The quality of Jiang Li's top-grade blood energy was very high. The power of chaos he casually released was equivalent to a hundred Mad Blood Talisman Lightning.

In any case, Gallonron was an expert equivalent to an Earth Immortal cultivator, and the spiritual qi in his body was not bad.

The two opposing energies were constantly consumed. Amidst the continuous violent explosions, they barely maintained a balance.

In the beginning, because the speed at which the blood energy poured into the body was fixed, under the deliberate acceleration of the Armored Troll Viscount's release, the area enveloped by the power of chaos showed some disadvantage and was compressed bit by bit.

If the range of the blood energy was no longer enough to protect Jiang Li, he would definitely be attacked by the other party's lightning.

This caused Jiang Li to have no choice but to take out the blood crystal he had long prepared and crush it. He used this method to release more power of chaos to resist his opponent.

His foundation was indeed astonishing. The spiritual qi in his body seemed to be endless.

In front of this kind of expenditure speed that was faster than opening the floodgate, it took a full seven days before the other party began to feel exhausted.

Then, the blood energy released by Jiang Li began to gain the upper hand, suppressing it bit by bit…

In the outside world, the entire Eastern Region battlefront had already become united.

From the next day onwards, the Mad Blood weapons behind had been delivered.

Under the lead of the three divine pillars and twelve high-grade Divine Judgment factions, a great invasion began in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

The experts that Jiang Li had heard and not heard of collided crazily on the battlefield.

A large amount of space was shattered and healed during the battle, healing and shattering.

The astonishing power boiled the sea in one moment, and in the next moment, moved mountains and created continents. All kinds of forces that Jiang Li could not understand blossomed on the battlefield.

Not to mention mortals, even 99% of the Immortal Cultivators were no different from ants in front of such power.

Fortunately, even in such a competition of top strength, the high-level blood of madness was enough to affect the balance of victory.

From the top to the bottom, all the battlefields obtained absolute advantage.

In the end, the Armored Trolls that had occupied the Eastern Sea of the Azure Cloud Continent for thousands of years officially fled in defeat.

The Divine Judgment Hall organized their combat strength and chased after the main force of the Armored Trolls for a total of 30,000 miles.

They killed less than one in a hundred enemies who had been trying to invade them.

Near the Dragon Transformation Island, cultivators chasing after the Armored Trolls could be seen everywhere.

After all, it was such a large-scale battle. Just the battlefield led by the Dragon Transformation Island alone had invested more than a million forces.

At this level, even slaughtering pigs and sheep was a huge project.

Moreover, there were millions of Armored Trolls with powerful combat strength running around.

The one-sided battle would also take a long time to completely tilt the scales of victory.

After the main forces of the Armored Trolls retreated, they left behind delaying troops to die.

A large number of Armored Trolls who had been abandoned on the battlefield could only run around and hide.

If they wanted to completely deal with them, who were hidden in a corner, they would still need to spend a large amount of effort and manpower to slowly eliminate them.

This might last for years or even decades.

However, the outcome was already set. There was no need to doubt their victory.

They had done what senior cultivators had not done for thousands of years.

After returning to Ba Xia's tortoise shell, Jiang Li, whose entire body was spewing out top-grade blood energy, was sitting in a corner and cultivating tightly.

Due to his stable foundation and powerful Nascent Soul, Jiang Li was not worried that his cultivation would be disturbed or suffer from Qi Deviation.

Even if he was ambushed while concentrating on circulating his cultivation technique, his Nascent Soul could easily endure the backlash.

Therefore, Jiang Li, who had nothing to do here, carried the intention of not wasting time and started to cultivate by himself.

Half a month passed. In the tortoise shell and dragon tomb, the blood-colored energy had already completely dominated.

The rumbling blue spiritual qi was only left with the last area of about a hundred feet.

Due to the fluctuation of the two energies colliding, the splattered power of chaos had already begun to touch his body from time to time.


At this moment, a muffled cry sounded from Gallonron's mouth.

He opened his mouth and discovered that the tongue inside had unknowingly transformed into an extremely small Armored Troll baby that was wriggling its body in his mouth and wailing.

This creepy scene was enough to drive people crazy.

However, Gallonron could still remain calm. He reached into his mouth and grabbed his deformed tongue.

Pew! It brought out a stream of dirty blood as he forcefully tore off the deformed baby.

Crushing the rotten meat in his hand, the Armored Troll's heart sank to the bottom.

Unknowingly, he was corroded by that force and began to mutate!

Gallonron looked at the depression in front of him.

It was the sign that he had been unable to endure the grinding of the spiral energy ball for more than ten days.

Apart from wasting more spiritual qi, this method did not bring any benefits.

It was already impossible to forcefully break out of the tortoise shell.

The only solution now was to kill that guy before he completely lost this fight!

Through the blood-colored energy that filled the air, his vertical eyes saw Jiang Li sitting cross-legged on the other side of the tortoise shell space.

He did not understand. Could it be that the human race's supply of chaotic energy had really reached this extent?