If the energy in this tortoise shell could be compressed into weapons, it was enough to change the direction of several wars.

He actually placed it here and used such a luxurious method to deal with a small Viscount like him.

Wasn't it a waste to target him like this?

In just a moment, two more eyeballs grew out of Gallonron's shoulder and spun disorderly.

More and more blood-colored energy had been pushed to his side. There were really only a few drops left in his body.

He could not delay any longer!

After making up his mind, he stepped on the ground and suddenly rushed into the high concentration of the power of chaos.

The distance between the two sides was crossed in the blink of an eye.

He tried to condense a spiral energy ball in his palm and use it to smash Jiang Li's head.

However, there was only a little spiritual qi left in his body. As soon as it was mobilized, an explosion occurred before it could take shape.

Gallonron could only give up on this thought and grab Jiang Li's head with his bare hands.

Jiang Li had long guessed that the other party might risk his life at this moment.

He had already woken up from his cultivation.

He raised his hand to block. As he was sent flying, he could sense that seven or eight eyeballs had exploded when they collided with his hand.

After flying for less than a thousand feet, Jiang Li flipped over and landed steadily.

This time, he was not injured much.

If Gallonron had resisted the top-grade blood energy and attacked him from the beginning, he might have had a chance to cause trouble for him.

However, just as Fran had said, although this Viscount was powerful, he was actually timid and suspicious. As long as he was given a chance to escape unscathed, he could drag the other party down until the end.

He had spent such a long time competing with Jiang Li's infinite blood energy. Now, he was already an arrow at the end of its flight and did not have much spiritual qi left in his body. The strength he could unleash was naturally greatly reduced.

After sending Jiang Li flying, he still wanted to continue chasing.

However, the speed of his footsteps became slower and slower. When he caught up to Jiang Li, his palm once again deformed into three mouths, four ears, and five noses.

In the end, the hand still stopped in front of Jiang Li and did not fall.

On the other hand, Jiang Li held the Bloodthirsty Trident and stabbed it into the other party's abdomen.

The power of chaos surged into his body.


Gallonron suddenly opened his mouth and vomited. More than ten large intestines spewed out of his mouth and hung there, constantly twisting and moving.

After that, Gallonron could no longer suppress the changes in his body.

His entire body began to swell. More and more useless organs grew casually, and in the end, they turned into an enlarged version of an aberration meatball.

Creatures like the Armored Trolls were powerful based on their physical bodies, not like humans who cultivated step by step.

They did not have the ability to eject their Essence Soul.

Now that he had become like this, he was no different from death.

Had it finally been resolved?

Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the indescribable thing in front of him.

After spending some effort to retrieve the power of chaos, he carried the aberration ball and walked out.

On the main island of the Dragon Transformation Island, a group of leaders of various large and small forces were sitting together and arguing intensely.

The injuries on each of their bodies were not serious, but they deliberately wore damaged clothes and kept the dirty blood on their bodies.

They looked like they had just retreated from the battlefield and worked hard.

"Young Lady Jian Mo, with just a word from the Dragon Transformation Island, we abandoned our base and brought all the elders and disciples to the Land of Storms to guard it!"

"When faced with the army of the Armored Trolls, our Golden Gathering Gang has never retreated!"

"If you let us leave, we'll leave. If you let us fight, we'll fight!"

He raised his hand and grabbed another sack, pouring it on the ground in front of him.

They were identity tokens that were either twisted, deformed, or damaged.

The other leaders standing beside him were not to be outdone. They also took out a large number of identity tokens.

"These are the tokens of our sect's disciples. They died on the battlefield and sacrificed everything for the Azure Cloud Continent!"

"But what did they exchange for? After the corpses of the Armored Trolls fell into the water, they all disappeared!"

"I dare say that more than three million Armored Trolls have died in this Land of Storms!"

"However, after cleaning up the battlefield, we only found less than 2,000 of the three million corpses!"

"Without the armor plates on the corpse, we can't exchange for merit points!"

"I want to ask the Young Lady where those corpses are! What does the Dragon Transformation Island mean by this?!"

This group of leaders turned out to be because they did not find the corpses of the Armored Trolls that had turned into meat balls when cleaning up the battlefield.

After the final discussion, they felt that the Dragon Transformation Island wanted to monopolize the merit points.

It just so happened that the captain of the first fleet of the Dragon Transformation Island, Nu Tao, had disappeared for some reason in the battle.

As for the captain of the second fleet, Sasha, he led the team out to carry out the pursuit mission.

Most importantly, the Dragon Head Guhei Tianchou did not appear at all.

This group of people discovered that the Dragon Transformation Island was empty. There was no one else around. There was only a young girl who had just embarked on the path of cultivation. After directing the logistics to heal her injuries, they had a thought and came to find her.

Guhei Jian Mo had just entered the cultivation world for a few days, although she had dragon blood and an outstanding talent, she was only a newbie in the Qi Refinement realm now.

Surrounded by these leaders, as long as they leaked a trace of aura, it could make her entire body tremble and her face turn pale.

She could not even say a complete sentence, so how could she have the ability to face these guys' difficulties?

"Young Lady Jian Mo, please hand over the Armored Troll mask and don't disappoint the loyal people!"

The leader of the Gold Gathering Gang, who was dressed in rags, was clearly the one leading the group.

He walked towards Jian Mo and looked down at her.

The leaders of the other forces standing behind him gave him the confidence to say these words.

He was very good at bullying a young lady in the Qi Refinement realm.

Moreover, the Dragon Transformation Island could not punish everyone. Even if Sasha and the others returned, they could not take revenge on so many of their forces, right?

In fact, if something happened to Guhei Tianchou as the rumors said,

It was hard to say if the Dragon Transformation Island had the ability to find trouble with them.

However, just as he was about to flare up at a little girl, he discovered that Guhei Jian Mo seemed to have suddenly calmed down.

Her eyes looked behind him.

Then, a hand landed on his shoulder.

A huge force suddenly pressed down, catching the Gold Gathering Gang Leader off guard. His knees went soft and he knelt down!

"The Golden Gathering Gang? I remember it's a business organization, right?"

Then, that hand grabbed the outer clothes of the Gold Gathering Gang Leader and tore them apart, revealing the clean and luxurious golden jade robe inside!

"Hmph, what kind of loyal warrior would wear such clothes in this situation?"

"With just this clean golden jade robe on you, the Dragon Transformation Island can punish you for slacking in battle!"

The strength of that hand was extraordinarily great, and it even restricted his spiritual qi with a special method.

"Damn it! Who are you? Let go of me!"

The Leader of the Golden Gathering Gang discovered that he was pressed down by that hand and could not move at all.

He twisted his fat neck forcefully and saw a deformed meatball that filled half the hall behind him.

Without a doubt, it was the Armored Troll that had been hit by the Mad Blood weapon.

However, he had never seen such a huge body.

He suddenly recalled the Armored Troll Viscount who had been tricked and locked in the tortoise shell.

Could it be that this person had killed the Armored Troll Viscount?

"Don't you know who I am?"

"Friend, I'm your most beloved creditor!"

"You have to know that the Mad Blood weapons I provided you previously were not free."

Jiang Li placed the rumbling ball of flesh to the side, and then he kicked the Gold Gathering Gang Leader back to the side of the other dozen or so leaders.

He stood in front of Guhei Jian Mo. A layer of green vines spread out from under his feet, and it quickly covered the entire room in a layer of green.

"Regarding the merit points, we will naturally make a decision when the other forces that went out to hunt return."

"However, if you don't pay the spirit stones for the Mad Blood weapons today, none of you can leave this room!"