we enter the continent and leave the warzone of the Dragon Transformation Island, we will face the siege of even stronger enemies. At that time, we might be completely wiped out."

The strange doctor, Fran, poured cold water on him without any mercy.

This also made Gallonron calm down and give up his tempting death plan.

"What should we do now?"

He might as well use the strange doctor, Fran, as a strategist.

"Attack the Dragon Transformation Island and capture Guhei Tianchou. I can convert him into our clansmen."

Converting an Earth Immortal?

Then, wouldn't he be able to obtain a subordinate of the same level?!

When he thought of this possibility, Gallonron's mind shook!