Facing the Mad Blood weapons, the Armored Troll army collapsed at the first moment.

Without the support of Gallonron, a large-scale escape was inevitable.

In front of them, the blood-colored lotus shadow blocked most of the gap. Under the pursuit of many cultivators, the Armored Troll army could only bypass the range of the shadow and escape from both sides.

That way, they would face the thousand palms of the Divine Statue clone.

Against the Armored Trolls, the Divine Statue clone in the Asura mode was basically a one-hit killing machine.

These human-eating monsters could only rely on their numbers to forcefully charge out.

They could also directly crash into the wind wall and try to escape with the storm.

Millions of Armored Trolls crowded together, meaning that all the attacks directed at them could not miss.

In this sea, there was a meatball storm.

Countless deformed Trolls fell into the sea like dumplings and were swallowed by countless sea beasts that rolled under the water.

However, these sea beasts did not eat this dangerous food. Instead, under the control of the merman race, they transported the wriggling balls of flesh into the Yin Burial Coffin hidden underwater.

This was an order left behind by Jiang Li.

Gallonfran, who had lured the enemy into a trap and made a huge contribution, expressed her interest in this kind of deformed flesh ball.

Even that dim-witted Gallonron knew the importance of Fran, so how could Jiang Li ignore this genius doctor?

With such a large number of experimental bodies, she might really be able to develop something.

Moreover, these lumps of flesh were actually not dead. Their bodies still retained extraordinary spiritual qi power.

Even if Gallonfran did not develop anything in the end, the two Nine Nether Wood could still absorb these disgusting pieces of flesh as nutrients.

Although the efficiency of converting the Nine Nether Earth Fruit would be lower, there were too many of them.

The outcome of the battle outside was predestined.

After taking out the prepared Mad Blood weapons, it was impossible for the humans to lose.

The only problem now was the powerful Armored Troll Viscount.

After Gallonron entered the cave, he did not have the slightest awareness that a villain should speak too much. He raised his hand and directly threw out his energy ball.

His innate talent was to control energy and compress it.

There was mostly water attribute spiritual qi on the sea so the energy ball he condensed was blue.

If it was a forest or a volcano, the energy balls condensed would be green and red.

If it was in a place where spiritual qi was rich in energy, the power of the energy ball would also rise along with it, making it easier to execute.

It could also be like before, directly borrowing the power of others to condense an energy ball. It could erupt with extremely terrifying power and even be enough to eliminate natural disasters.

Now, the blue energy ball he condensed again smashed into the black dragon in the depths.

The explosion of energy destroyed the surrounding disguise.

The originally narrow cave collapsed, revealing a huge space that could accommodate a city.

This rock island was actually hollow, as if it was disguised as a huge biological shell.

Now, he was in it.

However, Gallonron's attention was not on this. The pair of eyes under the armor stared at the center of the explosion.

Blue energy flames were still rising.

Gradually, an incomplete body was revealed.

"Is he dead?"

"No! That's molting!"

As the energy dissipated further, Gallonron suddenly discovered that the black dragon he had struck was simply an empty layer of skin. The smell emitted was only the dragon blood that had been splashed on the dragon skin!


As soon as this word came out of his mind, a sense of danger came from above.

A trident that looked like magma stabbed at him.

Looking at the blood-colored energy that continuously spread out from the Bloodthirsty Trident, Gallonron's pupils constricted.

He would die! He would definitely die if he was hit by the steel trident!

Between him and the Bloodthirsty Trident, he quickly condensed a ball of light and detonated it.

While blocking the Bloodthirsty Trident, it blasted itself far away.

The Bloodthirsty Trident that was sent flying in another direction rolled in the air and finally landed in a powerful hand.

Jiang Li had been waiting here for a long time.

"Gallonron, this is a grave I've personally prepared for you. Do you like it?"

Jiang Li still remembered the scene of him holding those jars with his hands and sending the human children inside to this powerful Viscount Armored Troll for him to enjoy the brains.

Although he had swapped out the few jars at that time, there had been countless human children whose brains had been eaten by this guy over the years.

Clearly, the Armored Troll nobles did not need to eat food and could still maintain their rationality.

Gallonron only ate it because he wanted to eat it.

Regardless of whether this was a racial trait or not, or whether Jiang Li had obtained the Human Emperor's inheritance, this fellow was an enemy that he had to eliminate.

"Who are you? Where's Guhei Tianchou?"


Jiang Li only felt his vision blur before he appeared before him with a rumbling sound.

Gallonron held a blue ball of light in his hand and pressed it on his stomach before he could react.

Jiang Li was instantly sent flying and smashed into the tortoise shell behind him before stopping.